Daily Archives: August 27, 2011

David Dream Sequence #29

What a strange dream I had last night!  Yep, it was another David Dream.

Except in this dream, only his Voice made an appearance.  I dreamed that I was in a parking garage and went to retrieve my car but got caught in a gridlock!  I was stuck in my car with the radio on, just trying to get out of the parking garage, and the news said the traffic jam was spread for miles. There was no real explanation I remembered (probably my subconscious absorbing all the news of folks evacuating the eastern seaboard areas in preparation for Hurricane Irene’s arrival).

While I was in my car listening to the radio, David came on! He was talking to the DJ about his  plans to star in the remake of the movie musical Oliver! “What?!” I replied incredulously! “David, you’re too old for that role! And I don’t know any really good songs from the musical.”

Well, I’ve always enjoyed “Food, Glorious Food”:

Still,  I was concerned that this was a bad career move.  I mean, I more than anyone would love for David to be on the big screen and in a movie musical that would show off his Voice.

But in a movie musical starring a little boy when he’s 20 going on 21 (which is to say: he’s NOT a little boy!).  While listening to this radio program, still stuck in traffic, I was shaking my head in disagreement.

And then I woke up.

Oliver! Oliver?!  Really?  What in the world does this dream even mean?