Daily Archives: August 17, 2011

If You Can’t Vote for David, Vote for His Musical Hero!

Vote for Michael Jackson for his 1995 “Most Iconic VMA Performance“! I usually don’t get caught up in these things, but right now Bon Jovi (whom I love, mind you) is winning, and that’s just ridiculous, IMHO!  Who’s even going to remember them (or their supposedly “iconic” VMA performance) 50 years from now?

If you’re not a fan of MJs, that’s not important because, since you’re a fan of David’s, and David is a fan of MJ, that’s like only 2 degrees of separation, right? 😛

This is the performance in question:

In other news, thank you to ICT for sharing a link from Latina.  Looks like our beloved made their Top 25 list for the “most beautiful Latino stars under 25”! Good to see he’s still remembered!