Decoding David’s Tweets

I thought I would indulge a favorite Archie pastime here: decoding the cryptic messages in David’s tweets! 😛

His most recent tweet:

Been doing some final touches on a song, now just going to record a scratch vocal on it.

But this tweet was preceded by this interesting quote:

“Fear is our greatest enemy. It tells us we cannot accomplish what we must achieve. But faith and courage are the tools…

Provided within us to overcome any obstacle, doubt, or fear we may face. With this in mind, all dreams become possibilities.”

What say you, SDers? What is David really trying to say?

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  1. Another prominent Mormon in the music industry also did not serve a mission – Donny Osmond. This from his website:

    “I’ve always felt that it would have been great to serve a full time mission, but circumstances as they were, I never was able to. My parents and church leaders at the time all believed that I was able to do much more good if I remained in the public eye, so to speak, and lived the standards of our religion. Although, I have always tried to share my beliefs and my deep convictions in an non offensive way. I have been very touched by the many who say they first became interested in finding out about our Church as they became acquainted with my family and our family values. I do look forward to the time when my wife, Debbie and I can serve a full time mission for the Church. As you may know, our first three sons (of our five) have now completed two year missions and this has been a source of great joy to us and to them.”

    So, it could go either way, David could choose Donny’s path . . . or the path of Donny’s sons. But there is a precedent to using your celebrity to ‘do good’.

  2. I don’t know who has been handling Donny’s career for the past few years but they are doing a great job. Donny has had many high profile TV appearances such as DWTS and ET. He and Marie are also selling out in Vegas and elsewhere. Every time I on turn on the TV I see Donny. Good for him. I just wish David had that kind of promo and exposure. I think Donny is more comfortable at self promotion than David is. That is why I think it is key David has the right team of professionals behind his career if he does not go on a mission. Family management does not count. lol

    • Donny O is nothing alike in personality and talent to David 😐 and yes he’s doing well now, but he almost disappeared for years, making a strong comeback with DWTS. Still a great management a career move 🙂

  3. That is true that Donny did disappear for many years and that he and David are very different.

  4. ”Tibitibi….I haven’t checked FOD today and it sounds like I should but….whenever I have seen LDS people explain things about missions”

    Shanny, you misinterpreted my comment, i didn’t even knew about the troll on FOD lol, this Mission subject is a hot topic now because the hacker situation , but is not a new discussion and concern for this fanbase , i should repeat too that became a more public issue to discuss not because his non LDS fans wanted, but because for some reason is important for LDS people to bring the subject about his religion everywhere and that is a fact (Youtube videos, fansites, interviews)…. so my personal view about this particular topic is not only the result of the latest comments, but what i read about it this last three years ….i may say too that in my ‘VERY PERSONAL OPINION’ i’m don’t see the activity like a bad thing ,(Just to be clear) but i still don’t understand the obligatorily for all this kids to do it in the same way and for their decisions become a make it or break it to please their community .( again my view)

    I don’t know David and i really can’t say what he believes, to me he’s a guy who can connect easily with any Christian population, but then what he believes is his business, whatever i can definitely to have an opinion about the public decision he is making that can affect his career, i can’t say if this decision would bring to him happiness or not, i can’t say that for sure this gonna ruin his career, because nobody knows, actually i think he can still having a career after two year, the one he wants that i don’t know what kind is lol.
    I need to support HIS decision ? nah and i don’t think he cares about my support either lol, still his decision and still my opinion.
    At the end of the day he’s gonna do what he wants and is him who gonna live with his decisions and the consequences regardless his fans opinions….. and at the end of the day i will respect what i can’t change and move on like should be 🙂

    Whatever mission or not , this break he’s taking is determinant for his career now , maybe he’s thinking to finish the school and apply for college …we don’t know for real what is happening and what he’s thinking right now…. to me and the general public he’s in a break since long time ago. 😐

    • “to me and the general public he’s in a break since long time ago.’ I agree. David is struggling with his music career now and losing fans. How would it be any better in 2 years if he leaves his career? David might just might be able to sign with a label now but in 2 years absence there is no way. This is the music/entertainment business we are discussing here. lol It is his choice but I hope common sense prevails. It really does not matter to me at it is not my music career it is his.

      • don,t realy know where you all get that crap from (general public)loseing fans ,not the way i see it

      • ray I wish I could look at David’s career they way you do but I can’t. I tend to be a bit more on the realistic side but to each his own. lol I do think that you are a very supportive fan to David and that is great.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Tibi, I understood what you meant. I guess I didn’t make myself clear when I mentioned FOD. What I meant was… “I haven’t read FOD today and maybe people are saying confusing things there today…but in the past, for the most part I don’t think people have been contradictory’.

      All sorts of people bring David’s religion up. Both LDS and non-LDS. Yes, you will generally find that LDS people enjoy talking about their religion but I think they also try as hard as they can to not be over bearing with it. Sometimes they probably take it a little further than some appreciate but I don’t think they mean too. I think it’s a little like us when we like to talk about David. It would be easy for us to rant on to a non fan about how awesome David is but we have to remember to rein ourselves in. Well it’s like that for me anyway. lol

      Personally, I think it is fine to talk about the LDS religion, just as long as it is done respectfully, like everything should be discussed respectfully. Like some of you have said, I enjoy hearing about other religions and not just the facts of a religion but the WHY’s too. Why do they believe that? Why does that resonate with them? I find figuring out what makes people tick, endlessly fascinating. lol Of course, religion is a sensitive subject a lot of the time and these fansites are more for discussion about music and David and less for the discussion of theology. lol But if others want to then I’m along for the ride. lol And if they don’t, then that’s ok too. 🙂

      There does seem to be some people in the fan community both LDS and non-LDS who think it is inappropriate to talk about the potential for David going on a mission. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as people are not trying to tell David what to do. And I don’t really think people are doing that. I think they are just discussing whether it is likely or not and how it could impact his career.

      I have complete confidence in David’s spiritual maturity to know that he will do what is best for him, so if he decides to go on a mission, then I’m happy for him. If he decides to stay with music, then I’m happy for him. It’s his choice but as I have stated clearly on this thread, I think the evidence clearly favours he is staying with music. 🙂

      • Shanny, in response to your objection to my comment about obedience to leaders, I say fair enough. I can see how that might be pushing buttons. But I probably highlight it because it’s so opposite my own church culture. The idea of church discipline would be unheard of.

        The few times I’ve gone on and taken the “Belief-o-matic” quiz about what church your beliefs match up to, Mormonism comes in the bottom three for me. One example of how opposite we are, is that my minister was thrilled to be able to perform her first same-sex marriage ceremony before prop. 8. She has encouraged a couple of gay men from the congregation to go to ministerial school to become ministers. I know several young children whose parents are in same-sex marriages. So I guess if I have an agenda regarding the LDS church–that’s a part of it.

      • Rereading it, that first paragraph didn’t come out exactly right. The church discipline thing isn’t on topic, so please disregard it.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Haha, you know what…the one time I took the Beliefnet test…I came up as first a Muslim; I think it was second a Jehovah’s witness; Protestant came in third…and my own denomination (of which you can probably guess I am lol) came in fifth. Was kinda crazy. I guess those questions are open to a lot of interpretation! lol

        I have no doubt that many, if not all of us, have theological differences. Even within our own faiths, people have theological differences. Your experience with the gay-marriage stuff did make me laugh. You are right, we probably have some big differences. lol

        But I have learnt some lovely lessons from my protestant friends too -things that have enriched the practicing of my own religion. I was talking to an LDS lady recently and she said she had a lovely visit at a Catholic church recently and was very inspired by it. There are good people with good things to offer everywhere. 🙂 I appreciate that we even get to discuss these things amongst the fandom. 🙂

      • Ha–we are different. I know Jehovah’s Witnesses and (I think) Muslim were the other two in my BOTTOM list!

      • Shanny in Australia


        Then it all pays tribute to the respectfulness you have shown when talking about things you don’t believe! 🙂

        (Although no-one should take what I got on that test, to indicate what LDS people believe. lol. No…it was just my ‘off the wall-ness’ showing up. lol )

      • I should say that I do feel very strongly about the legitimacy of my gay friends’ marriages and families–as strongly as you must feel about people respecting Mormon temple marriages.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Haha…just trying to decide if it’s appropriate for me to respond to that or not, since it surely could open a whole can of worms, completely unrelated to David… lol

        I guess let it suffice to say…. I think LDS people are greatly misunderstood with regards to their stance of gay marriage. It hasn’t helped that they haven’t generally argued their case very well…and that when they have, people haven’t listened. For the record, I have some very close family members who are gay. They are both beautiful people whom I love dearly and want every joy and happiness for.

      • I think the LDS position is very clear and people have listened. We get it, you don’t hate them. But bottom line, it wasn’t their opinions that were harmful, it was their actions.

        Tying it back to David, when Ellen DeGeneres was glaring at him that last time on AI, fans were asking, “What does she have against him?” I was thinking she’s probably wondering why he supports an organization that’s trying to take away her marriage.

        2 AM here. Must go to bed. Should change my moniker to “California Night Owl”.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I don’t know anything about the Ellen situation you described. Wouldn’t surprise me though, if it was as you described it.

        I can understand that you are unhappy with the ‘actions’ taken. ‘
        ‘Opinions’ do matter because they influence WHY people take the actions they do. And it goes way beyond simply ‘not hating’ them. I don’t know what your understanding of it all is but I can tell you are passionate about it. I admire passion. 🙂 Perhaps you and I will have to have a conversation about that particular issue one day…?

        haha, get some sleep ‘California Night Owl’. It’s been nice chatting. Thanks.

  5. I rarely comment, but thought I would throw my 2 cents in as I have had two of my own children return from LDS missions this year. I don’t know whether David will go or not, and I am fully supportive either way. That is a decision between himself and God. I feel that he can fully serve either way. Like many of you, I would miss him, but as I have watched my own children return, I have seen such an incredible change in their perception of life and would hate for him to miss that experience if he chooses to pursue it. They are more compassionate, more appreciative of what they have, less judgmental of others who are different, more aware of the challenges of others, more eager to jump in and make a difference, more comfortable in an adult world, more motivated, and more full of hope and faith in a world that can sometimes seem like a scary place.

    • I think David is a rare young man who already has so much of the awareness your children got from their missions. Just think of his trips to India and Honduras, and his exposure to so many different types of people in his travels and show business career–and their exposure to him. (I always love to see the Muslim girls in Asia in their head scarves, fan-girling all over him).

      I sometimes think it would be great if my kids, who are around David’s age, could do Peace Corps or something like it, to learn that compassion and maturity. They both have different kinds of special needs, so it would be tough to figure out, but I can relate to the desire to give your kids opportunities to serve others.

  6. I like this tweets from Sunny Girl today

    RumiQuotes Rumi by SunnyHilden
    ”Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”’ #Rumi

    NealeDWalsch by SunnyHilden
    ”There is always something to celebrate, so long as life is being lived.”

    “Work inspires inspiration. Keep working. If you succeed, keep working. If you fail, keep working…” Michael Crichton

  7. i guess david isnt doing the 2011 chirstmas tour, if he is, should the tour dates should be up on his website by now or it is too early for that?

  8. saw on charice fans twitters that david and charice were seen at the VMA this past sunday, they didnt even walk on the red carpet hmm?

    • idolfan I actually enjoy hearing some Charice and David speculation. I hope it was true. lol I don’t understand why David’s OS does not have any tour dates on it yet either.

      • about tour dates, yeah marie i agree with you, maybe david changed his mind that he doesnt want to do it but who know?

      • i mean if david is doing 2 songs with sunny hilden, it has to means something? or maybe it is something different? i thought david would have mentioned something about the tour by now? we got three month left until 2011.

  9. it kinda make sence that they were at the VMA because charice loves lady gaga and beyonce and david loves adele. i believe they were there.

  10. marie,bening realistic here i feel sorry for you that every thing with you is anegative,you must realy have a sad life stop and realy listen to david real close not just the voice realy listen the words

  11. i must say is that his fans are still really upset about the mission rumor or in dental about it they he could be going?

  12. opp it is that he could be going not they.

  13. goodnite guys.


  14. Oh Dear !! random question to change to subject : Do you think we’ll have the opportunity to hear the rest of TOSOD songs (bonus tracks include) ??? man i really want to hear ‘Look around” ”Good Place” and ‘Who i’m” live and ”The day after tomorrow” and ”Nothing else better to do” if is possible. 🙂

  15. Shanny in Australia

    I’m wondering can I post pictures here? If so, how? I am continuing to have so many issues with the comments box and would like to share a screenshot with HG, so she can understand what I mean…

    I can’t even seem to upload pics to my twitter account these days either….

    Hmm…..the joys of being technologically challenged… :rolls:

    • Sorry i can’t help you 😦 , but i wonder now what picture are? 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        Haha nothing exciting Tibi! lol Just a pic of what my computer screen looked like while I was typing up my post. It shows all the info that is meant to be below the comment box, sitting right in the middle of the comment box while I was trying to type, covering up what I was typing. lol

        Am I the only one this happens too? Is it my silly computer or an issue with wordpress or something?

      • Oh Ok then lol !! i guess i need some exciting news to send away the over thinking about the possibility of David going away from his career …… i don’t even want to know about the Christmas songs and tour before any kind of confirmation about this subject ……. David is extremely quiet this days…..ummmm :/

  16. Yeah, I don’t really have anything to say anymore. So…yeah. lol.

  17. cross fingers here, i just saw sunny hilden tweet, she mentioned the word ‘ pop” and “tempo” it kinda sound like david could be working on some new music for new cd, i guess i was wrong about chirstmas songs. i wonder if i am right about sunny tweets , maybe there is a possibly that david could be heading to nashville this week, if i am right about that, that is not sign of going on a mission for sure?

  18. Tks, Shanny, for the cyberhug. 🙂 For some reason, it’s not letting me reply to ppl right now. So my reply to you is way down here. 😦

  19. idolfan- No, I don’t think it’s music for a new CD, or he’d be telling us about it and working with different writers than that. I think it might just be something he’s putting out there for the Christmas season, probably.

    • Didn’t Sunny tweet an angel and Christmas lights?

    • man i cant sleep, VJ, i guess you are right. that sucks david isnt working on new songs for the new cd boo! i heard david is not in califorina, maybe back in utah perhaps? well sunny tweet that she is recording but i dont know if david is with her?.

    • VJ I think your are right that he is just working on something for the Christmas season. JB and Glee are putting out a Christmas albums this year so lots of Christmas albums. I did not think so before but I am beginning to think that David is going on a mission. That would explain why he did not sign with a label. You have to have connections and contacts in the music industry and David does not have that anymore. I wish he was going to a music college and studying music and drama as that would be great for him, His choice. I too am very busy at work and with my children. Good time for a break as David IMO is not doing anything with his music career right now. Sorry working with Sunny does not count for me. Hope it changes but not so sure it will anymore.

      • i wonder if david is really going on a mission somewhere in asia just to be close to charice and he chose a girl over his singing and his fans!?!?.

      • maybe someone who hacked on his twitter was pissed at david chossing a girl over his family. do you know what is fishy thought i read on charice like a week ago that charice is planning talking a some time off next year from music and acting and do you know that charice is net worth 16 millions dollars!!!!. i am just posting my opinions on both comments boxes.

      • Marie, what about his plans to write songs and shop them to labels? That is what he SAYS he’s doing. Just because he’s working on Christmas songs now means nothing–this is the time of year to prepare for the holiday season, it doesn’t mean anything about afterwards.

        That darn hacker/troll that keeps reappearing. He/she hates the fans and loves to see us upset. This is nothing new.

      • Hey cchalo I do agree with you. You do never know what the future holds for David. Things just don’t look so great now but things can change quickly. lol

  20. alright, gonna try to go back to sleep now. bye guys


  21. i really think the hacker was pissed about something else, i think it had to do with something very personal not going on a mission and why would david’ s family and friends would get upset over a mission and he wanted to do that for a while now.

  22. i read on 3 DA fans twitter the person they thinks who hacked his twitter was his brother daniel, this is what people are saying, man! when i read that my jaw dropped but thoses people don’t know if it that is true or not. my god i hope not!.

  23. idolfan breaking news, i heard that david went out with daniels girl and that why danel did that LOL

  24. I don’t normally comment – just lurk. However, I truly enjoy Idolfan! Adds a lot to the site! thanks! 🙂

  25. lct, aww thanks! ray, got ya!.

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