Naming a Christmas Tour

Thought I would join in the fun and consider naming David’s Christmas Tour. You guys came up with some gems, and adding my own, so take this quick poll for your favorite name! 🙂


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  1. Shanny in Australia

    Just read about the ‘dating drama’ on the previous thread…. The name Makinsey rings a bell…and then looking at her teeny tiny pic on twitter, it seems to kind of confirm it from what I can see of her….but remember when David did a book signing at the Salt Lake Deseretbook store last year…and there was a young girl who was there helping David, opening the books etc. Her story then was that her Aunt worked there and she flew in for the event and ended up being allowed to help out. There is a pic floating around of her and David posing as well as a pic of David performing out the front of the store, with her leaning against the wall next to Lupe. Is that the same Makinsey I wonder…?

    • Shanny in Australia

      Oh my goodness, I was right. Don’t know how I managed to remember a silly little detail like that when I have such a terrible memory.
      It was the same girl but it was at Las Vegas. If anyone is interested they can check out the pics and her story from the booksigning at:

      Lots of pics there – so scroll down to the Las Vegas booksigning pics. She is the blond one in the pic with Lupe nad David.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Although from looking at her twitter timeline, it is important to note…..she was just the one reporting it.

      Just for the record…if David is dating….awesome for him! keep it up David. 🙂 I’m only even commenting on the situation because the name Makinsey rang a bell for me….and I went off on a tangent trying to figure out if I was right or not. 😆

  2. My Kind of Christmas.

  3. Um….NOT “Silent Nights”, please. lol.

  4. This is a really nice story by Janey @FanScene —->

    Los Pastores a Belén, our new favorite song

    Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. That’s what I kept hearing from the backseat as we drove to the beach, hoping to find some relief from the September, 100 degree midday sun. I had wanted to share Cat & Mouse with my granddaughter, since the first time I heard it last December………

  5. I like the phrase “Season of …” for a tour name. Maybe something like Season of Faith & Charity Tour.

    I enjoyed Janey’s story on Fanscene. I hope her granddaughter gets to meet David.

    I’ve been reading the discussion on FOD about how out of convenience, many fans have moved from the fan blogs to twitter. I guess lots of fans are seeking ways to better manage their David time. So far, I’ve only been mildly successful, lol.

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