New Vlog: Learning about Crohn’s

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  1. I just have to say that gosh, that left eyebrow is cute.

  2. I thought it was a good vlog.

  3. Keep us excited too! Hoping for more good news:D ***fingers cross**

  4. When I look at David in this blog he emanates hope…( and I am not referring to career hope- ) To me he has always represented a sense of hope. When he was on AI, there was just a feeling of hopefulness that surrounded him. All this time later- that has not changed. While I loved the title of My kind of Christmas- I thought of A Season of Hope Holiday Tour- because that time of year seems filled with hope- regardless of your faith. It is just before a new Year- everyone seems a bit happier and more hopeful for the future- just like David makes me feel.

  5. — upcoming things, a few more events coming up in the next few weeks, a few announcements coming up, a tour! 🙂

    and i like the left eyebrow too, lol.

  6. Long time no hear! I had my spouse block me from sites at home so I could get some research done this fall. 🙂

    Just checking in. I wonder what the announcements will be? I will feel better once I know what is going on post-January, whether that means leaving or not.

    AZ was great and I will post a review on TDC soon.

  7. i just wanted to come back about his sister having crohns, i hope she get better and get treatment and david saying she is a lot of pain. she is so luckly to have her brother david and her rest of her family on her side what she is going through, my prayers go out to her.


  8. This sounds pretty obvious to me: our mission fears are “reading into something too much past what I must have meant”. (Huh?) As interesting as his syntax is, that’s probably as much as he’s going to say to dispel the rumors.

    Did @DavidArchie just refer to fans in the past tense? As in “it’s been interesting .

    @missbianca mmm.. no I think you are just reading into something too much past what I must have meant lol.

  9. @hollyreFOD I totally agree! That line really stood out to me.

    So David WAS watching X Factor last night. heh. I like that line too:

    “I don’t want to die with this music inside of me.”


  10. so the blog sounded kind of positive

    I am hoping for the best……

  11. i didnt watched the x factor last nite but i saw the preview this monring, some guy drop his pant and show ” you know what”, what the heck wrong with that guy!!. my jaw dropped. what is this a “half naked” x factor show, geez!.


  12. someone who work on the show should have told him, it is a singing competition show not a chippendales show, LOL.


  13. This was a good vlog. David was more focused than usual. I loved the look on his face and his search for the right words about the “odd” things that happened on XFactor. (Seriously, the flasher was such a stupidly obvious ploy for media hype — the show looks desperate right out of the gate. I skipped tonight’s episode.)

    I’m looking forward to the announcements, although I doubt they’ll be about a new label or management; probably about the tour and the Christmas songs. Here’s hoping that the tour will have a lot of stops (east coast for all you easterners) at decent venues.

    Glad Claudia’s feeling a little better. A friend of mine has Crohn’s and for about 2 months, all she could eat was plain baked potatoes. She’s fine now.

    • Yes, to me the exciting news would be new label or management but I doubt that will happen now too. As long as mic is in charge I am not that hopeful about needed changes. Seems like it is all about low budget and spending no money with him involved. Hope the tour goes well. I never watched or liked the idol auditions either. I do like the live audience with X Factor. I will be watching X Factor when they go live with the top contestants despite the show’s flaws.

      • I think I will wait to watch XFactor until it’s done with auditions too.

        Something that keeps running through my mind: a few years ago a fan spoke with a radio program manager about how rabid David’s fans were. She was worried that they would hurt his career like fans hurt Clay Aiken’s career. The pm’s response was “Clay Aiken hurt Clay Aiken’s career.” At least since then, Clay’s career seems to be doing better though.

  14. Found this on TDC courtesy of jackryan4da. It’s the D & the band at Joe’s BBQ in Arizona.

    • Thanks for sharing this. I had to watch it a second time to catch David in it though. He looked like he would rather have been sitting with the band. I see mic was there in AZ. Interesting how during the Asian tour he was out front everywhere, yet here in the US, he was very much in the background.

      • Utahmom I watched the video twice and thought the exact same thing. I thought David looked like he would rather be with the band. Then again why wouldn’t he at his age?

  15. I believe David said in his “Decision” vlog that he wanted to find his sound, write and then present this work to different labels and say “this is my sound, this is what I want to do.. do you believe in me”? It seems that this is exactly what David is doing. It takes time to create.. He’s not going anywhere. He is writing. All is good! Great David future ahead! Life is good!

  16. We’re too funny…”Look at his actions. He’s not going.” “Look at his actions. Yes, he is”. lol.

  17. utamon. you can have your wish right now ,stop following him,delate him from your putor,and go away???????? lol jk

    • ray, telling someone to go away is rude. Adding a “lol jk” to the end of your comment does not make it funny or appropriate.

    • ray, Your comments are starting to remind me of my ex brother in law. That is not a good thing as I never liked him. lol jk

      Utahmom Not only do I understand your comment, I also agree with you.

    • Thank you, Ray. I guess we each have different ideas about what we consider offensive. I also realize we all have different opinions on things but sometimes I have to walk away and take some deep breaths after reading some of the comments. I truly don’t understand ….but anyway, thanks for standing up for David. I didn’t find YOU rude at all.

  18. Please go vote for David – he’s close to losing the lead to Scotty.

  19. Speaking of more or less hidden messages, David should make a cover version of this (excellent) song:

    • Great song Peter ! I admit it’s the first time I listened to it (and I thought I was a fan of Sting and Police lol).

      This is my hidden message lol (sorry for the bad quality of the video but you just need to listen to the first words lol)

      David said a long time ago that he’s not going lol

  20. Do I have to remind you kids about respecting each other and all that? Read my “House Rules”! 🙂

    In other news, who’s really surprised by this?

    • I think that is an excellent reminder hg. Ray made some very rude and inappropriate comments to me in a previous post. I will not repeat them but he did post them. Thanks for the reminder as it is needed.

      • I agree. That same poster has repeatedly attacked several people here — undeservedly so, as in your case too, Marie.

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinions without being put down and I think that is the whole point. Anyway, moving on. I did think the guy that exposed himself on X Factor was just weird but they got some “buzz” out of it. I do not think in a good way. lol There were a few that I thought were talented. I thought that the 18 year old Melanie that was on last night was very good. I will watch when it goes live with the top contestants.

    • A great philosopher said once “Love, don’t hate” and that “words are like razor blades, they left you with a scar” lol. This guy is inspiring !

      (But maybe one can be rude as long as he/she is an adept of the first commandment of the David Fans’ Guide : “Be positive or don’t be”. Lol jk)

  21. speaking of a mission, is david really going? i heard he is def going? if he is going, he might go to india where he went with his mom lupe, can you go to a mission there for 2 years???

  22. from what i read on people’s tweets and i am sure some of you had read it too,david’s brother is the one who hacked his twitter and also the tweets was coming from his brother phone, if his brother said that david is going on a mission for 2 years in jan, i really don’t think his brother would lie something like that?

  23. why do you think his fans are so upset and mad over all this because of david’s brother tweeted about the mission thing and his fans are believing that he is going because his brother said it. his brother could be costing david’ singing career over this? according by some of his fans it was his brother nobody else because noone knew david’s twitter password but family only.

  24. Here is a good rumor. David might have a christmas tour date at Westbury NY in Dec? I hope it is true.

  25. marie, i mean it is really true that david’s brother who hacked it and that he was going on a mission than david is going for real and perhaps david had changed his mind not going when it happened? i heard david was so mad and i read a shocking information that david and his brother are not in speaking terms which blew me away. have you noticed david never tweet about his brother anymore but only his sisters?

  26. oh cool a tour date! everyone who lives in new york, have a awesome time!.

  27. I saw that the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting is the day before the Westbury concert. How great would it be if David FINALLY sang there?! A stan can hope, right?

  28. why is david back in calif? he wont be busy until the japan event next month? i guess he live there now.

    • I think he said that he’s working on a special project, maybe new songs to be released for Christmas. He also said in his last vlog that there will be some new events and tour dates to be announced. I think he’s busy but he just don’t say specifically what he’s doing until it’s the right time to announce things.

  29. you what guys and i know you might feel the same way, what concern me is the tickets sale for 2011 david archuleta chirstmas tour, what if the tickets doesn’t sell well, the whole tour cancelled?

  30. i think the only 3 states he will ending up having the concerts is utah(of course) NY, L.A., just my opinion. goodnite


  31. L.A. isn’t a state, lol

  32. utahmom, yeah you right on that!.

  33. David has fallen into second place. If you haven’t utilized your one vote all you have to do is click on the link below. Idolhead has been very complimentary of David this round so please go vote. Do it for David. Smokey Mountains and Love Me Tender were two of his best performances….

  34. One more think, Idolfan can I say you bring a smile to my face! 🙂 I have to say I love the different personalities and POV! And Idolfan you are right in the middle of it! 🙂

  35. lct, aww thank you and your welcome :)!! what the heck a 3 weeks tour!? i heard a month?

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