In Memoriam: Nick Ashford

I imagine when David says he’s a “soul singer,” this is the kind of “soul” he had in mind.  They don’t make music (or marriages) like this anymore.  RIP Nick Ashford, and my prayers to Valerie Simpson.

Ashford and Simpson forever!


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  1. Ive been reading the list of songs they wrote over the years – incredible!

    I like the question D tweeted. He got some very interesting responses.
    “What kind of person would you like to be this week?”

    On a personal note, my computer access will be limited for the next month or so. If I’m gone for days, I don’t want anyone to think I dropped out of the fandom, lol.

  2. So… did anyone else feel that 5.9 earthquake on the east coast?

    And here I was investigating the boiler in my basement!

    • Hope evryone and you HG are fine, sound like a serious earthquake, some little damages in the Pentagon news says.

    • Yes, I felt it at work. It was a pretty strong for NY state.

    • I was about 40 or 50 miles from the epicenter in VA. It lasted about a minute and made plenty of noise from rattling windows. Really weird but no damage. Made me appreciate what those on the west coast experience fairly frequently.

      Now back to the weather channel for hurricane news!!!

  3. From the previous thread, non David in NBG 😦 , too good to be true :/

    ”cmoi Says:
    August 23, 2011 at 9:44 am
    remember the last speculation about the possibility of David performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for an NBC Special relating to the 10th anniversary of September 11. Apparently, he won’t perform :
    MakeupByLaurie @PaulaFOD awe I wish David archuletta was singing in the concert–but no, he was just there to visit. xox”

    • I saw that David was not performing. Too bad. I enjoyed David’s tweets today. I thought this twitter exchange with one fan was funny. David gave a good response I thought:
      @DavidArchie I’d like to be Justin bieber’s girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!
      @biebschick23 haha! what kind of girlfriend would you be though?

      • LOL , at least was JB and not him self wonder what would be his answer then lol. And yes pretty interesting answers he received, good moment on twitter with David clarifying that was him asking ha, ha.

  4. In a happy note , i was commanding something in and MoTab CD with David is number 1 in Holiday Music 🙂 , this gonna give him a nice bump in the media , specially if he decide at the end to do the Winter Tour that his fans are waiting forever….i hope, then he can put and EP in January and make profit of the situation to build some interest on him again, what do you think? release is September 6, having him in that position and in that popular site give him a nice exposure to people out of his fanbase. 😉

  5. The greats keep dropping like flies… Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson were MAGIC, and created some magical, timelessly soulful classic music we will be enjoying forever. Yes, forever. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell were two of the best singers to ever duet and combine their voices on record, and Ashford and Simpson’s lyrics helped place them on a pedestal I will never attempt to take them off of… My fave Marvin and Tammi song, compliments of Ashford and Simpson. They don’t write ’em or sing ’em like this anymore.

    RIP Nick Ashford. Keep your head up Valerie.

  6. … and their monster smash, ”Solid As a Rock”… see ya’ll – all the music from the 80’s wasn’t bad, lol… RIP Nick Ashford…

  7. I want to share my fav one from them ”Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” …i’m a romantic 🙂

  8. I purchased CFTH from Amazon and received an email from them telling me about the MOTAB CD/DVD with David and then it gave me the suggestion that I might like to purchase his album and the book about him written by Pamela Pike. Good marketing for David. I too hope he does get an EP out in January. The more music from David the better.

    I downloaded the free Jack and White song on iTunes that David tweeted about today. I like Brooke White’s music and the price is right!

    • Who’s Pamela Pike ?? and Yes i hope more fans buy there too ( i mean) to keep him in good position to be watched by new costumers specially after Halloween when people and general buyers start to buy Christmas Music. 🙂

      About Brooke, she’s working all her options, sound interesting like project, so best wishes for her in this new era, their vibe can work right now marketed to the right crowd. 🙂

      • I haven’t listened yet to the free song but Jack & White’s reminds me of The Civil Wars because of the male/female duos lol. I don’t know if they are alike musically, I’ll listen tomorrow.

      • Pamela Pike is a fan who self-published a book about her experiences of being a David fan and converting to the LDS religion through following him.

      • Oh! Thanks Freo, proselitist then?

      • Cmoi yeah , to me Jack & White’s is like a Civil Wars, can work for Brooke since she has that retro vibe on her personality.

      • Tibi, I would say yes, that the book advocates the religion as she shares her personal journey. I skipped over most of that part of the book, as I was most interested in details about how various folks met David and what it has been like to work with him.

  9. Thanks for the videos above – a trip down memory lane. I love all those songs.

    Pamela Pike is basically a fan who wrote a book about David that was released recently. She interviewed some of the people who have worked with him musically like his voice coach and Sunny. I haven’t bought it.

    • And she always write super great articles about David (but I don’t remember where lol). She seems to be a good writer from the articles I have read.

      • She writes articles for The Associated Content, which I thought was a professional newswire, but I came across it in my research, and it is a form of citizen journalism where anyone (not just professional journalists) can submit articles.

    • Well interesting, but i resist to buy anything that look like someone is just making money using his name 😐 with his his fan like target to do it. #justmyopinion.

      • The book’s title is “Through Our Eyes: A Fan’s Perspective on Artist David Archuleta” . I haven’t bought it (I’m just not enough interested by her perspective to buy it I guess, the description on Amazon is pretty detailed).

        Thanks Freo for the infos !

      • raelovingangels

        gotta say, my feeling too. I have read & enjoyed some of her articles on line though- but I won’t be buying the book.

  10. The book is an interesting read for the interviews with those who have worked with David. There is a heavy religious element to it, as the book also follows the author’s spiritual journey (and she shares her conversion with David multiple times at different concerts). The company that published the book prints self-published books for authors on demand and also places them on amazon for the author. One of my neighbors has published four books through the same company.

  11. Pamela Pike is a fan who self-published a book about her experiences of being a David fan and converting to the LDS religion through following him.

    Wow, just… wow! And some of us really think David’s going to give up where he is right now for a “formal” mission for his church? Seriously, how is his proselytizing door-to-door going to be seen as more effective than what he’s doing now? I’m quite sure the LDS elders know that!

    • Yes, some of us still do.

    • David gave a fireside talk in my city in 2009. Although I was not there, a friend was and she said that David said he would not do a mission because he would be too well known. That at least was his thinking at the time.

    • I still think it could be a possibility just because it may be what David, himself, desires. They could arrange some type of “special” mission for him because of his fame?

    • I think it’s definitely possible that he’ll go. 😦 Which brings me to something I’ve been thinking about. I think it’d be nice if he heard from some of us. Just a general “we’re thinking about you”, “you mean alot to us”, “you’re appreciated” sort of tweet. Because if it happens, I don’t want it to be because he thought he didn’t have enough fans who cared.

    • I don’t see how a formal mission would be more effective than what he is doing now.

    • Well, the issue is open to speculation, and when his ‘Own’ LDS fellows in Utah made this situation a public discussion asking a thousand times about in every interview he did there since back in 2009, is ‘ FAIR’ for his other fans to ask and wonder if is true and in consequence to speculate….. because doesn’t look like something personal at all .
      Sorry with the ones who think is not a fan business; YES the personal reason SHOULD be His Business, but clearly some people there disagree and make open statements about , but his career and the factors that can affect the progress of it is a business of general interest on his fandom.

      Saying this i just gonna add that back in 2009 or early in 2010 a guy from the BYU did a short interview with him , in one of the answers the guy claimed that David said ‘he’ll go in Mission after his contract with Jive come to the end”, of course many of us from ALL the sites thought it was just just like other way to put pressure on David about the subject , that tbh is what looks like from an external viewer……until now . TBH is difficult to believe is a personal decision when you have a all community that you love expecting to do it, asking you when all the time and making judgement if you don’t go or don’t do it in their fashion way or under their strict exclusive rules….in any case i’m sure his fans will be respectful if his decision is to go, i’m sure more than his LDS fellows if his decision is not to go in their ways.

      Sorry i don’t find the link but i’m sure some here remember the interview it was from an BYU student ….. i gonna try to find it later.

      • i find the reference here : He said ”“Archuleta sat down with Scroll for an interview. During the interview he explained certain misconceptions about questions people have asked about serving a full-time mission.
        He said he is currently unable to serve a mission due to “American Idol” contracts he entered into, which will not allow him to leave for a mission. Archuleta said he hopes to serve a mission after his contract expires.
        “The Lord knows my intentions and there is a reason behind everything,” Archuleta said.
        David said he tries to touch people’s lives through his music and actions, just like a missionary would do.”

      • You get such a different perspective on missions when you follow an LDS artist closely. The Mormon attitude is so opposite from the general public, who, I daresay, feel that door-to-door proselytizing is obnoxious. The LDS feeling seems so romanticized (but I’ll admit it IS quite a sacrifice).

        Since David, I have a different attitude when they, or the Jehovah’s Witnesses, come to the door. I used to say “No thanks” and try to close the door as quickly as possible. Once, I drove into my cul-de-sac as they were approaching my door, and I turned my car around and went to the store because I hate so much to say no to persistent people. (Mormons, you owe me $30, lol).

        This last time, a couple of weeks ago, I took the time to chat with them and ask where they were from and how they were doing. I think they were happy to have some conversation, rather than being brushed off, and it didn’t really take that much more time out of my day.

        Still, it seems quite arrogant. My own beliefs are very fulfilling to me, but I would never presume to go knock on your door. Which reminds me of a joke: “What do you get when you cross a Mormon and a Unitarian?” A: “Someone who goes door to door, but doesn’t know why”.

        But I’ll bet tibitibi is right, a mission is more important because of the extreme community pressure to conform, rather than the burning desire of 19-year-old boys to convert others. I think the hacker was being funny, but possibly use of the words “excited NOT to go” came from somewhere real (assuming it was someone close to him), though not something I think David would EVER express.

      • raelovingangels

        My feeling is it is so much more than door to door conversion. It is likely a spiritual journey for those who do it. You live an asture lifestyle. You focus on studying the bible and book of Mormon. You likely learn about yourself in the process. It is probably a defining point from youth to adulthood. Had I have my life to do over again, and had the means- I would have taken time off after high school before college and do something like Peace Corp or a some type of outreach work. I believe it would have helped me appreciate college more and define my goals in life,

      • raelovingangels

        On the other hand, I was not famous, and already in the place to touch people- a rare place to be!

      • I appreciate your comments, cc and rae. As a missionary mom, I can attest that many, and probably, most missionaries find their missions to be enriching, life-changing experiences. Yes, there is strong pressure to serve, but that pressure has toned down a lot. Many young men don’t serve a full-time mission and are seen as completely worthy and devout in most (unfortunately, not all) eyes. I’ve observed that there are many male students at BYU who haven’t served missions and it doesn’t seem to make much difference to their fellow students.

        I understand your feelings that they can, in their zeal, come off as arrogant, cc. Most missionaries, though, are looking for those that are lost; if you’re happy with your faith, they’re probably happy for you. Thank you for taking the time to chat with some elders; I bet you were a bright spot in their day. (And you saved $30.)

    • I think he’s going on a mission.

      Let’s see if I’m psychic. 🙂

      • Just in case you are psychic, do you think you could try and implant some thoughts in David’s brain? “Get professional management.” “Sign with a label.” “Date Charice.” (That last one was for idolfan.)

      • Utahmom: Exactly what I was thinking. I could not agree with you more. lol

      • I personally think he is not. I am going to take him at face value that he’s working on his sound with the goal to perhaps put together a portfolio to present to an indie or corporate label next year.

        I may be totally wrong, of course!

      • One reason I don’t think he is going on one is that he has said that his goal is to build a foundation. That doesn’t sound to me like someone who is going to disappear for two years. And he’s repeatedly said that he wants to work on music, find the right writers, etc. Hopefully he will go back to TN soon.

        Fingers crossed!

      • Peter, we need a precise date so we could start a “see you in 2 years” group card lol.

        I’m going to be egoist and say that he can’t go on a mission before doing a worldwide tour with a long stop in Europe.

  12. Jive Records notice no more promotion department—>

    “Nearly 50 employees were laid off at Jive Records yesterday when the iconic label was folded into RCA. As we first reported in June, Jive, which signed Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, would be dumped into RCA as Sony Music consolidates its labels. An insider said that none of the artists have been axed — yet — but most of the promotions department has been demolished. Usher, Chris Brown and Pink will now be managed under RCA. A label rep declined to comment.”

    • Jive died….. I have said it before… David is wise beyond his years… and knows what he is doing… trust him.

    • I tell you before Jive was dying when David left …..the ones they ones who stay are the real strong or popular ones that can put their one money to help the process.

    • I am not sorry to see Jive go after the way they treated David. I think that artists will be dropped from RCA/Sony. They only care about the big name artists that are bringing in the money.

  13. Freo, I pretty much agree with you regarding the mission issue. All the facts that we do have indicate that David most likely won’t serve a traditional mission. David has repeatedly said for the past few years that he feels he’s already serving, he can reach more through music, he’s too well known, etc. There’s an established precedent of high profile Mormons deciding not to serve traditional missions after counseling with church leaders (and lots of prayer, I assume).

    On the other hand, the argument that David might serve a mission is based on conjecture, not fact. That pesky hacker. A (reasonable) theory that this “break” that has basically stretched out for over 8 months and counting might be him winding down his obligations, given that he’s practically sabotaging his career by not signing with management or a label. But, that’s still an assumption that is opposite to what he’s stated the past few years. He may have changed his mind; if so, we’ll know soon. For now, the facts don’t point to this, so I’m not worrying about it. Of course, reading the speculation beats boredom…

    • I agree with you. Am I correct also that even if he were going to do a mission, he would not know that he has a placement until a month prior to departure?

      I am going to just take him at face value. He is being eerily silent about the matter, but perhaps he feels he has nothing to explain. I agree that he needs to get a move on things career-wise if he wants to have one. I’m sure he is financially comfortable, but career-wise he can’t afford to sit around forever deciding what he wants to do.

      • This is just a pure guess but I don’t believe David is going on a mission. I am more concerned that he makes the right moves career-wise too. “given that he’s practically sabotaging his career by not signing with management or a label.” That is so true. I hope that it changes soon for David.

      • I’ve seen lots of missionaries leave the past few years. The average time from when they receive their call to when they depart has been 3 months. I have seen as little as 6 weeks and as much as 6 months though (more uncommon).

        He seems silent because he’s ignoring what that hacker said. Really, it would just be plain weird to make an official announcement that you’re not serving a mission. You’d only announce if you’re going on a mission, or if you’d already announced a mission and then changed your mind, then you’d need to announce that.

        I wish he’d get a move on things too.

    • I agree with you and Freo.
      He also tweets regularly about meetings. I assume that if they were related to his religion he wouldn’t have tweeted about them so they are most likely professional meetings. Also in all his last interviews in Asia he shared his will to work on his music and release something for the fans (but he also said that he was performing like it was his last time or something like this. When you think about it, we can take all his last comments and interviews and make them say exactly what we want lol).

      • They are most likely professional meetings. Preparing for a mission, you usually meet with your bishop (pastor) about once a month before you leave is all. And the meetings are usually Sundays or evenings, not during the day, since most bishops have full time jobs. You also meet about two or three times total with your stake president (not sure what the equivalent would be–some sort of regional leader).

        You’re right–we can totally make his comments fit our viewpoints.

  14. Although I’d rather he’d be in Nashville, I am taking that as a good sign that he’s in CA and (hopefully?) having meetings. I would think that the MOTAB meetings would be in SLC.

  15. One thing I’ve been thinking about lately, is how seriously we take everything David says. I know he’s miles beyond typical kids of his age, experience-wise and career-wise, but my kids are the same age, and I often have to remind myself that their brains aren’t even fully developed until age 25. (Lol).

    If he says he’s “building a foundation” and working on his sound, he could just mean he’s sick of constantly meeting expectations and working like a maniac, and just wants to chill.

    Someone on this board, (sorry, I forgot who 😦 ) commented that they thought the new songs really didn’t represent a consistent new sound for him–that they were nice, but same ol same ol, sound-wise. Maybe he really has no plan, except an idealistic desire just to sing.

    • I think you’re right about how seriously we take everything David says (and we also often try to find the hidden meaning behind his every moves lol)

      I think that David’s plan (regarding his career) is just to do what he wasn’t able to do just after AI. He was rushed with his first album and he didn’t have the time to think about what was HIS music and what kind of artist he wanted to be. I think that as we follow his career, we are the witnesses of his musical development. He already started to define himself while he was with Jive but he had to do it with the constant restraints of his label. He began his career as a pure teen pop heartthrob singer with Crush and now he’s more the kind of a singer/songwriter artist. He’s still evolving and he’s young, it’s why I think that his plan is just to keep on defining himself as an artist and make the music that represents him the most at this stage of his life. He said that when he’ll have the right songs, he’ll be ready to meet with labels. That’s what he would have done if he wasn’t on AI and if he had taken his time before signing with Jive. It’s the common way for all singers I think, except for those who were “found” via youtube and reality shows.
      Well, after saying all this, maybe he just wants to sing but if it was the case, he’d still be signed to a dead label and he’d sing about his baby baby baby oooh lol

      Also, about the new songs, I don’t think they are new. I think that they are from the TOSOD era even though a fan from Asia wrote in a recap that Jeff said that they represent his new sound.

      • Lol, baby, baby, baby, ooh.

        I think I heard David himself say they were all new? Didn’t I?

      • I don’t know. Maybe he meant “new” as never released or heard before. I’m pretty sure that “Notice Me” was leaked by the co-writer and he was upset because it didn’t make the album (TOSOD). I’m not sure about the others but I don’t think that they are new or that they represent his new sound.

      • Perhaps you’re right.

        “Everything and More” may be new. It seemed that the Goodyear Blimp ride was a related field-trip. It was with the co-writer of that song.

      • I don’t think the songs are new, Notice-me at least it was a leftover from TOSOD , maybe the recording and production was made in three days, but i don’t think is a clearly indication of a new sound, the lyrics are a little more mature though. 😉

  16. you can order Davids episode on the TV show The Real Winning edge on DVD at Http ://www.real winning edge. com

  17. Gibson90210 Gibson90210
    Photo: @DavidArchie filming a segment for Fox’s The Real Winning Edge. Can’t go wrong with the zebra…
    Il y a 8 minutes

  18. It’s great that David filmed a segment for this Fox show. It’s not a popular show like “Glee” but at least it’s something! I too really don’t know if David is going to serve a mission or not. He no longer has contracts with Jive, 19R or a management company so he would be free to go. He would have to serve in some foreign country as he is too well known here. I thought it was funny when Idolfan “heard” he was going to serve a mission in the Philippines. I think that would be the last place he would be sent. He would need lots of body guards to be a missionary there! I just hope he continues to use music as his mission, but I agree that there is pressure from some Mormons for him to serve a formal mission.

    • lol, it would be impossible for david to serve in the philippines, if he ever decides to serve….he would be mobbed everywhere and he would need lots of bodyguards!

  19. grammyj, what!?!?, i never said that david would serve a mission in the philippines, i won’t tell you what website that i heard from but someone did posted on that site that david might be living in asia next year, someone who posted on that site must know something what is going on with david. if that is true that david want to serve a mission in asia, that doesnt surpised me if he want to be close to charice and her family there. my last comments.


    • Let me guess, the first letter of the screen name of that “someone” is an “i” and the last a “n” ? Let’s play a game and give us some clues, I’m curious by nature lol.

    • Someone on an LDS mission would be highly unlikely to date a non-Mormon afterwards, and NEVER during one! Ha Ha. Charice is well-known as a faithful Catholic.

      • P.S. I doubt, even now, David dates non-Mormons, (plans to date Shawn Johnson notwithstanding), He talks about dating being about finding “the one” which I’m sure means Mormon temple marriage. That’s why the long pause when they ask him things like: “Would you date a Malaysian girl?”

      • raelovingangels

        IMO, if he was attracted to someone, he would date them regardless of their religion. I think the pause was because those types of questions get tiresome after a while.

      • rae– I’ve heard him say in interviews that finding the right person is about “forever”–which is a specific doctrine in LDS. Do you think he would actually marry someone outside his faith?–Or that he would try to convert them? I have friends whose daughter did that and it wasn’t pretty. They weren’t even allowed to attend the wedding. (Because non-Mormons aren’t allowed in the temple).

      • raelovingangels

        I think if it looked like it was getting serious, there would be a discussion about conversion. I also know someone who converted to LDS to get married. That has worked out fine- even though the in-laws are not Mormon. Of course this is speculation nothing more…. So guess I should go easy on Idolfan right?

  20. i just came here to defend myself that i didnt say that. when i heard about david might be living in asia next year this was “after” the mission rumor on his twitter. goodbye


    • I Love Idolfan!

    • what? u’r back AGAIN? double sigh….

      • gina, no i am not coming back again, i just came here to defend myself on grannyj comments. thank you.


      • Hey Idolfan !

        I don’t want to talk for Grammyj, but I don’t understand why you have to defend yourself because of her comment. I see nothing offensive in that comment, really.

        Don’t forget that it’s never personal here, we only share opinions and others can agree or disagree with them. Please, don’t take everything as an attack.

  21. lol just lol

  22. CChalo :”You get such a different perspective on missions when you follow an LDS artist closely.”

    Totally true, i will say the word mission has a new dimension, i was impressed first in a good way but then this specific subject show me a lot different faces of the all community , so my opinion is different now, because in my mind i can’t conceive that people really expect the same experience to fulfill in the same way the spiritual need of everybody, i bet for some kids are extremely satisfied and some other a little frustrated, some will go for the right reason and others because just should go to avoid some inquiring opinions from people on the church or maybe the church her self . The ‘He should go, because i went’ ‘ He gonna do more for his church going away on a traditional mission’ ‘ He should go to serve the Lord , because is was the Lord want( some even know what God is thinking 😐 ) ‘, make me think how many go for the wrong reasons or internal pressures? , In any case i never close the doors to this people who goes door to door, i chat a little and i still receiving their letters and mags, you never know when you can find some practical lessons. 😉

    David is a good guy, i even recognized that know him , help me a lot to take some decisions and being more responsible in terms of spirituality, i still thinking that David is a good example, not perfect , not an angel, not a semigod like others claim, but definitely a person who can move the soul of people to redicrect the attention to God, maybe sound a little cheesy lol, but is what i feel. 🙂

    Anyway ( In an speculation mode) i don’t think he’s learning to change tires and wanting to learn how to drive manual cars for nothing ….. but If is true he’s giving up his career , will be really sad the waste of talent people wouldn’t be allowed to hear. :/ ….and a totally contradiction with the philosophy he’s being proclaiming on his little chats . 😐

  23. Oh i forgot to say, that before he go away from his career, i would love hear his voice in a Disney Film 🙂 Would be a nice souvenir to close this era with David Archuleta.


  24. Folks who claim to be close to him are indicating that he is experiencing intense pressure to serve, and that he has been in meetings regarding his mission, but this info does not track what I know about most folks’ experiences. As someone pointed out, he would not be sharing that he was in meetings, and why would they be taking place in CA?

    I am assuming (hoping) that some person is just sitting back and having a laugh at the fans’ expense. And, if he is leaving (but can’t announce it until later this year), at least he would announce it to his band soon (like this week). They deserve to know the truth.

    Finally, looking at this from a purely objective point of view, for someone to have hacked into his account, they would have had the knowledge to by-pass the site’s automatic lock-out after so many tries. I have my doubts that sibs having mischevious fun would be able to do that.

    • OMG. I’m psychic.

      (I have a strong feeling that he is going on a mission. The tweets were the telltale sign, because that is simply how things like this are usually handled in the Archuleta Administration.)

    • Interesting, but not unexpected, I’m sure pressure is playing a big role in this first crisis of the young adult …. not right :/

  25. We don’t need to worry about David leaving his career… We need to quit wringing our hands ….. I don’t know why we have to rehash this… geez… what a hacker can do… sure got his/her wish and stirred up the fan base. David has been wise in the decisions he has made. He is moving forward at his pace and is enjoying balance in his life. He is taking control and doing things his way. Look at all he has accomplished in his short life so far. He is happy and things are moving forward. So what if we don’t know every single little thing. Don’t think we have to know. I know we all want the best for David. We want to enjoy his music for a very long time. I think we will be all amazed at how his life unfolds. Slow and steady, one line at a time. He is a great hurdler over obstacles! He will come off victor.. you just wait and see.

    David must be in a tremendous pressure cooker! He is finding a balance and taking the challenges in his life seriously… but with great hope and optimism. Have we heard any words from David himself about leaving his career? no…. When he sang at BYUI, there were many people asking him in interviews if he was going on a formal mission.. He always wanted to. His friends were going. He has a heart to serve… but his life had taken a different turn. Before he sang BSMS he said, with tears and great emotion, that he knew he was suppose to be doing music… then he spilled his soul out and sang BSMS… That is good enough for me.

    I’ve had three sons serve missions willingly and have loved it. There is no way David would know where and when he is going clear out as far as January. David is serving and using his “gift’ to bless people’s lives. Haven’t we all felt that? We need to let this all go.. not give the hacker the satisfaction… and look forward with optimism.

    • amen to that

    • Yes, your post affirms how the info shared by the people/person does not track with folks’ experiences in the church. Would David even know this far out if he is going at all?

      And, certainly the church would frown on someone going if their family was not on board? It should be a joyful experience.

      None of the so-called info is tracking for me.

    • I agree, much ado about nothing.

  26. I have to say this ’cause it’s been bugging me for days lol. I find it odd that some fans have said they need to know if David’s going on a mission, because they want to know how long they have to invest in David.

    Some fans go out of their way to promote David and travel long distances to see him, but I don’t see how that would be in vain if David decided to go on a mission?

    Or do people think it’s not worth it to try and help David’s career blossom just to see it die a moment later? If they knew before hand that David would be going on a mission in, say, six months time, would they stop spreading his music around and refrain from being his fans? Like “oh well if he’s gonna let his work go to waste then so will I”.

    It’s not like the stock market – you don’t purchase a concert ticket or a cd and then somehow lose your money if an artist decides to quit their musical career. I don’t understand what “investing” means in this case. Or maybe it’s because I’m far away from David and therefore can’t really do much to support David besides buying his music online.

    I consider myself lucky to have an autographed COS even though I have never been in the same climate as David – I feel like it’s more than I could ever ask for. So perhaps my outlook is different from those who serve as David’s unofficial marketing people. But like I have said, I don’t see any reason that David should have to tell us or anyone about his plans regarding a mission. This, or course, is just my opinion and no one should feel the need to be offended by it.

    • Hi Embe- I do agree with a lot of what you said. If David decides to go, I’ll certainly support his decision even if it makes me a little sad to think about. I’ll still listen to his music of course and hope like heck that there’s more in the future. I’m sure most fans in time would be very supportive- the panic or frustration you’re reading is probably more a kneejerk reaction.
      What I do disagree with is, I do feel David needs to let the fans know at some point if this is his choice. I mean, what’s he going to do, just pack a suitcase one day and disappear? Obviously if things are in a planning stage or if he’s only contemplating it, he doesn’t need to share that info. but if he definitively decides to go then I feel he should inform the fans he’s leaving. (considering he has made contrary statements) It’s certainly his perogative to have changed his mind about serving.
      Munk, while I appreciate that you believe David is not going, some of us aren’t convinced and this is really the only site where we can talk about things like this. Please don’t try to censor the discussion here as HG has always made it clear she welcomes all topics and debates.

      • Hi! I am not trying to censor anything.. just sharing my own thoughts like everyone else. i hope I didn’t offend anyone.. as I am not a regular poster. Just wanted to bring another point of few that is all.

      • Munk, I appreciate your input. The info shared by you and folks I know involved in the church just does not track what the person(s) has shared online.

    • My concern is more for practical reasons. I will always remain a fan. However, the music industry is not sympathetic and I think he is being unrealistic if he thinks he can jump right back into it. I do think he should let his band know as soon as possible.

      I do have major doubts if the persons posting this info are even legit.

    • AMEN & AMEN!

    • I think that the fans are invested emotionally too. I don’t think that those who show concern about him leaving do it because of the money they spent to support him, I think they do because they are attached to him and care about him. It doesn’t make it easier that David is such a great guy and most of his fans follow him since AI, so there’s like a feel of “closeness” that has developed. I’ve read comments by fans saying that he’s like a son for them, or a brother or a friend, etc. I’m sure that this kind of investment weighs more heavily in the balance than investment purely material. That’s why I understand the angst and that I can’t say that I won’t feel sad if he decided to go on a mission.

      That said, I still don’t think he’s going on a mission. Except for the hacker’s tweets (which I don’t take seriously), there’s nothing that points in that direction. I think that we wouldn’t even be talking about it. But I understand the doubts because we know it’s something really important to David and because the hacker can possibly be a family member.
      I said it in another comment but I think that we can search for all his last interviews and comments and make them say exactly what we want, that’s what speculation is all about lol and that doesn’t help that there’s not much going on. Well, if he’s going on a mission, there’s nothing we can do about it …

      • Yes, it certainly doesn’t take much to make his fanbase’s imaginations run wild! 🙂 Especially when someone touches on hot issues such as this.

        I agree that other than the Tweets and various posts on chat forums, there is no evidence that he is leaving, especially when you look at what he has said in most recent interviews. No doubt he will be interviewed for the upcoming AZ concert and I look forward to his responses about his future plans.

        I will have to ask someone I know who writes software how hacking is done. Does it involve knowing and writing code? I really can’t see his siblings (are we talking 13-15 year olds?) doing that.

  27. Freo, you say “people close to him” are saying they have inside info. Are you referring to the hackers’ tweets or do you have information from elsewhere? Just wondering.

    Embe, although I live not too far from David and have seen several concerts, I agree with all that you said. I’ve always felt that his life is his life, and if he is putting out music, I will enjoy it in every way I can. Although I support David by buying his music as gifts on occasion (esp. around Christmastime and esp. to folks in nursing homes, etc. who might not be able to get much music at all and who might appreciate it more) I have long since stopped doing any purchasing to ‘increase his numbers.’ I buy for me and I enjoy for me.

    I wonder why folks think if he goes on a mission, he’s killing his career? We don’t know that. He could come back stronger in a couple of years and, heck, the music industry could be in a better state then, too. I’d miss him, but I can’t imagine forgetting him. I’m actually surprised that people think they can consciously decide to be a fan or not. To me, I’m a fan because of the affection I feel for him and the appreciation of his sound/person, etc. I can’t imagine that changing even if I’m having to listen to my existing collection for a few years.

    But I guess I do understand the angst.

  28. imho it is only this site that is haveing fits over what ahacker said,was away and did not see what the hacker tweet was,then again there may be other sites i am not aware of

  29. i am not mad at anyone here but please don’t mentioned my name here anymore, i am done with this site. thank a bunch. everyone here take care alright. i miss you guys!!.


  30. I understand investing in David’s career emotionally – I myself have done just that. But I have actually read comments that indicate that some fans are concerned about the financial or other non-emotional investment they’ve made, and that’s what bothers me. Of course fans would be upset if David put his career on hold, since they often feel like David is part of their life, even their family, in a different way than any artist before. But to plan one’s fandom ahead, based on how long David’ll be around is ridiculous.

    Kathy, I admire you for spreading David’s gift around – that’s the reason David loves his fans. I, too, find it kinda pointless to buy hundreds of copies of whatever David’s put out to “increase his numbers”, because in the end that really does very little to add to the final amount, plus it’s kind of like buying a book you yourself have written lol. No non-fan is going to see the numbers and think “hey, that guy’s selling well, I’ll buy his album too”, and in the end the numbers wouldn’t be true anyway.

    Also, I think David’s career as it is now probably couldn’t take the 2 year absence a mission requires, but maybe he could make a comeback of sorts as a “new” artist and build a new foundation? Who knows. The music industry is full of crap today anyway, so maybe the situation will be different a few years from now.

    And people keep saying how “if David thinks he can leave the show business and just jump back in” he’d be naive. I for one have never had any reason to think David would be that clueless. He is such a wise guy I’m sure he’s aware of the risks of putting his career on hold.

    Lastly, Bella, I agree he should announce it if he had in fact made a decision about the mission, but his thoughts and plans are nobody’s business.

  31. um…yeah. Thank you for the serenade, Ray. Elevator is one of my favorites!

  32. embe86,are you saying that david fans should not buy muliltiple david products,you of all people arecipient of such,tell me i am wrong,feel very hurt right now

  33. Interesting discussion here. This is exactly why I enjoy it here at Soul David. Everyone feels free to express their opinions. I know my opinions are not changing and I am sure others are not either but I enjoy reading others points of view. I don’t think David is going on a mission IMO. I think if David has an opportunity to sign with a label/management he is comfortable with then he should go for it. The label could be major or indie.Those opportunities do not come up that often for artists in the music industry. The realistic fact is IMO he will not have that chance 2 years from now as that is the way the music industry rolls. I have no problem if not everyone agrees with that. lol

    • I agree with you Marie. And I think that he’ll sign with a label when he’ll have music to present to them, just like he said in an interview. It will be hard for him to release his music without a professional support IMO. But I’m not sure that he’ll sign with a professional management even if it’s evident (for me) that what hurt his career the most is the lack of efficient promotion (and not the free discussion about the artist in a fansite, despite what some thinks lol).

      Also, I don’t think that David is naive about the things related to his career and that he’ll figure a way to make things work for him. He has enough passion to deliver good music, he just needs to find the right persons to help him with professional decisions. I think that it’s what he meant when he talked about building a foundation (and it’s a good sign that he already met with new songwriters and producers in Nashville).

      • I have to agree that what hurt David’s career the most is the lack of efficient promotion. I also wonder if it is that easy to just leave a major label and 19R and management and be able to just go to another label/management that quickly. I think it may take time to make a move regardless of what the move may be to.

  34. From MJsBigblog >>>> Tim Halperin tweets, “It’s official. I’m opening for @theFray Sept. 9th at TCU full band. Dreams really do come true…”

    And he was in the top 24 last year ….some people just know how to use their connections .

    And i think that David is naive, he is being naive since before the release of TOSOD , expecting good results when he was neglecting some important aspects for the promotions and album release the ones that were his irresponsibility , naive , confused or uninterested take one …… is not the confidence on his talent who is making people to move on, because people know he has the talent to make it, but his confusing signals about the future, he said something, make moves that go in other ways and to complete rumors are not helping to the cause lol so ……

    And Embe i never read comments about economical invest like justification to want to know what is next , you can’t control people feelings about the incertitude, but at the end of the day fans just want to know if he REALLY want a career and what kind of career he want .
    IF he goes away two years right now that his career is trying to pick up again from some months of negligent handling from his label and him-self well could be difficult to rebuilt and create credibility around his professional goals , even if we all know the talent will be there…..or we hope at least

    • tibi I did see this and I thought they same thing. Tim Halperin can open for the Fray but David has no tour dates set up yet? Why couldn’t David open for the Fray? Tim has no label. I don’t get it but I think it does go back to having connections and contacts and knowing how to use them.

    • I wouldn’t say that he’s naive but I’d say that he’s stubborn and not willing to compromise. I think that during the making of of TOSOD he already wasn’t on the same wavelength as Jive. I also think that he didn’t came to an agreement with them and that his decision to leave after the end of his contract was already germinating (is that a word in English ? lol) on his mind. I agree that he did a huge mistake to not have a professional management in place long before the album release and that it was the main issue regarding the poor sales of TOSOD. But I just don’t want to believe that he didn’t know that it could compromise its success, even us the fans who aren’t in this business knew that it would be difficult without a manager and the support of his label . So who knows what was going on behind the scenes, because from the outside it looks to me like he chose to sign with WEG just to be able to release his album and to be over with his label, otherwise, Jive would have pushed it back (like they did with Usher I think). I’m going to add that it was probably even a kind of conscious sabotage on his part knowing that his label wasn’t going to support this album. This is why I think that he wasn’t naive but was resigned and a little stubborn lol. Of course, this is all just speculation on my part.

      It’s cool for Tim Halperin even if I don’t know who he is lol. Some say that the fans should lower their expectations regarding D’s career but I don’t see the problem with wishing great things to happen for him. The problem is when his own team seems to think small instead of shooting to the stars (I imagine in advance the “but David doesn’t want to be a star” comments lol).
      I’m going to say something really unpopular but I think that when something is too good to be true about his career, 99 % of the time you can bet that it’s not true, of course every rule has its exception and the MoTab show was definitely one lol

  35. David Cook’s sales for his album were not good and he has no hit singles but he just tweeted this:

    @thedavidcook David Cook
    Excited to be heading out on a co-headlining tour with @GavinDegraw! Should have dates up on in about a week or so!

  36. David Cook didn’t leave his label so the label may have helped him get the tour. Also, David Cook had a successful headlining tour after his first album. I’m not sure why our David hasn’t done more touring yet. I sure hope he does the Christmas tour.

    • Cook need to go on tour NOW , he knows is the only way from now to recapture the investment put on his album, I’m sure the cost was high in comparison to Our David , only in promo was a lot more high, and yes i think the label has something to do , if i understand right Gavin D is from the same label that Cook.

      And i still believe in the Christmas/Winter Tour , can’t believe he just did one show to promote TOSOD :/ ……. go on tour is the way to refresh people minds about his existence in the Music World. 🙂 Any format will be good for him headlining, coheadlining, opening, with bands, solo artists anything will be good for him …… i mean if he dicide to stay and work for his career lol 🙂

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