Patriotic David on Display (as Always!)

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  1. Beautiful rendition of God Bless America.

  2. Star Spangled Banner with fireworks

  3. David’s voice was in excellent form! I had never heard the 2nd verse of the SSB sung before until the cellcast last night.

  4. That God Bless America was magnificent — and that kind of performance is what makes following him worth dealing with some of the angst, at least for me. He’s really a step (or twenty) above most singers out there, IMO.

  5. No one does it like David!

  6. Does anyone know how many peeps were at the AZ fair/ concert to see David perform? I have yet to see a number but I saw fans say there were many people there. I was just wondering as usually someone will guess at how many fans were at a David concert. Also I wonder how well the Ustream worked as I know sometimes that does not work well.

  7. I haven’t seen much info about the show. The fan community seems to be uber quiet. ❓

  8. TOfan at has a fan report up. She thought there was the 10,000 that was estimated. Not sure how accurate that is, but there was a good crowd. From the videos David sounded great. He just needs to get out there and tour. I’m so glad that he is going to have the Christmas tour.

    • grammyj, Ditto to the report above. The fair grounds area was a rather large space filled with all kinds of activities and entertainment for kids. It was packed. At eight o’clock everything shut down and the concert space, which was off to the side, became packed. I think 10,000 is probably accurate. I was surprised by the large attendance.

      There were two groups of chairs in front of the stage. One side was VIP for locals and the other side was for fans. The locals were warm and responsive, but set a somewhat more sedate tone than I have seen at previous concerts.

      David sounded great and was well received. Though I was only 12 rows from the stage, I’m not sure how he looked ( was in back of a fan who stood for the entire concert – still miffed ). I thought David’s performance was more restrained than usual but he certainly connected with his audience. The fun moments for me were waiting for, and then hearing the spontaneous reactions to those powerful big notes. No question that he picked up new fans.

  9. Thanks grammyj. I have to say I was glad to see American Idol lose the Emmy once again. lol

  10. The final medley is my favorite patriotic song he does.

    Last night I was texting my daughter who just happened to be in Gilbert with friends, visiting from CA, and I said, “Did you hear fireworks?” She’s–“Yeah….and there were sky divers–what was that about?”

  11. TOSOD ( 8throwcenter) 🙂

  12. This made me lol:

    “Oh man, I think I am in breakfast heaven. Thank you @CascadianFarm for all the amazing cereal! My family is ecstatic.”

    He did get his free food! Love those guys at Cascadian Farms! (And their cereal is good too.) Guess he’s in Utah now.

  13. Here is the link to Asaf’s website – the guitarist at the AZ concert: He’s another talented guitarist. I have no idea if he will be with David for his Christmas tour.

    There are now fan reports coming out . Sounds like the Arizona concert was great. Ben’s, the bassist’s, girlfriend was there and did a really cute cartoon of David’s fans that is posted at FOD.

  14. I actually like the patriotic medley & here is where it originated:

    @Shell_eeeyyy Thanks for your videos! We worked so hard on that Patriotic medley arrrangement. So glad he got to sing it again♥
    8 minutes ago

  15. I just looked at the cartoon pic of D’s fans as drawn by Ben’s (bass player) girlfriend. I’m the “crying guy” 4th from the right. At the last concert I attended (Dec 2009), I mostly sat quietly and cried as D sang the Christmas songs, lol. Anyone else see themselves?

    • That cartoon pic was very well done and clever. Off topic but I am busy flipping the channel between the Sing-off and DWTS as I want to see Chaz Bono. Some real talent on the Sing-Off this year.

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