David Dream Sequence #30

So, David must really be weighing on my subconscious (and not in a good way!) because I had another David Dream last night (which came to me during a pretty quiet and uneventful night – Thank God Hurricane Irene has passed and we’re all here unscathed!).

Anyway, it must have been a combination of the various comments here and private emails sent to me spreading rumors of David making ulterior motives to disappear on us for 2 years on a mission (even though the boy debunked those misleading tweets, is still tweeting us about how busy he is songwriting and is residing in LA – the city where you need to be if you’re pursuing a music career – versus only stopping in Utah for family visits and promptly leaving them when everybody and their dog puts the pressure on him to do his expected mission – Jeez!) as well as my eventually tuning in to MTV’s VMAs to see if I’m missing any watershed moments (Lady Gaga as Joe Calderone?! Really?! A Britney Spears appreciation moment danced by a bunch of tweens and younger? Really?! And only Bruno Mars on hand to do an Amy Winehouse tribute?  Why the heck was Adele not brought out on stage to do a rendition of “Back to Black”? She would have KILLED it!! Ugh!!).

The parade of the latest who’s who in pop music must have made me nostalgic for the Davids when they appeared on MTV in the wake of their American Idol popularity (see above).  Not to mention when I saw Demi Lovato standing next to Selena Gomez, I was thinking, “Dang!  Demi looks great and so healthy with her curves! So glad to see her recovering after her rehab stint.  But standing next to that anorexic-looking Selena, I know TV critics are gonna call Demi ‘fat’ when the problem is that Selena is too skinny!”

As an aside: I’m fearful for Selena; she literally looks like she’s disappearing!  It must be seriously awkward to be in a position where your music career successfully launched because your publicists told you it was a good idea to date a high-profile, ultra popular pipsqueak jerk and so you hold your nose and give him the obligatory kiss whenever he wins an award (can’t anybody see how staged their relationship is?) as you count the ways it pays off since you’re now Hollywood’s “It” girl!  But my goodness, girl, you need to eat you something!  Something tells me she’s the next Disney star to check into rehab (if she’s so lucky).

Anyway, all this a prelude to the dream that unfolded as I drifted off to sleep:

In my dream, both David and Cook were invited to one of those MTV after VMA shows to comment on the show.  The gist of it: Cook was diplomatic, and David Archuleta (yes, our beloved who never has a mean thing to say about anybody!) was a complete judgmental jerk! People were shocked.

He specifically was laying into Demi Lovato and said all kinds of disparaging things about her, like how she was such a “mean girl” when they had toured together and how she’s a “really bad role model for young girls” because how can anybody look up to someone who already checked into rehab before they’re even 21 and how her ‘lifestyle choices” is what led her to need rehab in the first place. And besides all that, he doesn’t approve of “tattoos” on women. (Demi has the words “Stay Strong” tattooed on her wrists – so as to prevent herself from returning to her self-destructive habit of cutting her wrists!).

My head was spinning after that! I mean, I was so excited to see David on my tele, but for him to come on to behave like this! It was so out of character! Worse, Cook came off like the “good guy” because he immediately came to Demi’s defense and kept reminding him that “we’re not here to judge.”  Just… wow!

Needless to say, this appearance was a PR disaster for David, and then everywhere on the Internet, folks were digging up all kinds of information about him and his “over-the-top” religious devotion, which has turned him into a “Jesus Freak.”  There were those who decided it was David, not Demi, that needs to go to a “rehab,” but to undo his “religious brainwashing.” Naturally, all the Archies came to David’s defense in the wake of this negative publicity, but I decided not to come to David’s defense and posted here on Soul David a post titled “DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED IN DAVID.”  My viewership went through the roof, but not in a good way of course, because every other Archie came out of the woods to bash me and accuse me of not being a “true David fan,” whatever the heck that’s even supposed to mean.

I shut everyone down and told them: “The David I’m a fan of would NEVER have gone on TV to berate a fellow music artist, especially one he had opened for on a concert tour! Who is this hacker pretending to be David Archuleta? ‘Cause that ain’t the guy I fell in love with!  I want my old David back ’cause this one ain’t cutting it.  No way am I keeping a fan blog for whoever this David is.  Just not gonna happen!”

And somewhere in the midst of this online rhetorical battle, I woke up.

I’m sure it’s not hard for any of you to deconstruct this baby, huh?

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  1. The best performance of the VMAs last night—> just like David……no need for fireworks, smoke, 10 or 20 girls/guys dancing in the background, etc, etc

    Just a gorgeous voice, a great piano player & a microphone

    Adele —> Someone Like You (Live) t.co/McK0XE9

    • yes, and no snake to look cool, no attempt to be original while copying what was done years before, no autotune …

      Her live performances of Someone like You reminds me of David’s CELD at the Alma Awards. Just an amazing voice, a great guitarist & a microphone. Lots of passion in the singing, lots of emotion in the voice. The talent is front and center. I can name more than one amazing performance from David in that same style where his voice is more highlighted like his FOG performances during the Christmas Tour or his latest POTC at the Invisible Children show. But no matter the type of the song or the musical accompaniment, David always give his all in his live performances !

      OT but it’s MJ’s birthday. I hope that I’m psychic enough to have David sings one of his songs in a vlog today, you know like a little tribute. That would made my day lol

      And David’s new tweet :
      “Fear is our greatest enemy. It tells us we cannot accomplish what we must achieve. But faith and courage are the tools provided within us to overcome any obstacle, doubt, or fear we may face. With this in mind, all dreams become possibilities.”

      • I hope that tweet of David’s doesn’t mean that he is trying to talk himself into going on a mission………

      • I hope it’s not ! but it can mean the opposite too ….

        I think that David just likes to tweet randomly the quotes he likes.

      • I would offer that his comments lately have been very cryptic, but at the same time, one can read so many interpretations into them.

      • Yes, cmoi–it can be him doing his mission right now–tweeting encouraging, inspirational thoughts to 3/4 of a million people.

      • In lieu of doing a mission, Donny Osmond has his “beliefs” portion of his website. I’ll try not to judge the things he says on there :/ but David’s quotes, etc. are very nice.

      • Yes cchalo, for me his inspirational tweets are the same as his task of the day. It’s his way to send positive messages to more people.

    • Looks like I didn’t paste in the correct link

      I’ll try again—> Someone Like You by Adele—>


      • Adele was amazing as usual. I liked Bruno Mars too. Adele and Bruno are my favorites anyway. Lady Gaga was too much. Agree with you about Selena and Biebs hg. I really don’t think they will last much longer anyway. lol I honestly have no idea what David’s latest tweet means. He does seem to like quotes so who knows.

    • I love Adele and Bruno as well, i have nothing against dancing and effects on a performance though , Beyonce , Michael J, Madonna are example of good singer/show-performers (with fireworks, smoke and dancers) ……. the problem is when the effects are used to distract the attention about a weak or non existent vocal lol

  2. David is the least judgemental person i know of; it is a shame he is in return, judged by many.

    • I know it is selfish, but I don’t want to miss hearing that gorgeous voice for the next two years.

      He could do a lot of good with that voice.

  3. Based on David’s actions and statements, I don’t think he’d ever have to talk himself into a mission. He probably has had to talk himself OUT of a mission.

    Maybe that quote struck him because he has an amazing opportunity that he knows will lead to superstardom.

    For all we know it could just be about facing the LA freeways.

    • I agree with you Utahmom: “Maybe that quote struck him because he has an amazing opportunity that he knows will lead to superstardom.” We can only hope for that to be true. You never know. lol

    • I like the way you think Utahmom and Marie !
      I vote for the amazing opportunity that will lead to superstardom, one can dream lol.

    • Good point! I can’t see him talking himself INTO a mission, lol. I think if he decided to do it, he would do it with passion.

      • Like his career, lol.

      • Of course he burnt out after 2 1/2 – 3 years, maybe 2 years wouldn’t test his endurance.

      • I don’t know anything, but I don’t think that David is burned out.

      • I don’t know about burned out but I do wonder if the pressures of the music/entertainment industry were at times too much for David. He started at such a young age. IMO I think that maybe going on a mission did look better to David then being a teen idol that was signed to the Jive label. I hope now he can find the right fit for him but he does need to compromise or maybe not.

      • I wonder if David would consider the Christian music industry. His musical interests are so broad, but perhaps that industry (and Nashville, where much of that industry is based) would be a better fit for him.

      • It might be a better fit for David. It is obvious that he has to do what he is comfortable with.

      • Yes, i wonder if it was too much too fast. But he seems to adore being on stage and doing music. I was hoping that the change of route this year/writing/maybe indie/etc. would work better for him. Maybe he will pursue that again after the holidays. Looks like he is focusing on some type of Christmas release or EP right now.

      • Missionary work is an entirely structured 15 hours per day, (9 hours actively proselytizing), 6 days per week, plus prep time on the 7th day. There is reportedly strong pressure by the mission president and other leaders to work harder and baptize more. Some missionaries end up with PTSD and some end up with lifetime problems due to parasites and other issues from working in extreme conditions and in undeveloped countries.

        Missions are like an initiation–the majority make it through, and end up with a stronger faith and valuable life skills, but something like 20% end up leaving the church. Only a small percentage of their converts remain active in the church for more than a year and missionaries average 4 point something converts a year, so some people say that the mission is more about converting the missionary. (For David, 2 or 3 ACTIVE converts total, in two years, would be small potatoes, I’m sure).

        David called AI boot camp for singers, a mission sounds like 2 years boot camp for Mormons. He stood up to AI pressures, but my point is that a mission is hardly a lower pressure option for him.

        Maybe “burnt out” is too strong, but if 3 years in show business has got him ready for a break, I’m sure after a mission, a career in music would be a piece of cake. Though, as a celebrity, I bet he would be handled with kid gloves, so maybe my point is moot.

      • If he did a mission, I wonder if he’d get special treatment such as being allowed to contact home more often? I am sure that web sites would be totally out.

        I do someone who left the church and had served a mission. I don’t think he left it on bad terms, as he still attends with his family when home.

      • That is interesting information on mormon missions. Sounds like they could be stressful. Thanks cchalo. I was raised Catholic but to be honest I am not as active in the church as I should be. I enjoy learning about other religions .

      • I did see somewhere that the Osmond family were able to visit their sons on their missions in Europe several times, something I doubt would ever happen for normal kids.

        Like Elizabeth Smart, they might allow David to do some form of music to attract attention. And I’m sure he would be sent to a safe place.

      • I just want to add to the discussion that I don’t think that he’s taking a break because his 3 years in show business were too much for him to handle. He said it’s to define his sound and to know what kind of artist he is.
        I think that for being just 17 during AI, he showed a lot of strength. If he was burnt out he didn’t let it show and he stayed gracious till the end. I think that he has a really strong character for someone so young considering the pressure he especially got from the show (being the early front runner, the stage dad rumors, etc).

        A break is good for him right now, even if it’s not a real break because he keeps on working on his music and doing some shows. I think that it’s the best decision he took right after leaving Jive. A new rushed album with no real vision, no marketing plan, would have been worst in term of career progression for him. He has the talent and a unique voice. There’s no one like him in the music biz, he’s not pretending to be the next Justin Timberlake or Michael Buble. What I want to say is that he doesn’t need to take a place already occupied by another artist or try to enter the already too crowded Top 40 club. There’s a place for him in the show business, the one that will fit him and who he is. He just needs to find his sound to produce the right songs for him. There’s no need to rush, the fans who are willing to wait for him we’ll be there when he’s ready. Those who aren’t will be replaced by new ones.

        The only thing I hope that he’ll work on too, is his recurrent problem to find a professional team with good connections and that understand him as an artist and a person. Maybe he’ll meet the right persons or a mentor while working on defining his music. He’s surely going to meet a lot of new people during this process. One can only hope that the stars will align for him just once, he just needs one chance !

      • I forgot to add to this already long comment that I hope he’ll never go the Christian route. Pop music is a really large genre, he doesn’t need to pigeonhole himself ! Also, I don’t think that his current music is the problem, the problem is that almost nobody heard it.

  4. I was just thinking about what David could be doing that he is afraid to do. Maybe he’s trying out for a part in the Book of Mormon or trying out for Oliver-lol. I would love for David to try some acting. It would be fun to see him in a musical.

    • I agree. I wish that David was taking some acting lessons in LA.

      • Yeah, I wonder if he has ever taken acting lessons. He says he would like to do more acting or go on Glee, but now, he’s pretty wooden. (Speaking of Glee–a friend of my daughter’s has a prominent part in the new movie. Have to go see it.)

  5. I forgot to add that I love your dreams HG. I hope you have another good one about David tonight. It keeps us entertained while there is nothing going on in Davidland. We haven’t even heard about David and Charice lately.

  6. Not that I think he’ll go. Not at all. Just speculating “what if?”

  7. You were right HG about your Demi prediction about her weight. I just read this-http://content.usatoday.com/communities/entertainment/post/2011/08/demi-lovato-stop-hating-on-my-weight-/1. I thought she looked great. My niece has gone through treatment for an eating disorder and it is a hard thing to cure. I’m glad Demi is getting the help she needs. I wish her all the best.

    • Seriously 😐 people weight obsession , if they lose some is bad and if they gain some is bad too :/ , when i read HG dream this morning the first thing came to my mind was some David fans from some fan-sites, the ones who think the values of the people are represented by the external presentation …….like i said long time ago, not all what looks like nice , clean and educated are actually nice , clean and educated …….. you never know from who you gonna learn a life lesson …..anyway Demi is a very courageous girl with talent, fighting for her life, that only is better example that many teen can offer to their peers ….oh and her single is Amazing!! 🙂

  8. I will say one more time, David is not easy to understand and can be a little unpredictable lol, sometimes i want to hugging him in a friendly support way, sometimes i want to send him to read his own book and listen his own songs to refresh his memory :|, sometimes i think he has a low ambition with his career, sometimes i think he’s unconsciously more ambitious than the average artist , sometimes i think that he just don’t want to be conscious about his ambitions aka dreams because is afraid to be judged like selfish , some days i think he’s totally independent, but then his very shelter boy image and very controlling entourage makes me think the opposite, many times i think he’s tough and some days i think ‘No way this kid going to resist this all pressure’. 😦

    One thing i’m sure, he has a Beautiful voice and more than that the gift to connect and make feel what he’s is singing 🙂 , is not always about to feel hope, is not about to send the perfect message, but about to maybe help people to make catharsis when they can identified them selves in a song ……. is good to smile , but happiness and unhappiness, broken hearts along with exciting moments are part of the life, then i think he deserve his place in the industry and no human being has the right take away that opportunity from him.

    • tibitibl,
      I think your comments above interpreted HG’s dream. Like all of us, David has positive and negative feelings about everything. Like all of us, he works to avoid recognizing or exposing the negative…he is VERY good at this. My take on the dream was that David Cook represented the “good side” of David and the David that was critical represented his unconscious fears of what others would think of him if he was less then angelic.

      Someone earlier said David’s Character was mature for his age. In my opinion this is true. I think it is probably what most of his fans resonate with. I just hope his career decisions are guided by character rather then guilt.

  9. The Motab songs with David are in Itunes now acoording to twitter, i guess i gonna buy some tracks, i’ll buy the DVD from Amazon in October though 🙂

  10. David’s young and very idealistic. I’m sure his views will change in time. Life has a way of doing that, but I hope he always keeps his optimistic attitude. He needs to realize he can do that and still sing some “angsty” songs.

  11. I just love David Archuleta…he is so real…………Miss Vicki

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