David Dream Sequence #28

While I was on vacation, I had my 28th David Dream! Go figure!

In this dream, David was gearing up for a party at a local bar and cafe, and he recruited me to help him co-host!

Of course, by the time the party attendees arrived, there were ridiculous crowds to monitor, and I was overwhelmed while I also maintained complete AWE that David, who in our private time together was so quiet and shy, just immediately turned on like a light bulb and worked the crowd something fierce!  I couldn’t keep up with him, and I somehow lost him in the crowd while I was doing my best to meet and greet and welcome everyone to David’s party.

And then I woke up!

Any interpretations welcome! 🙂

Oh, and congratulations to Embe on her new baby girl! Sorry I wasn’t online to get the news as it was happening!

Wishing you all the best and so much joy to come with new motherhood! 😀


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  1. Your dream mirrors how David is off stage and then on stage. He is quiet and shy and then boom when he is on stage he does light up!!
    Welcome back!

    • They made the same description of David in many Asian articles I’ve read, I was pleasantly surprised that they “got” him so rapidly. It’s amazing to see the other part of his personality when he’s on stage, totally in control !

  2. InspiredByIdolfan

    Sorry HG, I don’t want to interfere in your dream but I’m pretty sure that Charice was at that local bar and cafe where David was partying . Are you sure that you didn’t see her in your dream ?

    (Idolfan, I hope you won’t be offended by this comment, it’s just for fun. You know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery lol)

  3. Where in the world is David Archuleta? He took a long hike today. Well, that could be any where. I hope he got some inspiration for a new song. I guess Charice wasn’t with him since she’s in Japan according to idolfan, unless David is hiking in Japan-lol.

  4. you can hike in japan? about hiking tweet, i think david could be in utah or still in LA i think hiking in utah could be more quiet than in LA? what you guys think?? i think charice could heading to her hometown phillpines to see her mom and her brother carl because it not that far away from japan than she will be heading back to LA this week, just guessing.

  5. toomanygirlstocount

    Oh no, Charice is old news now. I’m rooting for Julie Ann, look how cute they are together lol ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54-znLtnFcw&feature=player_embedded

  6. ok, somehow I have fallen hopelessly in love with Wait. What a great song. It just really just snuck up on me. The lyrics are just so descriptive. “Night is taking its time” ( Is that personificaton?) “Even though your gone I can hear your heart- it’s calling out to me like a flash in the dark.
    I love Wait ( three times) ,,,, Anything in 3’s just is good feng shui right? … but it really emhaszes- wait, WAIT, WAIT- Don’t go!
    If this is just a dream ( reminds me of a line from one of my favorite action flicks Total Recal) I won’t give it back. (love the taking control there) . And the sweet line “I am keeping every word you said” ( That reminds me of the verse in the bible- where it said Mary treasured the things the angel told her in her heart- yep kinda crazy lol) And of course the part about chasing your voice, getting lost and running in circles- a nice description of confusion.

    Ok, I feel better now.

  7. I love “Wait” too. David and Julie Ann sound great in that little on the spot duet. I’m voting for them to do a duet.

  8. i will tell you about charice, she is a heck of a good singer and voice is off the chain and she is def david type of girl that he really likes and as a his girlfriend, okay enough of david and charice. goodnite guys.

    • Charice is very talented and she is doing very well with her career. She has a very strong management team/label behind her. To be honest I am more concerned about David’s music career right now. I guess I am concerned about all of us with the way the markets dropped and the effect on our economy. I am very glad he is going to Japan. I love “Wait” too.

      • marie,i had to come back for your comments about david, i feel like sometimes that his singing career could be over and hopefully he would do a another album this year but he said couple of times that he is taking a break and i don’t blame him for that he had been busy since he was on amercian idol, i hope he doesnt wait too long to start doing his new album, if he does have a new album out by next year and doesnt sell well, what is the point of david singing anymore, you know?

  9. ‘Wait’ is my favorite of David’s new songs by a long shot. Others are good, but it’s definitely my fav.

    My laptop was recently stolen (my kitchen window smashed out and someone reached inside grabbing the laptop off the top of the desk), so I’ve been getting my David fix at my local library as I can get 90 minutes each day on a computer. When I’m not listening to an interview or one of his concert performances, I open another window, bring up YouTube and play ‘Wait’ over and over in the background. That’s how much I like it…

  10. Sorry HG, I don’t want to interfere in your dream but I’m pretty sure that Charice was at that local bar and cafe where David was partying . Are you sure that you didn’t see her in your dream ?

    Would I be dreaming about some other chick when David is standing right in front of me? Pffft!

    • Oh noooooo ! You just killed all my hopes to see this site renamed “Soul David & Diva Charice, all about the artistry of this already iconic couple” lol

      I promise this was my last comment under this screen name ( I don’t want Idolfan to feel any form of encouragement because of this bad copycat lol).

  11. HG, I think you and David are on the same wavelength with these dreams. Below is what he tweeted a few days ago. I bet his secret show was at that cafe/bar. 😀

    “I had a dream that I did a secret show for 30 people. It was fun lol”

  12. This thread is…all over the place. lol.

  13. ‘Wait’ is definitely my favorite as well. In fact I like it more than any other song from the TOSOD era.

  14. If anyone’s interested, Lefsetz tweeted a link to a very touching article re. Lucille Ball. She went thru a lot to get where she was but per the author, she was very sad. During acting classes, Lucy shared how young women were raped upon their arrival in Hollywood, discrimination toward Rickey, and how much she sacrificed to have a career she later learned she really didn’t want.

    The article reminded me of this dream because the Lucy we see on TV is far from who she was in real life.


  15. Hi HG,

    interesting dream. I can’t resist your challenge for interpretation.

    Here is my speculation. First he asks for help, then he transforms from being shy to socially precocious. This could simply be your “wish” for him to be more socially adapt. Or, you could know / hope at a deeper level that if he can use his voice competently to sing, he might with help, use it more competently to converse socially. Somehow the “lightbulb” seems to make this tangent fit better.

    The overwhelmed piece and losing him could be the risk associated with him developing skills and gaining popularity. Or…are you planning something stressful?

    Better stop this but I do hope you keep sharing your David dreams.
    Thanks for the fun!

    • Thanks for your interpretation. Makes most sense! 🙂

      D-rat, I forgot that David already dreamed about entertaining “30 people.” Except in my dream, there were definitely way more than 30 people in the house!

  16. ok, I’ll take a shot. Do you feel overwhelmed at times keeping this blog up perhaps ( maybe you don’t even realize it?) You are in a sense a liasion to David’s party through this blog. With crowds to monitor. A hostess to the what is going on.

    As far as the on & off persona, maybe that was just an observation from what you have seen.

    • Curiously, Soul David has been more “habit” than an “overwhelming” obligation. Though I must say that, while there is fear that David is losing fans, I keep gaining new viewers! Go figure! 😛

      • yea all those 721422 followers are non fans on twitter

      • hg What I like about Soul David is the differing viewpoints. I know that everyone differs in their opinions on David and his career but I find it very refreshing that people feel free to voice their viewpoints here. I also think the posts are thought provoking and well written. I can see why you are gaining viewers. I like the humor too. lol

    • Very good shot.

  17. okay why are you guys making fun at me, not cool! i don’t think it a good idea if i don’t come back here again. so long souldavid members.

    • just wanting to let you know that I was just kidding in my previous “inspiredbyidolfan” comments. I didn’t mean to make fun of you but I admit that I found your obsession about David supposed love life really amusing and a little “inspiring” (at least at the beginning).
      At first, I thought you were a troll because your persistent comments about D&C reminded me of an old poster who used to troll on FOD… So I’m sorry if I offended you, I really didn’t want to.

  18. Good riddance……………

  19. david japan concert will be on the 15th and 16th of october and charice(david foster) concert will be on 18th of october, only two day apart, david people totally set up this dates up for david to be with charice and i think mostly likey david will attend at the her concert on the 18th and charice will be at david and her friend lyaz concert on the 16th.


  20. sorry HG,it’s for idolfan!

  21. raelovingangels, i am only” guessing” and”sound fishy” of david and charice being same place that all near theirs events concert dates and “sound fishy” and for you Gita, i am very young thank you for asking. let you guys know for REAL THIS TIME that i am not coming here anymore and i am done with this site.


    • Idolfan, most of the posters here at Soul David are older, and like to discuss issues like David’s music and career. Endless speculation on his romantic interests based on little or no facts is just not that interesting to most here. There are plenty of fansites that gear to a younger crowd, who may be interested. Feel free to join in the discussion here when you have something to add to the topic or any real news.

    • I will say, you are persistent and single minded. Those are good qualities when working on a goal. We know how you feel on the topic. You will be the very first one I think of if your speculation becomes true and publically known.

      In the meantime- I agree with Gita.

      • In all honesty even though David is very private I think if he was really dating someone then you would see pictures or read something about it. Twitter does not really count as it is pure speculation. I sure would not have any problem with it if David is dating and I don’t think many here care either. I actually hope that you are right in the future idolfan. Again I am more concerned about his music career. I would be so happy if David gets signed by a label and has professional management. His current “manager” is in way over his head as far as knowing music management and it shows IMO. I guess that is my main concern and others don’t totally agree but that is alright. lol

  22. Eh, I like Idolfan. 🙂

    She keeps me and this site “young,” if that makes sense. It reminds me that a certain fanbase, well, just doesn’t care about more mature things like management or labels or career mistakes and the like.

    They just want to know when and if David’s getting kissed at nights (or more than that) … pretty harmless if you ask me! 😛

    • Anybody here want to know how old I am? I am older probably than most of you here. And it appears that it has been a long time since some of you here have been young.

      It also appears since I have very little depth in my comments that I am done commenting. We may lose more of David’s young fans as we traverse this awesome David journey. Thanks HG for all your efforts here at Soul David.

      • I agree with HG that all ages should be welcome here and in this fan base. IAnd I don’t personally mind some speculation- …. but it does get old every day speculation about a relationship. Kind like hearing a song on the radio every hour every day for weeks. As I said before- I give Idolfan an A for effort however.

    • TBH, I never considered myself “old” before becoming a fan of David. I don’t know if it counts but I’m still in my twenties in my head lol. After all, age is just a number, right ?

      Also, just wanted to add that I like all the comments here (deep or not, fun or serious, informative, etc). The topics are always interesting !

    • I agree with you hg. I think this site should be for all ages and all opinions. I feel like I am young at heart even though my teen idols and celebrity crushes were David Cassidy from the Partridge Family and Davy Jones from the Monkees. I guess that dates me. lol

  23. The concert in Japan has been confirmed by DavidArchuleta.com for Oct.15. So happy for David and his Japenese fans.

  24. David does have a concert in Phoenix in Sept.
    Are you in Europe Cmoi. Hoping David does tour there again.
    Also anxious to hear some winter tour news soon!

    David will not be changing management or signing with a Lavel until after he explores his sound,records with new producer and writers. I think some of that got delayed becuase of these opportunities in Aisa etc. I am enjoying David’s new freedom. Any concerns I have I expressed on his contact page on his offical site and they said they would pass them on.

    I’m older than dirt but very young at heart, going with the flow.

    • Yes, I’m in France. I’ve forgotten about the Phoenix concert in September. I’m enjoying David’s new freedom too. I hope he’ll take all the time he needs to make his kind of perfect album and that he can, at the same time, do some concerts for his fans. I can wait for a European tour, I’m going nowhere lol

      • I’ll send positive vibes your way, Cmoi. Like you I’m not going anywhere and support David’s decisions for himself and his career.

        Just went back and watced that Fine Frenzy, David encounter and smiling ear to ear. Happy hearts for the win.

  25. label not lavel

  26. David tweeted Alison Sudol. I love the video when they are chatting together. I suppose that she’s too old for him to start dating rumors lol

    DavidArchie @AFineFrenzy Woah I tweeted something like what you said right after you did unintentionally haha. Yours has a deeper impact though.

    AFineFrenzy Alison Sudol
    @DavidArchie haha how funny! you’re the sweetest. in answer to your question, i’m quite well 🙂 and how is your heart?

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