The #MIC in the Room

First, thank you, Joymus, for sharing Angelica’s story on The Voice (Read Here). It confirmed everything I was thinking about what exactly was “holding David back.” But, unlike the event coordinator in the story, I don’t feel sorry for David. I’m just angry.

Seriously, after the foolishness that went on with the backstage scandal stories on Idol, after that MASSAGE PARLOR incident (and no, none of us should ever forget that nonsense!), David has retreated back to hiding behind #MIC.  It’s just…

Y’all, I can’t. I just can’t. And I had better not say anymore.

Instead, I’ll just offer this video.  It will be my continuous wish for David:

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  1. Hi guys – longtime lurker here,
    There is a big part of me that hopes David is just using his dad to handle ‘stuff’ while he searches for his sound. I’m guessing he was burned out and hurt and felt pulled in twenty directions with Jive and WEG and went back to what was familiar. When he’s ready to sign again… Will he choose a new management company again?

    This is sure to be an interesting week.

    • Carriezze, it’s cool to see you delurk. I like to read the different opinions.

      I’m not sure that signing with a record label without real management would really represent a move forward. I hope for the day he’ll have the courage to really break free from what is holding him back, his dad included. His dad can still be his dad without being his manager.

      TBH, I’m not so sure anymore that his current situation (with no label and his dad as a manager) is only a transitional period.

  2. Shanny in Australia

    Angelica writes spectacularly. I’ll give her that. But once we get down to the nitty gritty of her experience, this is what it all boils down to…

    1. It appears Jeff was acting decisively and strongly on David’s behalf in his role as manager.

    2. According to one lady, who shared one meal with David, she feels sorry for him because she thinks he is ‘too nice’.

    I could add a lot of commentary and evaluation on those two points but I won’t for now. However, I will ask…..Are we sure we’re not making a mountain out of a mole hill here?

    • As if this is just one isolated incident…

      But #mic will always have his defenders.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Well I said I could add a lot of commentary but I wouldn’t for now. Just not in the mood I guess…but I will say this much for now….I recognise that a lot of small incidents add up to something….but that ‘something’ doesn’t necessarily add up to ‘David is being controlled by his Dad’.

        It could add up to myriad of other things like….”Jeff has a pushy managerial style” or ‘Jeff needs to improve his interpersonal skills” or “Jeff is a hot-head” etc. But that is STILL all speculation because we don’t know which it is. Plus….. there are many many pushy, autocratic type people in
        the world. Especially in professional management occupations and I would assume in the entertainment industry too, since David wanted to shake their controlling ways off. I’ve never said Jeff is a saint, I’ve just said don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions, especially when David appears to have chosen Jeff as his manager for now.

        I’ve always said that Jeff has shown that he will bend over backwards to do all he can to help David in his career. While I may not agree with what appears to be his autocratic style, he is not unusual in it and he most certainly seems to be working hard to see that David is taken care of.

  3. I’ve always said that Jeff has shown that he will bend over backwards to do all he can to help David in his career.

    Such a premise imagines that ALL parents have their children’s best interest at heart. Well, none of us really know the man, we can only speculate.

    But let’s agree to disagree on this particular premise.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Agree to disagree on what premise HG? …. That not all parents have their children’s best interests at heart?

      I don’t have to agree to disagree on that because I can straight out agree with you there.

      But my style is to say a person is innocent until proven guilty and I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest Jeff doesn’t have David’s best interests at heart.

      • All I see (and have seen these past 3 years I’ve been following David) is someone who has managed to make more press and more buzz for himself than for the artist in question. How this translates as “evidence” of a manager with his artists’s best interests at heart is where we’ll have to agree to disagree. Clearly, we’re judging the same situation with very different viewpoints.

      • Shanny in Australia

        😆 HG…the only press and buzz I see about Jeff is generated by the fans. On the other hand, I have seen David mentioned regularly in all sorts of places not even related to fans. (Maybe not as much as we would all like but more than Jeff that’s for sure) But if that is what you want to agree to disagree on…then I can do that. 😆 🙂

        Off to bed now. Take care…hopefully the ‘announcement’ drops while I’m asleep! 🙂

      • amen shanny! i agree with you wholeheartedly! i would also like to add my commentary but i have no energy right now after reading last night’s comments about david’s religion and speculations again on doing a mission. i feel a lot of negativity on those comments.

    • I don’t know the man. But I do know I saw “archjazz” trolling the AI websites offering his “services” to AI contestants. He professed that he had “several” clients who had succeeded through the audition process and he could help others do the same. This was during David’s auditions. That tells me he clearly has his own agenda, and that agenda has nothing to do with David’s best interests.

      • I observed and met #mic very briefly at a AI S7 tour stop in my city in 2008. Both my mother and I were not impressed as #mic acted like he was an idol on tour. My mother loves David but found his father overbearing and loving the spotlight. I did too. David was just adorable and friendly, of course. Utahmom I strongly felt #mic had his own agenda then and still does now.

      • Interesting Marie. And that was a common observation that many other fans had then too.

  4. It’s hard to talk about David’s management because his dad is his manager. But one can make a negative (or positive) critic about the manager without having it to be about the dad. One can judge the manager (the public and professional persona) without judging the dad (and his private relation with his son). I’m just noting that the fans weren’t so careful when they expressed their opinion on Melinda and WEG, they didn’t hold anything back (even personal critics).

  5. David’s lack of career direction is giving me ulcers but his VOICE

    just keeps on healing me too, maybe there’ll come a time when

    everything will be alligned (not giving up hope here). Maybe I’ll stop

    being a fan when even his voice can not heal the ulcers anymore.


  6. Although I hate the thoughts of this mission for a lot of reasons, one good thing is that he will be away from MIC for a while.

    You know, Burkey, when you put it like THAT, I wouldn’t mind a mission at all (being without The Voice for 2 years would be agony, but in the long term, it might do us all some good).

  7. One comment that 2muchinfo made on the previous thread really stuck out to me:

    Other than the enormous responsibility for his family, he is his own person and answers to no one but himself & God and he may be completely content with the way his career is progressing.

    The part that he has enormous responsibility for his family . Now why does David have this responsibility? MIC should be the one with this enormous responsibility. David is being taken advantage of in this regard. So, if David is away for 2 years on a mission, the “someone” else will have to assume this responsibility.

    Of course, I do not agree with 2muchinfo that David answers to no one but himself. It is apparent that someone else has the reigns.

    • That comment was 2much’s opinion. We don’t know for sure that’s true. But there certainly are indications. Hope this doesn’t sound cold, and although I find it admirable that David wanted to help Claudia so he changed his plans to be in Utah, I found it odd that he felt he was needed. As the parents, my husband and I are the ones my children turn to. Much as they love their older brother, they wouldn’t rely on him for help with medical issues. Maybe David just has an incredibly high inner sense of responsibility. I don’t know what the situation was, but I’m pretty sure I would have assured my son that I could handle his sister’s issues — but that’s just me.

      A scarier indication was a letter that another fansite released that David’s abuelita wrote before he headed off to AI. She said something along the lines of “you’re doing this to help your family, but also do this to help the world”. Why would appearing on Idol “help his family”?

    • I’ve said this before, but there seem to be alot of parallels between David’s family & my own. Jeff & my mother are alike in soooo many ways, it’s scary. lol. I could be wrong, but I think I can safely answer “Why does David have this responsibility?” (IF it’s true) in one word….co-dependency.

      For some families, parent/child roles and boundaries get blurred and over-cross. One parent may feel that the other parent isn’t competent or “doing their job”, and they don’t want to ask for outside help (because it’s not supposed to be anyone’s business), so they enlist the services of their kids. No, it’s not fair to the kids, but it’s part of the family dynamics, so you just deal with it the best that you by day.

      • …And obviously, as just a fan, I don’t really know what David’s family dynamics are. I don’t think i want to know, lol. Just throwing that out there as a possibility…

      • I know exactly what you mean re. co-dependency. I’m projecting but I believe family dynamics may impact D’s behavior — more so than fear or low self esteem.

      • I agree, VJ, – co-dependency and over-responsibility.

        If it helps David extricate himself from the role of “man of the house” (he’s 20 years old!) I’m all for a mission. The others would then have to stand on their own two feet.

      • I agree that the family dynamics are playing into David’s behavior.

      • I am all for the mission too as much as I hate to see him leave.

  8. Well, well, David’s latest tweet:

    “standing still isn’t easy when the world’s moving backwards.”
    1 minute ago

  9. it’s a line from this song

  10. The Christmas tour dates are starting to pop up:
    IrvingPlaza Irving Plaza
    NEW SHOWS — Jane’s Addiction (10/17 & 10/18), Thursday (12/2) and David Archuleta (12/2)! Details at
    4 minutes ago

    The Westbury date is December 1 and tickets go on sale Friday.

  11. Still just sitting here thinking…On one hand, David made a conscious choice to go w/ MIC as mgr. for now, & I’d assume he knows the consequences of that (unless he really is that naive). Which makes me wonder~ again~ if he’s serious about having a career at all. And because it was his choice, I don’t feel that sorry for him.

    On the other hand, I kinda do..It is reaaaaally hard dealing w/ parents who are both controlling & over-involved. You love them, can’t divorce them, want to keep a strong relationship and honor them…but how do you do that while saying “Back off”? Someone is gonna get hurt & feel disrespected. And it’s gonna happen each time you say it, which could be every day for the rest of their life, lol.

    And moving away might help the child grow up, but it doesn’t solve the boundary issue as much as you might think. There’s still this little thing called the telephone and email, lol…

  12. you guys talk like u know what’s going on behind the scenes with david and his dad. and the event coordinator at the AZ fair (barbara), she only spent time quite a few hours with david and spoke like she knew him a long time? i’ll take david’s vlogs than her “sorry for him” statement..

    • Gina- Hi. Speaking for myself, you’re right. I know nothing, & I don’t want to assume. Sorry if that’s what it looks like I’m doing. It’s just that after awhile you start to see patterns, ya know? And if you’ve already been there, you kind of know what those patterns look like. Hard to explain…But yeah. Maybe I shouldn’t have said all of that. Sorry. I’ll be quiet now. lol.

      • Um, please feel free to say what you want, VJ. Don’t forget SD started because it refused to remain silent as far as a certain person was concerned.

      • VJ, you sound like you’re just speculating like the rest of us, and I get what you mean. We don’t know everything that’s going on, but after putting together three years’ worth of puzzle pieces, we can see a lot of the picture. We’re just speaking out of our frustration with the current situation. I’m glad we don’t have to be quiet in this site.

      • no need for apologies vj, you are voicing your opinions and i’m just stating mine 🙂

  13. I feel like I’m spamming here, and I hope Angelica doesn’t mind that I copied this from her comment to me at The Voice, but I wanted to post it here:

    I did not put this in the article, but was informed by Djafan that weeks prior to the Fair, Barbara communicated with her that Jeff was, “very difficult to work with.” It pains me to say it but I am afraid that clients/venues may decide, we love David, we think he’s amazingly talented, but it’s just not worth putting up with his dad to hire him. No, I doubt that he will be invited back. This is what hurts the most and I can’t keep silent, despite the risk I have willingly, albeit reluctantly taken, of being considered a “bad fan.”

    Hearing this from a strong supporter, verified my long held fears. When even Dean Kaelin admits that mic “can be intense”, you know there’s a problem. I had hoped that maybe this problem had been mitigated, but apparently it’s still flourishing.

    • Thanks for sharing. IMO, the threshold for an event organizer to say something like that is very high, which means that MIC is extremely difficult to work with.

      It has already become apparent that David’s network of contacts is not exactly expanding. Basically, Sunny is all that is left of his “new direction.”

    • I give so much credit to Angelica for telling the truth and being honest. It was such a well written post. Some of us know what it is like to be labeled “negative”and a “bad fan” and it is ridiculous and makes no sense to do that. Everybody can’t be wrong about mic’s behavior. It is just not possible. Aside from all that he offers nothing as a music manager. Mic has no connections in the industry and I have long suspected that many do not want to work him. I could care less what mic does but when it is hurting David’s career than good for fans like Angelica and hg with SD for telling the truth.

  14. I have an advanced degree in obvious-ology, so forgive me if this is repeating what everyone knows, but here goes:

    Back on Star Search, a number of the people involved, like Arsenio Hall, felt sorry for David, even calling Jeff “a piece of work”. On AI, there’s the poor-David, stage dad ruckus. After AI, Jeff becomes David’s manager, but since this is the big time, he’s got an experienced co-manager. But something happens (I forget) and it’s pretty much just Jeff? Then the arrest, and MIC drops out of sight, but is still the de facto manager.

    During the making of CFTH, Jeff’s friends try to rehabilitate his image by posting photos in Europe, etc. After a pretty successful Christmas album, Jeff is back in the swing. David fibs a little in the Ryan Seacrest interview and says his dad hasn’t been his manager for a while (but there’s no one else doing it).

    When OSOD is just about to be released, David belatedly hires a professional manager, because although Jeff’s been doing it, for the actual release activities, the public and/or fans still won’t accept the disgraced MIC.

    Now, without a label, and with David wanting to take a break, Jeff is the only manager who won’t push David to work, work, work. As long as they can make a living, everyone’s happy, except the fans, and the people who have to deal with Jeff (and who don’t like getting reamed).

    • Actually, Jive required him to hire a professional manager before releasing TOSOD. They had the same requirement for much bigger artists as well.

  15. I just read the article and started reading the comments on The Voice. I came back here to read the rest of this section, and when I went back to the Voice, the comments section came up as Error 404. Is anyone else having this problem?

  16. Since something I repeated is now being quoted not only on the voice but copied and brought here, that will teach me.

    “Barbara communicated with her that Jeff was, “very difficult to work with.”

    I don’t take peoples comments that I don’t know at face value and I don’t know her and really have no idea what factually went on.

  17. I am watching DWTS and The Sing Off. This is all just too much. lol

  18. Oh, also, reason #465 why David probably won’t do a mission: what would Jeff do for two years?

    I agree, though, that it may be the only way David can get away, and then come back as a more mature 23-year old. Maybe he would get his ambition back by then. I didn’t get any strong clues about next year in the teen interview.

  19. a lot of jeff/mic bashing but i’ll just keep my opinions to myself in the meanwhile. it’s because i think it’s not fair i am only hearing one side of the story….

  20. From Angelica over at The Voice:

    The Breaking post is gone. I tried to write an honest, heartfelt article about my genuine concerns for David. I think there is a conspiracy of silence in this fanbase that is so oppressive and as Abrra stated, we just came from an event where our right to express ourselves freely was celebrated.

    Admins, you have the helm. Godspeed.

  21. The emotions and feelings expressed in the post were genuine and heartfelt, however the event coordinator, likely did not give permission to be quoted on the internet. She is not a public figure and even if she felt that way and no matter how difficult the client, it is not the type of off the cuff remarks you want attributed to you. Client relations, customer service and all that stuff.

  22. a tweet from David……

    Have some things to announce tomorrow for those of you in parts of the U.S.!
    12 minutes ago

  23. Tks for the above, HG. And Utahmom. And Gina, lol…I didn’t read Angelica’s article, so to see what y’all posted here, just…ugh. Never thought I’d say this, but seriously, I think David should just get a different type of job- something where he can be around ppl who believe the same, have a regular paycheck, and where he’s forced to work under a boss who’s not related. lol. He can sing on the side. And he should probably do it soon instead of wasting any more time, ‘cuz it looks like that’s what’s gonna happen, anyway. 😦 …Geez, David. I luv ya, but…open your eyes & put your foot down, buddy.

  24. Well, Dang! If I had known an article on “Breaking the Silence” would then be “silenced” by being removed, I would have just copied/pasted parts of it here (of course, that’s not cool and all and is pretty much plagiarism – but still).

    Hmmm, I wonder if there is a cache in existence…

    Seriously, though, what is this: the Gestapo of Archuland? Is Angelica still around, or has she been shipped off to Guantanamo Bay?

  25. i think angelica removed it herself…

  26. Shanny in Australia

    Ha, just realised I left the voice article open on my phone here…

  27. There are times when this fanbase is not only dictatorial, but there are some that can be downright threatening – in a creepy, scary sort of way. I’m not saying this happened to Angelica – perhaps she just decided that she had said her peace and didn’t need to keep the post going.

    But I do hope there is NOTHING going on behind the scenes, because I have seen the vitriolic emails that can arrive from some of the most “religious” of David followers. Notice I put the word religious in quotes. So please, don’t think I am against religion – just against hell-fire and damnation being thrown around as though it is owned by those on earth. 🙂

    • ”in a creepy, scary sort of way. ”

      Yeah totally agree, actually with all your post, what sad situation, then now to be a fan you not only should to support David and David’s career, but to promise unconditional loyalty and proclaim absolute admiration for his manager ….only if is approved for some specified family and family friend fansites ….. what? 😐 ???

      I guess many here would be lose their ‘Stan Card’ then. lol

  28. Twitter
    » Have some things to announce tomorrow for those of you in parts of the U.S.!

    Tour or mision?

  29. LOL….mission, sorry fans

  30. I think we need an update on Charice and David’s torrid love affair. It’ll cheer me up! Idolfan… where are you??

  31. I’m sure glad I read Angelica’s post before it was removed as it was a thoughtful, well written article. I guess Soul David remains one of the only David fan sites where you can actually have an open discussion about David’s manager who just happens to be his dad. It was fine on most fan-sites to criticize Melinda.

    I did enjoy the Sing Off tonight. I wonder if David will get a chance to see it since Sara Barielles is one of the judges. I love the judges on this show as they give well thought out constructive criticism and the groups are really good. David would be great in an acapella group.

  32. And i’m sorry for the lady from ‘The Voice’ but then you have a good example at what point one person dominant character can be dangerous for David,s career, if fans and fansites are pushed back to act in a specified way to please some ”powers’, posters and fansites or non offend ”The manager” :/ the point is that i’m sure i wouldn’t hear complains if in the place of Jeff was Melinda’s name ….yeah double standards after all Melinda is a woman, non relative of David and non LDS member so enough to be a bad manager for David….oh this people!!! 😐 .

    The question still ‘Why is David allowing this?

    To Gina, do you realize that in this business some hours can be the only time you have to give a good impression and still making business?? this people pay him to do a show , they recognized (and tThank God they said it) that David is a sweet guy , so why his manager become the Diva and the one making them their job hard?

    • Tibi I so agree with you. Excellent comments. It was just what I was thinking. It is the double standard. If this was Melinda, a woman, being inappropriate to fans then some fans would be all over her. Melinda has her issues but I believe with his lack of experience and lack of connections in the industry mic has more issues as a manager. Not to mention mic’s past history of inappropriate behaviors. Why do some fans appear to think mic deserves a free pass and no judgment as a professional music manager just because he is David’s dad and a LDS member ? Angelica spoke up because she saw mic was hurting David’s career. It scares me when fans are censored for telling the truth and being honest. But I guess if David does not care than why should the fans. By the way David is going to be 21 years old and he should have read the post as there were legitimate concerns in it about his mismanager. Someone should send it to him.

  33. So i guess this is the BIg Announcement

    @DavidArchie : Have some things to announce tomorrow for those of you in parts of the U.S.

    In parts of US lol ….NY, California and Utah = some parts

  34. From his OS :

    ”Confirmed dates for the ”MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS” Tour are:
    Dec 1 Westbury, NY; Theatre at Westbury
    Dec 2 New York, NY; Irving Plaza
    Dec 3 Verona, NY; Turning Stone Resort & Casino
    Dec 4 Stroudsburg, PA; Sherman Theater
    Dec 13 Santa Rosa, CA; Wells Fargo Center For The Arts
    Dec 14 Los Angeles, CA; Club Nokia
    Dec 16 Ventura, CA; Majestic Ventura Theater
    Dec 17 Anaheim, CA; Grove of Anaheim
    Dec 19 Sale Lake City, UT; Abravanel Hall
    Dec 21 Beaver Creek, CO; Vilar Performing Arts Center
    More dates to be announced.

    Still wishing him the best !!! Hopefully some good adviser will stoping by his way and he and we will able to see some progress even if MIC still making difficult the process ….Good Luck David and sold out that Venues !!! 🙂

  35. Turning Stone? Wow, that is the closest to me, so I guess I’ll do that one and Irving Plaza and get Rascal out of the house! 🙂

    • Verona has to be the option for me since it’s the only New York date that I have no conflict! 🙂

    • Turning Stone is the closest to me but my niece is getting married that day. So frustrating but it is not that close. I hope he sells out on his tour. I honestly do for David’s sake.

  36. What an interesting and sad turn of events today. I’m dismayed that Angelica’s sensitive and heartfelt article was removed. I hope she hasn’t been subjected to a vindictive backlash, and I hope I haven’t made things worse by copying her comments here.

    Yes, tibi and grammyj, if this article had been about Melinda, fans would be decrying her behavior all over the internet. However this article could never have been written about Melinda because at least with her at the helm, David would never have been at that fair in the first place.

    On the other hand…tour announcement tomorrow! (Be positive or don’t be…right?)

  37. Utahmom – I’m sure you posting here had no negative impact on Angelica. The fans can be brutal, though.

    I had to post in response to SilverFox’s posting. Why do people think David is such a weak little child? Why do they think a little controversy over his father is going to slay him? David’s proved his mettle in some very difficult times and most have nothing to do with fans!

    • Thanks marlie; that makes me feel a little better.

      I agree, the rush to protect David from a carefully worded post that he most likely would never have seen anyway just doesn’t make a lot of sense in view of the much more hurtful difficulties he’s endured. He picked mic as his manager despite his controversial past. I would imagine he knew that there could be a very real possibility for new problems to surface.

    • “Why do people think David is such a weak little child? Why do they think a little controversy over his father is going to slay him?”

      I haven’t read all the posts on The Voice but in general, I believe that words can hurt. I’ve said before that I used to literally feel ill reading some comments from fans and from D’s inner circle. I’ve reached the point now that I no longer read comments that make me feel that way and I’ll wait for a discussion that I feel more comfortable with.

      On occasion, I’ve made pointed comments here and it got back to me how bad I made someone else feel. I believe in freedom of speech but sometimes you have to ask yourself, is it worth it. I guess that’s what Angelica did and the answer was ‘no’.

      • Words can hurt – but it’s doubtful that David sits around and reads these fansites. However, there were words written toward Angelica that could be just as hurtful – maybe more so as there are personal (not fan-like) relationships involved. Who cared about that?

        I’m ultra sensitive about that, as you can tell. I know how it feels to have people you’ve attended concerts with turn their backs on you and say hurtful things about you on other sites. Angelica doesn’t deserve that for what she wrote. She was respectful, concerned and yet felt she needed to say what she saw, heard and experienced.

        I don’t know why Angelica took down her post – but I suspect it will be a while before she posts again – and that is a loss.

      • Marlie, just want to clarify and say that I agree with you. One of the reasons I didn’t read all the comments on The Voice was because any way I looked at it, good people were being hurt, misinterpreted, etc., including Angelica.

  38. She may have also taken it down because there was a bit of “she said/she said” situation with some of the people she was with — differing perspectives of the same incident. I hope everyone recovers quickly from hurt feelings — which seem to be part of being in this fan base.

    Too, someone made a good point. The concert organizer probably didn’t agree to have her words posted online.

  39. “I don’t know why Angelica took down her post – but I suspect it will be a while before she posts again – and that is a loss.”
    I couldn’t agree more.
    In many different instances the cyber world has folks saying words they wouldn’t think of saying to their face. We all must think before we hit send…

  40. desertrat (I couldn’t figure out how to reply to you above, so I put this down here)

    I think the thing I try to keep in mind, although being human, I am not always successful, is that we should be able to disagree about a topic without trouncing on the person who is on the opposite side of that topic. I know what you mean about the comments being all over the map – and some were quite surprising, too. 🙂

  41. One of the few comments that I read indicated that maybe Jeff or TPTB occasionally read articles on their site…

  42. Hi everyone. I saved Angelica’s article as a PDF — I had a feeling it won’t be up for long … Unfortunately, when I did save it, there was no comment yet, except for Joymus’..

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