Fan Video Series #2: Teenage Sensation

Ahem… ‘Member this one?


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  1. Here is another one. Remember when he gave a cute girl fan “The Look”

    He hugs her first & then look closely at .07

    • LOL, i remember this one, this video made big waves between his young fans girls ….lol old times , looking so young and cute 🙂

  2. He looks so young in those videos! Wow. A trip down memory lane!

  3. My daughter is addicted to chap stick too. It was fun thinking back to the American Idol tour which started my David addiction. I followed the AI 7 tour watching David’s performances via YouTube and read newspaper reviews, read the various David fan-sites,etc. I loved the video with the chapstick and the one with “the look”. Another favorite of mine was when the girls sang “Crush” to him just after it came out on iTunes. It’s been fun following David’s career.

  4. rumors david is on a vacation somewhere very private, i hope he is having a very good time!.

  5. david just tweeted about a song and his sister, maybe he is back home in utah?.

  6. huh? raelovingangels, i don’t know where is david is? it very funny how his fans are trying guessing where he is and david is not tweeted where he is at? my guess he is utah or las vegas?

  7. Goodbye souldavid, peace out! take care.

  8. Off topic, I saw this on the Tosh O site months ago and even jambajim tweeted about them. Bizarre but they have nice voices.

    Dancing Queen by Lexy and Stephany

  9. Gave birth to a baby girl last night (August 4th) at 11.50pm. She’s 3,2 kilos and 50 cm (you’re gonna have to convert that for yourselves lol) – the latest addition to the Archangel army.

  10. Congratulations Embe!! welcome baby to the Archangel army.

  11. Congratulations on the little one Embe. They grow up really fast so take lots of pictures and videos and ENJOY!

  12. happy happy!! congrats to you Embe!!

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