David Dream Sequence #29

What a strange dream I had last night!  Yep, it was another David Dream.

Except in this dream, only his Voice made an appearance.  I dreamed that I was in a parking garage and went to retrieve my car but got caught in a gridlock!  I was stuck in my car with the radio on, just trying to get out of the parking garage, and the news said the traffic jam was spread for miles. There was no real explanation I remembered (probably my subconscious absorbing all the news of folks evacuating the eastern seaboard areas in preparation for Hurricane Irene’s arrival).

While I was in my car listening to the radio, David came on! He was talking to the DJ about his  plans to star in the remake of the movie musical Oliver! “What?!” I replied incredulously! “David, you’re too old for that role! And I don’t know any really good songs from the musical.”

Well, I’ve always enjoyed “Food, Glorious Food”:

Still,  I was concerned that this was a bad career move.  I mean, I more than anyone would love for David to be on the big screen and in a movie musical that would show off his Voice.

But in a movie musical starring a little boy when he’s 20 going on 21 (which is to say: he’s NOT a little boy!).  While listening to this radio program, still stuck in traffic, I was shaking my head in disagreement.

And then I woke up.

Oliver! Oliver?!  Really?  What in the world does this dream even mean?


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  1. I have no idea what your dream means HG, but I would love for David to be a part of a musical (just not Oliver).

    Since on the last thread we were talking about David and Sunny writing Christmas songs, here are Sunny’s latest tweets:

    @geomakk @Shell_eeeyyy @HanneDenmark Haha, yes, that awesome rock is by my vocal booth. Singers love taking a photo of it:)

    What a blessed day to be alive, to be a writer, to be a friend – 2 songs were born on this day in the city of angels. ♥ ♪


    @suttygal Lol, I did have X-mas lights on today & served my collaborator eggs with Ella & Nat caroling on the turntable:)

    Looks like SoulDavid posters are very psychic!

    • Her tweets are so sweet they make my teeth hurt. But she must be kind of a respite for him away from a bit of a messy family life–all positivity and support and nature (see the back yard photos: http://twitpic.com/693jyo ) and all the music he could dream of.

      • Excellent point, IMO.

        (The Christmas songs may make your teeth hurt as well.)

      • She may well turn out to be the best person he could be spending time with right now. I don’t know anything; just speaking from my gut.

      • I am starting to think that Sunny is a respite for David too. The tweets and songs do make your teeth hurt. lol

  2. I also think that David’s fame has been hard on the Archuleta siblings. I don’t know about his sisters but I think Daniel would like a career in music too. In the early days of David’s career Jeff and Daniel were on twitter with David’s fans following them. Jeff tweeted about getting recording stuff for the home studio for David and Daniel. Also, David said that Daniel was a good song writer and that Daniel had fans of his own. I remember thinking to myself that actually Daniel had David’s fans following him and not really his own fans. Then everything blew up with Jeff and David’s family was off limits. I also remember Claudia and “pajama-gate” when she supposedly posted pictures of David in his pajamas online.

    • To many little episodes, but i still don’t not sure about the reason for this last one. To me looks like a legit concern….. or a least give some sense to David last days silence about his career and moves ….. so can be something or can be nothing ….if he’s leaving or not still the big speculation of the year. 😐

      • I don’t think that the hacker needs any other reason than causing trouble. Remember when Jeff’s twitter account was hacked ? The hacker “revealed” that David had his first kiss or something like that. At that time, David was constantly asked about his first kiss and the hacker knew it was a sensitive topic. I think it’s the same situation now. After leaving his label and management, the rumor was that he’s quitting music to go on a mission. It’s just the new sensitive topic in the Archieland. (Or maybe I just don’t want to believe it and I’m trying to convince myself lol)

  3. I just have to make this comment with all this discussion about whether David is going on a mission or not. You sure the musical in your dream was not “The Book Of Mormon.” lol No offense to anyone as I hear it is a great show and I want to see it. I love the “I Believe” song.

    • Heh, I would love for David to be cast as the lead in The Book of Mormon! 😛

      The question is: Does David have enough of a sense of humor to appear in a show that openly makes fun of his faith, even though, at the end of it all, it still affirms the LDS church?

      • Hg Exactly what I was thinking.

      • I don’t think he does.

        It seems that he never questions religious authorities, not even slightly (for which reason he may have a need to question everyone else, including record labels and professional managers).

        Just my impression.

      • That’s probably very true, Peter. I wish it were otherwise, but I think “Works for Me” is more about “the world may think it’s weird, but it works for me”, than about thinking for himself on religious matters.

      • I mean “the world may think *my church* is weird, but. . .

      • For example, he suddenly refused to promote SBL, after it had already been selected as the lead single, and ended up sabotaging his career.

      • Unfortunately, I think you may be right Peter. It would be such a smart and bold career move but it would not happen.

      • His refusal to stay on task and promote SBL really bothered me.

      • No way that’s gonna happen HG lol, and i agree with Peter in this one . 😐 ….. follow David is a very interesting and learning experience.

      • Following his career is becoming a very frustrating and exhausting experience. It would be easier if he wasn’t so talented.

  4. Your are projecting his next move lol, is very idol contestant to go Broadway when their career go a little down , but i hope not David ….i will love his voice is a Pixar/Disney film though 🙂

  5. stay tuned to the contuing saga of archuleta,will he or won,t he lol

    • ……As the World of David Turns………lol

      ♫♫ I was flippin’ channels on my television
      And it made me feel unwell
      One of those complicated soap operas
      I almost felt like I was watching myself ♫♫

  6. He probably felt like stomping a few roses after the “hacker” incident. Well, at least we know he is probably working on Christmas music for hopefully an EP and a Christmas tour. After that…who knows? Mission or not? My hope is a new music, new label, new management.

    • That would be a great scenario, but from what I can tell, work to lay that foundation before Asia has suddenly halted.

    • My hope would be Columbia records and working with producer Rick Rubin like his friends The Civil Wars. Rick is Adele’s music producer and he is the vice president of Columbia Records. Very talented and cool guy. I like this recent pic of Joy Williams with Rick Rubin. I just wish it was David. Hope springs eternal. lol http://tcwtour.tumblr.com/post/9388819016/rick-rubin-shangri-la-studios-malibu-ca

      • ITA Marie !

        The Civil Wars are making great moves for their career. Opening for Adele (one of the best artist right now) and working with her great producer. They are actually making things happen for them.
        I don’t know why it’s always so difficult for David. He has the talent, it’s undeniable, but I don’t think that he has the right persons who can make things happen for him too. Maybe that will change when he’ll be ready to present his new music.

      • religion & family seem to both be barriers at the moment

      • Shanny in Australia

        Burkey, hmmm….maybe, maybe not. Very subjective and wide ranging topic that.

  7. freo, is there anything positive in your vision of the direction that David is going? Just seems like so much negative and down, down, down. How about some “other side of down” comments for a change?

    • Sorry, I call it how I see it and ignore it if you choose. I am actually a positive person, though.

    • Ummmm. well …….what direction? 😐 , you don’t asked to me , but i think Freo has a very sincere concern about all this last rumors and like Freo , many of his fans, happen that just some ones have the courage lol, to talk about …..in the other hand is good to have people like you and others that help a little bit with the balance in the fanbase 😉

  8. Here’s some positive news. David had a small photo shoot recently that he tweeted about. They did add merchandise to buy to his OS. It would be nice if the photo shoot was so he’d have some new pictures for t-shirts to sell at the OS. Hopefully that Christmas tour will be announced. Fans are getting the MOTAB DVD with David and everyone loves it. He will be on T.V. again with the MOTAB performances, the Fox show, and another skating show.

    • And he’ll be in AZ soon.

      Maybe an “adventurous” fan will ask his super talkative manager about this mission thing and the rumor about David leaving for 2 years. And if it happens, his answer will be so ambiguous that we’ll keep on speculating about it lol.
      Or David will be doing interviews for the AZ show and he’ll reassure everybody about his intention of making music (but he can also say something really vague as usual and we’ll keep on speculating lol).

      You can tell that the only thing that I’m sure about is that we’ll continue talking and speculating about anything related to David Archuleta lol

      • These are all definite possibilities! The show will be covered by the local newspaper, at least, and it’s possible he will be interviewed. I never even thought about his father being there at the show! 🙂

        Collegemom, if it turns out that the vision is more positive than I am imagining, I promise that I will go to our local ice cream shop (which I love!) and order their big turtle Sunday. 🙂

  9. TBH, I don’t think he stopped building the foundation for his music career after Asia. I don’t see anything pointed to that. He just tweeted yesterday about writing new songs. Before going to Asia he said he was taking a break to define his sound. The only thing he was doing was writing songs by himself and he also had a few meetings in Nashville with writers and producers. The rest of the time he was mostly rehearsing with his band to prepare for the future shows (MB, SOF, and the Asian Tour). He also was working on the ATE songs.
    I don’t think that anything changed for the moment. He’s probably working on releasing new Christmas songs and doing the promo for the MoTab CD. Nothing shows right now that after what he’s doing now, he won’t come back to Nashville to work on his future album. I just don’t see anything unusual in his comportment right now. He didn’t even go directly to Utah after Asia, he stayed a few days in CA and had some meetings there.

    I think that things are just slow regarding his career and not just after Asia but since he released TOSOD and parted ways with Jive. The hacker’s tweets are installing doubts in people minds and now we “try” to prove what he/she tweeted. I think that there was only one hacker, that’s why I can’t take seriously his/her contradictory tweets.
    And I don’t believe anyone pretending being a family member or pretending knowing things nobody else knows. It happened in the past, it’s still happening now.

    • Maybe our standards for the pace of David’s career are a little too high after the AI whirlwind. Some top artists are going at a breakneck speed all of the time, but I agree with grammyj, things are progressing pretty well for him. It seems like he can sustain a career doing what he’s doing now, especially if his focus is more on making a contribution, than on becoming a super-star.

      Off-topic, to continue Sunny-stalking, I noticed that she tweeted Hike_LA who have hikes in the LA area–probably David’s recent get-away hike was related to that, and he hiked with Sunny. Also she often retweets Maria Shriver–perhaps she’s the connection that got David the gig at the state capitol.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Amen Cmoi. I think the current scenario you painted is the most likely one considering all the info out there.

      Also..by way of general comment…David does have a little drama circling around him from time to time (who doesn’t) but it is by far and away, mostly the fans over-reactions to everything that creates the vast majority of the drama.

  10. Most famous quote from “Oliver Twist”: “Please Sir, I want some more.”

  11. Dang it, David! Just sign with someone!! That will get rid of all the speculation! (For a day or two, until we come up with something else to talk about…)

  12. burkey Says ”religion & family seem to both be barriers at the moment”

    How sad is that? shouldn’t be like that , but is sadly true , maybe even for the future too :\

    • but is sadley true,and you know this how,another statement with no facts,speculation,like embe i tell it like i see it,labels now days are all about over night sensations, no long time careers,

      • There are many many artists that are with labels that have long time careers. Even the indie labels go through the major labels for distribution of their music. You have to have them to release music so I guess they are a somewhat of a necessary evil . lol

  13. HG, you have very interesting dreams! I think the fact that you’ve had 29 of them shows how important a part of your life he is. I think this particular dream reflects anxiety about Davids ability to make good career choices at this point. With a family and friends team, who knows what they might encourage him to do? ‘Oliver’ has a great message…. and when you focus on message over great music…
    Or maybe it’s just my anxiety talking…

  14. It’s stuff like this that keeps me from worrying about whether David will leave us or not.

    “I actually got to ask the second last question of the night! I asked him why it is that we’ve been seeing more of him lately, and he thought for a while, then asked if I meant here in Asia, or elsewhere, and I said even in the United States too (compared to the periods of Archu-drought we’ve had).

    He thought for a while, then said that he wasn’t doing it consciously, but he just “goes with the flow” – ‘til you get your feet back on the ground… haha – and sees “where life takes you… Sometimes you just can’t help it.” He continued that by saying, “Really, Alicia, it’s the fans. They are the motivating factor when it comes to music, I think, because they are the ones who listen, and they are the ones who motivate you to work harder and do more.”


    • If he cares so much for the fans & they are the one who motivate him, all the more, I think that he will not be leaving for a mission. He has close to 3 mill (Facebook & twitter) fans & it’s takes three years to build up this fan base. Will these fans be still here if he disappears & stop doing music for 2 years? Does not make sense at all!

      • No, I don’t think that many of David’s fans will be there for him if he disappears in 2 years. I really believe that it is very important for him to make a move right now and sign with a label/management while he has the opportunity. IMO He can regain those fans that are no longer interested if he makes a move now but he can’t if he waits much longer. It did not bother me when David left Jive. It bothered me when David said he had the chance to sign with other labels ,indie or major, and he did not. Even thought he is young how often does an artist have those opportunities? I still have my doubts about his going on a mission because David is aware of how the music industry works even if I don’t “get” his choices. It was just stated in the comments that this discussion would end if David would just sign with someone. lol

      • even though

  15. I think that if David feels that God is calling him to go on a mission he will go. He auditioned for Idol because he felt that God wanted him to audition. Going on a mission seems to be such an important part of the Mormon religion so that is why so many of us (David’s fans) worry that he will go. He is such a devout Mormon that I just feel he is really conflicted about this.

    • I agree he may be conflicted, not only because he’s devout , but because look like he’s really really convinced that is a requirement to step up om his spiritual life. At the end of the day is only him who can help him-self to go out of whatever conflict he is having and confront the people who can think he’s unworthy if he don’t go on mission on the traditional fashion.

  16. Yes, his leaving does not make sense given all the things he’s said in the past. If communication is key, he should clear up the rumors specifically and indicate if he’s going or not. If not before AZ, he or his helper/manager will most certainly be asked.

  17. By posting that quote I was trying to show you why I don’t think David’s going on a mission. It had nothing to do with whether or not his fans will stick around after a few years of absence.

    I have never read or heard anything indicating that David would be leaving show business anytime soon. He has been asked about his future plans many times during this summer and not once has he said anything that might suggest he wouldn’t be continuing with music. I really don’t see how little “clues” here and there can overrule David’s own statements. But if one feels comfortable speculating or if it keeps one entertained, I guess it’s none of my business.

    • embe86,i am with you on this lol plus i havent seen any clues he is leaving,just the opposite

    • I think the same. Looking at it from several perspectives it doesn’t make sense:

      1) From the perspective of his desire to do the greatest good in the world, he can reach far more people in his career, than going door-to door. He has 3 million followers in social media forums, and I’m sure he receives many more letters and religious contacts than we’re aware of. Also, his performances are mostly charity-related lately.

      2) From the perspective of him looking at his own aptitudes and skills, he says that he always thought he wasn’t skilled enough verbally. I think he said that he had worried about how well he might do on a mission with his shyness and tendency to be tongue-tied, which he sometime is, even now. That’s why I’ve said in past posts that he might be relieved not to go, and why his hacker teased him by saying “excited NOT to go”.

      3) From the perspective of his leaders, he is this generation’s Donny Osmond. I don’t see any comparable young high-profile faithful LDS artists. I doubt they would encourage him to risk his career and high visibility to disappear for two years, especially after the triumph of his MOTAB performance. (Unless they think him going on a mission would give them some temporary pro-mission publicity, but I hope not).

      4) I know his image is one of extreme selflessness, but from the perspective of his own musical development, having two years of NO contact with his peers or with secular music would be really tough for him, especially given his “walking juke-box” skills. Highly structured all day proselytizing, six days a week, no radio, TV, etc. leaves no time for music, practice, or song-writing.

      5) From the perspective of career and future income for his family, it would be a risk. Would he be able to come back when things are already at an ebb?

      6) From a security and safety perspective, I don’t know where in the world he could go. Elizabeth Smart was sent to play her harp and proselytize strangers on the streets in Paris, but she doesn’t have hordes of screaming fans.

      I can’t think of any more for now.

      years rego

      • don’t know what “years rego” is

      • LOL cchalo you are good being specified in your analyse . i agree with you and Embe that is not evidence about, but the hacker comment wake up that old ghost and speculation is inevitable , same that fact many will go to see and research what is the issue with the mission thing and will find all kind of comments about, i’m sure people is acting with sincere concern , in my case the last part of your 4. point is one of the two ones that make me worry about…I’ll say that I’m 60/40 now in my position lol 🙂

      • For me #3 is the biggie.

      • Good points, which is why a decision to leave on one (if it has been done) makes no sense. Only he knows.

      • cchalo , yes i mean the number three is the one that worry me the most ….not the four. 🙂

  18. Thanks for posting the link to that interview. If the mission rumor is true, something changed after Asia or he had been thinking about and Asia clinched it.

  19. Well, I love David’s voice and great heart. His performances on American Idol were magical and it was a delight to follow his success in the following two years. After that his mismanaged career has been in a slow decline and I just don’t see it recovering. His fan sites have been disappearing. I am amazed he has so many followers on twitter and facebook. If he ever comes out with new music I will certainly buy it but even though I come to this site almost daily, it has come to be slightly depressing due to the always present questioning of what the heck’s up with David due to lack of career management and any semblance of a professional spokesperson in control of his announcements (or lack thereof).
    No offense to anyone.

  20. HG.
    your dream means, changes, many changes, big changes.

  21. Dream analysis time.
    So, you are in a parking garage(inactive place), you want to move but find gridlock(obstacles, powerlessness) you are stuck (ineffective) and the situation is spreading (others experience). Wonder if this is the DA fan dilemma speaking. Or…
    Wonder if this is what your empathy tells you his life is like.

    You hear only Davids voice describing plans to “star” as Oliver (a child). You think he is too old for the role and that he is making a mistake. There seems to be some suggestion of his decisions being regressive (developmentally immature for his age). The head shaking seems to indicate dissatisfaction with his decisions. I can almost hear you thinking “don’t be so naive, idealistic” but that’s probably my projection.

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