Just David (As Always)

So, while the fan base wrings its hands and tears out its hair, worrying about things we don’t need to be worrying about, David tweets this:

So, if I were to “decode this,” I think it says something like: “I’m just chilling and so should you!”

Heh, I love me some David Archuleta! 😛

And we really need to meet up and hang out.  We’d soooo get along! 😀


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  1. yeah okay cmoi, fans are making it a big deal not me, sorry it is just words. all this information about david and charice i read it on twitters, how do i making it up thoses rumors, when i was reading with with my own eyes, i mean really??? someone on twitter(not comimg from me) saw david and charice dining together not once but twice in los angeles. i bet they are dating not friends anymore, i hope that i am right and we will se who get the last laugh!!!!!.

    • yes, we are getting the last laugh, definitely not you…it’s on twitter? what’s u’r proof? u can’t even post a twitter link…i know why, because your twisted mind is making it up….

  2. denfending myself again! about FOD, i have never been on this site okay and for yopur imformation, people have been talking about david and charice since 2010 and it has never stop, that is the truth. goodbye fellas


    • good riddance! and btw, you’re the only one who DOES NOT stop talking about david and charice. as i’ve said, you are so DESPERATE for charice. hey maybe you are charice yourself? i know she’s got a big crush on D.

  3. I agree with those above that think the Christmas concerts are a good idea. Amy Grant, Mannheim Steamroller, and others have made a good living off Christmas music and Christmas concerts. David said his favorite tour was the CFTH tour, so he might as well pursue that avenue. I have no idea what the “Sunny direction” is as she has written many songs. I am reserving judgement until I hear the songs as David had a hand in writing them too. No matter what David sings some of his fans won’t like it because he has such a broad fan base. But, I’m on board with Christmas music from David along with many of his fans.

  4. Amy Grant is a Christian artist, so it’s not surprising that she would release a lot of Christmas music. David currently has a lot of fans of different faiths. The more specifically Christian music he releases, the more he will alienate those fans. I actually don’t understand why he would leave to go on a mission, when he has the opportunity to influence the lives of so many people who would never listen to a mormon missionary. In fact many countries(especially in Asia) explicitly forbid prostilization. IMO, just the way he lives his life as a celebrity would have more of an impact than any knocking on doors would. However, in the end, it is certainly his choice.

    • YES……..

    • I definitely agree with you on how much more influence he would have staying in his career than going on a mission–good point about countries that forbid proselytizing!

      But I have to disagree about the Christmas music–all of the really great singers do Christmas music–Nat King Cole, Celine, Mariah, Sinatra, Josh Groban, and even non-Christians like Streisand. And David is one of them–a great singer. I think it’s especially good for him if he shows off his more classical and ballad-y side on the Christmas music, and then focuses more on regular pop on his other albums.

  5. i just wish that he would tour this winter. even on medium sized venues, he can still sell out or nearly sell out those venues.. does anyone remember on his last winter tour, how many months ahead of time he released the dates?

    • I was trying to remember that myself. I don’t think it was too far ahead of the actual tour though, if I remember correctly. Maybe they haven’t announced because they are still trying to add more shows? *thinking positive*

      • Well David Cook is going on tour and he said his tour dates would be announced in a week or two. My question is how can David afford to tour with no label behind him? Who pays the upfront expenses involved with a tour? David should tour with someone else. It is frustrating to me that Cook can tour and no one is really sure about David’s tour at this point. Cook really did not sell much more than David did on his current album and has no singles on the radio. But the difference is Cook has a label/management involved with him.

      • That’s all true. I guess because he is co-headlining with Gavin DeGraw it helps with some of the expense. I’ll be curious to see how many dates (and the size of the venues) for Cook’s tour.

      • Not Marie to have a Label has nothing to do with the desire of the artist to make a tour, look that top 40 idols in Japan by example, they’re never had a record deal before , but they’re touring in Japan :/ , and like them many acts just follow their instincts and go for it, adjusting all to the circumstances in other words taking risks …. i guess is another question without an answer ….why David can’t do this things more easily? even if he stay until today in a lot better position that many artist out there?

      • The problem with a tour is that someone has to be willing to foot the bill for all the upfront costs. The label sometimes does and then the artist reimburses them after they get the profits from a tour. That is the advantage of having a label. But you are right Tibi that a label is not responsible for the tour and their costs. David needs a promoter and a sponsor like in Asia unless he is willing and able to pay all tour costs. Maybe he is willing to.

  6. ”cmoi Says
    Also, about his new pop album, I hope that he’ll work with new people. Sunny seems nice but I’m not sure about her relevance. I hope that she won’t be his new Mike K who IMO wasn’t the best producer to enhance his voice but he’s a long date friend and was probably cheap. Sorry to the Mike’s supporters lol”

    I agree , looks like every person he pick like close collaborator assume the same behavior and at the end all become a autopromo festin and him become just the way to promote their work , with more benefices for them than for David himself.

    You can do the list, is not that difficult, David just need a little more of vision and a good mentor to put together all his talent and take the opportunities …..of course if he really wants a career, that is the question of mode this days.

    • I agree with you Tibitibi.
      A mentor and a real career vision would be great. And they should be less reticent to spend a little more money on the albums. I see it as an investment, it’s well known that to make money you have to spend money. Maybe I’m just a little tired of the cheap production, the cheap marketing, the cheap OS, etc…

      • I agree with you tibi and cmoi. You do have to spend money to make money. That is why David needs a mentor or a sponsor to help with him expenses not to basically help them out. lol I just don’t think that mentor/sponsor was Mike K or now is Sunny.

      • with “his” expenses not “him” lol

      • yes, his Asian tour was a success also because of the sponsors.

        “of course if he really wants a career, that is the question of mode this days”. We’ll know the answer when we’ll see how the making and the release of his new pop album will be handled. If it’s TOSOD like ….

      • Well, Sunny is a mentor–just not one we would choose.

  7. David has a booking agent (CAA) to book a tour. He does need money to pay for the tour expenses (bus, lodging, meals, salaries of band members & other who work for him). My guess is that he will use the money made off the Asian tour to do the Christmas tour. Of course there are many bands that cut touring expenses by riding in vans instead of a tour bus, doing a lot of the work themselves like selling their own T-Shirts and setting up their own equipment. Having a music career is having a small business. There are lots of different ways to do things. Maybe Claudia will be selling the merchandise at his concerts. That would actually be a good way for her to be involved.

  8. My guess is David, his dad and others involved are busy with getting details of a Christmas tour started….this takes time, especially without a label or management. The CFTH tour was not even made public unitl about six weeks before it started…..Keep cool everyone….we will probably here something in mid October about Christmas tour……..Miss Vicki

  9. i just post that top thread, there will be no chirstmas tour this year?. bummer!

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