Verona, Here I Come!

Anyone else going to Turning Stone? I’m doing the VIP package deal thingy too! 🙂

I hope the tours sell out across the board.

Please note the additional tour dates (I do hope he gives the South a chance).

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  1. So happy for you HG! Woo to the hoo!

  2. Yes, I am going to Verone! I haven’t decided on the VIP. Would love to meet you!

  3. Believe me, I am tempted!

  4. Woohoo!!! I am excited for you too!!!
    So glad you are able to make it!!!

  5. Let me also add that the VIP price is comparable to the price of an orchestra seat at Met Opera House. Look what we’re getting for the price! 🙂

    • Oh you’ll enjoy it tremendously! Totally worth the money for the experience!

    • I would do a VIP for a great seat alone. It is always great to greet him for a few seconds at the VIP, too.

    • My VIP ticket for the Baltimore Christmas show put me second row center. What a treat during those Christmas songs – gives me chills just remembering. The memories are worth every penny. Hope you have a great time HG!

  6. Thanks for posting the direct link to additional dates. Hope there is a Midwest date (maybe along I-70 or 80 out West?), but there isn’t a lot of room left in the tour schedule.

  7. I’m happy for you, HG, and for everyone who is going. :). I’m not going to any of them, though. 😦

  8. So happy to see the excitement about David’s tour. Can’t say that it doesn’t break my heart a bit to once again be unable to attend any of the concerts. But perhaps next year. Or perhaps David will come to Europe someday. In the meantime I’ll just soak in self-pity and watch the performances from youtube.

  9. Awesome HG! Hope to get to see you at Verona!!

  10. I live right off I-80 so it would be great if he’d appear in the Midwest somewhere off I-80 but is doesn’t look promising. I’m so happy that he is touring again, and I’m happy for all of you that will be going to a show. I’m looking forward to all the videos and fan reports. As I said before, maybe this will lead to more touring next year to other areas. If he can prove that he sells well then other places will want him to come.

  11. hg, congrats on the vip package! i was holding out for a southern stop. if D doesn’t list one in the next day or two, i’ll be at turning stone.

  12. I think there’s still hope for one or two Midwest dates. If not, I would imagine a tour next year would hit that area. If David doesn’t tour next year, he will be limiting his career significantly imo.

    So happy for everyone who is going to a concert. So sad for everyone who isn’t. Oh, wait, I guess that includes me. I’ve been overruled by my family; they voted for the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert instead. Oh well, that will be fun too — we’ve never seen them.

    • I somehow lived through not being able to attend MoTab last year so I guess I will muddle through again this Dec.
      MKOCRL (My Kind of Crappy Real Life)

      • MKOCRL — that seriously made me lol!! I feel bad that you will miss the Christmas show again. I also missed MoTab (just 10 minutes away) even though I had a few neighbors with tickets they couldn’t use — there were too many teenage girls who were dying for them, so I did the noble thing and passed on them. sigh.

  13. I saw this quote from an interview from Kelli Pickler that describes David too: “With ‘American Idol,’ you kind of become a star before you even have a reason to be one,” she said during a telephone interview from Nashville. “You develop backwards. So, now I’m trying to go back and do what I didn’t get the opportunity to do, and that is really try to develop as an artist. I love country music. I know what I love and I’m working hard to get to the place where I can do exactly what I wanna do.”

    It’s a quote David could make except for the loving country music part.

    • That is so very true. That’s part of the reason why David really needs to tour extensively; isn’t that how most artists develop and build their careers — especially if they aren’t signed to a label?

    • I think that David said something like that several times in his past interviews. He said that everything happened so fast for him after AI and that it’s just now that he has the chance to define his sound and think about what kind of artist he wants to be.

  14. I have never seen David live yet…and it looks like I am not going to get to this time either. I live in North Carolina and he isn’t coming anywhere near me. I will always be a fan though.

  15. Thumbs up HG!!! I’m hoping the tour is a smashing success across the board – and I hope the VIP’s also do boffo business. Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to travel togo hear him this year, unless he comes a little closer South. I’m thinking of buying a ticket and VIP to donate to a fan or someone who hasn’t seen or heard David live yet… I hope all who are going have a great time – there’s nothing like David live, and in his element on a tour like this 🙂

    • how nice, GG…….

      • Christmas time is, or should be about hope, and giving. As much as I’d love to travel to see and hear him, my priority right now is spending as much time as I can w/my Dad. All this recent David related drama – not that I don’t care, but it’s just not even registering on my radar of things to worry about. I’m banking on there being other opportunities next year to see and hear him live – if I can do something to help another person see/hear him who otherwise wouldn’t have the means – Merry Christmas. I’m a believer in the pay it forward philosophy 🙂

  16. I’m happy for you HG and for all the fans who are going to see him. I’m just happy that he’s touring again in the US. I hope for a lot of buzz and promo, maybe the MoTab promo will help too.
    I hope that the tour will sell well, it’d be great for David, you can feel his excitement about it !

    I had the chance to see him live just once and it was an amazing experience. I’m still hoping to see him in Europe when he’ll have new music to share and promote. There are many countries he needs to visit in Latin America, in Asia, and I hope he’ll take the opportunity to come back to Canada. But he’s only 20 and he’s at a new beginning of his career. I’m hoping for many great things to happen for him in the future, when he’ll be ready to come back and everything will be in place.

    Also, it’s so great that the VIP tickets for the Westbury show are sold out ! David’s fans are great ! I’m sure this tour will be a success !

    • “I hope the tours sell out across the board.” Could not agree with you more hg and I would include the VIP selling out too.

  17. In this interview he did for the AZ show, he said that he’s working on releasing a couple of Christmas songs. He talked about a Spanish song too and that he’s trying to release the ATE songs in the US. It’s interesting because he said that there are many things he wants to do but it’s a question of timing. That means that there will probably be many surprises for the fans soon.
    I’m sorry if this interview was already posted but I just watched it today (the sound is not that great lol).

    I like David’s last tweet :
    “you never really lose until you quit trying!”
    Il y a 4 minutes

  18. looking at david’s tour sked, i can understand why there would be no Q&A and acoustic performances on the M&Gs. he needs to do a lot of voice rest, esp if he will be singing difficult songs.

  19. I have been obsessively checking online, hoping for one or two Midwest tour dates. If none pop up within the next day, I will spring for a ticket to the PA show, but probably just a regular ticket instead of a VIP (was hoping to save VIP for a Midwest show). I can’t stop thinking that this may be my last chance to see him live for a long time. I hope not, though!

    • yes, one of the reasons I don’t want to miss a concert during this tour is that this may be my last chance to see him live for a very long time.

      Hope a Midwest stop opens up for you……..

  20. wow!!! little david singing “i’ll be there” in a duet!! thx jonerz 🙂
    starts at 9:50

    • Wow. Love that video. The comment about AI is kind of funny and ironic.

      • lol Marie. We all know he’s the real winner lol

        I like the list of the celebrities in attendance too (Vesta Williams, Angela Winbush, Jamie Foxx, Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey, Linkin Park).

    • Great duet ! Thank you for the link ! so young and so talented and so cute lol.
      I want to hear him sing it now in the same conditions (live musicians, background singers and a good atmosphere). “I’ll be there” would be a great cover for the MKOC tour.

    • Amazing video!! Thanks for sharing …. undeniable talent, now that is a cover i would like him to do 🙂

      ”I want to hear him sing it now in the same conditions (live musicians, background singers and a good atmosphere).”

      Totally agree Cmoi.

  21. He is actually kind of all through this video here & there. It is really cute……..but surely David needs some sharpies here. 🙂

  22. X Factor time…… lol

  23. ‘K. Those of us who aren’t going need to form a support group or somethin’. ‘Cuz I was doing pretty good, but now I’m starting to get bummed out. lol.

  24. In a personal plan, i would love to go, but if there exist a possibility of a Full Pop Concert in the Future i don’t mind to wait…… of course not three years , just next year lol 😉
    But i feel bad for all the fans neglected with this schedule, i realized too that he should promote the MoTab DVD, so that kind of explain the cities and States he’s going ….still feeling bad for the devote young ones or in general US fans who are not able to go though.

  25. look like tickets are selling pretty good:

    vipnation VIP Nation
    @DavidArchie fans! VIP Packages for his upcoming tour are selling quick! Several cities are down to single digits!
    1 hour ago

    • VIP = Hard core fans , hopefully the regular ticket will sell equally fast and well …..they need a little reminder using some media , like local radio stations 😉

  26. Got tix to Verona today! Hope to meet you HG, Burkey and other SDer’s who are going.

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