“We’ll Be There!”

… And we’re still here! What a great find today, so thanks Desertrat and Jonerz for sharing this recently posted video from back when David was all of 13 (i.e. The Voice before The Voice!) – check around the 10 minute mark.

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  1. i didnt know it was his sister birthday today. happy birthday to claudia!!!

  2. cc halo, are you calling me a bad fan because i don’t believe david sometimes, not just only david, i don’t believe any celebrites what they say about the personal life and i have don’t believe them if i don’t want too and i am still a fan of thoses celebrites. again, they have have the right to keep it private, it thiers life.

  3. sorry i was typing fast. i meant to say ” i don’t have to believe them if i don’t want too” and sorry for the double have. have a goodnite cc halo. and everyone.


    • david is popular enough if he is spotted, somebody will tweet about seeing him, just like when he was in napa valley last friday, the Yountville visitor center itself tweeted that david was there, yet u don’t believe that he was there. u said that he was in vegas with charice without any proof at all. lots of people in vegas, somebody would have spotted him and tweeted about it, but no tweets about david being in vegas, nada…and of course, who do you think i would believe, david who insisted that he’s single, or you?…i remember charice admitted in a philippine tv show back in ’08 that he’s got a crush on david. is that the reason why you are pushing charice to david?

    • I actually hope that David does have a girlfriend because I think it would be nice for him. However; I just think if he did there would be videos or at least pics somewhere. I do believe he will never be forthcoming about his private life where other celebrities use it for PR. I wish David would become more PR smart as it might help his career. You have to play the game and he does not want to but I don’t think it is good thing career wise.

      • marie, i also do hope too..i do know the feeling of seeing someone u really like and i hope he gets to have that feeling. he will be more inspired! but i also think that he might have a lot on his mind (family, career) that dating someone might not be his priority right now.

      • Hey ,whatever. idk what is going on in David’s private life. I just hope he is happy. LOL

  4. hi marie and gina, david does have a girlfriend and from what i have read he is very happy!. if his fans want to believe that he is single with no girlfriend, that is thiers opinion.

  5. i said before, his fans are in denial that david have a girlfriend and it not my opinion because it is true. there is proof that david is dating charice and him and charice were together in NYC and Flordia both in august and it is true that david was in vegas with charice and david did not go to the david foster concert because he did not wanted to be seen with her so he stayed at her hotel when she got done her part preformace her and david left to go to LA together so they can spend time together before she jetted off to japan on sunday. david is a very smart guy when it come to his private life he is!?!?.

    • actually u are the one in denial. u follow david on twitter right? if you look at his timeline, he indicated where he was during the 1st two weeks of sept (utah, ca, dc & az). that’s proof that he won’t have time to go to florida (she had a perf on 9/11 on FL right?). that’s enough proof that he was not nowhere near her. yet u tell your stories without proof and only your words which have no meaning. so maybe take your pill and your will be back to reality

  6. i meant to said that Flordia in stepember, david did admit that he went to see his ” friend” preform last week” the interview was taken when david was in AZ!. charice is just a “friend”, yeah whatever david, keep telling your fans that!!.

    • yup, she’s just a friend and u have to accept that, why it is so hard for u?

      • gina no i am not gonna to accept that because charice is more than just a friend, it is the truth. i think you are must one of his fans are in denial, just saying, if you want to think that charice is just a friend, that your opinion that fine with me. i hope david and charice get caught big time and his fans will see proof that they are indeed a couple.


  7. hey guys, i am done what i have to say about david and charice. i wish them the best of luck in their relationship and theirs future!!!. take care everyone


  8. David was verified in Northern California on Friday, then went to Vegas on Saturday, drove back to Southern California (with Charice) on Sunday, and is now tweeting photos of Northern California on Tuesday. Oh, he’s diabolical, LOL.

  9. cc halo,no they left sat night not sunday, she left for japan on sunday morning because david had to get back to LA because he has go to church that sunday morning( which somewhere in los angeles area) david must have left for vegas very early sat morning. i don’t know what part of califorina he left from to there to vegas but it was not in southern los angeles and come on guys other thing why do you think david didnt tweet at all that sat because he was going to vegas!!. do you think david going to tweet that he is going to vegas yeah right because he his fans knows that charice is there!! remember david always tweets on saturdays!!.

  10. lordy lordy if you guys don’t want to believe that charice is david’s girlfriend than don’t and i believe that they are couple. have a goodnight everyone.


  11. i don’t think david drove to vegas from northern califorina, it is a very long drive from las vegas) maybe he flew back to LA on that friday night , los angeles and las vegas is only 4 hours drive. if david was still at nothern califorina, he must have took a flight near state airport and flew to las vega from there and david and charice must took a limo or a rent a car to los angeles together. i am only guessing. los angeles califorina is a 30 min flight from vegas.

    • I truly like you idolfan. I appreciate your point of view. and many times I get a kick out of you. I do wonder where you get your information from? Do you hear gossip from someone close to Charice? or? Just curious.

    • Honestly, I would really like it if David and Charice were in a relationship, but it’s improbable for many reasons, not the least of which is that David wouldn’t go out of his way to lie about it–which is what you’re claiming. Not telling about it for privacy reasons, is different from deliberately making up a lie that he had no need to do.

      • cc halo, david just want to protect her from his fans and the only way he can do it by saying that he is single. who knows maybe david will admit it, NOT!!! i don’t see that happening anytime soon.

      • He was in Northern California on Friday, and he tweeted a photo from there today. Saying he took a road trip to Vegas and LA in between, according to tweeters from the Philippines, makes no sense.

      • “Saying he took a *3 day* road trip to Vegas…makes no sense.”

  12. aww thank you raelovingangels you are so sweet. really i get all gossip from twitters believe it not thought and also about david and charice dating rumor came from charice’s hometown, i think people from her hometown must know some really good information about them, just saying.

  13. gina you are serious saying that i am in denial oh okay and i don’t have a twitter but i would love to have one. i don’t think nobody will follow me (laughing).

  14. cc halo, the las vegas rumor came from some of david fans not from the charice’s hometown but the dating rumor came from there. i don’t know how david got to las vegas, it had been two things, flight or northern califorina flew back to L.A. friday night late. in my opinion, i think david came back to LA from napa valley on friday night late and drove his car to las vegas on early saturday morning, he must got to vegas in the early afternoon than him and charice came back to LA very late, i am only guessing here and from what i read that charice left her hotel at 9:30 go back to LA.

    • You said David had to go to church in LA Sunday–but there was no LDS church on Sunday. It was the Conference weekend, which means no church.

      • cc halo what? i heard david go to church on sundays, one time someone saw him there and it was on a sunday. i dont go to church so i don’t know anything about that kind of stuffs. cc halo, i don’t know what you are trying to do here but i have feeling are you trying to tell people here that i am lair or something about david and charice, like i said before, if you think that david and charice are not dating, it is fine with me and that what you believe. have a goodnite cc halo idolfan.

  15. i think charice was supposed to fly las vegas to japan on sunday but she didnt went back L.A. of course she wanted to spend time with david before she left again because they hasnt seen each other for two weeks because she just got back from singapore and some another country than came to las vegas than had to leave again for japan on sunday, that poor girl was so jetted lag. david and charice will be together again in japan and in my opinion, i think he will be going to tokyo to see her that where david foster concert the 19th/20th shows will be held at but david will be at a different part of japan for the october 16 concert show. i doubt it that david will tweets when he is in tokyo.

  16. The Vegas rumor is just that…a rumor. The facts are that David was in northern Cali on Friday and today. Furthermore, David has family in northern California. Also, it was the LDS church’s conference on BOTH Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm PDT on both days. Insisting that David left northern California Friday, got to Vegas Saturday, missing conference, leaving for LA that night, then heading back to the San Francisco area just so he could drive with Charice isn’t very plausible. Based on the known facts, the most plausible scenario is that David has been spending several days in northern Cali with family over conference weekend.

    It would be nice if David and Charice were dating, but it’s highly unlikely. I’ll take known facts over twitter rumors from the other side of the world any day. But, hey, idolfan, believe what you want. Just don’t insist that we all should believe the rumors too.

  17. utahmom, well i believe the rumors that he was in vegas. everyone haave the right to believe/ have opinions if david and charice are dating or just friends, i am cool with that now.

  18. Idolfan,

    You take a keen interest in David’s personal life which, as you admit, he likes to keep private. I respect his wishes in this matter and also know that it is against his religion and principles to lie. He has firmly stated he’s not in a relationship right now. David’s word is good enough for me. He is very adept at being diplomatic about what he doesn’t want to talk about and no doubt we will see that displayed when he does meet the right girl. But to repeatedly claim that he is, sans being questioned, brazenly with a straight face lying to his fans, is unfair to him.

    Last weekend was the 181st Annual Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is televised world-wide live by satellite throughout the morning and afternoon of both Saturday and Sunday. During AI, Dean Kalin said he would not even do his vocal exercises by phone because he was watching conference. I think it’s safe to say that David did not tweet on Saturday because he was engaged, not in a clandestine rendezvous with a girl, but in thoughtful worship.

    This is just my opinion, but it is based on the David that I have come to know over the past 3 years, not on rumor.

  19. Utahmom is right. David’s northern Cal family lives far from the remote coastal area he is visiting, but whoever he is with–he didn’t leave them and take a side trip to Vegas.

  20. angelica, in my opinion, another denial fan but i agreed with you in some comments thought.

  21. i am really sorry that if i am keeping posting denial fans but it is true. bye guys


  22. It feels like we’re talking to one of my teenagers…my head is now hitting the brick wall…lol

  23. PS I like your avatar, Angelica!

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