CCFA President Responds to David’s Vlog

Thanks, Burkey, for sharing the link! 🙂


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  1. This was REALLY nice from President Rick Geswell. So nice to make it such a personal response. I really hope David sees this.

    • In the video President Geswell says to call their information center at 888-694-8872 or go to their web site at

      He says they will reach out to David and/or his family for any help they need.


  2. What a nice thing for this man to do! I can see a benefit concert coming, can’t you 🙂 And I’d be in line to give money, just like all the other fans. Very cool!

  3. What a cool way to show support and offer help to David, his sister and family! I hope David sees this. This is a good time for fans to spam his twitter with links to this. Or maybe Sunny’s.

  4. That’s a good idea. Sunny is much more likely to see it and pass it on to David. I agree with marlie7 that a benefit to support this organization may be in David’s future. 🙂

    • Great idea. I am not on twitter but thinking tweeting Sunny would probably guarantee
      David sees the video. Hope someone can do this.

  5. I sent a tweet to them thanking them for the response to David:

    Maybe we could inundate them with thank you tweets, then they could see what a big following that David has. lol

    @CCFA THANK YOU President Rick Geswell for your video response to @DavidArchie regarding Chrohn’s Disease!
    3 minutes ago

    • Glad you did that. I’m not on twitter, otherwise, I’d follow your lead. I think David would make a good spokesperson for their organization, if his sister is comfortable with that.

      • I am not on twitter either but I do check it regularly, especially David’s twitter, on the internet. Great idea.

  6. Awesome – just awesome. 🙂

  7. That was very nice.

  8. Hey to Desertrat,
    Can you please contact me?

  9. Here’s some Sunny tweets. She must be working on more song writing with David.

    My collaborator had no idea what hotdish is, so I made him Hotdish Pad Thai with turkey, mushrooms, noodles, spices & MN♥:)

    Hey fabulous earthlings, is hotdish just a Minnesota phenomenon? It’s not in the dictionary, though it is here:

    I grew up in Minnesota so I use the word hotdish. It’s the same as a casserole. Is this just a Minnesota term? I live in Iowa now but I do usually hear casserole and covered dish, not sure if I hear hotdish too much.

  10. This might be perceived as negative but if David is working with Sunny I just hope that the songs they are writing are not like Dream Sky High even if they are Christmas type songs. I just never liked that song. I am sure Sunny is a very nice person and a wonderfully supportive friend but I just don’t “get” her songs. lol

  11. I’m curious to hear these songs. The tweets seem to hint at them being Christmas songs. I’m hoping that because David is a co-writer that they will be good songs. DSH is not a favorite of mine, but Jeff helped write that song with Sunny not David.

    • Well that is a good point about DSH grammyj. I am sure he will be working with other songwriters in the future anyway. David is only 20. I just wish I was that young again. lol

  12. David tweeted about watching Soul Surfer the movie that Carrie Underwood made her acting debut.
    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Just watched Soul Surfer, and I think Bethany Hamilton is one of my heroes now. Good movie, good message.

    It’s out on DVD now, and I just watched it last week. I recommend it too. It’s an uplifting story and is filmed in Hawaii so it’s very beautiful. It was interesting that Bethany Hamilton did some of the surfing scenes for the movie. The actress that played Bethany did learn to surf and did the easy surfing. The behind the scenes stuff that comes with the DVD was interesting.

  13. I will have to watch Soul Surfer. If we are discussing good movies to see I would recommend “The Help”. I thought the movie was great. It was well acted and very thought provoking. The book was good too.

  14. Thanks, Marie, for the movie recommendation. I heard the book was really good too. I will have to check out the book and movie, I hope others give movie recommendations as I always want to know good ones to add to my Netflix list.

  15. Good morning everyone,

    Something else for us to think about … I just read that Neil Diamond (who thought D was a prodigy) and broadway legend, Barbara Cook will be honored by the Kennedy Center this year. Cook once said D was a major talent with a gorgeous voice and soul. My family has always watched the Kennedy Center Honors during December. I hope D and his peeps consider putting his name out there as a performer on the show. You can read Cook’s original comments at:

    I’ve see The Help but not Soul Surfer.

  16. I’m sure everyone knows about this, but it’s a little more info:

    Holiday Music Superstars Mannheim Steamroller, American Idol Star David Archuleta Headline PANDORA Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice

    Mannheim Steamroller and American Idol runner-up David Archuleta will star in PANDORA® Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice at Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix on Nov. 12

  17. I think you may be right, Desertrat.

  18. First time poster here, although some of you will recognize me. I just had to jump in regarding the Kennedy Center Honorees. Like Desertrat pointed out, not only does Neil Diamond appreciate David’s talent, having called him a “musical prodigy,” but so does Barbara Cook! I remembered reading some comments from her a few years back, and went on a web search to track them down. In this article one of the questions the interviewer asks is about singers she admires, and her response is, “Well, Josh Groban, for one. Josh and I have become good friends and it’s just the most beautiful, natural voice and you know this most recent “American Idol” singer”David Archuleta? He’s sensational. He’s got gorgeous, gorgeous natural talent. He’s only 17. Have you heard him?” She then goes on to chastise the interviewer for poo-pooing American Idol, saying she has heard some very talented people sing on the show.

  19. In my search I came across another more recent article in which Barbara Cook again sings the praises of David. This interview comes about a year after the first one I posted. She’s asked whether or not she watched Season 8 of American Idol. She talks about her admiration for Adam Lambert, and then says, “Last year, I loved David Archuleta; I think he’s a major talent. Not only does he have this gorgeous voice, but there’s such soul in his work.” I was already a Barbara Cook fan, but this cements the deal for me!

  20. Shanny in Australia

    Katheryn, thanks for sharing those. I especially like that while being asked about a different idol she brought her enthusiastic comments around to our guy. It shows she is genuine in her praise as does the fact that the second interview is a considerable length of time after David’s season and yet she still admires him. No flash in the pan admiration there. 🙂

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