David at the Noche de Gala in Washington D.C.

Thank God for fans, their videos, and SD readers like Tibitibi for providing the links here! 😀


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  1. Beautiful ! I will buy the Spanish CD if he ever record one, even though I do not understand a single word of it 😀

  2. From earlier post, thanks Burkey

    To be with you

  3. Well done Mr. Archuleta! And a high five for his mom, lol.

    Thanks Tibi, Burkey, and Junnie for the video links.

  4. David was just amazing. He needs to put out that Spanish album. There is a big Latino population that David needs to explore. I think he would do well in Latin music. I would love to see David work with Carlos Santana.

  5. Asaf, David’s guitarist at the Washington function


  6. Breathtaking. THIS is what we are missing so badly.

    David is so funny when he makes a little flub in his playing. Wish he did not have to concentrate on that. Just his singing. He should have someone else to play in the background.

    • Oh boy, do I agree with that. David is so brave to go ahead and accompany himself, knowing that he has the tendency to go blank occasionally.

      In my younger days, I rarely was able to perform on the piano without having at least one moment when I would completely forget where I was, no matter how much I would practice. Which is why I stopped doing it. (Chicken)

      I hope David can overcome it–it’s not very professional. Or at least hire a keyboard player.

  7. Jimmy Smits calling to him at :56 “We love you baby!!”

  8. I just can’t imagine Anyone putting this VOICE under wraps for 2 years…… 😡

  9. His voice will never be under wraps for two years. Even if he does a mission he will be a singing missionary. He can’t stop himself from singing even in conversation. I will be sad though because we won’t get to hear him, just the people in whatever foreign country that they will send him. I’m holding out hope that the hacker was truly a hacker and not someone who really knows David’s future plans.

    • I think the hacker probably is a person who DOES know David’s future plans (not to go on a mission–like s/he first said), and just likes to mess with and scare the fans.

      • (When we fret about the possibility of him going away, the hacker gets just what they wanted).

      • The list of celebrities getting their cell phone hacked just keeps growing. Actresses Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis have just been hacked on their cells. I think the FBI is investigating Scarlett’s situation. At least David does not have nude pics online with a girlfriend. Or maybe David will surprise as all and there will be. LOL

  10. So grateful for these videos! David (and mom) did a great job! Lupe looked stunning. Did David not get the memo that it was a black tie affair? Being a mom of boys, I can just imagine Lupe’s reaction when she saw David dressed for the event–“You’re wearing THAT?! Really?!”

  11. Interesting interview with Kina Grannis, wonder how much of her view on music has influenced David. She mentions him as well.


  12. Bravo to Jimmy Smits- He recognizes true talent. He is the kind of mentor that could give David lots of guidance. He has had a very long career in show business and seems to have been able to make a good living, and command a great deal of respect from others along the way.

    David did an amazing job- Something about Spanish brings out the beauty and emotion that David is so good at.

    I wish Lupe had held the mic a bit closer. She has a lovely voice and I wish I could have heard her more.

    I am sure David and Lupe totally charmed everyone.

  13. Can someone explain the “good egg” -comment to me? I don’t know what it refers to.

    • “a good egg” is old-fashioned expression that means “a good and nice person”. Which Jimmy Smits sure seems to be. You just do not often hear a 20 year old say that. David is an old soul at times.

  14. Long time no comment! I was in a hit-and-run accident last week with some a$$ who had a record (no surprise), and now I have to buy a new car. Thankful that there were no serious injuries. Am planning on going to AZ, but the accident certainly did not help (and I’d feel a lot better if I knew if David had intentions of staying in music past January).

    • I am dying, though, to see David live and to also just observe him. Will he act as usual? Be more distant? Will his father be there? I have no idea what to expect honestly, but I do love a good mystery if there is one. 🙂

      • Freo, sorry to hear about the accident but I’m glad that you are okay. I really hope you do get to go to the show. It’s going to be super hot so take care! Like you said, without knowing his future plans, it is possible that it could be one of the last times (for a long time) that you can see David perform.
        I would imagine Jeff will be there to help with coordinating things, etc. It will be interesting to see how accessible Jeff makes himself to fans. I’m not sure anyone would actually ask about a mission though. lol

      • Freo, sorry about your accident & glad there were no serious injuries.

        On the other hand……..lucky you to get to go to the Arizona event! Savor every moment. 2011 may be the last we see & hear David for a couple of years. 😦

        He does have to skating event coming up & the OS still has a Christmas tour listed, but no dates yet. I am hoping, hoping & more hoping that there is a Christmas show somewhere on the east coast!!

      • Bummer about your car, but happy to hear you’re Ok, Freo. Have a great time at the show. That should lift your spirits plenty! It’s going to be quite a gathering!

      • Freo, so sorry to hear about the accident, glad you’re okay though. It’s such a pain to have to buy a new car when you weren’t planning to.

        That’s great that you’re going to AZ! Can you play detective for us and solve this mystery? I must admit to being a little bummed when I found out the Constitution Fair is sponsored by the local LDS Church. More evidence of the “great” connections David’s “management” has? I’m beginning to wonder if the Christmas tour (assuming that’s still happening) will just be in Utah, Idaho, Arizona and maybe California–the states with a higher LDS population. I’m sounding like tibi now.

      • You did a great job Utahmom !! lol totally sound like me. 😀

        And yes that information left me perplexed? 😐 tbh i start to believe that he just want a career on his very closed comfort zone, LDS oriented and very local , because is his determination to become the ‘Perfect role model ” for ?…. …. sometimes i really wonder what he believes of his non lds fans ( I honest with my inquiring )…. anyway guess i will be ready for preachy David and btw i guess there will be the perfect opportunity for him to announce his future plans ? perfect scenario then some local shows and then….who knows?

  15. I had the same thoughts as Utahmom. I’m going to be glad if David has the Christmas tour even if it is in Utah, Idaho, Arizona and California. David really needs professional management and a label is he wants a music career. Otherwise it will just mainly Utah. Now I sound like Peter

  16. Why all the negativity?

    Let’s all go vote in a meaningless poll! The fifth best Idol rendition of a Beatles song or something.

    • see the meaningless poll below…… 😆

    • The vocals were amazing, as always, but he already looks like a local performer. He doesn’t even try any longer.

      • That is because there is no money being spent on David’ s career at this point. It is very low budget with everything including no management team. David can’t do it alone even with the help of the band members at times.

  17. Poll going on here…….see the comment by the author…….

    Top 5 all time American Idols

    David Archuleta has, and I didn’t know this til I started this competition, a very fervent following. I think he would actually been more successful had his father stayed out of his management arena like Diana DeGarmo.


    • I actually agree with the author’s comments about David’s father in the Top 5 all American Idols blog. I don’t think Diana’s mother helped Diana in her career either. Sorry to hear about your accident Freo. I hope to hear your insights on David’s performance in AZ.

    • This guy always insults David and his fans in his comments. I got the “we should all be positive” memo but I didn’t know that we had to be “masochist” too. I don’t like this guy, I don’t like this poll and I don’t like the idea of giving hits to his site. That’s just my opinion of course, but for me it’s not always worth it to vote in every polls even if I like to see David being the #1. I just don’t want to support that guy and his site.

      • Also, it’s been 3+ years now since AI and it’d be great to see David compared to singers who are not from this show. He’s an artist on his own now !!!

      • You might be right about the poll and the guy and his blog but I still agree with his comment. He also said that Adam Lambert’s future is on Broadway and I agree with that. In general I think most polls are a waste of time and should not to be taken seriously at all. lol

      • I agree with his comment too !!! But I still don’t like the guy lol, I can’t help it !

      • I don’t think anyone was suggesting we vote on this “meaningless” poll at all. The comments about it were total sarcasm, no need for masochism.lol

      • You don’t have to worry about that site getting too many hits. David’s fan base is dwindling………there are only 35 votes over there 😐

      • I am sure you are right about the guy. I mean the blog is called idolheaded.com. lol

      • That site doesn’t get many hits anyway, but 35 is kinda sad. In the old days, even these little websites would have been bombarded with David defenders.

      • lol I know Utahmom and Burkey !
        But I wanted to say it for a long time, especially now that I see links on twitter to vote on that site lol

        Only 35 votes over there ? I’m proud of the archies lol (but even 1 vote is already too much !)

      • Good Point Burkey. If fans want to vote in polls than there is nothing wrong with that to show support.

      • But, but, we can’t let David lose! We gotta get over there and vote, vote, vote!

  18. The Tibi, Peter and Ray sound-alike comments are cracking me up – BIGTIME! Haha!

    Unfortunately, I agree with Peter. His choices concerning management and lack of a label at this time is his to make. However, on the surface and overall perception wise, he is beginning to sound local. The vocals are always stellar but the small piano-playing oopsies lost its cuteness 2 years ago. What if he were performing at say….Carnegie Hall, would he take that chance? I think a hired keyboard player for the occasion would have made for a better choice. After all it was a somewhat high-brow gala event.

  19. Freo – sorry to hear of your incident. Glad to know that things will work out for you despite everything.

  20. I play keyboard……:)

  21. Thank you for all of your kind comments! I got to see the guy’s mugshot today and he has a list of prior offenses. It is frightening to me that he is on the road. I am sure he will get another charge with my accident and will be right back on the road again even without a license.

    The only thing keeping me going to the concert is that I am dying to see David myself with my own eyes. I hope I can figure out what the heck is going on, lol.

  22. Wow! Gargantuan picture of David in the Deseret News today for GCT! I was expecting the full page ads, but not this early.

    • Isn’t the Deseret News LDS-owned? At least that’s what I heard at a recent conference I went to. Makes the church links between the festival and such clear.

      • Yes, it is. The ad is for GCT though, not the festival. Every year, there’s full page ads for the Christmas concerts.

        From the ad: “Your front-row seat to the choir’s most popular Christmas concert ever.”

      • Utahmom, Thank you for the info.

  23. About David and piano, I believe he took lessons for two years. I’d love to know what music he studied. Did his teacher teach him scales? Did he learn some simple classical pieces? Jazz?

  24. Apparently the event on Saturday also has Tea Party involvement:

    So we have the Boy Scouts, local LDS Gilbert temple, and the Tea Party.

    • Oh boy!! It was enough with the LDS part lol, then in Arizona and Tea Party …… he doing very well selling his Latino Image :/

      I was hoping though for new songs, but look like lately he is going for the easy way same songs and covers (please not ATM at least #newwish )

      And i agree with the piano part , he is too distracted and focus on his own singing to handle the piano player role, don’t make him look good three years after Idol tbh…… still Love you David!! 🙂

  25. Utahmom, I take back all my enthusiasm about the Constitution Fair. I too, was disappointed to see that it’s a local church event. I wonder if the large expected turn-out is mostly church members (and die-hard fans), or if it attracts a wide variety of people.

    • If I had done my research on the event, I would not have come. The Tea Party is the clincher for me. I’ve been told that interest is high there and they should get a big crowd more than just church members. A person in the suburb told me that it is rather funny because the event is supposed to be about the Constitution, not about David Archuleta.

    • cchalo, ditto……..I lost my enthusiasm also…..another LDS event

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