A Different Holiday Feeling

Happy Labor Day and End-of-Summer, everyone! 🙂 These last sunny days of summer got me nostalgic for this!


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  1. I remember the excitement on his fandom when this video was about to be release …….Good Times!! and yes kind of Nostalgic Feeling about.

  2. Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice
    With David Archuleta
    This year’s NBC Skating Series includes Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice, a show scheduled to air on Sunday, November 27 from 4:00–6:00 pm ET.
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  3. With the thought of David being gone for 2 years, I finally hit the ‘depression’ stage of the 5 stages of grief. I skipped over the bargaining stage…….I am not in a position to bargain I guess….lol

    • I went past the denial stage straight into the anger & depression stages, where I’ll probably be for quite awhile. I dunno if I’ll ever be able to open my MOTAB DVD and watch it. If so, I s’pose that’s when I’ll be at the acceptance part of it.

  4. *WAVES TO EVERYONE*!!!!!! 🙂

    For whatever David’s career with Jive was worth – this right here is the cherry on the pie. ODD was a new and fresh phenomena for the fans as this song premiere occured during the AI tour when some of us were encountering David for the very first time. This was also David’s mostly “yeah…giggles” speaking stage. What a sweetheart he was truly then, and we were totally charmed.
    I wish for some of that freshness again with his next big career move.

  5. I listened to the “Crush” debut on the radio as I had the day off from work. I was a fan before this, but this sealed the deal. I’ve been following David closely ever since. It was so much fun when his career was taking off. I just hope that he will be able to continue making music for us for many years to come. I’ve come to terms that he will probably not be a superstar. I just want him to be able to record and tour.

    • I think the memories are a little bittersweet now IMO. So much has changed in 3 years. I don’t care if David is a superstar either. I just want him to make a big career move at this point to be able to record and tour. What ever happened to Rock Mafia? David working with them looks great to me now as opposed to Sunny. lol I don’t get David’s current career path or lack there of and I suppose I never will. I really just don’t care as much anymore but I wish David the best as always.

  6. Wishing everyone at SD a Happy Labor Day!!

    Hey Joymus! Nice to see you!! *waves back* lol

  7. I remember listening to Z100 on a live stream. It was 1 or 2 PM. I didn’t know what to expect but I loved the song immediately. I listened to a bad youtube quality of the song over and over, it was the perfect first single for him just after AI. There was a lot of excitement about David’s career, everything was so promising. 3 years later, the fans are wondering if he’ll sign with a new label or if he’ll go on a mission. David is so unpredictable lol.

    I’m waiting (impatiently) for his new music, and the sound that defines him. Now that he’s free from all his past constraints, maybe we’ll see the real artist. I loved seeing him performing during the Asian Tour, even if only on youtube videos. He seemed so relaxed, confident and in control. He was really enjoying the love of all his fans there. If those great performances are an indication of the real David, I think that there will be great surprises in the future.
    It’s not easy to don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes and I know that it’s not the fans’ business but I just hope for better things to happen when he’ll be ready to share his new music.

  8. OT but I saw this old article about Adele on FOD. It’s really interesting to read about the implication of her label in her success in the US. That shows that even if you’re a great singer, you still need a professional support to be heard. Then, you can let your great music sell by itself (thanks to great buzz and word of mouth) but the initial push is needed.


    I wish for David to find a label that will believe in his talent and that will give him the artistic freedom that he needs.
    (oh, and I hope that he’ll never add a twang to his voice lol).

  9. “Crush” was a great first song and the hook was so catchy. I recall the evening of the Crush release that David appeared to dash up the steps with an extra bounce following the pdstm group number. My computer access is limited so I don’t have time to find the clip.

    Also, waves to Joymus!

  10. Yes, David will not get radio play or major T.V. appearances without a label and professional management. I don’t know about touring. He’s got the booking agent but he needs money to mount a tour. He can do it without a label if he has sponsors and promoters. He did have label backing, sponsors and promoters in Asia. I too love the you-tube videos of his performances there. He is such a great live performer now that I just want the U.S to see him. Well, we shall see what happens with the promised Christmas tour.

  11. What great memories of that debut! And then I have another of one of the Idol concerts, when Silverfox drove into and around the parking lot, blasting Crush for the waiting fans and several of the top ten Idols. (Is that how it went down? I may need to find that video and review.) I went to the nearest concert, with my family, to see my first ever Idol concert. A few days later, I decided I *had* to go to the last show in Tulsa, this time with new fan friends. I will never forget the passion and heart in that young guy’s voice as he completed his last set. Or the gigantic goosebump that formed when I watched him at the Almas. Those are the kinds of memories that help me to never get depressed about David’s career. (I do know that we all respond differently. Not trying to be preachy — just explaining my perspective.)

    He has a rare talent and a desire to do something more with it than sell songs to the public. I think he’ll make his way, one way or another. And he is just 20.

    • You mean this one? So funny! Like it was a normal thing for her to ride around with her music blaring! haha! But fans were doing things they normally would not do because of & for David.

      • Oh thanks, too much!! This’d be the one!! Love it and David still inspires me to do things a little differently on a regular basis.

    • “He has a rare talent and a desire to do something more with it than sell songs to the public. I think he’ll make his way, one way or another. And he is just 20.”

      I love this, Kathy. I completely agree.

  12. This still makes me laugh : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gSDjXXqg3c&feature=player_embedded
    It’s a behind the scenes video of the Tosh.0 skit that David did. David is a good sport lol
    In this one, we can see David from 2:25 to the end http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt03KyVQ4nQ&feature=player_embedded

    Now I’d love to see him guest star on The Simpsons and of course he’d do the voice over for his animated character. It’d be so funny and so cool lol

  13. DON’T MISS THIS POST! ——> David Archuleta in Arizona ~ T Minus 12 Days and Counting! —–>


  14. I’m looking forward to the new videos we will have after the Arizona concert since I won’t be able to attend in person. I’ve been enjoying my Labor Day by watching videos from his Asian tour when I take a break from doing some much needed housework.

  15. Nellie1983 Janel Woodbury
    Nov 11-12, American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic @DavidArchie will be the guest artist for their Veterans Day concert. Location & costs tba

    looks like David will be performing in Utah. Really wish I could go but traveling to Utah is out of the question. Must be on the 11th because he is booked to do the skating show in Arizona on Nov. 12. I wish he’d venture a tad further from his home turf but at least there should be video. I like that he’ll be on tv for the skating show as well as for his Motab appearance.

    • You probably won’t miss much. It’s just a youth orchestra from a local private high school. A very good one that attracts the best Utah musicians as guests, but it won’t be a feather in David’s cap. I sincerely hope it won’t be in a school auditorium.

      Another skating show, another local performance. Yup, David’s management is sure using its stellar connections…

      Sorry to be so negative. I think I’ve moved backwards from the acceptance stage to the anger stage at the moment.

      • Well, if he’s leaving, they probably see no point in giving him national exposure right now….

      • “I think I’ve moved backwards from the acceptance stage to the anger stage at the moment.”
        LOL I can see how that can happen.

        Eep… a school auditorium? Let’s hope not. :/

      • I hope I don’t trigger more mission angst, but I actually think that going on a mission would be a heck of a lot more productive than how David’s career appears to be going at this point. Whether by design, ineptitude or self-sabotage, his career is barely breathing. If he’s purposely winding things down for a mission, then okay–it’s his decision.

        Otherwise, the silence is deafening. What happened to finding his sound? Writing a couple of Christmas songs with Sunny is not helping him with this. Where are the tweets from other songwriters/producers? Where has he mentioned writing on his own lately? Where are jam sessions with other musicians? Why isn’t he networking? Where are the meetings that don’t have to do with CFTH or small time TV appearances? Where’s the music? Where’s the Christmas tour? Maybe “they” are working on all of this quietly, but usually there’s some sort of buzz to indicate that something is happening. There was a lot more happening the first half of the year, but instead of picking up, it’s slowing down. It is still early in terms of the Christmas tour, so I’m hopeful that venues will be announced in the next month or two. It’s the apparent music standstill that is most disquieting. If it’s David’s plan to have music to present to record labels, then he actually has to have some songs completed. Maybe he and his dad have been writing and recording stuff at home? That would certainly explain the reticence in saying anything about it…ugh, I need to stop thinking out loud here…let’s just get excited for Arizona. Who’s going?

      • I tend to agree with you, Utahmom. If things are going to continue this way with David’s career than maybe he should go on a mission or college. I really do not mean that in a negative way at all. David has to really want his music career not his fans. IDK what is going on. That being said there is also hope that things will change. lol I hope there are some good fan videos from AZ.

      • I agree with you Utahmom and Marie.
        I hope that things are delayed because of the MoTab promo and the possible release of new Christmas music. I hope that after that he’ll focus on his new album. I’ll be happy to just hear that he’s working on new music.

        “Well, if he’s leaving, they probably see no point in giving him national exposure right now…”. LOL VJ ! I think that they never see the point in giving him national exposure, I don’t think it has anything to do with going on a mission lol. We can count on one hand his last national promos or the last super exciting news about his career (the last one was leaving Jive lol). I don’t mean to be negative but I’m not expecting much with his current management but I still hope for changes and great announcements regarding David’s career.

      • I don’t know what is happening but to see the way he consciously or not neglecting his career and the opportunities, the kind of opportunities that not everybody , not event people with talent have, is just sooooo sad and painful to see.
        David worse enemy to take decisions is his lack of confidence, i’m battling myself to don’t leave , i really want to bad him to be
        a successful singer :/, i never imagine that after only three years we would be contemplating the possibility of his career to be over because his own actions and self sabotage ….man , i really miss the spontaneous, fresh and dreamer David of three years ago…..where he went?

    • Re your comment Utahmom- My theory is perhaps David filled out the paperwork and is waiting to hear yes or no? So any major career plans on hold until that is resolved?

      • Yeah. I think he’s probably going and can’t say anything yet, and is lying low to avoid discussing it ’til the OK is given. Not that I want him to go, ‘cuz I don’t. But to me, it looks like that’s what’s happening.

      • That theory does make sense. I guess I’ll hold my breath every Wednesday from now until the end of the year…

      • Good theory, but if he really feels he should go and they not allow him to go , we’ll see this current situation for long time.
        Not offense but i still thinking that pressure and prejudice is a big factor for him to take the traditional way in this subject. The point is if he goes i wishing him is for the right reasons .

      • I agree with you Tibitibi. If it’s his decision to go, it’s probably the most important thing for him right now and he should do it. But if he’s not allowed to, would he be able to move forward and focus on his career (if his choice was to leave) ?

        OT but Kris Allen is with RCA now. I think that all the idols are probably going to move to RCA too. I don’t know what it means for him in term of label support and all but it’s probably a good move to make before the release of his sophomore album.

  16. Utahmom:
    Another skating show, another local performance. Yup, David’s management is sure using its stellar connections…

    Exactly……more skating shows & more Utah ‘sort of’ performances. This is really degrading in my opinion.

    He might better do nothing than do shows like that.

    I am in both the depressed & angry stages at the same time.

    • ”I am in both the depressed & angry stages at the same time.”

      I’m sure you’re not alone .:(

    • But he gets a lot of buzz for them like some mentions at MJsblog and Disney Dreaming lol

      Seriously, it’s difficult to be excited for this kind of exposure. I’m waiting to see the MoTab promo and I hope for new covers at the AZ show. I’d love it if he covers songs on his future vlogs like he did with Ribbon in the Sky. He’s label free now so it could be possible to do.

  17. And then he is twitting about Pokemon LOL.

    @DavidArchie : I used to know this whole thing when I was 9. Gotta Catch ‘Em All http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxyEdt-TakI&feature=related

    Ha, ha.

  18. One positive thing about the MoTab CD is that he’ll be able to reach a new audience and remind those who knew him on AI how great of a singer he is. And the PBS special is probably his best opportunity to be seen on TV since a long time. Just hope that they take advantage of it to promote his own music and reassure the fans that he’s going nowhere. Christmas music is not for all his fans so I hope that there will be news about his new album too.

  19. Oh dear, the naysayers are starting to get to me–maybe the lack of activity IS a sign of winding down his career to go on a mission.

    Or maybe he’s more of a typical 20 year-old slacker than he seems to us. He has mentioned procrastination as an attribute of his. I can relate as the mom of a 21 year-old college student son–still at home, having to be reminded to start that long-term project, or even to start that homework for next week.

    I still find it hard to envision a situation where he’s seen by his church leaders as more valuable on a mission than in the public eye.

    At least he’s still showing lots of enthusiasm about his career–with all the “Woo hoo’s” on his twitter.

    • I can relate as my kids are not college age yet but my 20 year old nephew is living with me and he does not want to continue in college this year. It is so frustrating and there is nothing I can do about it. David might be more typical than we think at times. The difference is he is just a extremely talented musical artist.

      • Yes, exactly. We put David on such a pedestal, we forget how much of a real boy he is.

        Like David, my son can be hard-working and passionate about what he’s doing, but unless there’s outside structure, it’s like, “Hey, it’s noon, don’t you need to get up?

      • Speaking of not necessarily being a self-starter, I don’t think David ever got his HS diploma. He’s more real than any of us know. Once my regular classes stopped, so did all work on my master’s thesis. I’m not that much of a self-starter either.

  20. I just wish fans would stop judging him. Give him some credit that whatever is going on, it’s because it’s the way he wants it to be. If you have to have him be on the radio or TV or be a superstar in order to care about what he is doing, that is your thing to deal with. I think he’s doing what he wants to do and I accept it for whatever it is. That’s just how I feel about David Archuleta.

    • You think he’s doing what he wants to do, i think he is confused about what to do , i guess not everybody think the same uh? 😐
      So now if you are not in the hyper happy/optimistic train and have a different view of the same situation you’re judging him ?……. is kind of difficult to say what it is tbh, but since he is a public figure is normal for the people to express their opinion about, specially about his career …..i’m sure is what the fans of other singers/artist do anyway ….. this is not an exclusive behavior of David Archuleta Fandom.

      • My point is that fans often impose their expectations on him, almost always in fact. And if things don’t meet those expectations, fans think he must be confused. I say he is not confused. We differ in our opinion. And as far as hyper happy/optimisitc train? Where is that train? Haven’t seen it lately at all.

      • ”My point is that fans often impose their expectations on him, almost always in fact.”

        Impose? nah , David is not taking decisions because his fans opinions, i actually think that his fans adjust their expectations very often, i wouldn’t say though that is always a successful and fast adjustment for everybody …but hey!! we still working 😉 and yeah i said ”hyper happy/optimisitc train” i didn’t said all the wagons are in the same level of happiness 🙂
        You right at the end of the day still his decisions, he is the one who gonna live with that decisions and i hope he’ll be happy, but i still having an opinion and expectations about his career ….to.have.expectations.is not. the.same .that. impose ….seriously?

      • Impose is probably the wrong word, maybe project? I meant fans have expectations that filter how they see things. They want something, a result, or something, and I am just saying that is what often creates perceptions David doesn’t have a plan or doesn’t know what he is doing. Because what happens is different from the expectations. I don’t mean that he behaves differently or makes different decisions based on those expectations. I have no way to know that. I doubt this makes it any clearer, but I thought I would try. I am done!

        I am replying to my own post because i couldn’t see how i could reply to yours. Sorry if it turns up out of place here.

      • I think you have a valid point. Fans probably do project their expectations at times and want their favorite music artists, such as David, to achieve higher success than maybe they want to.

      • Muldur99 Says
        ”They want something, a result, or something, and I am just saying that is what often creates perceptions David doesn’t have a plan or doesn’t know what he is doing. Because what happens is different from the expectations.”
        Now this actually make sense to me and maybe you’re right, i mean i’m not ashamed to recognized i have high expectations but then is difficult to me and others to decode what his ambitions are in terms of career and what kind of future career we’re supporting 😐 …. idk , i just guess he’s confusing me LOL.

    • I too think that he’s doing what he wants to do. I accept that it’s his decisions and that he’s in charge of his career. But I still can have an opinion on them. I don’t think that I’m imposing anything on him, I just share my hopes and sometimes my worries regarding his career.
      And about fans expectations, in reality, we just want his immense talent to be recognized, that’s all.

  21. I miss the David that was excited to be on stage and singing.
    Not judging him. Just bored with it all.

    He knows his fans are out there and want to hear him sing.

  22. I rarely comment on fan sites. And two (now three) in one day is enough. Just expressing my opinion like you all do so often.

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