Who Here Has Already Watched the DVD?

I must wait another week or 2 for my DVD/CD to arrive. 😦

Did anyone get a copy already? I’m kind of eager for The Voice.  Actually, I’ve been eager since last Christmas when David performed with the MTC!

Whatever is going on (or NOT going on) career-wise, I just want my Voice fix.

Ah for the days of ODD! 😛

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  1. I look forward to reading his blog that he is uploading.

  2. He’s uploading a blog? …It’ll just be about Pokemon, probably. lol. And no, I haven’t watched the DVD yet.

  3. I am waiting to get my DVD that I ordered from Amazon.

  4. I listened to the youtube’s of D’s songs once last year. I will order the dvd/itunes a little closer to the holidays.

    From the previous thread, if it make people feel better, Jordin regularly participates in small local events and I don’t think Arizona gives her half the support D receives from Utah. Just this past summer she appeared with radio stations at an outdoor mall in Tem pe and she was th e featured singer at an obscure local museum. She also spoke at local high school performing arts events. All this is great to me but the stations here barely pushed her last album and they gave her tour a negative review.

    • To clarify, I like that celebs give back to their hometowns and I think Jordin does a great job giving back. I just wish the local media would give her the publicity due a talented idol winner.

      Ok, i’ll move on now … 🙂

    • Wow. That’s sad 😦

  5. David’s Vlog & he didn’t talk about Pokemon……lol

    • A Washington DC gala ? and did he say Spanish ? lol

      Maybe the new project is a Christmas EP with a mix of original songs and new covers. It’d be good for his winter tour.

  6. I don’t have the DVD yet, only the songs on iTunes. There is nothing that compares to David Archuleta Live ! I hope that they’ll do something similar with his pop songs, I listen to some of his live performances on my iPod but a good quality without fans screams will be awesome !

    A little reminder to David : don’t forget to logout from your twitter account after posting the link for the blog, one never knows what can happen lol

  7. I’ve watched the DVD. Several times. Well, at least David’s parts. lol Deseret Books sent it to some people a full 2 weeks early and now I hear they’re kinda backed up. Anyway, David is completely in his element. He’s at his finest…glorious, sublime, magical. Wait to you see his joyous face on your TV screen. You won’t be able to hold back the smiles. Love that guy!

  8. Shanny in Australia

    My DVD’s were sent out in the first shipment from Deseret but they’re still winging themselves slowly towards me. I wait in anticipation. Haven’t listened to all the recordings floating around because I want to see/hear it in all it’s glory for the first time.

  9. Shanny in Australia

    Tibitibi – because you keep talking about the ‘pressure’ David is under to serve a mission…I just wanted to quickly comment….
    Yes, there is often a strong expectation to go on a mission..but that usually comes primarily from the parents and to be honest…I personally think with all the effort David’s parents have put into helping him establish a singing career over the years, I don’t think they’d be pushing David to go on a mission too hard at all. I think you are over estimating the pressure David is feeling to serve a mission. Plus, we’ve learnt that he has being finding a mind and will of his own over the last year.

    • A sister with Crohn’s disease. I’d add that to the list of reasons he might not want want to completely leave for two years. I’m sure she could use his support.

    • Oh!! i was not talking about his parents at all, still not changing my mind about , but like i said many comments ago i’m not sure if is true or not ,i’m just pointing that i hope if he goes , he goes for the right reasons like should be and if he stay is because he’s comfortable with that chapter and ready handle the close criticism he can still receiving.

      ”Plus, we’ve learnt that he has being finding a mind and will of his own over the last year.”

      Actually i think his first answers about the subject ( back in 2009) he shows too much free thinking ….is just that when you read some of his people thoughts about , your perspective change.

  10. An AI connection to Crohn’s disease is Casey Abrams. He’s raising awareness about it: http://idolwatchnews.blogspot.com/2011/07/casey-abrams-raising-awareness-for-ibd.html

    • I posted this link in MJsBigBlog , hope you right with ….. i thought too in Casey when i saw the name of the disease, his sisters are young , sad one of them has to live with this illness .

  11. I am a big fan of Casey’s. I forgot that he had Crohn’s disease.

  12. My computer access is weak and I can’t view the vlog. Could someone share a few details regarding what he says? Is he performing in DC?

    Also, does one of D’s sisters have Crohn disease or was that not meant to be taken literally?

    Thanks in advance to any responses.

    • He shared his excitement about GCT. He’ll let us know later about how to get a signed copy. He’s spending time with his family for the Labor day weekend. He’ll go to California later this week to rehearse for a couple of events next week, the AZ show and a Spanish Washington DC gala. He wrote a couple of songs and he’ll let us know about a project his working on now. His sister has the Crohn disease and he wants more info about it.

    • He was serious- He said one of his sister’s had Crohn’s disease and had it for a while but recently had been struggling. He asked for any advice or tips.

    • Yes, David says he has something coming up in Washington, DC. Singing in Spanish. That was all he said about Washington.
      He also said he was working on something & when it works out he will tell us about it. (I hope it’s a tour)

      Yes, his sister ( he didn’t say which one) has Crohn’s Disease & he wants us to help him learn more about it.

      Of Course he talked about the MoTab CD/DVD being released today.

      No talk about pokemon, lol.

  13. David did mention performing at a Spanish Gala in DC. He did not give any specifics about ti. There is speculation that it might be this gala in DC which would be really nice: http://www.chci.org/events/page/2011-chci-34th-annual-awards-gala

  14. I have been watching the DVD every chance I can get,,,, that means not so often I drive my patient but not addicted husband over the edge., for the past week.
    It is sublime, wonderful, breathtaking and gorgeous. David is radiating joy and his voice, it is beyond words. I also have the itune down loads. Adding the visual takes it to another world.
    Wow,,,, that is the gushiest I have ever been in my life. And I am not taking back a single word!

    I like it a lot…… LOL
    (My husband is now singing along .

    • You are so right about the visual, davidlily! I listened to the iTunes downloads today. It’s not quite the same without seeing David’s face. Aside from the fact that he’s a handsome fella, his expressions really bring the stories in songs like Gesu and Cat and Mouse to life.

  15. “It is sublime, wonderful, breathtaking and gorgeous. David is radiating joy and his voice, it is beyond words.”

    Yep! 🙂

  16. Fanscene says that the event David will be performing at is actually this one on the 13th. http://archuletafanscene.com/2011/09/06/david-archuleta-to-perform-at-a-washington-dc-gala/

    • Is a more high profil appearance and with the spanish community, enough for me to be excited about 🙂 with Gilberto or Mr Smith will be a good event 😉

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