Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

Reassembling The Other Side of Down

I honestly don’t get what the label folks were thinking in putting together TOSOD when we had other tracks like “Wait,” “Everything and More,” “Love Don’t Hate,” and “Notice Me.”  So, I’ve been reassembling the album with the new tracks, taking off some existing songs to make room for the new ones. 😛

1. Other Side of Down – still one of the strongest tracks on the album (and which should have been a single!).

2. Notice Me – not only should this have been on the album, it could’ve been a single! (Much stronger than SBL, IMO):

*bumping “Things Are Gonna Get Better” for this sweet little gem*

3. Stomping the Roses – I like the edgy rock in this still.

4. Love Don’t Hate – this would be a great follow up on the album

*bumping “Parachutes and Airplanes” for this – sorry, but it’s insane to me that PAA got on the album, and this didn’t!*

5. Falling Stars – this should have been the first single off this album. I’m sure it would have been a hit, if not charting highly.

6. Look Around – still a catchy song that deserves its place here.

7. Wait – I cannot believe this song got cut, when “Elevator” made it (yes, I would put Elevator on the cutting floor).

8. Something ‘Bout Love – I think the vibe flows nicely after listening to “Wait.”

9. Everything and More – simply beautiful (and bumping in its place “Complain” which sounds too old for a young boy of 20).

10. Good Place – this also sounds powerful following “Everything and More.”

11. Who I Am – this song is such a personal telling off from David, it needs to stay.

12. My Kind of Perfect – this is still so beautiful and a great way to end the album. I’d keep it right where it is, closing this lovely sophomore effort.

Surely, had TOSOD been released with these tracks (and gotten some promo), it would be very much on the radar, right? Just speculating, of course! 🙂