My Kind of Christmas Tour

“My Kind of Christmas,” huh? So, Management is listening to us after all!  #Bad Fans, take heart!  Our “concerns” may get heard yet! At the least, I see some new venues and – gasp! – major cities listed! 🙂

Mark your calendars! Tickets go on sale this Friday, Sept. 30!


David Archuleta’s My Kind of Christmas Tour 2011

For VIP packages at each venue, please see VIP Nation’s David Archuleta Page.




Dec 1 (THUR):
Theatre at Westbury, Westbury, NY
on sale Sep 30
Dec 2 (FRI):
Irving Plaza, New York, NY
on sale Sep 30
Dec 3 (SAT):
Turning Stone Resort & Casino – Event Center, Verona, NY
on sale Sep 30
Dec 4 (SUN):
Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA
on sale Sep 30
Dec 13 (TUE):
Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa, CA
on sale Sep 30
Dec 14 (WED):
Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA
on sale Sep 30
Dec 16 (FRI):
Majestic Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA
on sale Sep 30
Dec 17 (SAT):
Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
on sale Sep 30
Dec 19 (MON):
Abravanel Hall, Salt Lake City, UT
on sale Sep 30
Dec 21 (WED):
Vilar Performing Arts Center, Beaver Creek, CO
on sale Oct 3

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  1. Great news ! and great name for the tour !
    I’m happy for all the fans who will be able to go. I know that there will be tons of videos too, I’m thankful for the fans who take the time to provide videos for those who can’t hear David live, youtube is my best friend now lol.

    I can’t wait to hear the “epic orchestral arrangements” and I love his interpretation of the Riddle and of FOG so I’m impatient to know about the new covers he’ll choose to sing this time.
    And this is exciting too : “The tour promises to showcase more of David’s unique musicality and vocal prowess that his fans have come to love”. Those who will be there will be really lucky ! I think that it will be a great tour !

    if BIG announcement = tour dates
    so SUPER BIG announcement = new music
    and SUPER MEGA BIG announcement = new record label

    There’s still time to announce a Christmas EP to coincide with the tour, right ? I’m just hoping !

  2. OH Boy, Turning Stone for me…….only 2 hours away!! The closest concert I have ever been to for David! Lucky, lucky me!

    My daughter is going with me…….she likes David too!

    Booked my room reservation already!! 🙂

  3. I’m trying for Turningstone too! It’s been forever since I’ve seen David too! 🙂

    Question: as a “bad fan” should I worry about my safety? Something Marlie said on the last thread that has me wondering about how much I reveal about tour plans. Should I plan quietly? But then I’d want to meet up with fellow SDers. Thoughts?

    • Not too much time to post, but i suggest to you to get a fake ID from FOD or rename your blog FOJ and all will be fine 😉 you will be safe ….i guess ? 😐

      • tibi that is a good suggestion. hgFOD lol. No offense to anyone as David does have some very loyal and dedicated fans on all his fan sites. I am so happy for David that he was able to announce his tour dates. I hope for other big announcements this week but I am not counting on it. I am trying to talk my niece into changing her wedding date so that I can go to Turning Stone. Or at least having her wedding there. lol At least I can watch the videos.

    • Nah, I don’t think you have to worry. I do think you should plan a meet n greet w/mic and interview him for this website. Really, I do. I know you would ask good questions and it would be informative for the fanbase.

    • Dear “bad fan”, 😉 Not to worry. I think most “threats” are from anonymous or troll-like people. People will be really nice to you to your face – hahaha.

      I’d love to meet up with you at Turning Stone – and anyone else from here. What a great time we could have.

    • Personally, I would plan quietly — but that’s just me. You, however, are fierce. Although the vitriol run rampant over a sensitive, heartfelt article has revealed such a deep, narrow minded ugliness, my heart still feels sickened this morning. Honestly, based on this and other’s experiences I’ve heard about, I’m quite sure that some fans would delight in ruining your concert experience with their spiteful behavior, but maybe they won’t be there.

      I will quietly plan on Abravanel. Ten minutes away — I’m spoiled.

      tibi, FOJ?! lol

    • Oh no – I hate that you are thinking you are thought of as a “bad fan”. Having read all the articles and comments, I really think that sometimes people get a “knee-jerk” reaction and post comments, etc. that come across more harshly than they would in a face-to-face discussion. I can not tell you how much I enjoy your blogs and all the really great posts here on Soul David over at the Voice. I can see where someone might type something one day and then go back the next and think “oh, I don’t really want this comment that I made out there” or “oh this is being spun in a direction that was not my intent” and remove it or keep it there and participate in the give and take of discussion. With David as the reason for us all coming to all the fansites, though, we are all pushed and pulled because the whole point (for me) is how much I love his voice, and the feeling that he infuses into his interpretation of every song and how it makes me feel and the fact that I want him to be happy, successful (whatever that means) and to just keep singing. So sometimes no matter how much I want to talk to David (what?!) like I would talk to my 25 & 27 year-old kids (yes, still kids in my mind), I just have to sit back and watch him struggle like they did figuring out their own way. Lucky for them that they did not have thousands of other “moms” (not to mention cool teenage/college age girls, adult guy fans, etc.) trying to watch their back. Ok – just rambling here. Don’t even know what I am trying to say except, Thanks, HG (and thanks too to Angelica and Becky and Jenny and all the others who put so much time and effort into supporting David and are trying there best.) I actually relish our differences of opinion (well, not the rude opinions) and the fact that so many very different types of people see the amazing good will and beautiful voice that is The Archuleta.

    • Well, I don’t think I’m a “bad” fan. I’m a great fan!! 🙂

      Just to be safe, maybe I won’t tell anyone what my screen name is or just pretend I don’t know a thing about certain fan sites. lol


  4. Many VIP’s go on sale today! By all means get together with other fans.

    Hoping for Midwest dates too!

  5. Oh Boy, those VIP tickets are looking mighty good, but they are sooo expensive. I would have to buy 2 😦

    Should I or shouldn’t I????

    • If you haven’t done a VP, then, yes, do go for it. I have done 2 and I think I’ll pass this time because of the expense. But I did enjoy those that I went to, in spite of the long waits. I was mesmerized by David’s eyes in person. Whoa.

      • I have done one VIP before, so I think I’ll pass this time. So expensive.

        Yes, his eyes mesmerized me also. I remember them still to this day!

  6. I think HG was being facetious, don’t you all? LOL

    There are no “bad” fans. Oh, perhaps there is an occasional troll or person with nasty intent, but they are sooooo rare. Even when people are nasty to each other in the fandom, they really are coming from their own place of love for David. Can’t say I always appreciate that, but I do believe it.

  7. So, here is the seating chart for Turning Stone:

    Did you notice that the VIP tickets are for Stage Tables 3 thru 7 & Orchestra Tables 4 thru 8!!

    Stages tables?? I have never been to a concert with stage tables?

    VIP tickets for Turning Stone go on sale 9/29 @ 10 AM.

  8. All pretenses of cool have been tossed aside…


    Don’t care bout too much of nothing right now except finding a way to hear David sing on this tour… CFTH 2009 still holds a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to see David in this kind of setting. I met a ton of fans at the Baltimore show that are still considered near and dear, and hope to meet tons more if the universe conspires to get me to wherever David is singing, lolol

    I’m too scared to do VIP again, lolol… Seeing David face to face disrupts something in my brain chemistry, and I’m tired of looking like a tongue tied fool in his presence, lolol… I can be a grown A woman anywhere else in my life, except for then, lolol

    Don’t judge, lol 🙂

  9. I’m already thinking about my dream setlist for this tour. I know it’s probably a bit too premature but I guess that I’m more excited for the tour in itself than for the dates been announced because, without speculating too much, I’m pretty sure that there won’t be dates in Europe lol

    For the CFTH Tour, David sang 17 songs (according to Wikipedia lol). 9 from CFTH album, 5 from his first pop album and 3 covers.
    Now that he has more material to choose from (2 pop albums, CFTH and the MoTab songs, + new possible covers), it’s harder to guess which songs he’ll sing but we can still try just for the fun (it’s not my intention to put any pressure on D & his team or to seem intrusive in his decisions, it’s just for fun lol).

    So, for the Christmas songs (I’m not a specialist but I’ll share my favs), I’d love it if he sings Silent Night, Ave Maria, Los Pastores A Belen, The Cat And The Mouse, OHN, White Christmas, Joy To The World.
    From his pop album, I’d like to hear Good Place, Complain, The Day After Tomorrow and the ATE songs (especially “Wait”).
    I’d love it if he does at least 3 new covers : a current song like Someone Like You by Adele, an old song to remind everybody why he was called the Soul man from Utah (or something like that). One by Stevie Wonder for example (he probably already knows all his songs so no need to take time to learn them lol). And an MJ cover (of course).

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