Fan Video Series #4: For All the Arch Angels

How beautiful is this video by “bluedots”?


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  1. Just one word sums it up for me, BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. Thanks HG for the fan video series.
    This is a cool one made recently by a fan :

    After reading a comment posted by Embe (in the “David at the museum” thread) about a conversation between Jeff and some fans of David, I was thinking about David’s new sound and what type of music he’ll release in the future.
    Especially when I read this part of the comment : “The Asian Edition which includes the 5 extra songs, (ZG, Love Don’t Hate, Notice Me, Everything & More, How to Breathe & Wait.) were recorded and written in 3 days (ZG is the exception, of course), and reflects his new musical direction. He also really wanted to push his vocals (higher range, especially) during this process. He’s a bit of a perfectionist. Of course you’d be, Archuleta, you adorable little unicorn princeling.”
    I thought that the new songs were written during/for TOSOD. That’s why I never thought that those songs reflect his new musical direction. TBH, I don’t know what to think about this because except that they are love songs, they are really different from each others (I’m talking about their sound). “Wait”, my favorite, reminds me of a song from the 80’s because of the beat and the instrumentation while “Love don’t hate” reminds me more of a late 90’s song made for a boys band. EAM is a ballad that showcases more of his vocals and Notice Me could have been a track on his first album. I can’t really identify a “new” sound, a new musical direction that would help differentiate David’s songs from other pop singers’ songs. I don’t know, I just thought that these new songs (that I love) were chosen especially for the Asian market. I’m not expecting anything but I have to admit that I was surprised about this comment on the Asian Tour Edition.

    I’m sorry for this long comment and for interrupting the fantastic serie of Idolfan’s comments about David & Charice love life.

    • Also, I hope it’s not too late but I wanted to add my congratulations to Embe !

    • That is a really nice video. I had not seen it. To some of the other comments: lol

    • I agree, Cmoi. I was a little confused by that comment too, especially since Notice Me seems to have been recorded quite some time ago. I’ve had (most of) that song on a CD in my car for months now. Maybe something was lost in translation along the way, or maybe they were written and recorded but needed a lot of help with production and they only had a few days to complete that? I’m not complaining about anything new that David has put out as I love these songs, but I’m not sure what is meant about the new direction either. If these were rejects from the second album then they don’t really reflect a new direction, but I guess that’s where the confusion lies. Are they new or are they not?

      • I may be totally wrong, but I thought the songs were rejects from the second album, partially because they did not fit the vibe of the album (I’ve noticed that the ATE extra songs are mostly about relationships and not as optimistic as the songs that made the album).

  3. EAM has become one of my favorite David songs. I love blasting it on my stereo. I have always loved big pop ballads.

    I was a HUGE Air Supply fan in the 1980s. I would really like David to meet Russell Hitchcock. David reminds me of a young Russell, except with formal vocal training. Both attended the country music awards this year, but I do not know if they met. If I knew Graham Russell (who has a studio in Utah), I would toss him the idea of writing a song for David’s voice.

  4. Cmoi, this video of #mic speaking to fans may answer some of your questions. It’s hard to hear but “Senseless” was recorded for the 1st album. “Senseless” was the 2nd song David recorded (after “Crush”) but he didn’t like it because he didn’t feel it was him.

  5. can you spot david in this crowd? lol

  6. i think david is at the 3D glee movie premiere tonight. goodnite.

  7. You think she with charice tonight?

  8. I mean he’s with charice tonight>

  9. Hey guys!

    A huge thank you to all of you for your lovely comments. I’m still in the hospital, but they’ll probably release me today. I can’t wait to get my baby home and see how she reacts to David’s music, since she listened to it a lot in my belly.

    Speaking of being in my belly, here’s a video of our last gig before my maternity leave lol. This baby has been living and breathing music for a while now!

  10. Congratulations Embe! What is the baby’s name? I’m sure she will love David’s music.

    I’m waiting for those pictures of Charice and David together-lol.

    One thing MIC did right is that he set up those writing sessions just before David’s first album came out to get more songs that David wrote on the first album. If he hadn’t done that we wouldn’t have ALTNOY, ZG, SOT.

    The additional songs on ATE TOSOD were already written. They were produced in a few days which still is really fast.

  11. Charize mentioned she at the east coast watching a concert and she getting to go back to california. No wonder david doesnt mention aboutt his cousin concert with bryan Adam because she’s with Charice.

  12. Idolfan- maybe,they just hang out as a friend. I still believe he’s not with anyone right now.

  13. Blue Dots has made many videos of David. She does a great job and I really like this one.

  14. good morning guys! some people thinks he went the one i califorina not ATL but in my opinion, i think david did go to ATL to see his cousin at the concert and charice was there with him and i think they’re really dating. i think david will be at the teens choice awards as charice’s date but wont be seating together because their dating status and i think they will be together at the afterparty.

  15. i just a random tweet that david WILL be at the teen choice awards tonite! his friend jeanette will be attending too and i really doubt it that david will go with her and may take a female friend with her. i believe david will be charice’s date. some david fans thinkd david and charice are just good friends but highly doubt that!!!!. see you guys later.

  16. i’m sorry in advance for this comment but this exchange of thoughts, unfounded rumors, speculations between idolfan and archielet is getting to be annoying. i’m sorry hg can’t help myself

    • lani,i if i am be annoying about david and charice than i didnt mean too to do that. anything about david and charice are speculations and people’s opinions not rumors. i think david’s fans are in dential that david could be dating charice, just my opinion. bye guys.

      • I agree with Lani. Yes speculation is annoying Idolfan While you have David with Charice, somebody else’s sister has David picking up her brother for an event and she’s from Argentina with her friend she is communicating with is from Long Beach while others have him in Atlanta and others have him in Utah. Oh and others have him dating Jennette.
        Lets enjoy David’s music, Embe’s baby and Fan tributes

  17. okay first of all i didnt see the girl tweet.i just saw two fans tweets it says dropped him off and he was at the girl house. okay i better stop talking about david and charice because don’t want to see david fans get over upset over david and charice it not worth it.bye guys.

    • I would not believe random tweets from anyone. They might just be mentioning David’s name because they know he has many followers. Just because they put David’s name on their twitter and say they met him does not mean they did. lol However, I do hope that somehow David can keep his younger fans.

      • That was my point too Marie. There are so many that just want hits or like to things stir things up. would rather focus on David’s music.

  18. sorry HG, but I wish and hope that Idolfan, goodbye is forever.

    • okay sofia that what you want than that is fine with me.

      remember if i am right about david is dating charice ” i told you so”!!!!!.

      goodbye souldavid

  19. I don;t like to start the rumors. So…I will keep it o myself! .I love his music and I’m a fan. His personal life should be private and I’m so sorry ……..

  20. Sofia u so rude!!!!

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