Fan Video Series #5: When You Say You Love Me

This tribute video from Michelinamarie still remains the best David fan tribute of all time, IMHO:


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  1. I get goosebumps and tears all over again. So heartfelt! Proud of David and so glad he knows how much we love him. I miss Michelinamarie! She is so creative and did put together a memorable heartfelt video. Yes one of the best all time!!
    thanks for bringing it back out.
    Can’t wait for David to tour again in the USA.

    • That was an enjoyable read. This was my fav line:

      “Was I dreaming? I could feel his odour (Honestly, his shirt smelt sweaty *LOL* but I didn’t mind… Rolling in the deep *LOL*).”

  2. I love that video tribute – and I don’t think most fans’ hearts have changed their feelings about David since those days. We still want to scream, he still makes us tear up, and I bet at times, we make him tear up, too. He’s one in a million.

  3. That video brings back so many wonderful and powerful memories of 2008, when I first discovered David and met so many wonderful new friends near and far who I appreciate so much. It brings tears to my eyes watching the video!

  4. Both bluedots and Michelinamarie are very talented. They have a knack for matching images with words and sounds. In 2009, Michelinamarie wrote the story behind this video. I believe the man that used to run Fanblast encouraged her to make the video when she was a high school student. When Fanblast dissolved, the Snarky’s showcased it on their website.

    Off topic:

    Is rabid4david still in the fanbase? Does he still have a website of his artwork?

    Is Ramiele Malubay (AI7 contestant) popular in the Philippines?

    • Good question! I have not heard from Rabid for some time online. I gave some of his artwork to David at Ford Day and they (he and his father) were familiar with his work. Seems so long ago now!

  5. vermeer aka penciltopaper

    HG, thank you in advance for the chance to communicate to Embe through your wonderful blog!

    Embe, I’m late but CONGRATULATIONS!! Little Embe is born! ❤ Take good care!

  6. Sorry, I’ve been too busy to post lately. First of all, belated congratulations from me, too Embe! Now that you have a little one, your life will be forever changed…And OMG, HG. Did ya have to post WYSYLM?? lol. That one gets to me every time. And it reminds me why I love him so much.

    Marie, re: your post in the last thread about David losing young fans…Not being negative, just realistic~ I think it’s safe to say that he’s already lost most of them. Kids aren’t gonna hang around when “he hasn’t done anything” for years. The general public is already asking “whatever happened to him”, so he’s kind of dug himself into a hole in that respect. I guess all we can do is hope that he can dig himself out.

    • I think you guys are right. My tween daughter laughed when she saw Joe Jonas at the Teen Choice Awards tonight. She said she didn’t know he was still around. Wow. What a tough crowd. lol

      That WYSYLM tribute is one of my favorites also. I wonder if Michelinamarie is one of those youngsters who didn’t hang around 😦

      • vermeer aka penciltopaper

        Yes I believe so. I think I remember reading something to that effect, sadly. 😦

      • Wow. She even said that about Joe? You’re right. That IS a tough crowd. lol…David’s got his work cut out for him if he wants to win that segment back. I think it’d take a TON of publicity and promotion, though, and a lot of radioplay as well. Since David doesn’t seem to be into those things, it’s hard for me to tell what he really wants out of all of this, ya know? Like, what are his career goals? Is he meeting them? What’s his idea of success? Is he happy with how things are going right now? Is his plan falling into place or not? Would he prefer to be just a local celebrity? Is he actually a hermit who doesn’t need much income because he’s living off of an ancestor’s inheritance, and feels fulfilled letting himself loose just a couple times a year? lolol.

        Yes, my imagination has run amok. lol.

      • recently, my tween niece and nephew called beyonce “old”. then they added, “no one listens to her any more.” i’m still laughing because i could only imagine what they thought of me.

      • I love all your questions VJ lol. I can’t answer them, only speculate. But about this one “Would he prefer to be just a local celebrity?”, I would have probably said yes before the Asian Tour but after seeing his joy when he was performing for all those fans, I’m tempted to say that he really loves that his music has no boundaries and that he’s loved everywhere. He really seemed to enjoy the huge crowds and that he had a positive effect on so many persons. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.

      • LOL, yo know Robert P (Twilight vampire ), just said when he received the award tonight ”I’m scary, teens are scary ” LOL

    • I think that it was obvious that he was going to lost some fans because of the lack of an agressive management and a supportive label. But I’m not sure that’s a huge concern for him right now. I think that what’s important now is that he’s focusing on the music he wants to release and that he’s defining his sound and new musical identity.
      The public will buy his music if they like it (and if they are able to hear it lol). Just like they’d do for any other singer. Crush is a perfect example, I think.
      What I’m trying to say is that David has unconditional fans who follow him since AI (they buy every CD, post in fansites, vote in polls, etc) but he needs the casual buyers too, those who don’t care about what he had for breakfast or if he was at a concert with someone special. He needs to reach people outside of his existing fanbase, I don’t know if it’ll happen with the only help of his current team but the release of good and unique music can surely help (I trust David for the music but I don’t trust his management for a “creative” promo at this time).

      Also, it’s too bad that his former managements and label weren’t able to capitalize on the popularity of someone who has the “it” factor like David but I see it as a positive thing that people are asking “whatever happened to him”. That means they still think about him and that they just need to be reminded about him. That’s why I hope for a professional manager because a good comeback doesn’t happen just like that. I hope that David and his team are preparing it well and that they are working on a real plan to make it happen.

      And about the young fans he lost (and all the others), I’m positive that he can easily regain their interest.

      • I agree with VJ’s concerns because I think David has lost many of his younger fans in the US. I do believe he does still have his younger fans in Asia I liked your questions also. I totally agree with your comments cmoi. He can regain the fans interest with the right management team. I have to believe that David is really taking a break for whatever reason because if he is serious about a music career he needs professional management and a label IMO. He can not do this alone or with the current team ? he has now. I am not even talking about David being a huge star. I mean just a somewhat successful music career. Otherwise he is just going to be a local artist and should go to a music college. Nothing wrong with that either.

    • Just think about, First His one time teenagers fans are already finishing his high school or going to college or even finishing their college, he has 20 (almost 21) not 17, so is up to him to reinvent his music in a way he can connect with his potential crowd or go in the same evolution way that his now young adults fans and second i’ll be always a supporter of his attendance to this Awards shows, the winners are not exactly teens lol, but they know this kind of participations are good publicity and to make publicity for their work is part of their job and usually teen goes with moms, dads, or olders sisters and brothers = new crowds .

      And i agree with you VJ i really don’t know what his goals are in terms of career, if he just want to be the local guy or he really want to go for more , if he’s gonna finally to start make real connections to advance in his career, and let it go the idea that he really can control everything, because i don’t think is an accurate perception of the business….people moved on not because they don’t believe on his potential, but because is more easy to still checking the radio and itunes and TV to see if something new from him is surfacing that come to the fansites or wait for his tweet to know something new.

      And Desertrat tell to your niece and nephew that Beyonce is already a legend, that still very present in the radio and that still selling very well her albums and concerts worlwide, now handsome Joe J not so much, but he knows he need to stay in the spotlight to survive until his post JoBro era.


      • A group of young ladies David’s age from the Chicago area just made two videos encouraging David to come to Chicago.
        Have a Concert and they will come. Me too!

  7. I love this fan video and I love WYSYLM, I remember watching all the youtube vids of David performances during the AI tour. He was so great and now he’s even better !

  8. Just listened to Crazy over at the David Chronicles and am reminded how beautiful David’s voice is.

    those on the Teen Choice Awards tonight with autotune and lipsynching can’t hold a candle to David.

    He just had a fantastic tour in Asia and lots of teens and others loved his performances.
    Can’t wait until he tours here this fall/winter. Many are going to see him in Phoenix and many saw him @ the MB concert!!

    • I wonder if David had any interest in attending the TCAs this year or not. Actually, I wonder if he EVER really had any interest in it, or if it was just an obligatory thing….I think he only attended one year, right? Or was it two?

      • David presented three times. Once with David Cook. Once with Paula. and last year with the wrestler Ceno. He has won at least three surfboards. Once for best song of the year. Once for most fanatic fans and once for best smile.
        I don’t think David felt comfortable there but made the best of it including rapping with Ceno last year.
        I doubt he had interest in going this year but there were rumors otherwise.

  9. Pre-orders available on Amazon for the Motab DVD and CD.
    wonderful memories of that once in a lifetime concert.
    “I get chills just thinking about it”

  10. VJ, David was a presenter at two teen choice awards. I get the impression that he doesn’t like doing award shows. I think it was obligatory. David does have lots of Asian teen fans because they play his music in Asia. He also made money off that tour so he is not broke by any means yet. Just because he’s not a super star here doesn’t mean he is not making any money in the music business. He would have also made some money from his appearance at Myrtle Beach and SOF. I think he is probably happy with the way things are now. He’s working at this music and just finished a two week Asian tour where he was treated like a rock star. Why wouldn’t he be happy with that?

    • According to Forbes as of David is doing pretty well this year. 🙂

      “These numbers are based on estimated pretax income earned from May 2010 to May 2011, before subtracting agent and manager fees.”

      10. David Archuleta ($1 million, tie)
      Defeated in Season Seven by David Cook, Archuleta went on to release a self-titled album on Jive records that reached No. 2 on the Billboard charts. His memoir, Chords of Strength, debuted last June.

      • I left out “as of May 2011”

      • Yes, David did do pretty well. He also was signed to a label for most of that year. I realize that they take a chunk of the artists profits but I think you need them. His tour in Asia was very successful but Sony was behind him.

    • grammyj~ Thanks for answering. 🙂

  11. Yes that tribute really reminds us why we love him so much. So much beauty emanates from him when he sings that song.

    I wanted to respond to the quote embe posted from MIC, where he says that D is purposefully pushing his higher range. I appreciate that D wants to challenge himself, but I wish he would use those high notes more as a garnish and not as the main course. It feels uncomfortable when too much of the song is high, in that it detracts from the song, and I’ve seen that others feel the same.

  12. I find it odd that David has been kinda quiet since the tour. No vlog–you’d think he’d be excited to share his Asian experiences. Not even a twitter party. Plus, his tweets seem a little infrequent to me. Did the tour exhaust him so much, he’s decided he’d rather have a low key career? Is there some behind the scenes drama going on? Is he working his tush off finding new music, new label, new management, new gigs? Is he just spending time with Charice? lol

    Maybe it’s the quiet before the storm, and some big things will happen soon.

    • My bad. Missed the tweet where he said he was taking a break. I still think he’s being a little too quiet though…

    • We can only hope that is what is happening.

    • Utahmom- Yeah, I’ve seen other people comment on that… Intentional or not, I think D pulls back from fans a little & returns to his “everyday” life when he’s not immersed in performing/ recording/ writing, etc. He did the same thing last January, when we found out that he was leaving JIVE & WEG, & not working on anything in particular. My theory: When he’s excited about what he’s experiencing (re: music or anything else), he gets kind of hyper and wants to share. lol..But the euphoria ends when the experience does, & he quickly moves on to “unexciting” things that he feels fans wouldn’t care about or that he doesn’t want to share.

    • He was originally going to be leaving for Japan on Aug 3 before the warning for a Typhoon cancelled the event. The Entertainment group was still trying to reschedule something with David. I’m wondering if that is part of the reason for a delay in communicating.
      Looking forward to a Vlog soon.

    • It *has* been eerily quiet. I am surprised he did not have a vlog to express his excitement about how the tour went. He is probably taking a break, but I don’t see David with his type of personality just laying around. He is usually very quiet when working through something or on something. I personally think something is up.

  13. Thanks desertrat for dedicating that song for my baby in the previous thread 🙂

    Rae, I am a redhead underneath, only the top half of my hair is blonde 😉

    For those of you asing about the baby’s name, she doesn’t have one yet. In Finland the name is usually decided just before and revealed after the christening. But I’ll let you know.

    • Thanks for keeping us posted Embe.

    • Embe, you’re most welcome. 🙂

      Re. come backs, if Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, Robert Downey Jr. and Eliot Spitzer can have career comebacks, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that David can too. I honestly don’t worry about his career as much as I used to. He’s in a profession where there will always be peaks and valleys.

      I recently read that the Sade/John Legend tour is selling out at some venues and that they’re performing at 60-70% capacity at others. And they’re both multiple grammy winners. I also read that Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts careers are on the decline because their movie “Larry Crowne” debuted at #4 during its opening week. Again, to me it’s just the nature of the beast – peaks and valleys.

  14. MCCS Okinawa Entertainment David Archuleta and Iyaz will perform at the Foster Festival in October.
    19 minutes ago

    • Yea! glad they were able to re-schedule David and that the Typhoon wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Glad David was safe here though during the bad storms Aug 3-7.

  15. my last post i really have to come back for this one guys, david will be japan well that a little odd he wont be far away from charice! she will be with david foster concerts in asia as well. i must add that lyaz happen to be friend of charice too. i wonder if david’s people pick the october dates for him so he can be close to her?!. or perhaps david will attend of one of thoses david foster and charice asia shows before heading to okinawa,japan.

    • You are so funny! 🙂 Hey, you may be right in the end. If you are, I am going to do something crazy like bake a big cake (my favorite dessert) with lots of frosting and treat myself.

      • idolfan and freofan lol. You are both funny. Who knows what is going on? I do think Charice is very talented.

    • Maybe a coincidence. David was originally going to be there this past weekend which was cancelled. This new date is a reschedule.

      • heidijoy, i don’t think it was coincidence, i think david’s people reschedule the date so david can see charice in asia somehow not the people whoever is running the events, sometimes celebrites get what they want when it come to schedule for events, okay i better shup up. a matter of fact charice is in japan right now doing a show today.

  16. freofan, thank you and me too i love cake and frosting too!!. david and charice in aisa at the same month, vert fishy there! take care.

  17. Ok Idol Fan. You may be right. It’s called Foster Festival.

    • heidijoy, who knows if i am right or not but i thought it sound fishy when david will be near charice when he goes to japan that all and i think charice had that day off when david has that concert that day and who knows she fly out to see him and her friend lyaz, i think it a two hour plane ride where she will be at. take care.

      • Your obsession w/David/Charice is veering from mildly amusing into creepy. Just saying. If you have some real proof regarding their alleged couple status, please present it. The fandom I’m sure would love to see some 🙂 Take care!

      • yeah, what GG said. Ditto.

  18. charice will be flying david foster’s private jet going to asia, well of course david(foster) with be with her. david is charice’s godfather.

  19. before i leave, david hasnt tweeted yet, i wonder if david flew to japan with charice last nite, just kidding. i am sure he is still in cali.

  20. GG_doorsfans and raelovingangels, i am not obsession with them okay, fans talk about them all time on web,twitters,etc, like i said before, i think david fans are such in dential that david is dating charice and his fans dont like it!!!!!, just my opinion.

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