Be Safe! Respect Higher Powers

Presently riding out the storm and taking advantage of my online access while I have it.  I’ve still got the Voice.

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  1. ♫Good night, Irene.♫ NE North Carolina–I made it through the storm without injury or damage to my home. I feel blessed that all I have to do is clean up broken limbs and debris in the yard. Many in our community were not so fortunate.

    Already possessing a “healthy” respect for “Higher Powers”, Irene humbled me with her size and power during her most turbulent outbursts. I think it is a good thing for me to be humble. Then I can feel gratitude more fully. There was a time when I found myself hearing BSMS by the Voice and visualizing his BYU performance. Comforting.

    HG I hope you are safe. I’m praying for you, specially, and for my friend in NYC. “That you will weather this storm with humility and grace and you and your loved ones be comforted by the choicest blessings your “Higher Power” may confer.”

    • glad you made it through… thoughts to everyone impacted.

    • Glad you made it through. So far, things are calming down … still waiting until the night before I declare it’s all over! 🙂

      Thanks for the prayers!

    • Ralpf, Happy for you, happy for many in NC and elsewhere that stayed safe during Irene. It is times like these that I feel humbled by the generosity of others who reach out and lend a hand to those in their community in need of assistance. I am traveling in the mid-west , thus helpless in protecting my home away from home on the Outer Banks from Irene. I thank my Higher Power for good neighbors, kind enough to “batten down the hatches” on my home before they evacuated. Thanks to their efforts there was very little damage.

      Best wishes to those involved with the storm and prayers that they be as blessed as me.

      All this stress makes me feel a need for a David concert. Can anyone think of a better antidote then The voice live? I’m thinking AZ will be perfect.

  2. During this slow time in Davidland, AFS has a post with pictures of David in all the leather jackets he has worn. It’s something mindless and fun to look at today.

  3. Totally off topic here but the MTV music video awards are on tonight and I so agree Adam Levine’s comments about them. He said : @adamlevine
    the VMA’s. one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music.
    I did not copy the whole tweet because he did use profanity. lol Any way I agree with him. I’m old enough to remember actual music videos being aired along with VJs on MTV. It supposed to stand for Music Television. It’s now more like Muck Television. lol I am glad David is not there.

  4. Hope everybody is doing well tonight, even in my place we had a very windy and rainy day enough to keep us inside all the day :/

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