David’s Announcement of His Christmas Tour

Just now catching up, and here’s David’s latest vlog:


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  1. Sigh. In addition to catching up on all things David, there’s catching up on other news, and boy was I caught off guard when I caught a picture of MJ’s death photo used in the prosecution’s opening statements.

    Sigh. What a downer… 😦

  2. ok, i just watched david’s vlog for the first time, in full screen. that young man is so glowy, bright and shiny!! if you haven’t watched it in full screen, i encourage you to do so. it’s like he making eye contact with you; i had to back away a bit … too much to handle, lol.

  3. Would love to hook up with some going to Turning Stone. VIP tickets go on sale Sept 29th at 10:00 AM – anyone planning to do the VIP?

  4. Sorry HG, but i need to add my thought about the previous thread , just because i want ,

    I just want to say that found this all thing kind of sad and scary and i wonder if fans would be feel equally unsafe or and afraid to post, talk or identified them-selves like part of a fansite If the manager were a different person ?? ….. and i’m not talking only about HG and /or this site, but i know some sites are always be be categorized like unfriendly just because their administration s and/or posters have a different opinion to the one a ‘Good Fansite should have’ and treated in consequence ….. i mean seriously ??

    To be clear we’re talking here about the manager, the one in charge to make good relationships, to make this business progress, the one that have the responsibility to give a good impression for his client, the one speaking in the name of the artist and reflecting his wishes and plans …… and people should be alienated to speak in an specific way to praise his work just because is a relative of the artist? ….we all know the rule wouldn’t work the same with other manager ..we know the problem creating this fanwar, is not that the fans are being critique with the manager work and controller behavior over all concerning David’s career , because that actually happened in the past with Melinda (in a big way if i well remember ) and with Azzof , but the fact that is David’s father and fans shouldn’t have a bad opinion about him in dispite of what he did and do, and we all should be alinated to think in the same way.

    And how sad is to think in the possibility of that some fan sites and bloggers can be object of hateful emails and intimidation to stop their work, just because some very conservators/radicals fans (and i’m not talking about religions here, just to be clear) who really believe are the only one owner the moral and good manners of the humanity are not happy with a different opinion?, and can become somehow something to be afraid and warned ? 😐 I.Just.Can’t.Believe 😐

    Take note people, fans of any artist out there do the same, this is not about anything different that if people think or perceive their favorites artist are taking the right decisions or not in order to make progress in their careers… happen all the time. Their team should be praised if they do a good job , if not not and if they don’t forget that the one to take control of the career is the artist himself …..at this point i really don’t understand David moves, i don’t think fan pretend to protect him , because i start to assume that the image his team is projecting is the one he wants and reflect somehow his views too ….. so i still loving his voice and thinking he has a great talent to share.

    • So sad about the MJ trial today. It looks to me like @Kariontour is not going to be part of David’s Christmas tour. That is too bad as Kari seemed like an excellent tour manager. I liked her from what I observed. Probably she was not in “the manager’s” budget for David. Wish I could go to Turning Stone. I hope it sells out quickly.

  5. Ok, gotta say I am impressed! Lots of dates- LOTS of venues more to come? A serious investment in time and money ( I am sure) to get this real tour set up. Sorry, will confess I was worried this may be a tiny tour but happy to say I was wrong!

  6. Oh and by the way- in spite of other misgivings, a tour of this size did not happen under Jive after the release of TOSOD and it also did not happen under WEG’s short tenure…. so good job D’s team!

    • I don’t think David have never the intention to do a tour with TOSOD under Jive or WEG …… he need to do it now , if he want to stay in the memories of the people and the GCT with the MoTab give him the perfect excuse to bring back that activity in this holidays season with the chance of be succesful. 😉

      Oh and me too , i impressed with the dates and venues, hopefully the merchandise , set list an M&G would bring Great Memories for ‘ALL’ the fans.

      • David was only with WEG for six months and I agree that there is no way they or the label could set up a tour for an artist that wanted to leave them. It is David’s choice. Nice Vlog by David.

      • Well, I am not personally sure he wanted to leave them when TOSOD first came out. If you recall in the early interviews after the album came out David said they were working on a tour. Now whether the label mislead him and never planned a tour- or if the label was in disarray & sales did not justify cause they did not want to make the investment or what- a few months after the album came out it started to ecome apparant to me, a tour semed to not be in the immediate future. Then David did that NYE appearance which I heard Jive set up. In hindsght my feeling was they had a contractual obligation to provide David a prime time appearance to promote the album and that is what they were doing. JMO…

      • I mean Impressed with anything more than a 10 dates tour to be exact, i was expecting less tbh and looks like good venues ….non impressed with just a few States, 4 States looks more like they,re using the word tour like a formalism than like a reality . 😐
        I don’t expect a tour bus btw . hopefully i wrong.

  7. Aaaaaah. Just saw the vlog. No matter how I feel about his career or future or lack of direction, I gotta say his excitement is always contagious. Somehow he manages to make me smile, even if I don’t want to. lol.

  8. It cracks me up that he wears his invisalign in his vlogs. I’m kind of hoping that little gap between his front teeth will be stubborn and not close. I’ve always appreciated that little gap. 🙂

  9. I was just curious and I am sure that it varies but how many people do most of these venues seat ? I think I read that Turning Stone seats about 800 so I am guessing the other venues on his tour seat about that many too. Is that considered mid size venues? I have to figure out a way to go. lol

    • I think I kind of answered my own question. lol

    • Well the Nokia Club is a 2000 capacity venue , so my guess is that would be a medium size tour venues between 1000 and 2500 seat capacity. With good promo he can sold out easily that in Christmas at least and if he can sold out that venues he’s gonna have good buzz, is very ,very important to sold out his shows in US for many reasons .

  10. Without the spirit to be a downer, i wonder why he never go to his born State for a show? Florida deserved at least one show 😦 and why he put 4 dates in CA and 3 in NY and almost ignored the high Latino Population States ? and Chicago where he already sold out all his shows? …..tbh i just don’t get it , he can still succesfully doing his shows in big cities , but please David you have fans in other big cities….. many people are sad because this. :/

    • yes you are a downer..didn’t you hear what david said on his vlog? he said it’s not easy to book venues here and there. there’s a lot of factors and logistics they need to look into. david and is team are doing their best, even without the support of a label..and i think they are doing just fine with the venues so far…

      • Tibi is right–no need to bash her. I’ve got 3 concerts near me in So. Cal. and we’ve already had two full concerts in this same area with the same music (Christmas and OSOD). I’m wondering just how devoted a fan I am, because I don’t think I want to spend the money for us to see basically the same concert yet again.

      • Yes It would make sense to go to Florida on the tour. Lots of his fans are there. Maybe he will. I could not afford the VIP but good for those who can. I do remember that Jordin Sparks on her last solo tour had a hard time selling tickets. I seem to recall that there was as a venue near me that seated 800 and Jordin only sold half of the venue, if that. That surprised me at the time. However, I am sure that David will do well and hopefully sell out. Good for working with LadyV if it is true. That is really good news IMO.

      • Thanks Gina , you words mean so much to me …….ummm not really 😉 , but thanks for your opinion anyway 🙂
        Still thinking that they focus in the same places , this time a little to much ‘In.my.opinon.” and they’re ignoring big places with big amount of fans ”again”…… and just to make it clear, I’m not the only feeling this way ….glad you don’t feel this way….congrats then .

      • gina — just because tibi has a different opinion than you, does not give you the right to bash her. You are free to express your disagreement, but you need to be respectful.

        All the bashing that has been floating around lately is seriously ticking me off.

  11. LadyVmusic Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆
    Going to Drag @DavidArchie into the studio soon 🙂 haha

    Hope she’s serious. David sounds really excited about his spur of the moment writing session. So many of his recent tweets have lacked this energy. This sounds promising.

  12. Not to sound negative here, but I hope he doesn’t sing Angels, A Thousand Miles, & Heaven on this tour. I’m kind of sick of those.

    Not that I don’t like those songs, but I am hoping for something new……….like Good Place, Look Around, or Who I Am & even some new covers.

  13. Found out at The Voice that it’s Angelica’s birthday. I loved seeing all the good wishes over there for her.

  14. Touring is a business and I’m sure that David would like to go everywhere. He has to go to places that will book him and pay his fee. New York and California are areas with big populations to pull from and so that’s why he’s touring those areas. Also a tour bus costs $ and so does gas so if he can get by without a tour bus or without travelling long distances in the bus that helps on expenses too. If this tour is successful then he will be able tour more in the future. He has to be somewhat conservative in where he goes on this tour because he has no label backing.

    As far as song selection goes, I remember someone posting that they wanted him to sing something besides “Crush” and I laughed to myself. David will alway have to sing “Crush” because it is his one big hit. Songs that we as his ODD fans are sick of others haven’t heard him sing them much because they don’t follow him online. People want to hear the songs that an artist is known for when they see them in concert.

    • I agree with you about Crush, grammyj. That is David’s signature song. I agree with Burkey, Jen and Astrid that he needs to change things up a little. The majority of his audience has already heard those covers multiple times, and “newbies” won’t know what to expect anyway, so he should sing some of his own songs and a cover or two that he hasn’t performed before.
      He has gotten tons of requests for the song Wait. I wonder if he’ll sing it.

      • I’m thinking ALTNOY should stay in the setlist as well. That song seems to be a fan favorite as well as a song that a non-fan may know from the radio. My family (who aren’t David fans) really like ALTNOY.

  15. yeah utahmom,including the bashing that jeff and even david is getting from this site? i’m getting sick of it too..and i don’t consider calling tibitibi a “downer” a bashing, but if i sounded like that then i apologize

    • There are plenty of fansites that are all about positivity, so whenever you get “sick of” this site, you’ve got options. 🙂

      • yes, i go to those sites too. but i still want to go here to defend somebody..there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • Fine, but when you’re outnumbered because not everyone is convinced by your “defense,” there’s nothing wrong with that either. I just think it’s weird to complain when it’s more than obvious that most of the vocal folks here are NOT FOJs.

        At least know your audience before you start complaining about how sick you are of the sentiments expressed here. We’ve been like this from the inception of Soul David, and it’s highly unlikely we’re changing our views about a certain person.

    • gina hg is actually doing David and indirectly his manager mic a big favor by keeping a blog about David going for his fans when he really has taken a long break from the music industry. I consider no label and no real management a break. Indifference by fans is what David needs to worry about not fans having varying views on things related to his career.

      • That’s very true Marie. I know several fans who have drifted away because they were no longer interested in David.

  16. well, i’m not the only one complaining about all the bashing right, whether to jeff/david or to some posters? and yes, i’m aware of all the posts here and i don’t come here to change your minds, and i’m not expecting it to happen that way. i just want to voice opinions that might be different from a lot of people here.

    • Everyone voices their opinions here. But there’s a difference between voicing an opinion and then complaining because some people have a certain kind of opinion.

      I’m just reminding you that it comes with the territory of posting at SD.

      • i was just specifically replying to utahmom and agreeing to her that i’m also sick of the bashings going on around here. i have not complained to anyone directly even with all the scathing criticisms of a “certain individual”. i might have stated to someone that he/she’s a downer, but i never meant it to be a bashing. some of the posters here bring negativity on other sites, and if they can do that, then i’d like to bring some positivity (on david’s career wise) on this site.

    • I’m sorry but David bashing ???? I don’t care to be called for whatever reason a bad fan but I don’t want to let people who think they are better fans for whatever reason talk about bashing David. I just don’t accept it and it’s unjustified !
      Also, I have to laugh at the Jeff bashing lol. He’s David’s manager and the FANS OF DAVID here are expressing freely their opinion about David’s management, just like we did when he was with Melinda and WEG. I remember reading all the bashing about Melinda (even personal insults !) in a fansite that prone constant positivity and no judgment lol

      I read different fan sites like FOD, The Voice and SnowAngels, etc and I’m glad that they exist because they bring a little diversity.
      It’s a thing to think positive because one is inspired by D’s example but if it’s the case, don’t forget his other qualities lol

      Also, I think that a respectful debate is possible. A FAN OF DAVID shares an opinion and the OTHER FANS OF DAVID can agree or disagree. There’s no need to make it personal or to be offensive.

      • The Melinda bashing was she was David’s manager was personal and extremely critical and judgmental on fansites. She was his manager for only six months like her or not. Jeff has been David’s manager off and on again for three years when you count after idol and now. Jeff is supposed to be judged as a music manager not a dad. That is his job. Sorry he and this management team have not done a very good job IMO.

      • Double standard ! Apparently what was OK regarding Melinda is not OK regarding Jeff even if they are, both of them, judged only about their professional decisions.

  17. when not was.

  18. DavidArchie
    Had a sudden and unexpected writing session. Felt like magic today! I just feel good, and I love music.
    Il y a 16 heures

    I love this tweet ! To see his excitement about creating music is really refreshing. He hasn’t lied in his twitter bio, he’s David and he loves music. And it’s one of the many reasons why I’m a fan !

    • Hmmm … Sounds like David is living life like it’s golden, lol. I bet that song has the word “magic” in the lyrics.

      • I love that Jill Scott’s song and when David was humming it in one of his vlogs lol !
        the word “magic” in the lyrics of a David song ? Maybe something like this : “I’ve got the magic in me, every time I touch that track it turns into gold, everybody knows I’ve got the magic in me ….” Lol jk

      • Cmoi, how in the world do you know the song Midas Touch?? 🙂
        I thought that was only a U.S. hit!

      • I confess I didn’t know it, I just googled it when you mentioned it lol.

        I plagiarized the song “Magic” by BoB feat Rivers Cuomo (one of the Weezers).
        Actually, I can imagine David singing that Magic song during VIP, it would be really funny, especially these lines :
        “These tricks that I’ll attempt will blow your mind
        Pick a verse, any verse, I’ll hypnotize you with every line
        I’ll need a volunteer, how about you, with the eyes?
        Come on down to the front, and stand right here and don’t be shy”
        ( the VIP’s tickets would sold in a heart beat lol, I’ll refer to David as Mr Magic now lol)

  19. I just checked again………

    VIP Tickets for Turning Stone: $195.00

    One reserved ticket in Stage Tables 3 thru 7 & Orchestra Tables 4 thru 8 ( this intrigues me because I’m not sure what exactly it means)

    Sep 29 2011, 10:00am

  20. What’s an FOJ?….Ohhhhhhhhh. nvm. lolol.

  21. How nice it was to see David’s excited tweet about writing music. We have a tour to look forward. I still have questions about what his plans are for after Dec. 31, but great to see him having a blast making music.

  22. X Factor is on tonight………wonder what weird drama thing will happen tonight…….

    • OK I have to admit that I will probably watch some of X Factor. I wonder if the ratings will improve at all. Maybe when they go live after the auditions but I am not so sure. The auditions have been weird.

      • I have to say that I only watched the last hour but I thought that X Factor was much better than last week. I was surprised and there some very good talent on tonight.

  23. I am not a Scotty McCreery fan but I just saw that he is going on tour with Brad Paisley as one of his opening acts in 2012. That to me is a smart move for Scotty. I just wish David could open for major headliner like Paisley in a 2012 tour next year. Like Adele. I think that takes being signed to a label and management so idk if that would ever happen next year.

  24. wow david added IDAHO to his tour!

  25. Idaho, lol. Why am I not surprised?

    • I’m not surprised either. I fear that the chances for southern dates are looking slimmer. 😦 Reno might be a good bet; just a guess.

  26. “I was just specifically replying to utahmom and agreeing to her that i’m also sick of the bashings going on around here.”

    gina — I was referring only to the fans that have been bashing people for expressing their opinions. I’m glad you agree with me. 🙂

  27. New country artists open for established acts like Brad Paisley so I’m not surprised that Scotty is opening for him. Danny Gokey opened for Sugarland last year. Kris Allen open for Keith Urban for some dates although he’s not a country artist. Actually David does not need to be on a major label to open for an artist because the Civil Wars have been opening for Adele.

    • I thought it was interesting as they already have Paisley’s concerts lined up for 2012. That means that even though David has his Christmas tour right now if he is going to tour with someone next year his management should be looking into that now. I am going to be positive and hope that he has new management soon that will do that for him. lol

    • Civil wars are not even sold 200 k and they already went to Europe, did and still doing a solo tour in US that is expanding to Canada , their concert in Montreal is next week btw ….so yeah this is not only about a big label behind or big sales or a big management team, is too and most about ‘Taking Risks and Have Contacts” …..sad because David is so talented ….and looks like he really don’t want to wake up.

      And yes Marie, a tour should be prepared with so much time of anticipation to avoid problems with the logistic.

      If he stay in the business next year, i hope besides a new label and management to Open for a Big name, i have the impression that will be the only way for the rest of the fans in the zone of non influence to see him …..boy! i will love even Demi again.

      • I would even take Demi again too because at least it would be good for David’s career to tour with a high profile big name music artist. Even if she is not someone I am a fan of. No long term planning for David by his management has hurt his career these past 3 years IMO.

  28. David has to tour where he has a venue that wants him and will pay his fee, so of course he will go to Idaho and have more dates in Utah. I just hope that if this tour is successful he can expand to other areas next year.

    • Good points. Also, I would love it if David opened for someone on an extensive tour; great exposure.

    • What?? , love your politesse to show a different side of this, but the venues are not the ones to booking him for the concert :|, his team is the responsible to find the places , that takes time, so they should start long time ago ….so i don’t think that was the problem, they just go for the safe places and we can of imagine why….. so better don’t start anything for the sake of Gina.

      We were expecting this tbh, same old safe places and States, a dejavu already on his short professional career . …this is not a new phenomenon in David tours is almost old news and i don’t think that’s gonna change ….his first solo tour under Jive and Azzof was the best in terms of expansion, after that his team are ignoring the rest of the population …. not that that’s surprise me…. but kind of sad for the supporters of other areas.

  29. I’m just glad that David will be touring again. You can tell from his blog that he is happy and excited about it. I live in the Midwest so I’m out of luck to see him. Maybe the snowstorm we had on the CFTH tour made them shy away from going back here for a Christmas tour.

  30. Gina i really will love to know your definition of bashing, you really need to go out of Fandom bubble to realize what is the real opinion and casual perceptions people have of David’s management on his Post Idol era. You say you coming here ” to voice opinions that might be different from a lot of people here”, but i have the feelings you post only when something make you mad , and many times you even want to censor people opinion , now if that is your idea of positivism …well good luck then 😐 ; and i really don’t think posters here a going on tour for all the fansites bringing negativity, whatever definition you have of that, that is plain and simple NOT TRUE . If you are a FOJ is ok, but many fans are not and we have argument to defend that position, if that bother you bring yours in a polite way … that all .
    BTW i just want to make sure i not replying to an underage person, i guess i saw you bashing Idolfan in the past ….so i’m not sure.

    • Just when I start to think that the anti-Jeff opinion is getting too overboard here at SD, something happens to confirm his testy, stage-dad reputation, yet again.

      There’s no denying he’s a difficult character, when even his friend calls him “intense”. I suppose David could see it like a papa-bear, protecting him, but he’s got to realize a manager throwing diva-fits in his behalf, isn’t good for future good professional relationships. There’s Jeff bashing here for sure, but it’s probably closer to the truth than the happy talk elsewhere.

      • ”…..but it’s probably closer to the truth than the happy talk elsewhere.”


      • I think that there’s a good possibility that David does view mic’s behavior as being a papa bear. When I was young and my mother stood up for me, it made me feel protected. As I got older, I realized she was being verbally abusive. I’m not saying that is going on here, but I see a bit of a parallel from what has been reported by different sources.

  31. Looks like @DavidArchie Westbury @TheatreWestbury is sold-out! THESE PACKAGES ARE GOING QUICK!! DON’T WAIT – http://t.co/9Dzv87DU

  32. From twitter :

    Shell_eeeyyy Shelley
    So it looks like no soundcheck or questions for @DavidArchie at the VIPs 😦

    Wonder why?

  33. VIP you also get prime seating and a picture with David. I assume no soundcheck or questions is to save David’s voice since he’s doing a lot of concerts in a short period of time.

    On the touring, it’s hard to get to a lot of places in the limited time to do a Christmas tour. The way it is set up is more cost effective. If he had unlimited funds he could go all over in a big tour bus. That’s why it would be great if he signed with another major label.

    The Civil Wars is a two person group so it’s cheaper for them to tour. David could tour more extensively if it was just him and one other person instead of a band. There’s a lot more to touring than than meets the eye.

  34. Unfortunately without a major label and sponsors David does have to look at the bottom line like we all do.

    • So true. My guess is that David is saving on the band because they are all starting out and I do not think they would cost as much as musicians that have toured with big name artists. But I like the band members except I wish they could have kept Brian. No offense to the new guitarist. Touring does have many costs but it is also where the artists make their money. On the tours.

  35. VIP at Westbury, NY is SOLD OUT!

    How awesome for Daviid. I hope all the venues sell out.

  36. I hope all the VIP’s sell out. Of course I hope all the venues sell out. If David does well on this tour it could lead to more touring unless he goes on a mission, of course. I assume the tour manager will be Mike with the pony tail that he had in Asia unless he doesn’t have on at all.

    • Ya know, to me, the fact that he’s chosen venues where he won’t be gaining new fans is just more reinforcement to me that he’s leaving. 😦 And I can’t go to any of his concerts. Brat. lol.

      • I’m sorry that you can’t go. I do feel bad for the fans who don’t have anything anywhere near them. Plus the fact that it IS a lot of the same places so it’s many of the same fans who get to see him over and over. That makes it even more painful for the others who can’t. I don’t think any of us were sad that he was in Asia just because we couldn’t go. We were happy for those fans to get to see him perform live. It’s different when you know it’s the same peeps over and over. Not that I’m blaming them- I would go as often as I could too, within reason.
        As far as him leaving, I’m still with you on that too. At least time is clicking so we’ll know something relatively soon.

  37. Trying to decide if I should spring for an existing concert or hold out for a Midwest date if they are traveling through from PA to ID. Was hoping for a stop perhaps in Cleveland or Chicago-land if they are going that way anyway. So many factors go into being able to get a booking.

  38. I have a feeling they will be flying from the East coast to the West coast and that is why there is nothing in the middle.

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