Christmas in August

So, because David said he’s listening to Christmas music, it put me in the mind of returning to CFTH and his MTC performances on You Tube (not to mention there’s the DVD/CD order I’ve got to put in!).

Imagine my surprise, then, when I came across my very own video that I put together in honor of his “Cat and the Mouse” performance and saw that it has already tracked more than 11,000 views!

When did THAT happen? 😀

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  1. This is my favorite song from that MoTab performance. 🙂

  2. raelovingangels

    HG and anyone else on the East Coast- in the path of Irene- stay safe!

  3. HG – I hadn’t seen this video – such lovely images for this song. Bravo!

  4. Irene looks scary !! 😐

    Christmas songs are good, i still believing David gonna do a last tour before to go …… so i hope for his fans that he put all the energy to go to many places this time and allow his hardcore fandom to see him, could be a bittersweet tour this time …….i mean IF he is leaving. that still an strong possibility. 😐

    • Is there really some new, credible information–other than a hacker’s tweets that he’s NOT going–to keep this mission thing under discussion? I thought it was pretty well discredited.

      • If he were to go because of such strong pressure, it would put the lie to “Works for Me” or “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, or even his old song, “Don’t Tell Me”. I always assumed that they weren’t just about record executives, but all authority, especially given his church’s strong emphasis on obedience.

      • Other than the “hacker” tweets (possibly from siblings), there is no evidence to suggest he is going. As of four weeks ago he shared plans to release new music in the near future, his desire to continue music in the near future. Things don’t change that fast, I don’t think. Of course, so-called insiders and sibs have been online in various sites every night claiming he is going.

        I would say to not believe anything online (especially in chats) when it comes to him and this issue. The info should come from him or a PR person. Does he currently have a professional spokesperson with CAA?

  5. Lovely pictures to handle this down time, go to the end of the page 😉

  6. To Ray (from the previous thread):

    No, I do not think fans shouldn’t buy multiple copies of David’s releases. What I meant was that I don’t think it’s necessary to buy tens and tens of copies of albums/books/etc. just to increase his numbers, because in the end it’s just kidding oneself. But to buy them to give to others and spread the joy – I’m all for it.

  7. Sigh. I don’t know why people are worrying about this “mission” thing.

    David already let us know that information was “fake” and sent out by a “hacker.”

    What more do fans want?

    • I echo what you said previously, don’t feel the trolls and folks such searching for attention. This always happens when he goes home.

    • He never said the information was fake, he let us know that his ‘A Particular crazy fan was hacking into his twitter account’ with ‘LOL’ at the end .

      IDK if the information is true or not , but the general consensus is that something go on, IDF has long story with sib and fam releasing information, and is not the first time he left his account open in home either , so maybe is because that many of us still skeptical or expectant about the all thing.
      I agree the rumors doesn’t match with his latest statement , follow your dreams, don’t let anybody to tell you can’t , etc, etc, etc ….. we’ll see what happens when the promo for the MoTab release start and then …….. we can still speculating, look like is the way to go in the particular World of the Archie Fandom lol.

  8. HG–Been following this “mission” thing…sigh, sigh. I don’t want any more from David than he is willing to give and do not “worry” whether or not he will serve. I’ve Irene to prepare for right now as I live only 100 miles from the Outer Banks, NC.

    I appreciate all the fans expressing their views on SD. Being the silent type, I tend to listen more than speak out. Thanks, HG, for the video and your blog. David…and you are one of a kind.

  9. I have a few thoughts on it that I’d like to add, but of course I’m at work so it won’t be ’til tonight…Why does real life always have to interfere? lol

  10. Freo, where have you seen “sibs” saying that he’s going on a mission? Just curious. Perhaps the hacker is just persistent and really is a “crazier” fan than normal.

    There just aren’t enough facts to support the mission theory to me. Any ideas for another topic to discuss? (Unless, of course, you all still want to talk about the mission, by all means, go ahead.)

    Stay safe, Ralph, and everyone in Irene’s path.

    • yea freo what sites,let the rest of us know ok

      • The site is, but I am being very skeptical of any info that I read online, unless from him or an official rep.

      • There are a lot of trolls online and attention seekers. It’s easy to hide behind a screen name and pretend being someone else lol

        PS : David should do a private show at Buckingham Palace ! I’ll be in the front row lol

      • Thanks freo. If memory serves, there were some things said there in the past by someone claiming to be Claudia. Can’t remember whether it really turned out to be her or not.

        Glad to hear that the Queen of England is such a fan. 🙂

      • Yes, anyone can pretend to be anything online.

      • It seems like Claudia’s name has come up frequently with issues with fans in the past. Hope that everything is not true or at least resolved with her.

      • I’m not surprised Utahmom (about the Queen), I heard that she always buys multiple copies of his CDs.

        About the trolls, I remember when Jeff’s twitter account was supposedly hacked and that he closed it soon after that incident lol. I think that his siblings likes to mess with the fans and that they used to lurk a lot at the fansites (at least IDF and FOD). I also remember when Claudia was being rude to the fans at IDF because some public facebook pics of David with his family were posted there lol.
        So much drama in the archiefandom lol

  11. That is cool to have over 11,000 views HG! I remember that video-very nice. (Just can’t bring myself to watch Christmas videos or listen to Christmas music in August. I probably won’t even open CFTH until October.) I’m a bad fan…

  12. I wish there was some tour news to talk about. Hopefully David is still going to do the Christmas tour. I thought he would be touring a lot more this year. As far as the mission goes, it would not surprise me if it turns out to be true. He’s a very devout Mormon and if it is possible for him to go I think he will. He could have changed his mind from what he said in previous interviews. I really thought he was going after he parted ways with WEG and Jive, but did not at that time so I hope I’m wrong again and he doesn’t go.

  13. Saw a tweet this morning that made me wonder if “crazier” fan hacker was actually a JB fan — has he not said they were crazier than his fans? LOL. And IDK. Just thought it was interesting.

  14. @DavidArchie
    Gonna start on writing a song today. Let’s see how it goes!

    At least we know whether he goes on a mission or not that he’s still working on music. 🙂

    • it’s probably a song about going on a mission lol (I’m just kidding !)

      In a serious note, I really think that he’s going to release a new song for Christmas. He hinted about releasing something for his supportive fans in one of his last interviews and a new song while preparing a tour would help him create some buzz (or a 4 songs EP to add to CFTH). Maybe Sunny can help him with the writing (I’m serious here lol), I’m sure she can write a good Christmas song and David seems to stay with her a lot when he’s in CA. A song about Angels, I’m sure that she can do a fabulous job lol

      • I am positive that if Sunny is involved the song would be about Angels. Without a doubt. lol

      • I just saw that they posted about the possibility of a new Christmas release at FOD. It seems that we have our little Charice obsession here and they have the Jennette one lol. If he had to do a duet, I’d love it to be with someone who can really sing and more popular than him. Someone who can help him attract a new audience.

      • Talking about Charice i find this in Sunny tweets, don’t know what means but idolfan will be happy 🙂 ……. and Gina not 😐

        ”@SunnyHilden : Charice restarted tracks for 2 songs last night, but no one minded, ’cause Sunshine☼ Corazon♥ can saaaang. ♪ What a voice.”

        And i said before that others are obssesed with Jeannette lol…….. but i hope he can duet and recording something with a different girl like Alison Sudol aka AFineFrenzi , Shontelle or even the girl who opened his concert in Asia, will be nice the hear , if he has the time and is allowed to do it.

  15. OT but I was reading the lyrics of Everything and More while listening to the song and they describe an almost similar feeling as in Zero Gravity and Parachutes and Airplanes. It’s like for David, love = levitation or being high lol (I’m aware that it’s a very random comment lol)

  16. Also OT: Re-watching David’s wisdom tooth blog, as I’m now taking care of my daughter who had hers out this morning.

  17. Nice video HG. Just got my Glad Christmas Tidings today and have watched it twice. So nice to relive that experience. Very well done. Features all of the songs David sang and includes a nice little interview where he talks of the experience.(the talk spot includes clips of the songs he sang as well)
    Highly recommended for fans and anyone else that appreciates christmas music and the choir.

  18. Love a comment GG made recently re:discussion in the fandom reminding her of the Movie: Groudhog Day.

  19. David just tweeted and sent an angel picture:

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Nothing is written in stone.
    And so did Sunny :SunnyHilden

    They probably are writing a Christmas song about angels-lol.

  20. raelovingangels

    lol cmoi…
    Since we are talking Christmas- any thoughts about how those 5000 signed MTC CD’s will be distributed? I was wondering if it may be through PBS- with a donation?

    • That would be cool ! but do they accept international donations or just from the US ? I haven’t ordered mine yet but I’d love to have a signed one.

  21. raelovingangels

    Oh and PS HG: That video of the cat and mouse is simply lovely. II am not surprised it has 11,000 views.

  22. Well, it looks like David and Sunny wrote two songs:


    So started with one song, and ended up with 2. Good day! Haha

    Wonder if they’re both Christmas songs about angels-lol.

    • Oh Uh 😐 , Well at least cheesy fit in Christmas Music ………………………… and In Country lol, But David is not doing country , so not problem with this combo here 🙂

  23. I hope everyone that lives in the path of Irene stays safe. I am lucky that I won’t be directly effected by the Hurricane where I live but I know many others are. I believe both songs have to be Christmas songs about angels. lol

  24. ‘K. Sorry so late responding to this. Been a little busy lately. And I’m a bit under the weather, so this might not come out right. My thinking is that he is going to go. Because:

    (1) In Asia, he gave 110% and said he felt like he was singing for the last time. He also blew kisses (which he never does), and got a little emotional during “Heaven”.

    (2) I can’t remember where, but he said that after Asia, he was going to Nashville to start writing right away. It didn’t happen.

    (3) He had been so excited in his vlogs before Asia, talking about his strategy, building the foundation, finding his direction…Now, he doesn’t talk about that. He isn’t talking about music at all. (Except for tonight’s tweets) He just doesn’t seem to have those same plans anymore.

    (4) The “hacking”, lol. I don’t think it’s coincidence that it happened when everything got eerily quiet on his end. When his siblings did something like this before, what they said turned out to be true. And it’s possible that the tweet was designed so that his fans would say, “No, don’t go.”

    ((5) Again, the quietness. Usually if there’s something he wants to clear up, he’ll do it. And when he doesn’t talk, he’s avoiding something, lol. It could be that he’s been told he can’t make an announcement yet.

    idk. It’s like everything he was planning on just stopped, & he’s in a holding pattern waiting to go either somewhere else or…nowhere.


    • I hate to say it, but my thinking on this topic changed today. I agree with you that he is going to go early next year.

    • Guess i’m 70/30 in favor of you theory lol, i said many times before that David is unpredictable , we don’t know what he gonna do next and tbh i think neither him 🙂

      Many of his adult fans still in denial that he can be confused about what he wants (Pretty.normal. at his age), maybe receiving confusing signals about, feeling the pressure to be the perfect example for his group of peers ….Yes he’s smart and wise, but still young and human …… and manipulable 😉

      I just think that by his answers to the Mission question, he seems like he’s feeling guilty ? all the time, like he’s trying to explain that is not his fault to find this kind of success before his 19 anniversary, ‘Why is this happening to me’ , i was not expeccting to be famous a this age. …….Can be very difficult to live with that . 😦

      IDK anymore , I just hope he can make the peace with his own feelings and ghost that don’t let him move on easily and to continue his life.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I think for every piece of evidence we can come up with for David going on a mission, we can come up with a piece of evidence indicating he is not planning on a mission.

      And personally, I think the evidence for him not going on a mission is harder than the evidence for him going.

    • Excellent points, IMO.

      I’m absolutely sure he’s going on a mission.

      Everything suddenly started to make sense after the tweets. It is my impression that his mind has been elsewhere for quite a while now.

      Let’s see what happens.

  25. I figure that Sunny Hilden is in a position to know whether David’s going on a mission or not,and she tweeted about “imagining a future that’s as untrue as a hacker’s tweets” and not to worry. It’s possible she was misleading us, but I hope not.

  26. I think that a lot of the speculation on what David is doing comes from the fact that he has no label or management which is his choice. IMO that is why his music career seems to be at a stand still because it is. lol You need to be surrounded by professionals not family members in order to be a successful or even a semi successful music artist IMO. IDK what he is doing but I hope David makes some changes if he wants to be a music artist. Otherwise he should go to college or even a mission if that is what he wants to do.

    • Honestly, I tend to think he is not going. I do think David sees his music as a way to reach out to others in a positive way. That is why David could not possibly fit into the mold that Jive wanted in order to make money.

  27. Here’s the part that’s bugging me the most. He was SO excited about going to Asia. He had all these meetings & seemed like he knew exactly what he wanted & how he was going to get there. Then bam.

    So my question is…if he’s actually leaving, exactly whose decision was this? And I can’t imagine what he must be going through inside. 😦

    • Someone is excited when they are able accomplish something they had been wanting to do, likely for quite a while.

      • Rae- Well, if he is going, I hope he has a Plan B for when he comes back. ‘Cuz he’ll need it…

      • Actually by my remark, I meant that he likely has been wanting to return to Asia for some time- a part of the world that has been so supportive. He wanted to really spend time there and meet the fans- and as he said give them new music. If he is leaving- that would be something to accomplish before he did. My feeling is that it is a possibility. But I would imagine there would be security issues and placement issues- so maybe the church leadership is trying to dissuade him. I don’t know if there is any middle ground on this type of thing- I would think there may be?
        We know he has trouble with decisions- “No I can’t make up my mind” If this is something he needs to do, then he should do it. As I said before regret is not a thing to carry around with you, On the other hand, if he does not do it, he needs to have a peace about it- because again- regret in not smartly and wisely pursuing a career that you feel God called you to, is also wasting something you were called to do.

      • ”’On the other hand, if he does not do it, he needs to have a peace about it- because again- regret in not smartly and wisely pursuing a career that you feel God called you to, is also wasting something you were called to do.”

        Totally agree !

    • Yes, it seemed to have happened suddenly, or at least the announcement did. If this is true, he seems to have a tendency to blindside folks with decisions. That he did not refute the tweets is telling. I am thinking he is not officially allowed to announce something yet.

      • Do you know something the rest of us don’t? You said your thinking did a 180 degree turnaround…. based on what?

  28. Looking up Sunny’s tweets got me thinking: I’m positive the hacker was a sibling looking for attention. I know–duh. Like someone on IDF said, “you must be new around here. . .[if you don’t think it was a sib]”. Lol.

    Anyway, there are several reasons:

    1) Sunny said “a tear rolled down my cheek. An angel shouldn’t need a zillion digit password.” Why else would a hacker make her cry, if it weren’t the betrayal of a sibling? Needing a zillion digit password is hardly something to cry over in a 1 AM emergency call.

    2) She said “Thank you for. . .respecting family. . .with extra prayers for those who don’t know how.” HE respects his family, even if they apparently don’t respect him.

    3) I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to be the sibling of a rich and famous young man. My kids are typical kids with part-time minimum wage jobs and they’re grateful to have them. What if they had a brother bringing in millions? They’d have to be incredibly well-adjusted to have any perspective about that.

    4) What if they aspired to a music career, but a brother just had an amazing Asian tour, with mob scenes at airports and screaming girls everywhere?

  29. 5) What better way to get back at said screaming fans than to say, “. . .sorry, he’s leaving music?”

  30. 6) What better way to embarrass a very devout, respectful brother than to make him sound irreverent by saying he’s “excited NOT to go on a mission”?

    OK. I guess I’m done :).

  31. No, one more thing. . . the fact that the hacker’s tweets don’t make any sense–they’re not consistent– means that they were just making it up as they went along. What got the best reaction was saying he’s going on a mission, so that’s what they’ve continued to spread around.

    • Very excellent points, cc! Especially your insight into Sunny’s tweet about family. That really made a lot of sense. We have seen evidence of his family being disrespectful of David in the past. Sharing private info and pics. Berating fans online. Hacking his twitter. I mentioned a bit ago that his own dad was openly saying and doing things David didn’t want him to. That attitude pretty much sends a message to his siblings that it’s okay to pick on David. This really could have been more of the same.

      • I agree. I am also aware of all these issues. This is just one more reason for me that David should not have any type family management for his music career. His career has been negatively impacted because he’s had family management and it continues to be. Sunny’s tweets are very telling.

      • I mentioned a bit ago that his own dad was openly saying and doing things David didn’t want him to. That attitude pretty much sends a message to his siblings that it’s okay to pick on David.


      • I have mixed feelings about Jeff. I kind of like that he’s chatty and open, and I can see myself saying something like “Oh the kids wouldn’t like me saying this but. . . ”

        On the other hand his tweets rubbed me the wrong way and seemed overly righteous.

    • Actually, Sunny also changed that respecting family tweet to read; “extra prayers for those HACKERS who don’t know how.” hmmm–sounds even more obvious to me…

      Sunny sure seemed pretty upset about the hacking incident, because she’s mentioned it quite a few times: “Repairman: “2 x 4’s are really 1 1/2 x 3 1/2” Me: “Huh?? They’re pretending to be something they’re not? Like a hacker?” lol” Why does she keep bringing it up? Maybe it’s just cuz it gets comments from fans? Or is there more to it? Now you’ve got me thinking, cc…

  32. Cchalo you made many interesting points, i thought my self his sib were making moves again lol, one of them even insulted him on twitter :/, but this time the move was in group that make the all thing different and usually is because they’re reacting to something .
    And yes Sunny answer on twitter kind of confirmed to me that family was involved in his episode ….. the only thing came to my mind was the DJ party in his own village, if i remember the guy was even demanding money for a M&G for people to access to David, and we all know who was part of this…..but is this enough?

    BUT, man David is not the only young celebrity having sib’s , but they are for sure the most active lol, is hard to believe they are doing all this just for the pleasure to giving him a hard time with his fans …. to me if they were the ones making this up, their reason still confusing.

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