Reassembling The Other Side of Down

I honestly don’t get what the label folks were thinking in putting together TOSOD when we had other tracks like “Wait,” “Everything and More,” “Love Don’t Hate,” and “Notice Me.”  So, I’ve been reassembling the album with the new tracks, taking off some existing songs to make room for the new ones. 😛

1. Other Side of Down – still one of the strongest tracks on the album (and which should have been a single!).

2. Notice Me – not only should this have been on the album, it could’ve been a single! (Much stronger than SBL, IMO):

*bumping “Things Are Gonna Get Better” for this sweet little gem*

3. Stomping the Roses – I like the edgy rock in this still.

4. Love Don’t Hate – this would be a great follow up on the album

*bumping “Parachutes and Airplanes” for this – sorry, but it’s insane to me that PAA got on the album, and this didn’t!*

5. Falling Stars – this should have been the first single off this album. I’m sure it would have been a hit, if not charting highly.

6. Look Around – still a catchy song that deserves its place here.

7. Wait – I cannot believe this song got cut, when “Elevator” made it (yes, I would put Elevator on the cutting floor).

8. Something ‘Bout Love – I think the vibe flows nicely after listening to “Wait.”

9. Everything and More – simply beautiful (and bumping in its place “Complain” which sounds too old for a young boy of 20).

10. Good Place – this also sounds powerful following “Everything and More.”

11. Who I Am – this song is such a personal telling off from David, it needs to stay.

12. My Kind of Perfect – this is still so beautiful and a great way to end the album. I’d keep it right where it is, closing this lovely sophomore effort.

Surely, had TOSOD been released with these tracks (and gotten some promo), it would be very much on the radar, right? Just speculating, of course! 🙂


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  1. I am TOTALLY with you. I would have left Elevator, Parachutes & Airplanes & Things Are Gonna Get Better off the album.

    Elevator is too high, Parachutes & Airplanes is just kind of goofy, & TAGGB sounds immature. All my opinion, of course.

    Why did they ask us? lol

    • I totally agree with you also. Elevator was too high. I would have left out those songs you mentioned too. Falling Stars should have been the first single off the album. I love Everything and More. Great Post!!

  2. I agree with all of your “bumps” except Elevator. I think that is a really great tune. . l like your “line” up. I think I would bump Everything and More for Nothing Else Better to Do and Notice Me for Elevator.

    However, the better idea IMO would have been a double album.

  3. woops………….”why didn’t they ask us”

  4. My problem is I like all the songs. I could see eliminating TAGTGB, but the rest I like. One of my very favorites is “Wait”. I wonder if we will ever hear David sing it. I’d love to hear all the songs that didn’t make his albums. So far I’ve like almost all of the rejects that have been leaked.

  5. Cool…. like this album. Except I would have bumped ‘Look Around’ for a re-recorded version of zero gravity, which would be reproduced to capture the ‘get up and dance’ quality of the live version.
    Some Asian folks have started a petition to create a music video for Everything and More. Any good story ideas for that? I would be even more exited to see a video for ‘Wait’…. I just love the longing in that song.

  6. I bought the Asian Edition and play it in the car all the time.
    I wouldn’t get rid of any. ha! Can’t ever bring myself to listen to leaked songs, especially ones that are being sold.
    Fearful of illegal downloading when I see these songs on You tube. Love Elevator as a concert song.
    Had a hard time adjusting to Falling Stars in the beginning.
    Did like David’s performance of that song in Utah.

    I like the idea of a Live music video.

    • Talking about illegal downloads, i find a little fishy that CDnow are selling ATE a that low price, without charging shipping costs 😮 . TBH i don’t think they are an official distributors and who knows if David is having some gains with their sales ….just sharing my thoughts about 😉

  7. My favorites recently are Wait and Everything and More.
    Also love David’s covers of Crazy, Everybody Wants to Rule the World,Heaven etc.

  8. Hm. I agree with everyone about leaving off Elevator, TAGGB and P&A. I would’ve switched them with ZG, E&M and…something else, lol (I’m still not sold on the other ATE songs).

    I would definitely leave Complain on there, though. At first, I hated it & thought it was too “country”. But after watching David perform it, it really grew on me. (same with E&M. Didn’t care for that one at first, either.)

    Still kind of “meh” about Falling Stars and Who I Am. But STR, MKOP, TOSOD, Look Around and Good Place…those are “must have’s”. Good Place is my absolute favorite. Love. It.

    • Oh, how could I have forgotten SBL? That totally belonged on there…Poor beautiful neglected little song. lol. (:

    • I thought the same about ‘Complain’, i little to much country lol, i was indifferent first , but now i skip that song when i play TOSOD along with TAGGB 😐

    • well I love Elevator & would not leave it off. I think it is very fresh sounding.

      • I join you in your love of Elevator. 🙂 It’s funny how so many of David’s fans hate the song, yet David loves it. It’s sort of similar to the ATE songs because David loves Love Don’t Hate, while most fans enjoy Wait or EAM the most. (just getting this from my own observations) Not really sure why any of that’s relevant though. lol
        I would have left off TAGGB and SBL. I adore Wait and Love Don’t Hate.

      • I like it too. Its definitely a crowd pleaser at concerts.

  9. I agree !!!, i still can’t believe that songs like ‘Wait’ (my absolute favorite song from David along with ‘Save the Day’) and ‘Nothing else better to do’ were not in the main track list 😐 , and i still can’t believe that ‘Elevator was their pick for a single over STR, FS or this two i already mentioned :/ , but being fair i guess the responsibility for this goes equally to Jive and David, they definitely gave to him some privileges picking the second single and the message of the album. I still convinced that SBL was a good first pick for single though .

    EAM is a good song specially live , the high range in the version studio don’t allow me to full enjoy the track tbh and the other two are good a little generic but better that TAGGB, PandA and Elevator to me too ;), man! even ”Day after tomorrow” is a better album material.

    Saying this i enjoy the album anyway, was a good effort to close his teenagers years, sadly look like his label, team and i gonna take the risk to say that even him-self don’t give to the album an opportunity and supported it with conviction; Oh !! and still hoping to hear some of this favorites songs live ..hopefully some day !!

  10. ‘Day after tomorrow’ – 🙂 G’night

  11. So, this is an interesting read. I wonder what could have happened to motivate Freofan to write this?

    “August 9th, 2011
    The Other Side of Up…
    Intricacies of a Fan Community”

    • This may have been written by JACKRYAN4DA & not Freofan.

    • That is just a very interesting read on TDC. I wonder exactly what it all means.

    • Hi, JR quoted from an old blog of mine at the top, but she wrote the blog entry. I didn’t know about it until it was mentioned here. I will have to go read it.

    • Whatever the problem is, i just hope David success to control his team (the real one if that exist) to don’t give control to his fans to take more advantages that the normal ones a fan should have. A delusional fan or fansite acting on his name, without his knowledge and with the (in theory ) approbation of his team ? can be very problematic for him in the future. 😐

  12. I think what really bothers me about the Elevator song is not that it was on the album but that David sang that song on what few TV appearances he was on after the release of TOSOD. I would love to have heard him sing Notice Me or Everything and More on any TV appearance. IMO Elevator was the wrong song to push as a single. It is just too quirky and high of a song to be a hit single. Hit singles are what are important to push sales. I wonder who made the choices?

    • I agree about Elevator……..but WAIT is my personal favorite. 🙂

    • I don’t know for sure but I always assumed it was David’s choice. He was always very meh about SBL, always pointing out how it didn’t represent the rest of the album. Even though I’m not a fan of SBL, it was doing fairly well and should have been pushed harder on Jive and David’s part. You’re right about Elevator being quirky. I love it but agree that it wasn’t really a radio single song.

  13. idolfan this is for you: David is #1 and Charice is #2 on Malayshia’s Fly FM music station. Wish it was here in the US.

  14. Love the new tracks; D’s tone in the first line of Notice Me gives me mega goosebumps every time; love HG’s revised version of TOSOD, never liked TAGGB until my father passed away and the lyrics overcame me while driving and I had to pull over! I absolutely am not a fan of studio Elevator; think live Elevator is cute; my son and my carpool kids would have a fit if I didn’t play it on the way to school!

    Hope Embe’s enjoying motherhood and her baby girl!

    • I really like TAGGB, too. Some might think the song and its melody are cheesy, but the song has been a great help at times. Incidentally, it is also a *great* running song. I’ve gotten some great mileage out of the whole OSOD album!

  15. I like your tracks selection, HG but I would have chosen The Day After Tomorrow instead of Love Don’t Hate. I think that LDH would have made a great bonus song with Elevator, Senseless and the rumored Spanish version of Crush (I don’t know why they never released a song in Spanish !).
    Oh, and because it can not be too much bonus songs in a David Archuleta CD, I would have added 2 live songs (Crazy and Heaven would be great because he has improved them so much since the first time he sang them but any other one would be good too).

    I admit that I tend to skip TAGGB and P&A.

  16. Hm. You’ve let go of a couple of my favorites as well as a couple of non-faves. I do love the new songs. I think if votes counted for anything, I’d vote that he started releasing EPs every few months, and then a CD every year, so that all songs could be included.

  17. “David Archuleta wants you to help children in need!

    If you were looking for a good thing to do today, then here you have it!

    And about the “Miracle Treat Day”, here you see how you would help the children in need:

    “$1 or more from each Blizzard Treat sold at participating locations on Miracle Treat Day, August 11, 2011, will help sick and injured children at your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since 1984, DQ has raised over $86 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals-including $5.5 million in 2010. Let’s make 2011 a record-breaking year! Join DQ and help make miracles happen…”
    So there you have it! Buy some ice cream and help the children in need, simple, isn’t it?

    Kudos for David for supporting such good causes. That’s what every famous person should do instead of wasting their/our time and money on stupid stuff.

    Once again, David proves why his fans have so much love for him, so… Are you supporting the cause?”


  18. I vote for keeping quirky “Elevator” because it’s fun and D enjoys singing it. I agree w/KathyH, keep all the songs and release EPs every few months.

  19. Off topic, but you knew that some non top 10 Idols are already in TOUR for Japan? ((Love them btw) 🙂 , I’m happy for them, but makes me wonder one more time why is so complicate for David to go International ? :|…… looks like works easily for everybody else to do small tours to promote their voices and music.

    Link and videos
    Link ainow American Idol Now
    VIDEOS: Former Idols Perform on Japanese Tour:… #americanidol

  20. Has anybody else noticed that whenever David describes the feeling of being in love in his songs, he’s always up in the air somewhere? ‘Zero Gravity’, ‘Parachutes and Airplanes’, and now ‘Everything and More’ all talk about being up in the air and not wanting to come down. Just thought that was interesting…

  21. Peter- I think the problem is more complex than that. It’s also that a certain someone wants things to be just right, and can’t make up his mind to “save his life.” Also the expense of and logistics of a band and their competing other gig schedules, and expenses and logistics of security to protect David from the rabid, and finding and scheduling appropriate size and available venues.

    Remember, WEG was unable to come together with a tour of any kind for David.

  22. WEG was in just for five months or less 😐 , and by their time this Asia tour was rolling already in the plans. The point is that after three years he still unable to go to some places where many newbie’s are going right now, i agree the problem is more complex that the presence of one person on his team ( even if that person intervention can change the all dynamic of his business progress ) , is too about him-self taking risks to go there, where he need to built and feed a fanbase, he don’t need to play big arenas always, he can go to Japan , Europe and Latinamerica and start to built his popularity from the base, small clubs or opening for someone else , if money is his concern….. is right the way how many more established names did to make grow their careers overseas.

    • That is a three week tour those non idols I have never heard of are going on in Japan not just one appearance. As much as everyone might dislike WEG they were only David’s management for five months not the past 3 years. tibi’s right about that. I think WEG has moved on. They are busy promoting their latest boy band. I saw Johnny Wright and the band on Night line.That is the problem with the music business. They just move on to the next artist and do not care. But David is on a break so it is what it is.

      • WEG are business people, of course they care just about that can make money for them now, clearly their expectations on David were high, but with the wrong vision about his artistic identity . David him-self was trying to find his artistic identity by that time , the all situation was difficult for both sides, if you ask me and without time to resolve any conflict between them and their visions.

      • I should say non top 10 idols. I think they are still technically idols. lol Good for them by the way.

      • I agree to what Tibi said:
        he don’t need to play big arenas always, he can go to Japan , Europe and Latinamerica and start to built his popularity from the base, small clubs or opening for someone else , if money is his concern….. is right the way how many more established names did to make grow their careers overseas.

        I also agree with what Barbs said about it being more complicated than just one individual.

        At the end of the day, David will take his time, his right to do as he grows his career. He strikes me as the kind of person who needs to learn for himself about what works & what does not. It may not be what many want in the process. However, I continue to think given his remarkable talent, there will be enough of a fan base to keep it going.

        I sure woud love to see him with sponsors to underwrite tour expenses.

  23. While Jive and WEG were not interested in who he was and is as an artist, his career has reached an entirely new level of disorganization and randomness, IMO.

    I’ve lost almost all interest in his career. All I hope is that he we will be able to publish great music and that the music will be available on iTunes and other major music stores (and not exclusively through “innovative” channels or special arrangements).

    • ”…. the music will be available on iTunes and other major music stores (and not exclusively through “innovative” channels or special arrangements).”

      That will be really stupid of his part to follow this ambition, even indi artist needs the big labels to deal with the distribution of their muisc .

      Gezz!!!! The guy need to make connection with real business people!!!! :\

    • Peter as much as I want David to succeed as an artist, I have to agree with you. “While Jive and WEG were not interested in who he was and is as an artist, his career has reached an entirely new level of disorganization and randomness” Exactly.

  24. I remain somewhat hopeful that things will change for David because I think they have to. lol David’s sales of TOSOD were really not that bad compared to other artist’s sales that had much more promo and label support. Everyone was too critical of David’s sales. Cook’s sales are not good and I have not heard any tour plans for him. Ellen DeGeneres’s protege Greyson Chance only sold 16,000 his first week with all the promo Ellen gave him. Lower than David’s sales.

    • I even saw Grayson Chance promoted in the French news !

    • The fail of others can’t be our consolation 😦 ,
      David popularity and charm by the time of his first era + Greyson kind of publicity and exposure = Career Progress

      The sad point is that David actually created a really BIG BUZZ when the AI7, he just was in need of the right people around, even to help him to defend his ideas with his label and convince them, but not 😦 they lost the moment and now they need to rebuilt somehow an opportunity to come back to the scene.

      I still hopeful too, he will find his way to the success, at last are my wishes for him.

      • I just think that many were more critical of David’s low sales and that was unfair. David and his team made mistakes IMO and there were many missed opportunities for him. David just has to move forward and get the right team behind him. He does not have that right now.

    • ok, I have a question…. I guess those sales figures for certifying gold is based on US sales? Because if it was global sales- it seems to me he would be over 100K at this point.

      • rae Great question!! Good point. I don’t know the answer but I hope someone does. Where are the global sales for TOSOD? I agree that the album should have good sales internationally.

      • And that is other weird situation, he’s so popular in Asia, i don’t understand why he’s not gold there with his first album????, in at least 3 of that countries 😐 . I remember Adam L receiving that status in one of that countries last year and i don’t think he’s more popular than David there ….or i’m wrong?

  25. David said that he did the Asian Tour thanks to the fans’ huge demand. I hope that him and his team will consider touring (to promote his future album) even in countries where there aren’t many fans requests. Opening for a relevant artist/band would help him making his music heard where he’s not popular (or as popular as in Asia) because here his songs are not played on the radio. I hope D and his team (I think his team is composed of only one person for the moment lol) won’t be afraid to take risks. They don’t have to wait for demand, they sometimes need to create it IMO !

    • ”They don’t have to wait for demand, they sometimes need to create”

      I agree, i hope ‘monoTeam’ can see that fans can’t do all …..they actually need to make more fans first and bring back the old ones in order to advance 😉

      • monoTeam, i thought sunnylady was a part of the team too, lol. as for david, i see him as a risk taker and a visionary. to me, he’s taking the road less traveled to reach his destination. this does make me somewhat anxious but as someone else said, it is what it is.

      • Visionary idk, i think he’s creative, but he still not finding his comfort zone to develop that creativity, maybe with his next album or work we’ll have the opportunity to see how much of ‘Visionary’ and ‘Innovative’ he has , that hoping for nobody taking the credit for his works….sadly that is shadow he still carry on on his shoulders .

        Risk taker, nah !!, i think he plays safe all the time, one of the problems to go after his creativity.

        And Sunny comment lol, i forget about her for one moment . but she and he are one, so still ‘MonoTeam’ 🙂

  26. lol about sunny being part of the team

  27. OMG I didn’t know this conversation was still going on, lol. First off, re: what Marie said about “WEG moving on”…pssh. Seemed to me like Melinda moved on while David was still with her, actually…

    This might sound weird. But I think my concern is that David might not be finished making costly mistakes, lol. I’d feel more secure if I thought he’d learned from them & would now be making the right decisions.

    I dunno. I just feel like…he (and MIC) have never understood how critical it is to keep U.S. fans
    interested, or what it takes as far as PR. Or maybe they blindly trust U.S. fans to always be there, so they don’t think they NEED to spend time catering to us. All I know is…since David decided to go off on his own, the lines of communication have narrowed quite a bit. Which gives the impression that he’s not interested in keeping them open, & is practically an invite for ppl to walk away.

    I understand that it’s his “off” time. And that family, friends and food come first- as they should. But he’s been “off” for over a year now, and if he can’t say more than the obligatory “I ate this” to the fans who keep him going, they won’t be around when he’s “on”.

    That’s been frustrating me for a few yrs, actually. ‘Cuz as hard as D works to maintain his career, some of it is futile if he can’t get the PR/communication part right…I know that he has a set goal in mind, which is good. But idk if he sees the whole picture & is aware of the pieces that have to fit together in order for him to get there.

    • Having said all that, however, I want David to succeed almost as much as he does, I think. Definitely more than I want some things for myself. And I’m just as determined as he is that this job is gonna work. And he’s too stinkin’ talented for it not to. So I’m just gonna hope that a label is patiently waiting, & continue to support him in whatever ways will help.

      • VJ We all want David to succeed. We are all his fans. I agree with your concerns and I am glad you share them. You are just being a realistic fan which I am also. David needs those fans as he needs all kinds of fans to have any type of career. I do hope David enjoys his break .

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