Daily Archives: August 22, 2011

“Communication is Key,” Says David

To me, David has been VERY clear. He’s taking a break to discover his sound and voice. He doesn’t want to be with a label if it means repeating the process he went through with Jive. He’s planning for a Christmas tour. His father is on his management team.

I ask, what more does he need to clear up?

This quote from Desertrat captures everything I’ve felt about David Archuleta. He tweets to us on a regular basis, and when he gets a chance, he vlogs to us about what he’s been up to.  In interviews, he often shares what is most important to reveal about himself and where he is at this point in his music career.

David is such a communicator with his fans that it didn’t take long for those of us who regularly follow his tweets to instantly recognize that a hacker had taken over his Twitter account.  We know the Voice (both in a song and in a tweet), which tells me that David really is keeping to his motto for 2011: “Communication is key.”

So why is it that fans still have the impression that he’s not being open and communicative with us?

Two words: OTHER PEOPLE.

And it never fails.  There is always, ALWAYS somebody else out there, in the wings, in the corner, at home, in the band, in management, etc. who undermines David’s own attempts at sharing with his fanbase by offering various tidbits, leaks, rumors, and what have you.  ALWAYS!

And it’s been like this since his Idol days.  The folks around David, for whatever reason, feel the need to shine through David, and they do so by inciting his fans.  What is David going to sing on Idol the following week? Well, somebody on David’s team is glad to let us know what he’s planning and how “unfair” the show was being when David didn’t get to sing his first choice (I’m so not even going to name names here).

If David mentions his pet goldfish in his very first vlog, somebody (VRS, and again, I won’t name names) just has to contact the fan sites and let everybody know she’s got the full story on that goldfish (I will always remember the full on MELTDOWN on a bunch of Idol forums that person had caused because she had some inflammatory back story about that poor little fish!  All David wanted to do was answer a fan’s question about if and how many pets he had!).

If David meets and greets fans, #MIC has to get chatty with the same crowd, often revealing more behind-the-scenes drama than fans need to know.

If David mentions an upcoming performance, somebody in his entourage has to tweet about it and give fans more information than needed.  If David parts ways with his label, somebody in his management has to get the story wrong on Twitter!

So, when fans say David isn’t “communicating,” what that really means is: other people around him are revealing more information than what David himself is offering.  The results of this?  Fans now think we should know more than what David says.

But why should we know more than what David is willing to reveal?  Because other folks already revealed it for him?  These folks around him “leak” his business to the fans because they obviously enjoy the attention.

If there’s anything that I think David needs to do, it wouldn’t be for him to reveal more about himself. It would be to PUT A GAG ORDER on all members of his entourage!

Of course, I could just tell all the fans to stop listening to anyone who isn’t David when seeking David info. But, the thing is: we’re FANS! Of course we’re hungry for any and all David news.

At the same time, we do need to recognize all “VRS” and the like as the “trolls” that lurk and post on any random blog.  And you know who “trolls” are: they exist to derail all communication.

So, perhaps it’s time we fans learn a universal truth: