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David Dream Sequence #30

So, David must really be weighing on my subconscious (and not in a good way!) because I had another David Dream last night (which came to me during a pretty quiet and uneventful night – Thank God Hurricane Irene has passed and we’re all here unscathed!).

Anyway, it must have been a combination of the various comments here and private emails sent to me spreading rumors of David making ulterior motives to disappear on us for 2 years on a mission (even though the boy debunked those misleading tweets, is still tweeting us about how busy he is songwriting and is residing in LA – the city where you need to be if you’re pursuing a music career – versus only stopping in Utah for family visits and promptly leaving them when everybody and their dog puts the pressure on him to do his expected mission – Jeez!) as well as my eventually tuning in to MTV’s VMAs to see if I’m missing any watershed moments (Lady Gaga as Joe Calderone?! Really?! A Britney Spears appreciation moment danced by a bunch of tweens and younger? Really?! And only Bruno Mars on hand to do an Amy Winehouse tribute?  Why the heck was Adele not brought out on stage to do a rendition of “Back to Black”? She would have KILLED it!! Ugh!!).

The parade of the latest who’s who in pop music must have made me nostalgic for the Davids when they appeared on MTV in the wake of their American Idol popularity (see above).  Not to mention when I saw Demi Lovato standing next to Selena Gomez, I was thinking, “Dang!  Demi looks great and so healthy with her curves! So glad to see her recovering after her rehab stint.  But standing next to that anorexic-looking Selena, I know TV critics are gonna call Demi ‘fat’ when the problem is that Selena is too skinny!”

As an aside: I’m fearful for Selena; she literally looks like she’s disappearing!  It must be seriously awkward to be in a position where your music career successfully launched because your publicists told you it was a good idea to date a high-profile, ultra popular pipsqueak jerk and so you hold your nose and give him the obligatory kiss whenever he wins an award (can’t anybody see how staged their relationship is?) as you count the ways it pays off since you’re now Hollywood’s “It” girl!  But my goodness, girl, you need to eat you something!  Something tells me she’s the next Disney star to check into rehab (if she’s so lucky).

Anyway, all this a prelude to the dream that unfolded as I drifted off to sleep:

In my dream, both David and Cook were invited to one of those MTV after VMA shows to comment on the show.  The gist of it: Cook was diplomatic, and David Archuleta (yes, our beloved who never has a mean thing to say about anybody!) was a complete judgmental jerk! People were shocked.

He specifically was laying into Demi Lovato and said all kinds of disparaging things about her, like how she was such a “mean girl” when they had toured together and how she’s a “really bad role model for young girls” because how can anybody look up to someone who already checked into rehab before they’re even 21 and how her ‘lifestyle choices” is what led her to need rehab in the first place. And besides all that, he doesn’t approve of “tattoos” on women. (Demi has the words “Stay Strong” tattooed on her wrists – so as to prevent herself from returning to her self-destructive habit of cutting her wrists!).

My head was spinning after that! I mean, I was so excited to see David on my tele, but for him to come on to behave like this! It was so out of character! Worse, Cook came off like the “good guy” because he immediately came to Demi’s defense and kept reminding him that “we’re not here to judge.”  Just… wow!

Needless to say, this appearance was a PR disaster for David, and then everywhere on the Internet, folks were digging up all kinds of information about him and his “over-the-top” religious devotion, which has turned him into a “Jesus Freak.”  There were those who decided it was David, not Demi, that needs to go to a “rehab,” but to undo his “religious brainwashing.” Naturally, all the Archies came to David’s defense in the wake of this negative publicity, but I decided not to come to David’s defense and posted here on Soul David a post titled “DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED IN DAVID.”  My viewership went through the roof, but not in a good way of course, because every other Archie came out of the woods to bash me and accuse me of not being a “true David fan,” whatever the heck that’s even supposed to mean.

I shut everyone down and told them: “The David I’m a fan of would NEVER have gone on TV to berate a fellow music artist, especially one he had opened for on a concert tour! Who is this hacker pretending to be David Archuleta? ‘Cause that ain’t the guy I fell in love with!  I want my old David back ’cause this one ain’t cutting it.  No way am I keeping a fan blog for whoever this David is.  Just not gonna happen!”

And somewhere in the midst of this online rhetorical battle, I woke up.

I’m sure it’s not hard for any of you to deconstruct this baby, huh?