“Angels” in Tulsa

Celebrating its three-year anniversary! It warms my heart that we’ll always have this version of “Angels” from The Voice:


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  1. This is one of THE all-time best performance I’ve ever watched. He’s amazing all the time, but THIS!!!

  2. I agree. That Angels is incredible. I confess that I used to skip Angels on his first album most of the time. It was good but it didn’t have the emotional punch of a live Angels from the Idols tour or from his solo tour. He has really made that song his own. (no disrespect to Robbie Williams whose version I really like also)

  3. One of my favorite performances by him ever!! The energy in his voice and those vocal runs…gah! A little bittersweet, knowing this was his last concert with the Idol tour. The performances of this song during the UK tour were lots of fun with everyone singing along.

  4. I’ve watched this video four times now! I don’t have time for this! I’m gonna be late, but I don’t care.

  5. I have to chime in as well and say that watching and listening to this performance just made my day. The energy, the feeling, just wow!!
    Thanks for posting this and the incomparable singing of America the Beautiful. Keeps me going!!

  6. There is a big David fan going to his Washington D.C. performance tonight so we will maybe get a video, and she indicated for sure audio of his performance. We should get pictures too. I hope he is taking his mother to this event. She can probably get him to dance at the after party.

  7. What memories this brings. David was always my fav on AI but it was his performance of Angels on the show that let me know he was special beyond being vocally gifted.

    From the previous thread, I thank those of you who so generously were willing to donate to my David Gala fund, lol. I saw a tweet where Ms. Lupe forgot her camera and is asking any fans in attendance to please get pics and video of her singing with D. I look forward to checking back in tonight to see what’s up.

    • Finally some new Spanish stuff to enjoy …and seriously Lupe, where is the camera? ;/ lol, hopefully someone will take at least one video. 🙂

      I like Angels on AI7 tour, i almost skipped it all the time when i was listening the first album though, i enjoy more the live versions, and Yes the UK ones were all kind of Awesome , for many reasons 🙂

    • He’s gonna finish to rehired Mike lol, at this point it was the most constant of all his guitar players i guess. …just joing btw.

    • Not surprised there is a new guitar player. I knew Brian Green would not last as he was too expensive for mic, David’s current manager. Brian was Michael Buble’s guitarist. Brian is excellent, first rate talent and that does not come cheap. That would not be in mic’s budget for David. lol

  8. These should be awesome vids—->

    327dauta_WashDC: Got videos of contigo, to be with you duet with mom, crush. Everybody were going nuts!
    5 minutes ago

  9. picture from tonight’s Washington DC event


  10. I’m anxious to see the videos from tonight. David’s a solo artist so his band members will come and go as we have seen the past three years. Luckily there are lots of great guitar players out there.

  11. 327dauta_WashDC Elena
    The congressman speaking and said we can’t let David go without singing again

  12. boy………feel like I am spamming here

    david_roy David Roy
    Archuleta and your boy DRoy are besties! lockerz.com/s/138534108
    2 minutes ago

  13. Contigo en la distancia – tonight – http://youtu.be/nTH05RpRXGc credit to Elena 😉 enjoy !!!

  14. To Be With You

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