What I’m Listening To (While on My David Hiatus)

I swear I want Bjork to do some amazing electronic music with the only Voice that matters in today’s market. This is a new leaked song from her latest album, called “Virus” (yes… Virus.. retelling the story of a virus attacking a cell as if it were a love story…Seriously and deliciously weird! I wonder what David would think?):

BTW, her App “Biophilia” is seriously mind-blowing, and I can’t wait to get the rest of her album! 😛

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  1. She’s really the Queen of the alternative sound eh? Thanks for sharing 🙂 ,looking at David’s recomendations about music and videos, i have the impression he really love all the quirky and odd lyrics . I bet he will love this one.
    Whatever is restraining him to found and/or go for his unique sound, i hope he can overpower it and have a happy career feeling his creativity used to his maximun

    What I’m Listening To (While on My David Hiatus) ?

    This Group from Spain ‘La Oreja de Van Gogh’ –

    The song name is ‘ Paris’ — http://youtu.be/SDtMxYgpYik and ‘Historia de un sueño’ — http://youtu.be/gzKXalv3Gog

    • I love la Oreja De Van Gogh !!!! I found about them a long time ago thanks to a Spanish friend in College and I still listen to them. I love the songs you suggested ( I remember having an obsession with La Paz de Tus Ojos and Mariposa lol)

      • I LOVE ‘La paz de tus ojos’ along with ‘Dulce Locura’ ‘Cuidate’ and the two i already mentioned are always in heavy rotation 🙂

  2. off topic but i’m soooo happy to report that @beebee just tweeted!!! 😀 some of you may recall that several of us were wondering if she was ok.

    on topic, i’ve been watching michael jackson videos during this break. i love the dance routine for “remember the time”.

  3. ”Whatever is restraining him to found and/or go for his unique sound, i hope he can overpower it and have a happy career feeling his creativity used to his maximun”

    He has tried to do just this, IMHO, w/Elevator. For many fans, it was not/has not been well received or considered to be David at his so called vocal best, or an example of his playing to his vocal strengths. This fan is a big fan of Elevator, and welcomes any/all David’s forays into songs that challenge him and the fans/the public to look at his vocal talent/genius through different filters. I dig the easy/breezy/quirky vibe of the song, love the way his voice glides through the notes… IMO, He was going for a different kind of Archuleta sound, gently trying to ease us into hearing his vocals used in a different way. David has established a certain kind of vocal…. expectation in many fans minds that I hope will not cause him to ever stop pushing his vocal boundaries, or testing the waters singing songs similar to Elevator… his vocal arsenal has enough depth to pull of the ballad faves, as well as quirky Elevator type songs – it’s the paradigm in many fans heads that may need to shift to accept it 🙂

    • Um , In term of lyrics, i agree, the song is a good effort and would be genial if he would added a video . In terms of musical arrangement well he need more works, to me like to many fans the song not showcase his strengths , but expose some weakness on his voice ….. i mean i don’t expect to him doing vocal juggling (not sure if is the right expression) or hitting the high note all the time, specially live, but if people detect that struggles in an studio version then the story is different.
      He already shows many great voice effects in others songs, his low range is a fan favorite, the little falsetos in some of that uptempo songs are just perfect, the crying on his voice and his very diverse runs and improvisations.

      But then it was an start, hopefully he’s gonna be able to refined his sound and keep going with his creativity he can do better than ‘Elevator’ and not i don’t think he’s gonna stop just because many fans don’t love ‘Elevator’ he already shows he can be very obstinate when he has an idea in mind, so don’t worry 😉

      • Not worried about David’s having the cojones or the stubbornness? (dunno him well enough to say whether or not this is an accurate personality trait, lol) to stick with his personal vision and the direction he intends to steer his career – no ma’am, and no sir, lol… My question and interest will lie in the reaction and reception songs in the Elevator vein will be received… Elevator isn’t perfect – but then sometimes the enjoyment and pleasure in listening to and liking a song relies on something more than it being sung “perfectly” – David we know can sang, so hearing something different from him, a la Elevator, was/is a refreshing change – one I liked and hope he continues exploring, along with songs in his ‘bread and butter’ vocally. David, like any newbie to the songwriting process, is going to require lots more seasoning and experience in order to keep growing, and getting better and more comfortable with sharing and expressing thoughts and ideas onto paper, and eventually onto a CD. Elevator for me is a great starting point ( we all must start from somewhere, right?) for his (hopeful) forays into that quirkier, less soulful r@b component of his vast vocal wheelhouse.

    • Also, a fan of Elevator as I said on the last thread. In the recent shows with the covers- he is definately being more creative and cutting loose with runs, improv ( he even scatted- if that is the right term) etc on the covers like EWTRTW and Gotta Get Through this. I love that side of D’s talent.
      I also see the emo songs, are more expressive than ever- who would have thought? Who would have thought that Crazy, could have been so crazy soulful? It is interesting to see David develop and grow. I hope he does not feel the need to define his style now however, but keeps experimenting with various styles and types of music. I mean, it is not like anyone ever “arrives” in what ever is their field. Always room for refinement and growth.

    • I really started to love Elevator just after he sang it during the Z100 chat, he added so much to the original. Now, I love listening to it and I love the fan participation when he sings it live.
      I agree with Tibitibi about the musical arrangements and the production of the song. The lyrics are quirky but the production doesn’t showcase their quirkiness. I don’t want to use the word “generic” so I’m going to say that it lacks a little sophistication (can’t find a better word for the moment).

      • I’ll cite Björk as an example (to stay a little on topic and because we’re talking about quirkiness lol). When you listen to her songs you can hear how the prod and arrangements complement the lyrics.
        I hope that David will work with great producers who can showcase his voice but also bring something “unique” to represent his lyrics.

  4. In addition to the new songs on the ATE, I am listening to Adele.’s “21”. What an amazing album.

    • Thanks for posting this link ! This is another reason why I’m a huge fan David !

    • David had dinner with Marius on August 7th? Is this the first time we’ve heard about that? Hm? I made my donation and signed-up to receive e-mails with updates to his progress.
      I truly appreciate David. For all that he is and all that he is going to be. He’s still learning.

  5. how cool is this? Fanscene posted a map with all the visitors to thier site… love the worldwide snapshot of acrhies! ok, signing off- a busy day ahead.

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