Politics or a Paycheck?

Just wondering: how does someone like David go from D.C. where he celebrates Hispanic Heritage Awareness at the Noche de Gala event to this Constitution Fair, that has attracted folks from the Tea Party aaaaand taking place in a state notorious for cracking down on Latino/Chicano immigrants? Tricky, tricky, tricky… Methinks David thought it was an innocuous event honoring the U.S. constitution, right? Right?!

But, just as I decided to keep mum when pop stars like Beyonce and Usher took $1 million to perform for Gaddafi’s sons in the Caribbean, I’d better steer clear from criticizing David’s choices in showing up at such events.  Sometimes a paycheck is a paycheck, right? Right?!

On the bright side, I finally received my Glad Christmas Tidings DVD today! 😀  This is one LDS event I can get into wholeheartedly! 😛


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  1. He also appeared at a Democratic Party event right before the inauguration.

    It’s enough to make me lose my lunch with the Tea Party and such, but it’s hard telling what he is aware of with the bookings, but my guess is that church sponsorship had a draw.

  2. Good point that the state is “notorious for cracking down on Latino/Chicano immigrants”,hg Um David is Latino. AZ is still a nice state. The Tea Party is just a whole other issue. I am not so sure how aware David is of the bookings. I mean wouldn’t your manager be responsible for that. That explains everything.

    • MIC is his mismanager.

    • David roots are Latin and AZ is not exactly very popular between Latin Population and let a,lone the Tea Party issue …. so is an interesting pick definitely

    • ”Methinks David thought it was an innocuous event honoring the U.S. constitution, right? Right?!”

      I want to believe this, but tbh he’s almost 21 ,part of his self proclaiming freedom include too to make sure him- self where and with who his name is making links….so idk is just wrong for many reasons, in a Constitution Celebration Event in a State who want to change the constitution because their anti-immigration insane passion? and that is just one point of all the wrongs……. but yeah after all is his career and choices and another example of some professional need …. and i don’t think the paycheck is even big , not with this esponsors lol. 😉

      Glad you enjoy the DVD HG … you sound genuinely happy about 🙂

  3. I had noticed before, that last year’s Constitution Fair was a heavy-duty Tea Party event. But they hid it so well in their publicity this year, that I thought it had passed into different, more neutral hands. I would definitely feel mislead, if I had traveled to go see it.

  4. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh what ecstasy is hearing The Voice and seeing my Beloved on my TV! What an amazing concert that was! 😀


    OK, so whoever is planning to brave a bunch of Tea Partiers just to hear The Voice, you’ve got my full blessing! 😛

    Watching this DVD reminds me that, yes, if you gotta brave through a pit of snakes and even walk through hellfire just to hear The Voice, do what you gotta do!

    Freo, I expect a full report when you get back! 🙂

    *Heads back to my Glad Christmas Tidings DVD concert.*

  5. My BluRay GCT DVD is supposed to arrive tomorrow! 🙂

  6. Funny coincidence for me: my daughter asked if she could go with friends to a family event Saturday in AZ (driving from CA). Turns out it’s Gilbert. I’ll ask if they’re checking out the Fair–she LOVES David.

  7. I finished watching GCT, and I’m in bliss (the way I was when I first saw the face and heard the Voice sing “Heaven”).

    Needless to say: I forgive him his upcoming gig attracting the Tea Party types.


    I’ll probably post my full review tomorrow. Stay tuned! 😛

  8. I’m confused. How is this a Tea Party event? I thought the city of Gilbert sponsors Constitution Week and the local LDS Church sponsors the Fair that David is performing at. How does the Tea Party figure into this? This event has been around much longer than the Tea Party.

    • Granted, they were just advertizing it.

    • Thanks for the link, cchalo. I checked out some of the website–it’s a little out there. That advertisement was for last year’s event though. There wasn’t anything for this year. Perhaps their sponsorship last year ruffled a lot of feathers and they no longer have any official tie to it.

      I just don’t think we should get all upset about David being at a Tea Party event if it’s not actually connected to it.

      • Yes, that’s what I was mentioning. I think you’re right about possibly ruffling feathers last year. I assumed that this year would be lower profile for the TP.

      • Sorry, now I’ve seen your comment upthread. duh. I’m sure that a lot of the people involved in constitution Week are probably tea partiers, but it’s not an official connection. That is an important distinction, (to me, anyway).

  9. I’m still confused. All that this article says is that the Tea Party has hired one of the co-founders of the Gilbert event to help them implement school programs across the country. That doesn’t sound like the Tea Party has anything to do with this event.

  10. Checking the Constitution Week website, I realized that the LDS presence is very strong throughout many of the programs, it isn’t limited to just the fair. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because promoting a knowledge of the Constitution and its history is an excellent endeavor. It just makes me disappointed that David’s performance options are so limited. But why? Pathetic management? No mainstream interest in him? Deliberate choice of what he will or won’t do? Hmmm…

    • I agree completely. But there’s one possible upside to him doing LDS events: the more he can be a major draw for church things, the less likely he would be needed to do a mission. 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        Just today saw an interview he did while in Asia and he said he wanted to go sky diving next year. You can’t go sky diving while on a mission unless someone is so sick of missonaries knocking on their door, they decide to push David out a plane….. 😉

  11. I’m popping in here to comment on Arizona, lol. In the Phoenix metropolitan area, the Constitution Fair is one of many local events celebrating Constitution Day. There are non-LDS organizations that are also helping to sponsor the Fair.

    For the past 60 yrs, the state politics have leaned Republican and conservative. If you read up on the history of the state — Mormon settlements, Japanese internment camps, Native American reservations, Indian Schools where native children were forcibly assimilated into Anglo-American culture, refusal to acknowledge MLK Day as a holiday, Az State Univ.’s refusal to give Obama an honorary degree when he was the commencement speaker, etc., then you have a broader understanding of what makes Arizona what it is today.

    All this to say, to me, the Fair isn’t necessarily an LDS and/or Tea Party event. It’s for everyone. I would expect that a significant number of them would be in attendance or affiliated with the event (or any other local event) because there happens to be a large number of them in the state.

    Not sure if this makes sense but I tried. 🙂

  12. Shanny in Australia

    Hmmm….I think its interesting that so many people here are against Tea Parties. Obviously I’m not inside the US, so maybe I’m missing something…but my understanding was that these tea parties were about encouraging people to support the US Constitution which is what US laws are supposed to be based upon. I have understood that these tea parties have also been largely organised by Christians of all persuasions and that they have been encouraging people to ‘return to God’. I didn’t think those two ideas would be so abhorrent among so many here. Have I got my idea of what these tea parties are all about wrong or does everyone disagree with the constitution and christianity…?

    • Shanny in Australia

      I guess I do know these tea party attendee’s have been conservatives and Republicans. Is it that everyone here is a Democrat then? 😆 That would be an interesting sociological phenomenon if so….

      • Shanny I guess some of my issues with the Tea Party are those who represent them. I am not a fan of Michele Bachmann or Christine O’Donnell . IMO they have an odd religious and social agenda. This week, Bachmann criticized Texas Gov. Rick Perry, suggesting a vaccine he ordered mandating that all girls receive a vaccination for HPV, a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancer, could cause “mental retardation. Their views do not seem to reflect the mainstream populations views in the US. I do agree with reducing taxes but it ends there for me.

      • Some here are independent and believe all politicians in general are mainly looking toward their own and their friends self interest. The Tea Party started off with the good idea of reducing spending and taxes since our deficit is set to go over the cliff. Then they got hijacked by ignorant nutjobs like Bachman and Palin. But then ignorant nutjobs are found everywhere, haha, :-/ Unfortunately our media and political system is in shambles.

        On another note, awesome pic of David on the advert. He looks grownup and very handsome. I like to see that instead of the old little boy pics we usually see. Can’t wait to see new vids of him doing what he does best

      • link please?

    • Shanny- I never even heard of the Tea Party until this last summer. I googled it, but can’t remember what I learned, so it must not have been that impressive to me. lol. Then again, politics isn’t my thing, so…

  13. I should add the Gov Perry is a Christian southern conservative republican. I don’t believe Mitt Romney agreed with her either.

  14. Shanny, it must be nice living in Australia where you’re not inundated with the parade of idiots who’ve been loudly and noisily representing themselves as part o f the “Tea Party”!

    There’s a reason why some of us shudder, and it has nothing to do with our political party affiliations.

  15. Have not watch the interview but heard EP & Christmas Tour mention!

    Christimas tour mention EEEP!! http://t.co/4Gotj9HF

  16. I’m to the point where I don’t care where David performs, I just want him to sing. He performs so seldom anymore that I’m just happy when he does a concert. I’m from Iowa the first in the nation caucus state so we have political candidates showing up at every fair, festival, parade, etc. Sarah Palin showed up at our state fair along with many of the candidates so it didn’t faze me to hear there might be tea party candidates there. I’m sure David has no clue about that.

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