Daily Archives: September 21, 2011

Among David’s Peers

So, David’s good friend Jordin Sparks is set to co-star with Whitney Houston in a remake of the ’70s movie musical, Sparkle (my favorite song from it featured here):

… and in the realm of pop music, his former tour partner Demi Lovato has a new album that he happily promotes on Twitter.

Meanwhile, his management is asking online fans to name his upcoming Christmas tour…

Nope, not losing faith, but it’s hard to not cringe a bit when the folks who started on the scene around the time he did are quickly making headway, while the more talented one is, well, singing patriotic songs at local state fairs.

Here’s hoping for a COMEBACK at age 21! 😛

Naming a Christmas Tour

Thought I would join in the fun and consider naming David’s Christmas Tour. You guys came up with some gems, and adding my own, so take this quick poll for your favorite name! 🙂