Who’s Behind the Tour Gigs Here in the U.S.?

Check out what’s listed on the official site:

Looks like the Winter Tour has yet to be scheduled.  Let’s hope David gets to tour extensively during the holidays! 😛

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  1. During this quiet time, I am confused who is David’s manager. His father said he isn’t (if I am interpreting correcting), and David says he is. Who is the manager, besides Gina Orr?

  2. I am not so sure that Gina Orr has any involvement in David’s management. There has never been a public statement that she was David’s manager or part of his management team from her or anyone else. I believe Gina was his publicist but I am not so sure she does that anymore. IMO David does not have any “professional” management at this time. Good for a tour for David but IMO I would be more excited to see him signed to a label. I hope he does well on any tour that is set up for him as that is where the money is for artists. I can only go if he tours in my area. However, he is on a break right now so I guess everything is on hold.

  3. I believe it is his dad- however Jeff, being well aware of his
    mixed feelings from fans, non-fans and the media, likely downplays his role publically.

    On the tour note- I see Adele has US Oct tour dates- of course she has been long sold out- While I know “fans” would not be happy cause they could not tickets, but through a scalper and pay a small fortune, I would LOVE, to see David open for her, or open for the opener. I believe her fans would be more than pleasantly surprised to see where David is in his development now and that would surely expand his US base.

    My local theatres ( smaller) have just added some Oct/Nov concerts now- so it is possibly, it is in the works and that is why D is so quiet…. working behind the scenes.

    If a solo Holiday tour is not in the cards- I have to believe there is something else, such as an opener for a bigger name- he can do,.,,, if not in the US- Eurpope or South America.

    • Opening for Adele would be ideal. I hope something is in the works right now. I wonder how long he’ll be on break, or if he’s even reading the Tweets from antsy fans wanting to know how he is doing. I’m still surprised he did not do a vlog coming off of the great Asian tour. Whenever I think he is doing to do something, he usually does the exact opposite.

    • “I believe it is his dad- however Jeff, being well aware of his
      mixed feelings from fans, non-fans and the media, likely downplays his role publically.”

      My feeling also…..

    • I think opening for Adele would be a wonderful opportunity for David. Also agree with David being an opener for a bigger name if a solo Holiday tour is not an option.

      • I just hope that David’s current “team” have the needed connections and contacts to get him to open for someone like Adele if a solo tour is not an option. I kind of have my doubts.

  4. A little OT but I wonder if it would be possible to make a special edition of CFTH like he did with TOSOD (by adding new songs and changing the cover). Or would it be possible to offer a special package with the MoTab CD/DVD. I know it’s still early but I think that Christmas music is generaly released in october/november (and his Christmas songs are more likely to be played on the radio so I hope that they are planning to do a lot of pub).

    Also, if he’s doing a winter tour, it’s never too early to announce the dates and locations. The fans need time to plan things and we know that promotion is not a forte in his career lol

  5. Wow! Guys, I was watching local news and found out that one of the victims at the Indiana State fair stage collapse is a former student of mine! 😦

    Very tragic indeed!

    May she and others rest in peace…

    • It is such a sad situation and such terrible loss of life. It is even more difficult to comprehend when you have a personal connection to the tragedy. Sorry hg.

    • Yes, a shocking tragedy………a tweet fm Sara Bareilles —->

      We WILL be performing in Tulsa tomorrow, and doing it to honor the memory of those lost at the Indy State Fair. I believe music is healing.

    • That is awful. I cringed reading the list of those who perished because I taught at a university in Indy for a year and feared coming upon a name I knew.

  6. I would LOVE for David to open for Adele! Him opening for her would be an instance when I (and other D fans, I’m guessing) would not run for the door after his set as was the case with Demi. lol

    I love Adele’s soulful vibe and would be in hog heaven if David let his soulful side shine, too. That’s my favorite side of him. I’ve replayed his cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Ribbon in the Sky’ wayyy too many times.

    I especially love watching the guy facing us in the grey sweater getting gobsmacked by the Archulator. Here it is if you haven’t enjoyed it lately: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVo2tG6T9E8

  7. I believe that Jeff is currently David’s manager, but David does have a professional booking agency in CAA to book a tour. CAA would have booked David’s Asian tour which I consider a success. All signs point to a Christmas tour. David has said he wants to do one and his band members have indicated that they would be doing Christmas shows. His website has the winter tour TBA. I hope the meeting David tweeted about last week was with his booking agent. I also hope the places and dates for the tour are announced early enough and with enough publicity so that the tour will be a success.

  8. Re. management and the Christmas tour, my thinking is similar to grammyj’s in that CAA also has some connections. I also believe Gina Orr still has a working relationship with David and Allison Iraheta but she doesn’t tweet about either of them.

    The news has been very sad for the past month or so (Norway shooting, Indiana, guy on a shooting rampage in Michigan, etc.) I just saw a tweet from an Indonesian fangirl who stated that her sister just died; both of them are Archies. My thoughts are all over the place right now.

  9. On a lighter note, breaking news from David: 🙂

    Just so everyone knows, there are rumors that I might be attending some DJ launch party in Utah this week. It’s not true.

    • you want to read something really funny :

      “D.j. MoFlo : NEW UPDATE: We just spoke to David Archuleta’s sister Claudia, who is a member of his management team, and unfortunately David is performing in Japan and will not be able to make it this Friday. However, Claudia is planning on attending on his behalf and we are excited to have her! We apologize to his fans and still hope to see them all on the red carpet this Friday night!”

      from here :

      This DJ really want to see D’s fans lol !!! It’s great that David tweeted about it !

      • lololol. I just about felt out of my chair.

      • Slow to the uptake: is that a joke? Nothing surprises me, so just thought I’d ask!

      • David really does have family management. Claudia??? I was only joking when I agreed she should be David’s manager. I guess I could be a music manager too if only I had a family member that had music talent. lol I don’t think it is that easy to have family management without big money, like from Disney shows, behind you. Like the Jonas bros. ect.

      • I hope that is a joke, or else things would get pretty interesting!

      • So, David will be performing in Japan this Friday and his manager sister will attend a local DJ’s gig on his behalf?

        This makes my morning! 🙂

      • He is not going to Japan that we know of (wasn’t event pushed back to Sept.), so I am thinking it is a joke, at least I hope so.

      • I’m speechless… Good luck?

        Buh-bye, music career!

      • I think the DJ is just too desesperate. He probably was counting on David’s fans lol. I read that they are proposing VIP tickets for the launching party, I’m sure all of those who are going will be happy to meet Claudia lol.

        Seriously, I think it’s not true (well, I hope that’s not true !).
        I just found the thought of Claudia being his manager really funny and that the DJ really thinks that fans will be excited because she’ll be attending (on his behalf LOL !!!!! Everybody knows how nice she used to be with the fans online lol ).

      • but I think that it’s possible that she presented herself as a member of his management team lol

        If my accounts are good, we have in his team : his creative dad, his super nice sister, his friend Sunny and all her little angels, a guy with a pony tail probably named Mike (?), ….
        (you know I’m just kidding !)

      • I can’t even……. 😐

        The thing is that i think is not even a joke, David really underestimate so much his own career or his family obligations are each time more big….. i don’t even know what to think a part of that i hope is a joke and Marie , Jonas Bro have a different management last time is hear.

        I agree with what Peter said last week.’his career has reached an entirely new level of disorganization and randomness, IMO. ” Oh dear lol!!

      • hmmm… something not right here. I read irritation all over David’s tweet on the topic. If I had to speculate, I perhas someone promised something she could not deliver & painted herself as something she is not.

  10. I don’t think it is a joke as that is what it states on the event facebook.

  11. This photo is circulating on the fansites. I bet finding that computer to make a vlog for his fans was the furthest thing from his mind, lol. And is that Sunny to his immediate right?

  12. One of the best vocal talents in the world right now & no management…………very disheartening.

    • I agree burkey. It all just doesn’t make much sense. I also believe that Claudia might have presented herself as part of David’s management. Peter is right about the new level of disorganization. It is just unbelievable. lol

    • Not really …….. he.has.a. team now 😐

    • Actually the management he supposedly has right now (Claudia et al) is worst than no management at all. Wonder if #mic will appreciate this comment…..

      Oh well……life goes on……

    • Do you really think that Claudia is a part of his management team ? I refuse to think that it’s true ! It can’t be !!!. We know that David is not going to Japan this next Friday so I don’t believe it’s true (one will think that a member of his management team would know his schedule) so I only can think of two options to explain it : first one, the DJ made all this thing up alone in order to sell his VIP tickets to credulous fans. Second one, Claudia planned to go to that DJ launching party with David without asking him first. It’s a local thing so she maybe thought it will be OK. She maybe even assured them that he’ll be present. He said no so she came up with the Japan thing as an excuse. And she probably presented herself as his manager lol. (of course, all this is just speculation).

      • Can be like that lol, i hope actually was like that , but in the other side i can see some people taking advantage of his friend position and very atypical management. Who Knows? look like this era of ‘Comunication is the key’ is a totally succes LOL.

      • I think (hope) it is entirely possible and likely that the DJ made the whole thing up, given that he got the Japan info incorrect.

      • he’s so close to her, i can imagine that she has always assisted him in some manner. if she’s really on the team, perhaps it’s in the capacity of an assistant.

      • . . .or they got a hold of her and she was messing with them.

  13. BTW i saw in twitter his OS has now ”new” merchandise !!!!

    • I want a “2009 tour T shirt” so bad ! lol
      I think I’ll pass on his “new” merchandise till the creative person in his team starts doing his job lol I’m sure they can think about something “cool” to sell to the fans of all ages.

      • lol regarding the 2009 tour t shirt. David sure is a great guy. He is the best and deserves the best for his career.

    • i want to be more like david. i admit, i’m hesitant (actually scared) to approach people who are dealing with serious physical ailments. it has always concerned me that they would be able to read it in my eyes and my body language. with david, he has that ability to interact with anyone and see their light.

  14. Q102 wants us to pick who we want to perform at the 20011 Jingle Ball :

    You can vote for David here—>


  15. Did anyone post this yet, this is a funny interview 😀
    He’s such a dork sometimes hahaha

  16. I thought yesterday that it’s been pretty quiet in Davidland with nothing much to speculate on, but we got the following for our speculation today: Is Claudia really part of David’s management team? Who is in the picture of pretty girls with David and Steven? Where were they going? Where was Charice (question for Idolfan)? Will there be some new merchandise on David’s new OS or just the old stuff leftover from Jive days? Why is CFTH the only CD on the OS? Will they ever re-release it with a better picture? When will we hear for sure that there is a Christmas tour coming because David, of course, did not mention it in his blog? Okay, speculate away…….

  17. i am back!!!! just kidding haha. laughing.

  18. Oh, I forgot a question – if David actually wins the Q101 poll would they actually ask him to perform at their Jingle Ball? I think he won that poll last year and did not appear at it. (Of course, I have no idea if he was asked and couldn’t come.)

  19. who is steven and the pic? the photo with david with jeanette, sunny and the two girls, i think it might be at the teens choice awards after party and charice couldnt able go to the TCA afterparty because she had for leave for japan right after the awards show ended. from what i have heard jeanette was no show at the teens choice awards the afterparty but she was listed to go to the award show but i guess she just went to the afterparty instead. why was david taking sunny? sunny does have children, maybe next to david was her daughter?

    • Hi idolfan. It could be the TCA afterparty. You never know.

      • marie, i think it def is at the TCA afterparty. charice fans twitters said that she is her hometown visting her family right now and she will headed back to LA sometimes this week and i wouldnt surpised me if david tweet this week ” back in LA again” no wonder david is in utah because charice is in phillpines. oh by the way, i heard david’s family visited him for a couple of days while he was in LA and it kinda make sense why he was very quiet on twitter yeah he did mentioned his sister too?

  20. only guessing here but charice’s japan trip was a last minute gig and maybe sunny was replaceing charice because she couldn’t go to the afterparty?!?! only if i was right about teen choice awards afterparty picture?

  21. well i am done guessing what i have to say about afterparty, pic, david, charice and sunny and so on. so long souldavid.

  22. wow!!!!!!! i just saw a couple of tweets from charice fans, they wishies that david and charice should date but charice fans are saying that david is already link to someone else!?!?. mindblowing here!. it make me think that david could be dating around? charice could be jealous?!

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