Fan Video Series #3: Somebody Out There

Back in the day, when we just had The Voice to take us places… remember this video by Rascal?


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  1. This STILL makes me cry…beautiful!

    And I wanted to add my CONGRATS to embe–hope all is well!

  2. Nice interview here:

    Interview with Bassist Dave Filice by MindfulOfMusic
    Thu, Aug 4, 2011 11:52pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)

    Dave Filice has performed with lots of big artists such as David Archuleta, Bono and The Edge, Alex Band and so many more. After just coming back to the states after playing shows in Germany, Dave was nice enough to take the time to call and do this exclusive interview where talks about how he got started playing the bass, what it was like performing on this year’s American Idol finale and what he thinks of the response from David Archuleta’s fans.:

    • Great interview. Lots of praise for David A. and his fans. Super nice guy.

    • Yes, Dave Felice had lots of nice things to say about David & his fans. He said David had natural talent flowing through his veins!

      • Yes, he said of all the musicians he has ever worked with, DavidA had more music flowing in his veins or oozing out of him than anyone else.
        Wow! quite a compliment!!……and of course my opinion too but of course I’m a diehard fan!!

  3. Memories!

    I miss Rascal’s writing. I love your blog, HG, but I miss reading him, too!

  4. Love this song and this video. It would be good if someone sent it to Michelle Obama and Dr. Biden who work with Families of Military.
    Not saavy on this type of thing.
    Rascal, Hg How about sending it!

  5. Congrat again Embe!! We want her name and a full report!

  6. Yes, congratulations to Embe & her new little girl!

  7. Great Video!!

  8. Mostly a lurker here–but I would like to send my congratulations to Embe on the birth of her baby girl!

    I have been checking in daily ever since the false alarm, I too am waiting for a name and picture.

  9. It got the better of me so I had to find out….3.2 kilos=7.0547924 lbs.

    50 cm. = 19.7 inches Now I feel better!

  10. H..U..G..E. congratulations to Embe & her new baby girl! We welcome her to the Archangelarmy with open arms. :mrgreen:

  11. OK , i posted in the other thread, but Congratulations Embe and Welcome to the world baby girl !!! 🙂

  12. Adam splits with 19E (ie, management). Good for Adam! Cook should follow suit.

    • Wow. Good for Adam. You are right Cook should leave too.

      • Adam signed with Direct Management Group. They manage Katy Perry. I wonder how long 19M will be around anyway. Daughtry has left them too. It looks like Fuller’s XIX Entertainment is managing Carrie, Scotty, and Lauren. I bet Cook does go elsewhere for management. All very interesting.

  13. off topic here: david and charice just tweeted at the same time, charice is with him and rumors had it that david and charice and david’s dad jeff drove to los angeles to utah!?!? goodbye guys!

    • huh? David’s last tweet was:

      One of my goals I need to get on top of: learn how to drive a stick shift.
      about 11 hours ago via txt

  14. was charice meeting david’s family and his friends for the very first time?! and have you noticed that david been glowing lately?!? oh! charice will be at the teens choice awards on sunday but will david be with her?! maybe we will heard some rumors at the teens choice awards?

  15. I will never forget the first time I watched this video. I love this song. Using the video to transform the message delivery to a deserving group rather then simply an individual was brilliant. I have always been surprised it didn’t go viral.

  16. If david is with charice this sunday, then you might convience

  17. I was surprised that Adam left 19E management as IMHO they got him more promo than any other Idol. He went with the same management company as Katy Perry.

    I’ll be very surprised to see David with Charice at the Teen Choice Awards. First I don’t think he likes to go to award shows unless he has to and unless Charice is Mormon, I don’t think he’d date her. As they have both said, they are just friends.

  18. I really am not a big fan of Adam’s but I think he makes smart choices with his music career. I bet this will end up being a good move for him.

    • I am not necessarily a fan of all Adam’s antics- honestly think he is kinda immature- but he is IMO amazingly talented and has a great deal of charisma. I do wish him the best.

    • I’ve cringed at some of the things he has allegedly said but I give him kudos for his ability to embrace and capitalize on his celebrity. For ex., even if you strip away Adam’s make up, nail polish, etc., in public, he looks as if he put some thought into his appearance. By contrast, Cook, Kris, Lee and David are more likely to appear in their everyday tshirts and jeans.

  19. Congrats sweet and funnny Embe to you are your little baby.

  20. new video added 🙂 M & G with fans
    ( Indonesia)

  21. Yaaa- I receved my Asian Tour Editon this week. I really love having the lyrics book. Also, my daughter is happy to get the karoke. Have not tried it yet- so hopefully it wll work wth our machine, I love the new songs. I am loving Wait more & more. I really like the production of it. I did not notice so much when listening on the computer- but with the CD it is really great. It sets a mood and feels very dream like. I could see a great video from that song. Sort of half asleep- dreamlike quality- with a very soft lens.

    • David has on my favorite outfit that he wore on the Asian tour in that video. I think a stylist in Asia helped him with that. I just ordered the Asian Tour edition through Amazon.

  22. I need to order the ATE thru Amazon too. Initially, I was doubtful of the CD-WOW site but it appears everyone received their cd.

  23. i doubt it that david will be with charice at the TCA because of due privacy reasons but who knows if david might be with charice or not, david may stayed back in utah while charice flew to LA today and right after the TCA charice is flying to japan to do a show on a tuesday, i heard david might heading to nashville this week?

  24. finally david fans are starting to realized that he is dating charice!!!!! okay i am going out with my family fun fun fun!. bye guys.

  25. She’s getting ready to go back To LA. Hmmm, I wonder if ur right.

  26. east coast watching a concert……REALLY??? No wonder he so quite lately.

  27. i am back now. what? david on a east coast now, i guess he isnt in utah than, perhaps he went to his cousin vanssea perfoming a concert in georgia last nite??? she was opening up for bryan adams?

  28. rumors says she went to a concert with somebody last night .

  29. Maybe, were getting to far, I need to get a

  30. Clues: David coussin was performing last night and rumors says she went to a conert last night. WOw,,,, my head is spinning!!!!!

  31. i really don’t think david was in utah yesturday, charice may with david in georgia and i know david is very close to his cousin vaneesa and last nite it was her first big gig and i am sure david did not wanted to miss that? maybe david is flying to LA with charice or she could be flying solo because i heard he is going to nashville to do more writing there this week because georgia and nashville are right next to each other?

  32. david and charice are in a serious relationship?!?!. i think david’s brother daniel could have went too and he is close with vanessa too?

  33. I don’t think they can’t keep this secret any longer:)

  34. Maybe, they are???? exciting but I’m sad.

  35. archielet, well said!!!. i really don’t think david will ever tell the fans that he is dating her. i am very happy that david has found someone, it about time!.

  36. I don’t know about David and Charice but if David’s cousin is Vanessa Deliz then she did open for Bryan Adams last night in GA. She is very talented as I checked out some of her videos.

  37. Nice chatting with you,,,getting ready to go.

  38. last post for the day, it funny to me that david still saying till this day that he doesnt have a girlfriend hmm i dont think so?! and he still saying that he had” never been kissed” but i am sure he had LOL!.

  39. Charice was at east coast to see a concert and this could be a clue they were together last night.

  40. oh! why did david sang heaven with bryan adam last nite that would have been a awesome duet, dang it!,.

  41. idolfan I confess I went ninja on david, I’ms sorry david I just need to know why david is so different lately.

  42. archielet, don’t be sorry, david is dating a girl now and yes he will be acting different. be here tomm nite. have a great day. bye guys.

  43. okay clear this up! some people thinks david was still in CA nope, yes it true that david was in ATL to see his cousin at the concert last nite and he brought his friend along from CA and charice was in new york city than flew to ATL to see david than david, his friend, charice all flew together ATL to CA early this morning and david dropped his friend off in CA today. i guess his friend lives in long beach.

  44. He ‘s tweett seems feel empty to me. I wonder what happen during the asian tour..,,,,,,,,,,David seems different lately.

  45. maybe david misses asia and seem happy there but i think david seem fine now? i hope something else isnt bothering him, if it is, it might be a privacy thing idk?

  46. Larissa was with them, she so lucky!

  47. I didnt like the picture she took and posted on his official site. I’m glad is not there anymore.

  48. Is not a very good picture:((((

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