Got this one from Fanscene. *Fans self.*

Please take this quick poll! 😛


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  1. David is super photogenic so I like them all. However if I can only choose one I will go with no1. I like the natural,unposed look.

  2. Yes, I agree. David’s a very photogenic guy, I don’t think I ever saw a bad pic of him.
    My favorite photos of David are those taken by the fans and those by Matt Clayton. I prefer the pics where he’s genuinely smiling (opposed to his fake smile when he seems forced to pose).

  3. I agree he’s very photogenic specially in the fan pictures, however ! I’ll love to see an studio emulating ‘epoch’ life style, like wearing some 60’s clothing and in a convertible lol, or like some studio in the role in charming prince like the one some artists did last year…..Sorry i just like that special editions of that magazines.

    Have a Great Weekend Everybody 🙂

  4. Not only is he photogenic, but nothing beats seeing the real person 😀
    What is your emotion when you see him for the first time ??
    I am quite sure mine stopped for a second, and one just get lost in that eyes, totally mesmerizing!

  5. OMG! Seeing David live for the first time I was struck by how his eyes sparkled in light. Completely mesmerizing! 😀

  6. Has anyone seen the picture of David from the Asian tour called , breathless? I have never seen David in person and I was just wondering if his eyes are that green and his lips that pink? The picture is stunning!

  7. Junnie- Hi. Uh, seeing David for the first time..I remember being extremely nervous, & thinking “This person in front of me can’t seriously be him. OMG, he’s actually real. ‘K. Make sure you look at his eyes.” But when I did, I literally blanked out. I have no idea what his face looked like, lol…

    Then I blurted out what I had memorized, but my tongue got twisted, and I slurred my words. Poor David said nothing, & probably thought I was drunk or high or something. lol.

    Also, as we were getting our picture taken, he started to sing a song involving my name. Like a dork, I started to

    sing a different song, and

  8. …he had to stop & try figure out what I was singing, so he could join in. That’s the part that was really cool. Here I was, harmonizing with “the” David Archuleta, and I looked around…and no one else heard. It was kind of like my own little concert.

    Then I got lost in the moment, forgot why I was there, & saw the photographer with an annoying look on her face. Which rattled me even more, so I walked away from David withough saying a word, and had to go back and apologize to him. lol. The End.

  9. This is a cute and nice tweet from David: @DavidArchie “Mae it back home after a while! Good to be back. Meant to say *made it back home not mae.” Glad to see David is back home in Utah for awhile as he always seems so happy to be there.

  10. Wow, for those going to the concert in Arizona- check out the post on the voice. $25 for admission to the fair and a special arm band and guaranteed up front seating. That would be so well worth the cost of admission- if Arizona was just a tad closer to Fla.

  11. “That would be so well worth the cost of admission- if Arizona was just a tad closer to Fla.”

    Dang it!

  12. burkey, where about in N Y state are you?

  13. Thanks Burkey. I am about 40 minutes west of Syracuse.

    • aaww…..that would be around Waterloo area??

      Nice to know there is another David fan sort of close by. 🙂

      • I live in New York state in the upstate area. It is nice to see so many Archie fans live in New York state.

  14. Off topic Sara B was there too opening for Sugarland

    My prayers for the families who lost their loves ones and/or have relatives injured 😦

  15. that picture is my wallpaper and every time I turn on the computer, I suffer a shock. I need 10 minutes for my five senses work again

  16. Good morning!
    For those of us who cannot come to Arizona’s concert and would have gladly paid the $25 VIP to meet David then perhaps consider donating those funds to the Burn Institute for Marius.

  17. This tweet from Melinda Doolittle put a smile on my face. Maybe D’s fans were asking her to pass messages on to him.

    mdoolittle Melinda Doolittle
    Dear @DavidArchie fans: I love you guys so much & you know I love David, but I can’t help you get any closer to him. I know he loves ya tho!

    • Fans are getting antsy with the quiet time, but this may go on for months or even be the new norm. For whatever reason, he doesn’t feel the need to communicate with fans through a vlog, twitter, etc.

      We’ve heard he will promo the xmas CD/DVD and there may be xmas tour dates, but beyond that, unless he decides to release an EP next year. I saw he’s worth 5 million. He is set for life.

    • Why would David fans be tweeting Mindy Doo?

      • She is a friend of his and fans were trying to find a way to communicate with him, as they are missing his communication.

  18. Hello all! I tend to like his expression of pondering.

    I wanted to let you all know about the opportunity at the Arizona event for a seat in a reserved area. I see the link was brought over 🙂 Desertrat, so sorry you won’t be able to make it! I was hoping to visit with you again. Hopefully next time.

  19. Hi from me at ‘The Voice’…When it was known that David’s appearance in Arizona would be 40 minutes long and his first appearance in the US in a long time, conversations and meetings made the difference. The $25 is not just for close up seating but it is assisting the performance to be much longer, enough to complete his set. The days or weeks (I know MB was fantastic), have been many since David has had the opportunity to perform for his fans at home and now this will be a great evening in Arizona.


  20. Wow Djafan…we are here…at the same time, strange how that happens,haha. 😉


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