Have You Placed Your Order?

Nothing like a Labor Day holiday weekend to get you thinking of the end of summer and the soon-to-arrive Christmas season! Only David could get me this excited! 🙂



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  1. Based on past years, there will be massive promotion for this project here in Utah. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of David in the next few months.

    I’m curious to see what will come out of the writing sessions with Sunny, if anything. They really sound like Christmas songs, but since there’s only two that’s not enough for an EP. They can’t be added to CFTH because David is no longer with Jive. I’m thinking they’ll just be downloads from his website. Not too exciting in terms of his career, but at least it’s something for his fans, like he said earlier.

    • (Have you placed your order? No, but I downloaded the songs.)

      Massive promotion sounds good.

    • That is a good point that the songs can’t be added to CFTH. You could be right about their being downloads. That would make sense.

    • Well i hope the download is free then , i never go there anyway and i only buy in itunes and amazon ….they can put them in itunes in that case.

  2. I ordered from Amazon…….the CD & the BluRay DVD

  3. I haven’t bought it yet but I plan to. Hope I can get an autographed copy.

    The other night I was listening to my radio and heard a familiar voice say: “Hi, this is David Archuleta …”. At first I thought I was dreaming but it was his message re. muscular dystrophy.

  4. David was in Provo, Utah last night watching the indie band Imagine Dragons. There were several tweet pictures from people that took pictures with him. It’s nice to see him out and about listening to bands. Now he just needs to tour himself!
    TheLisaWard Lisa Ward
    @CarolineBybee @MargsOLeary @DavidArchie fun times in provo.
    5 minutes ago

  5. Yes, he is, and I’m glad he went out to a concert. 🙂

    I’ve pre-ordered AND downloaded from iTunes, and I’m not ashamed to say that I will not hesitate to purchase any new music he puts out.

    • Me too. I just want to hear that glorious voice singing. I don’t care if it’s in Spanish, if it’s religious music, if it’s lullabyes for babies or if it’s hardcore rap (yeah right). I want all of it. While Sunny’s saccharine tweets are a bit OTT for me I will still happily plunk down money to buy whatever she creates with David.
      This MOTAB cd is invading my brain. I found myself singing “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” the other day.

  6. I downlaoded from itunes, the ones with David :), I’ll buy the DVD when Christmas really come, after Halloween maybe and about the ‘New’ songs he wrote with Sunny , i think they’re more inspirational songs, Sunny style , i mean a la DSH, so i expect to hear a lot about angels :|.
    IF he really do the winter tour i expect only Chriistmas songs and this kind of inspirational tracks, i don’t think he’s gonna do pop songs this time and i don’t think either he’s gonna do a lot of concerts, maybe only in the areas where MoTab can sell easily, of course i hope he still promoting his CFTH and some new Christmas covers in an EP format.

  7. I’ve been watching the DVD for nearly two weeks now. It’s beyond glorious. I’m waiting on the CD now, but I’ll probably download from iTunes too.

  8. He’s very quiet lately in LA btw and yes he likes a lot this style of Indi band and music, so go for it David!! 🙂 pop/rock alternative is his style he can still working clean/good lyrics , showcasing his voice and be current with this kind of music, all at same time 🙂 . then i will be really happy to buy his music 😉
    This band soundlike Arcade Fire btw

    • It’s great that he loves that Indie style music. It seems like there’s a disconnect between his own style and the style he likes. Even though SBL is a great song, it’s sure nothing like the bands he likes. Maybe that’s why he was trying to push quirky-sounding “Elevator” when he had the chance, rather than the crowd-pleasing SBL.

  9. Got my DVD last week and am thorougly enjoying it. It is well done and represents the concert very well. Bring back memories of being there and the wonderful memories I have joining with other fans of David. Also downloaded I tunes of the songs David is featured in(6) Silent Night,Cat and the Mouse,Les Pastores a bella,Joy to the World,Gesu Bambino, Angels from the Realm of Glory. I tunes didn’t post David as featured on Gesu Bambino but the DVD does..

  10. Ditto……….Kathy H Will purchase any new music from wherever its released.
    Also enjoying the Asian Edition which I purchased from one of the Asian fansites.

    So happy David is getting out to concerts. Some fans listened to a Live Stream of the concert he attended.

  11. P.s. You can click the Itunes,Amazon buttons from DavidArchuleta.com and it takes your right there. Am sure this helps David in the long run.

  12. wo hooo! ordered dvd from amazon and dowloaded songs from itunes last week! david sounds glorious! and i just can’t believe that the itune ones are live performances!

  13. Have I placed my order?
    It’s David Singing
    It’s David Singing Christmas Music
    It’s David Singing Christmas Music…Live
    It’s David singing Christmas Music…Live…with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra
    It’s David singing Christmas Music…Live…with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra with audio equipment designed to properly capture a live performance for later release

    Oh yeah I’ve placed my order and, from the clips I’ve seen, David’s eyes as he looks out to the audience gives every indication that this will be a highly valued addition to anyone’s David Archuleta music library.

  14. I just bought all the 6 songs that David is featured in. One thing I noticed: Gesu Bambino doesn’t say “featuring David Archuleta” like the other 5 songs that he sings in do.

    Also, iTunes has spelled Realms wrong & that wrong spelling (Reams) downloads incorrect also.

    I added all these 6 songs to my CFTH playlist & what a nice Xmas CD this will make. I will also add Merry Christmas To Me & Feliz Navidad! 🙂

  15. DavidArchie: @LadyVmusic Lady V! It was your birthday??? Happy birthday!! Hope it was great for you! Hey we have the same b-day!

  16. This is a great tweet by David. I so agree with him.
    So refreshing to hear a song like Someone Like You by Adele come on the hits radio station while driving with my sisters. What a song.

  17. David is sounding more upbeat in the more recent tweets.

  18. hmm teah wondering why david had been upbeat and happy, can everyone here a guess?!?!?.

  19. oop yeah and “take” a guess, sorry i was typing fast.

  20. when a guy had his first girlfriend, he is changing and more mature and if you look at the twp pics of david in provo last nite, the pics says it all!!!! i glad to see david very happy and has found a very special someone!!!!! goodbye fellas


    • cmoi, if must you care, david and his family will be seeing charice when she perform for the NA at a football game on stepember 11 weekend in jacksonville, FL, i bet you will see david being very quiet on his twitter. maybe that will be proof for you!!!!. david’s cousins lives in jacksonville, if you didnt know that!!. i am taking a long break from this site, goodbye people.


      • I don’t care.

      • this is just one of idolfan’s fantasies…now i’m pretty sure she is charice herself, lol…and please you might want to take an extra looooooooooong break from this site if you are just posting this nonsense…

  21. noway!?!? i just heard there be no chirstmas tour this year?! well it make sense why there is no official tour dates on his website. did anyone here heard about this? i am pretty sure the chirstmas tour dates would have been up on his website if david was doing a fall/winter tour if it true, unless there is a good reason that david doesnt want to tour. in my opinion, i don’t see a chirstmas tour coming either.

  22. if david planning a chirstmas tour for fall or winter, the tour dates should be up this month on his website. did you have to buy a concert tickets like two or three months ahead when you go?

  23. Geez idolfan… you’re like a damn fruit fly.

  24. idolfan….
    david did not announce his cfth tour dates till october i checked the
    tdc archives, will you just stop your irritating posts please

    • great! i’m still hoping for a xmas tour! i think they are still trying to make arrangements for the venues and dates and all the logistics. knowing david, he won’t announce any events until he is 110% that it’s a go…

  25. I downloaded the songs David is featured in from iTunes. He really sounds great ! The “Cat And The Mouse” is my favorite, I just love his voice in it ! Like you Kathy H, I will always purchase any new music that David will release. He deserves the support !

    I think that I’ll buy the MoTab DVD/CD to gift to my Christian friends. I gave my CFTH album to my aunt’s family to listen to and they don’t seem to want to give it back to me lol. I’m sure they’ll love these new songs.

  26. The MDA telethon is on tonight. I was just watching this video of David and Nigel from last year. It is a good cause and everyone should donate but it will not be the same without Jerry on it this year. David looked and sounded great in his performance last year even though it is not my favorite song of his. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIb5EJK0x-s

    • The songs not my fav either but it’s nice to listen to the lyrics during tough times. Also, I liked Nigel’s intro.

  27. David’s CFTH tour was not announced until almost the end of October which was only about a month before the tour started. David has said in interviews that he is doing a Christmas tour and his website indicates that a winter tour is coming. I just hope that the tour is announced earlier this time around to give more time for promo and to buy tickets.

  28. I hate to give him/her more reason to be more ridiculous, but idolfan is very funny in his/her anguished, frustrated & desperate comments! He/she makes me laugh even when not meaning to.

    I bet even David laughs if he lurks on this sites because he has a great sense of humor especially for the absurd.

    A winter tour is coming forthwith although not in the CFTH Tour vein as it will be fewer venues, but nevertheless will be wonderful and I believe all venues will sell out almost immediately. Even David & his team will be shocked, possibly needing to add more dates!

    Just mark my words!

  29. Idolfan, please stop now with all your ridiculous thought,same old comments since two years ago on fod ,when your still using your screen name stawberry icecream, buttercream, and cottoncandy, everybody got irritated and annoyed with your same same ole stories about David and Charice untill one day we really got sick of you and one of the moderator warn you to stop and totaly ban you there for posting anything wich is more of a gossips dan rumours.while you cannot post there anymore you discover Fan Scene and there you post there with the username of Deleted but b/c your comments is really out of this world so we came on our sences and disregard all your post but the hardheaded, shameless and maybe psychotic(sorry if i call you like that but you really looks like that now)lil ole with the screen name of Idolfan came to SD,and continue spreading nonsence topic.Shame on you Idolfan.

    • A few more names to add to the list of Charice theorist:

      Song diva, baby phat, anonyous, and ginger snaps.

      • desetrat say what? you are soo wrong with thses names,defending myself here again and again and again geez! i hope there will be a chirstmas tour, everyone who is going, have a good time. i am no longer a david archuleta fan anymore. i am so happy that i am not coming back here anymore. thank god!


      • 😉 say what?

      • well if you not making your ridiculous posts, they u won’t have to defend yourself. and also u are never a david archuleta fan. u just come here to promote and talk about charice. who cares among here on how much she’s worth, or if she tweeted or where she’s going? and please just stay true to your word for one time, if you are not coming back, then DON’T!…i know u must be lurking!

  30. idolfan…

    Aw don’t be so sensitive.

    But you know you say your good-byes on just about every desperate comment you post. You do realise that do you not?

    Even the absurd have a right to be absurd. And as I said, you make me laugh. Some may find your comments irritating. I find them irritatingly hilarious. I think that’s your intention, is it not? However, If it is indeed your last Good-bye forevermore, I will miss you.

    At any rate, Happy Labor Day tomorrow to one & all!

    More good news about our David to some soon! You can bet on it.

  31. In answer to your question, I downloaded
    The Cat and the Mouse. If is a great Christmas song. David’s voice is so perfect- right in the gorgeous center of his range for the most part. I just love it. It should become a hew Holiday classic! Hope it gets radio play at the holidays. It reminds me of Do You Hear What I hear – which starts the story from the animal’s view. I am going to order the DVD and was kinda waiting on the CD to see what the deal is with the signed copies….

  32. I downloaded all of the David songs, except Cat and Mouse. I LOVE Gesu Bambino, but I don’t know, on Cat and Mouse, I just can’t get past the cheesy little violin and the cutesy imagery. Maybe it’s like “Elevator”–it’ll grow on me. Cat and Mouse doesn’t sound like something he’d sing in concert, but I’ve been wrong (many times) before!

    To me, it’s like DSH or the Build a Bear song–his voice sounds so good because it’s such a contrast with the material.

    • I meant “cheesy little meowing violin”

    • I must be a sourpuss, it didn’t feel magical last holiday season either. It’s like one of Simon Cowell’s critiques of David, when he said: “…it’s like one of those ghastly songs you sing when there’s animated creatures with you and everyone joins in…..”, (although I did like “You’re the Voice”).

      They could make a sweet little cartoon of Cat and Mouse and show it on a children’s Christmas special, maybe I’d start feeling it then.

  33. Shanny in Australia

    I think Idolfan must sit behind his/her computer laughing at every post he makes here, enjoying the fact that he is irritating everyone. I suggest if people are sick of it, then ignore all posts by idolfan. I pretty much skip over idolfan’s comments anyway….we already know what it is going to be about….and we already know it is untrue…so why bother.

    • LOL, yeah maybe you right, sometimes sound a little surreal to be serious lol , not offense idolfan 🙂 ….. but just for the record I think and hope David have the independence to make his choices in terms of girlfriend, Charice or not, Mormon or not nobody can say this is what is gonna happen …who knows maybe at the end he can date Siobhan Magnus or Allison I. after all he manifested some admiration for their personality 😉
      I just don’t understand how some people can be sure about his choices in this subject , i said this for Idolfan and the posters in other sites who really think he’s programmed to do all in an specific way. :/ just wierd :|, last time i checked he still a free human 😉

      • There’s unusually super-strong encouragement in the LDS church to marry in the faith. My kid’s LDS friends all have a Facebook “like” page for Mormon “Temple Marriage”. And David’s even more devout than any of them. No way he would date Allison or Siobhan. I’m sure he’s looking for someone equally devout.

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