What Would David Say?

Seriously, like for real, would David be tweeting in the middle of a concert where his mom was opening that he’s NOT going to go on a mission for his “fans”?!

Something’s up, and I love that enough Archies have been following David long enough to know what he would say and what he wouldn’t say…

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  1. my last comment for today, i don’t think it was right for david blame a fan hacking on his twitter and a little upset at david for saying that BUT only if i am right about that part and in my opinion, hearing all this about david going on a mission, i think it really true and i mean if it is true than i wish david the best of luck. david have said before he would like to go on a mission and if that makes him happy than i am happy for him doing it. have a great day and nite everyone.

  2. cmoi, well i think different. another shocked information on twitter, i just saw a tweet from a fan reported that someone who hacked his twiiter last nite is from utah!!!!!!!. yes david is a nice and a good person, we all know that. bye guys.

  3. Idolfan, bless your heart, dear (sometimes you do show your age), but I don’t think

    1. That you need to believe David is going on a mission when he immediately clarified to his fan community that someone hacked into his twitter and was spreading misinformation on said topic.


    2. That you need to be offended that David called the hacker a “crazy fan.” Anyone doing that would have to be a bit off and would have to be some kind of “fan” to be that obsessed with taking over David’s identity (family member or not).

    As a fan, I certainly wasn’t offended that David identified the hacker as such, and neither should you.

    I’m guessing that you’re going to have to learn more about how to discern your information online.


    This hacker incident basically proved this.

  4. hellogorgeous, thanks for your nice comment anyway, i am not mad at david at all and but when used the word “fan” to me that is a little uncalled for and i don’t know if was his fan or nonfan or someone david know. like said last nite i don’t believe it was not any of his fans who hacked it and believe it was someone he know very well. alrighy than i am done what i have to say about this hacking issue.

  5. raelovingangels

    Fascinating interview by Kina Grannis & her manager ( thanks Jonerz who posted link or twitter)

    • Great interview. I was very impressed with Kina and her manager. I think they really know how to advance Kina’s career using the tools that are available now. You can tell her manager really “gets” the music industry and how to use itunes, you tube , facebook, twitter, ect. to help an artist’s career. This is what is missing in David’s career now. Kina’s manager would be a perfect manager for David.

      • raelovingangels

        Yes, fascinating how the manager describes the “disconnect” between an on-line fanbase and traditional music types who seem to view those fans and that route as something less than those who came through label developement and radio. I mean selling our venues and selling digital downloads is the same no matter how you got there.

      • They mention Kina is now with One Haven Records. This is the website for them: http://www.onehavenmusic.com/

      • Kina is really talented, it’s great that she signed with a record label (and she has a professional manager too ? That’s crazy ! lol)

        I read in an article from Missionkistan, a not very well known city based in Gutah, that David signed with FamilyOnlyRecords. They don’t have an official website yet (because it’s too difficult to create a good one and they are cheap) and the only thing they request from their artists is a huge family involvement in their career (it’s cheaper that way). Apparently David is the first and only artist who signed with them …

        (I hope that nobody will take this too seriously, it’s just for fun in a drama day lol).

    • I haven’t listened to the entire interview but what is said around ~17:40 is what I assume the Jive execs told David: “If you wish to stay with us, this is the plan we will follow.”

      The last time I saw David live was Dec 2009 in Anaheim. Kina was there chatting with Jared Paul; I wondered if he was also managing her at the time. Also at the show were Sunny, Jeneatte and one of D’s aunts.

      • raelovingangels

        yes, that part struck me also. It takes a while but getting to the end is really interesting when the manager discusses the feedback when working to get an opener for bigger names. The discussion around the distribution/marketing partners is great stuff. The love of music and audience/fan connection sounds so much like D.

      • David needs the right manager and team in place in order to be able to make it without the support of a label. IMO he does not have that in place right now. I would have confidence in Kina and her manager’s ability to market her based on that video. I don’t have that confidence in David’s current team.

      • David can still writing and producing his music, but not married to one only resource (his dad and his dad and friends) , he can explore with different song-writera and producers, he’s very charming to make connections from him-self ; but for the distribution and promo he needs help and think big, taking risk and open his mind to recognized and use the talent from people different to him.

  6. I don’t think either that this was a fan made hack, but i’m not ofended for his comment ….. and happen again when he’s in Utah, now promoting the MoTab DVD , unfortunately for David jealous people are everywhere and the Mission issue is something that many are not over it yet. This person knew very well what to say to create the fan reaction.

    Sad too that the one who advertised to him about the hacker was Sunny girl and not any of his friends or relatives :/

    And Kina has an official manager?

    • I think that at the time of the tweets, most people were doing other things and not reading twitter timelines I saw on twitter when a David fan tweeted Sunny and asked her to get in touch with David so I bet that’s what happened.

  7. I’m not offended by the “crazier” comment, either…just not sure if he’s the one who said it, lol. But I’m sure he was p.o.’ed, so it’s possible, I guess…And David once said that HIS fans were normal, while Bieber had the crazy ones. lol…

  8. One of the requirement of going on a mission is that a young person has to have a high school diploma. A mission is not to interfere in any way for a person to get their high school education. Women have to be 21 to go on a mission. My grandson is on a mission. He is training for two months in the MTC (missionary training center) in Utah. He is learning Swedish for his mission abroad. A missionary spreads the word of God to those that are searching for the gospel. Pure and simple.

    • The word of God according to the Mormon Church and the BoM ….. just to be clear 😉

    • Comedian Bengt Washburn says about his mission: “When you knock on someone’s door, anything is a better icebreaker than religion–sex, poiltics–anything. ‘Would you look at my rash?’ ‘Sure, come on in. . .at first we were afraid you boys were Mormons.'”

  9. I’m not offended by the “crazier” comment and I’m also not sure that David is the one who tweeted it. I used to follow Jennifer Hudson but whenever a fan or gossip magazine rubs her the wrong way, she starts slinging out insults and curse words via twitter. Funny thing is, I actually thought it was a fake account but discovered it’s really her. Calling a crazy fan “crazy” is mild compared to what some celebs would have called him/her.

  10. I agree with HG’s earlier assessment that someone may be trying to force David to make a mission decision. Someone close enough to know that it might even be a consideration. Otherwise, it’s too far out in left field–his fans haven’t even mentioned it as a possibility lately.

    I’m with idolfan–I’m dubious that it’s “a particular crazier fan”. I think it’s someone with a more personal interest.

    Though Sunny is right, in her OTT way–he is so well-meaning and doesn’t deserve this–I still can’t help being perversely entertained by the whole soap opera. I love him to pieces, but the Mormon thing and the sibling thing definitely add elements of drama to this fan experience o_o.

    Even without the added complication of the LDS issues, I have to be sympathetic to David’s siblings. It must be so hard to have this golden boy for a brother, and even if he is supportive and loving, he is still gone all of the time (he didn’t even come straight home after Asia–staying in LA to “decompress”) and if the mission thing were to be true, he would be completely abandoning them for two years in addition to the three he’s already been mostly gone. That, plus the divorce, has to be so tough on them.

    I especially feel for older sis. My younger brother was more good looking and popular than I was (still is) and it was sometimes tough when we were younger. We didn’t fight at all, except for the issue of why he spent so much time with friends and kept his family waiting. At least he wasn’t famous with thousands of fans fawning over him.

    • P.S. To “golden boy” add “and most perfect angel ever ever ever” lol

      • you made a tear roll down my cheek, lol.

      • LOL, she’s very into the angels eh?

      • I lose a little respect for him for hanging out so much with someone who fawns over him so excessively. I think I would find it annoying.

      • For a person who claimed to love how his friends still seeing him just like David, Yes, is interesting that he hanging out too much witha person that use that sort of hyperbolic language to refer to him in public, that even give a ‘divine’ status in every comment about him and almost an esoteric level …..but then he looks comfortable with that and maybe is just her public way to talk about him….in any case is an very curious way to establish PR with people in the business.

      • raelovingangels

        She may address everyone like that- so I suspect she has a sweet and really effervasant way with words. At least she has his back.

      • raelovingangels

        sorry cchalo but I am not going to judge her for that. We don’t know the history of the relationship but clearly it is meaningful. He needs people he can trust in his life. I can be a bit of a gusher in person myself. with people I am supporting…just more restrained on line.

      • True, I do know some very sweet women like that. It doesn’t always come off so badly in person.

      • In a second thought i understand why he still more in LA than in Utah 😐 Poor Guy

  11. It could also be someone’s attempt to keep attention drawn on him while things are slow… just thinking.

    • I would say then that was a semi-success lol. Can be just a bad joke or is a sort of sabotage now with the release of the MoTab DVD this next week, some LDS fans and LDS people were not happy with him not going to the ‘mission’ and made very hard and means comments in the past about that ……still thinking the hacker is some jealous person from his home state , that have a hard time accepting his succes.

      Gezzz that sound like a soap opera lol.

      • I would love to write the script of this soap opera. There’s nothing like a good ending story, the good guy always win at the end lol

        Following David’s career is sometimes like watching a mediocre movie but with a great actor in it. The best actors all have had their bad movie but it doesn’t matter because everybody forgot about their difficult start.
        The day he’ll be able to do the music that really represents him and that more people will recognize it , we’ll probably only remember the good moves he has made in his career. It could happen sooner than we think (except if he goes on a mission for 2 years lol)

      • LOL Cmoi your comments are so in the point. 🙂

    • Maybe, but he wouldn’t need that kind of doing if he had a real manager. And tweets about mission, really ?
      Note to the future hackers (you know there will be other successful attempts) : if you want to hack his twitter account, please use your imagination and say something funny at least !

      I’m probably in the minority but I think that he maybe should make things clearer once and for all about the mission question. I know that it’s a private decision and not an easy one for him but if it wasn’t a “public” issue for his fans before, it’s now the only thing talked about. It’s probably why the hacker tweeted about it. He knows it’s a kind of sensitive subject. Maybe David is still trying to take a decision about the mission or he already did and someone doesn’t like it (that’s why I think the hacker is not a fan but a relative). The fans doesn’t need to know everything and he doesn’t owe us anything but going on a mission for 2 years is an important thing for his career, maybe as important as parting ways with his label (thing we didn’t know before Melinda “revealed” it on twitter). It’s funny how there is rarely official communication on things that matter the most about D’s career. We are always let to speculate.
      Also, if he decides to say something about the subject, I hope that he won’t do it on twitter (I still remember the last time he tried to clear things up and it was a total fiasco). I just hope that he doesn’t feel pressure for the decision he took/takes or will take about going or not on a mission.

      • I agree with you. I think David should be more clear about the mission question even though it should be a private issue. I also agree if he is going to be hacked it should at least be funny. Good point. lol

      • Is a private matter that his own community make relevant for the public, asking about in every little interview he made/make in his Home state. 😐 then became a normal discussion subject between his fans.

  12. This video made my day. Clips of Lupe and other performers are shown. When the camera pans and hits D’s table (7:47), he and his friend (who’s not Charice or Jeneatte) raise their menus to cover their faces. I wish I knew how to screen cap this. Looks like he had a great time last night. 🙂

  13. sitting here eating my M&M yummy! i cant see the video but let you guys know that jeanette is still in LA and charice is in las vegas. some people were talking about it on twitters, one says it jazzy and a another person says it his cousin?

  14. one of david’s favorite singers adele peforming tonite is in utah, i wonder if david is there, there is no information yet if he is there or not but i hope he is there thought.

  15. oh bummer! one of DA fan is at the adele concert, david is not at the concert. maybe he is back in califorina now.

  16. Last one, Cmoi i agree with you, i guess he should talk about, tbh many of us still holding here waiting for him to decide what to do, trying to support his career and music and he’s planning to go? , if is a decision make it he don’t need to wait until the winter to say, he can talk clearly about to take the break , make a pause or leave his career to go away so we can move on and letting down our expectations about his career. By the comments on some Utah news papers, youtube, videos , fansites and twitter i can understand what kind of pressure he handle from his own community , but is time for him to be more serious about this ‘Comunication is the key’ and be sincere with his fans……. just.my.feelings ….before another hacker come back to do his work lol.

  17. i guess if david want to quit music than go to the mission for 2yr, i hope he tell his fans something instead keeping his fans hanging wondering, i mean if david want to keep the mission on a very personal matter, i guess he had the right too not say anything to his fans and go without telling nobody.

  18. I’ve come a complete 180, I’m now sure it was just a joke.

    • The time will say…time will say , looks to me like David still confused about the futur , to be more specific…afraid about the futur , so is not that weird if he changes his mind about to leave, whatever decision he make , i hope he don’t gonna regret in the after.

      • Sunny tweeted this an hour ago. I’m guilty of poking fun at some of her rainbows and unicorn tweets but I do think she’s a nice, trustworthy person to have as a friend.

        “Worry is a thief, stealing our precious moments, imagining a future that’s as untrue as a hacker’s tweets:)”

      • Sunny should write children books …for real, my niece will love her style 🙂 (and tbh maybe me too lol)

        And I’m still thinking that David’s mind is very special and unpredictable , i started to be tired of this constant religious issues around David career.

      • I don’t care for the religious stuff or the family this or that stuff either, but David is very devout (much more than he speaks about publicly) and he lives in a particular area.

      • I really think the joke’s on us. If it weren’t for this incident, we’d have no question about a mission. We thought it was settled.

  19. my last comments for the nite, i wonder why david wasnt at the concert, maybe the hacking last nite got him really upset and he wasnt the mood to go, can you blame him? and i realized but i have noticed vblog last week and tweets that david hasnt mentioned music, songwriting lately, could be sign of quitting music perhaps, idk, i guess we will wait and see if david mentioned anything. goodnite guys.

  20. vermeer aka penciltopaper

    As disturbing as it was Sat night with the hacker incident x2, I LOL’ed at one fan tweeting back the Farchie (fake archie) “AT LEAST CHANGE THE ORANGE PICTURE YOU DUMBASS HACKER.”

    About that vid of Lupe performing and David and siblings at the table, you can see David earlier around 7:34 when the camera pans from right to left. As soon as he spots the camera, his hand goes right up to hide his face, then he uses the menu. He really doesn’t want to take the spot light away from his mom (I’m guessing).

  21. I personally think there’s “communicating with fans” and then there’s sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings to to the public, a group of people you don’t know and who don’t know you though sometimes they think they do.

    David doesn’t owe us anything. He’s sincere and open enough with his fans without him having to “come clean” about his most personal beliefs. Do you know any celebrity out there who’d reveal as much about themselves as David already does without it being for publicity?

    Give him a break. He’s entitled to keep his plans about missions and whatnot to himself.

    • “David doesn’t owe us anything.”

      I agree. My parents used to warn me and my siblings that if we continued to go through life believing that people owed us something or that we were somehow entitled, we were due for a harsh reality check, lol. After 3+ years into this fandom, I’m trying my best to manage my expectations with regard to David and just let some things be.

    • 1.Well Embe i disagree with the portray you want to make of the fans who want to know what’s going on, i was in a different position before, but now i really think he can be clear about what he think about HIS career, i don’t think is invasive, i don’t think is necessarily because people think ” David “owes” us something” , so i think is not necessary to ridicule the fans who are confused for the situation….a judging for twitter i can say are many.
      To me is just a question of respect for the people who still putting all the energy promoting his music around the world so i don’t think is a big problem to say ‘ Hey guys i gonna take a break for some years , thanks for the support and see you later’, his personal motivation he can keep it and we can respect.

      2. And HG of course people/fans have expectations about his career, yes HIGH expectations that are been adjusted in the way each time in a more modest goal according with what we see like motivation and ambitions from him. Most people know David because he was in a talent show searching for an opportunity to have a career , is because that he has fans with expectations, so what is the sin there?

      Seriously the fans are not always the one acting in a wrong way, gezzz. 😐

      • Tibitibi, between David’s vlogs and all his interviews during the Asia Tour, what is it that fans need to know that he hasn’t discussed or shared with us? If anything, he has repeated his goals/plans so many times that I don’t listen to the interviews all the way thru unless he has something different to tell us.

  22. You know how fans get, thinking David “owes” us something. When you get right down to it, he doesn’t even owe us a music career! We just hope he has one.

  23. I think it was a prank, someone close to him ‘punking’ the fanbase, then standing back laughing at the reactions and drama they knew would ensue… IMO, IMO and my own personal observation…

    David has never shown an inclination in the past nor at present for being transparent or direct in the communication w/his fanbase regarding career or personal matters. This, of course, is his choice. Fans choose either to accept this and deal, or choose not to. Fans tend to find out about news related to his career via VRS, rumor, twitter – info that many feel should have come, or should now come from a professional source, such as a manager/publicist/spokesperson, or David himself. This is where the excessive and natural speculation, rumors, and mountain making have their genesis – lack of clear, direct, timely communication from David and Co. to the fanbase. This, of course, is predicated on whether there is any news to relay, if he is free to relay it, etc.

    He doesn’t owe me or us anymore than he feels willing or comfortable to give, but communication – direct and clear regarding certain lingering matters IMO need to be addressed from and by him, and only him – if for nothing else, to put to rest any lingering persistent doubt about where he stands, so rumor/speculation could cease. It also closes one of the places the fanbase leaves itself open/vulnerable to be ‘punked’, or their hunger for details or info being exploited by those who know how they are going to react…

    Remember that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? From top to bottom in this base, no one – no one is immune… just food for thought, grist for the mill on a Monday.

    • ITA with you GG.

      Clear communication from an official source (David or his official representative) is the only way to put an end to fans’ speculation. If it was the case from the beginning and if we didn’t have informations from a “VRS” in the past, we wouldn’t give now some credit to informations from hacked tweets.

      I too, don’t think the rumor is true because of what David said in the past interviews (and apparently it’s a private thing everywhere except in his hometown where he was already asked about it) and if it wasn’t for the hacker’s tweets, we wouldn’t even be talking about this topic.

      But TBH, if David wants to go on a mission, it’s the perfect time for him to do it. He’s free from past engagements (no label and no management contracts) and he needs to “find” himself in order to write music in the future. Also, except for the small Asian Tour, there’s not much going on. No matter what the fans want or doesn’t want, at the end it’s his life, his decisions.

    • GG, I hear what you’re saying but to be honest, even if David were to clear up rumors, I think the fanbase would continue to speculate and make assumptions about his personal life and his career. For that reason, I don’t think it’s necessary for celebrities to try and address every rumor that pertains to them. They’ll have to pick their battles.

      • The gist of what I am saying is that poor communication, or the lack of timely communication to address questions/concerns head on has been a lingering issue. Lots of PR issues and some speculation/rumor can be laid to rest when an issue is dealt with timely, openly and through the most effective channels – usually the person themselves, or through someone entrusted to speak on that person’s behalf. IMHO, it’s best to nip some things in the bud by being forthcoming and as direct as possible – in saying what you gotta and sometimes may need to say. Then there is no doubt or question or speculation, because there will be something on record that is referenceable from the source. It’s one defense from being vulnerable to getting ‘punked’ 🙂

    • GG says: “…put to rest any lingering persistent doubt about where he stands, so rumor/speculation could cease.”

      To me, David has been VERY clear. He’s taking a break to discover his sound and voice. He doesn’t want to be with a label if it means repeating the process he went through with Jive. He’s planning for a Christmas tour. His father is on his management team.

      I ask, what more does he need to clear up? To me, fans don’t want to believe what he has said, hence, speculation occurs.

      • Thank you! My thoughts exactly. I have been sitting here shaking my head; don’t get it, David has told us what his feelings are about missions, his mission is music. He told us about taking some time to write, find HIS sound..etc. He has been very open to me, now some hacker spreads a lie about him quitting music to go on a mission, and people are demanding he AGAIN, tell us his plan about a mission? Geesh, I choose to believe what Dvid says, it’s less stressful, lol.

      • I would love for some of this ‘clarity’ to come from a US based paper or org, lol… Not that I don’t appreciate it, because I do, but does anyone ever wonder why David gives his most detailed and candid interviews in the international press? How can they elicit information and details from him about a ton of things we speculate on for months, lol… Whatever it is, I’d love for them to distill and sell it to the US media, because it would I’d think go a long way in alleviating a lot of unnecessary angst, speculation and drama. I know the mainstream media here leaves a LOT to be desired, they have not been as kind or favorable to him as we’d like… Surely, if he thought it necessary, there are other avenues to engage w/fans, to keep the communication process strong… UStream, Skype, Twitter is one… in the absence of a Label, publicist or professional PR firm handling this crucial duty, this responsibility falls more on the artist and those he entrusts to take care of… I hope they are up to the task…

      • Amen to that.

        Actually, I don’t get why people think anonymous, door to door proselytizing would even be an desire for someone who reaches so many people through his career. I can hardly stand to go door to door helping my daughter sell Girl Scout cookies for a couple of hours–and most people actually LIKE Girl Scout cookies. Two years, six days a week, bad weather, constant rejection–you have to hand it to them.

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