David’s Internet Issues Are Now Fixed!

Here’s David’s latest vlog…


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  1. Marius’ story…….get your tissues out…..

    Marius Documentary “I am not my body”

  2. i had tears in my eye what happened to marius and lost his mom and dad in the fire and now he have no parents, that is so heartbreaking to me, marius is such a brave boy dealing with his situation in his life right now, hug to him.

  3. This is the long video about Marius http://youtu.be/-WMoBvrrc3Q
    Very touching story.

  4. Something up David’s Alley… a friend of mine just posted on Facebook “What if you woke up today with only the things that you thanked God for yesterday.” Food for thought…. I’m sure David would be blessed!

  5. so much love in that video blog. Marius is such an amazing little kid…

  6. btw, have you guys listened to that Preston Powis’ song David helped to write? what do you guys think about it?

  7. Here is that song daisi is talking about…

    Preston Powis – LET ME IN – Written by Preston Powis, David Archuleta, and Dean Kaelin

    it’s for sale on itunes…..

  8. It’s not an LDS song. David and Dean Kaetlin started the song for David’s first album, but didn’t finish it. Preston and Dean finished it and hoped that David would use it for his second album. Since it wasn’t used, David let Preston record it (I got this info from FOD). I like it. I hope other David written songs that he didn’t use get recorded by other artists. It puts more money in David’s pocket too as one of the song writers.

    • Finally he’s in that list, YAY !!! Happy for that , now if only People in Spanish can add his name in their list i will be totally satisfied 🙂

  9. The Q102 Philly poll to see who we want to perform at this year’s Jingle Ball so far has the top three as Joe Jonas @ 13.77%, David @ 12.75% & Lambert @ 10.03%.

    So it is pretty evident that many people want to see David perform.

    then Q102 tweeted today this–>

    ” Q102Philly Im kinda shocked David Archuleta is in the LEAD in the #jingleball poll! ”

    Obviously they are not too happy to see David as the #2 selection so far. I wonder why that is?

    • I just think it is good to have a major radio station see that David still has the support of his fans. That is why I voted. Do I think he has any chance of being at the Jingle Ball ? No, it will just be like last year when they did not have him on. He might have a chance if he is signed to a label but otherwise IMO Q102Philly has no intention of having him at the Ball. I think they want artists at the JingleBalls with hit singles on the radio or who are extremely popular. I am still going to keep voting. lol

    • Isn’t this the same station that David won last year to perform in JB and he wasn’t selected or mentioned to have won? Also, the same station that rigged the Ultimate Idol win for AL? They wouldn’t even put a picture or video up of David on the poll page but has a few of AL. I think this station just uses David’s fan base to get hits. I would be extremely surprised if David was to actually win AND get to perform although I would love to be wrong.

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