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In light of recent conversations, how ’bout this kind of poll? 😛


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  1. David is not signed to a label so I would think that good professional management would be even more key to his success. If you have a label then maybe it is not as important but David does not have one. I think his career does depend on having a first rate management team. David is the artist and should just focus on the music and creativity. The manager needs to handle the business end and have those needed connections. At least that is the way it is supposed to work because it takes more than talent to succeed these days.

    • “Roger that”.
      Interesting poll results! If I am going to follow anyone’s career this closely, I for one am am interested in ;earning about the management side of things. However, I can see that many others are not.

  2. David has recently turned down a contract from Jive and ended his relationship with WEG.
    He has Creative Agency Agent,listed under FAQ David Archuleta.com.
    He has a tour manager and he chose his Dad for the time being to be an overall Mgr. He is calling the shots on what he wants to do now that he has Creative freedom and wants time wto work with writers and Producers of his choice while he writes without any pressure or expectations from anyone else. He has said when he feels he has his sound identified and has songs he feels show the direction he wants to go in, he will meet with labels to see if there is a fit.fit and they want to work with him. He plans on a christmas tour which he will use the new band, Creative AngAgency,tour manager and his Dad. I don’t see him changing anything anytime soon,according to what he has said.

    • TBH i think now he took the right decision ,I don’t gonna say that Idol and Jive don’t did anything for him , because i think they did something right putting him in the public eye and having confidence on his talent and potential, but they were unable to do more , because their vision was different to the expectations David had has of his own career and maturity , evolution and progress is part of the life and that include serious adjustments and changes in many of your views and is what it’s happened to David …now he’s doing well, because he still enjoying the buzz and recognition of what he did with them, somehow he still fresh, but he need to move fast because people move on fast specially if you don’t have a strong promoter behind… to remind people you still there , making part of the game. 😉

  3. – You can find in the business people with OK talent and Great management doing very well, having recognition , making money winning awards and having a long career.
    – You can find too people with OK talent and Smart management that use very well the ‘Opportunity’, then they are doing money, and enjoying the buzz
    – You can find people with talent, with Smart managements focus in their clients , taking the right opportunities at the right time, gaining recognition, winning awards having a long career and making money in the process.
    – You can find people with big talent with an OK management or without a good management, struggling to have recognition, having budget difficulties and in consequence having problems to put their music out, then if people don’t hear your music, don’t see you anywhere very complicate to sell out tours :/

    David’s exceptional talent deserve better luck, yes i convinced that he’s gonna have ‘The Opportunity’, He just need ”One moment” to shine on his own without anybody taking away his spotlight and yes he need one person , you can call him team, management, mentor but a good one , with a good sense of the priorities and smart enough to do their work without put themselves in the role all mighty , someone who gives him credibility with the public and media, someone really focus on his client and not on him/them selves .

    If your manager take more of his time trying to sell him self like the ‘Head’ behind not only your success , but behind your own initiatives and creativity , instead to sell your talent and find real opportunities for you or instead to be the facilitator of your talent, then the priorities are wrong and you have a BIG problem there.

  4. David’s booking agent is listed as Mario Tirado @Creative Arts Agency. mtirado@caa.com

  5. i don’t know if this is true or not true i heard rumors that david wont have a new album out until spring/summer 2012., that is long time? i reaf that david will be starting writing new songs in nashville within couple of months?

    • That could be right. I expect him to spend a lot of time in Nashville this year when he’s not touring.

    • Make’s sense , 2012 is not that far, he will release some individual tracks i guess (i wish a EP tbh) and his ATE of TOSOD is already doing the job for him this year, he just need a mini tour to complete the year and at least two TV appearances performing something of his pop stuff to refresh his image in the public minds …… why not some radio shows or jinglejams around the country ?.

  6. Unfortunately, David would have to have a hit single on the radio in the U.S. in order to play the jingle jams this year or do the radio shows. It’s not fair but it is what it is. I wonder if he will go to the Teen Choice Awards this year?

  7. Since becoming a fan of David I’ve been trying to figure out the music industry. It’s a tough industry, and there are no easy answers as to what David needs to do to succeed in it. I do like the foundation he has been building with his new band and web-site. His Asian tour was a big success IMHO. I hope that he made lots of money so that now he can have his CAA booking agent put together his Christmas tour. I hope his Dad will prove to be a help to him. If not, then I hope David will find a different manager.

    • The music industry is very tough and hard to figure out. David Cook is not doing that well with his album or single sales at all. I bet it will effect his ability to tour. It is too bad.

    • i heard the chirstmas tour 2011 might not happened because david just said in a radio interview that he is will be working on more music stuffs, that sure doesnt sound like a tour?

    • First i think that build foundations means a lot more that a new band and website
      And second, you right, not an specific formula for the success in this business, is a total combination of talent, moment, image and specially vision and ability to reinvent your self and still relevant in the industry. I really convinced that many of David moves have a budget motivation ( I said this before ), and is logical to cut expenses keeping an small but efficient group, small , but professional and that know the industry. I don’t think either his relative is taking the real and full role of manager, i think is more an ‘Honorable tittle’ . 😐 Looking at that Asian videos i have the impression that other people around and David himself were more in charge that MIC, i’m actually thinking that he just don’t have any real manager , just a few people , maybe friends and family assisting him and that he is just taking the opportunities his already popularity in some places is giving him for now …….. Hope no btw, but looks like.

  8. I do not think that his Asia tour is a big success, IMO.
    Because we are in the Auchu bubble, we only see the “big” welcome, the turnout at the autograph sessions ? The concerts in Manila and Malaysia are not sellout and thats a fact.

    I always feel that Team Mgt always do not capitalize on the opportunities. They could do more in terms of publicity, more TV appearances, more interviews, more notice, everything seems so last minute and rush. M&G are announced only at the minute. He could have included more places like Singapore, Japan, maybe smaller shows.

    I wish his team has someone with more biz sense or he could learnt the biz aspect of the music biz. David is known to be frugal, too frugal, in my opinion. Sometimes one need to invest to earn the $$ and its a business risk. Maybe because of his young age, he is not a risk taker.

  9. Link to this interview please idolfan? Not giving this any brainspace w/o some direct proof that David made a direct statement pertaining to possible touring, or not, later this year.

    • the radio interview that i was talking about, when was he was in asia at the time? maybe david changed his mind not chirstmas tour this year unstead to work on more music and writing in nashville, i don’t know.

  10. they asked david what he was doing this year, again he said more music but he didnt mentioned a tour or maybe the chirstmas tour isn’t gonna happening now, if david was going a tour i think he would have say something about it by now.

    • Please leave a link, as I’m curious to listen to this interview. As far as I know, they are planning a small Christmas tour.

      • shoot! he did a radio interview in asia but don’t know what the name of the radio station it was, i think it was malayias? maybe david did mentioned the chirstmas tour but i remember he said that he was just doing more music and writing that all i remember but maybe i am wrong, i don’t know. i am sorry.

  11. i do remember a chirstmas tour mentioned, this was way before he left from asia, i think david had changed his mind not doing a chirstmas tour this year but maybe he is touring, i don’t know thought?

  12. Fascinating that more folks are saying they don’t care about David’s management (except to engage in debates about it on Soul David?)…

    • Someone is spamming? LOL joke btw 😉

      For any group of Hardcore fans of any artist, the team who works with them(the artist) will be always relevant, trust me i saw some of that forums in Pulse site and they are not different to us with this management/label discussions.

      And yes maybe shouldn’t be our business, but is relevant to his fans , specially when his fans think some things are not working well, and some are even leaving with an air of frustration because his decisions, most people want to know what happens then Voila!!! we expend some time discussing this LOL. 🙂

  13. It’s all in the context… Because the venues didn’t completely sell out in no way means the tour wasn’t a success. Not very many singers with (1) no major label support, (2) no big time mgmt, and (3) in David’s case, 3 YEARS past his season on Idol are able to generate the level of intensity and interest and attendance in fans, as well as the media in Asia like he did. For example – Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze, recent Idol WINNERS, played MUCH smaller venues when they toured Asia a year or so ago, to poor attendance. David played STADIUMS… what more needs to be said? 🙂 On very short notice, in regard to the time usually allotted to plan and pull together proper promo and marketing for a tour, Meet and greets, etc… How many people in David’s position even get the time of day from a corporation like Sony Malaysia if they didn’t feel the return on their investment to promote them would be succeesful? It may not have been on the Beiber level of ‘successful’, but IMO it more than satisfied the successful tour criteria.

    Sure, there were things that could have gone smoother, could have been handled more efficiently, but overall, I think for all parties involved – from Sony to David to the fans – the tour was thumbs up, all the way. Going forward, sure, I think we all want to see David getting and capitalizing on all opportunities like this, for there to be some aggressive and competent mgmt going on to secure more lucrative and hi profile gigs in between the songwriting and other growth processes he will be undergoing. It will take more aggressive marketing and mgmt in the States to secure the kind of media attention and buzz needed if he wants to make another stab at a major label contract and attract a major mgmt team (if that’s his desire). I’d love to see him capitalize on the tour success in Asia, and elsewhere – to use it as possible leverage or a bargaining chip down the road if/when he decides to open the door to talk to labels and other mgmt possibilities. One never knows who is watching, or how beneficial a lot of what he is doing now will be for him down the road… Tis my hope 🙂

    • I always appreciate the way you can address issues HG.

    • Ditto…
      The Asian tour seemed successful to me. Maybe numbers are not the only reflection of accomplishment…at least I hope so. The videos I watched made me very hopeful about David’s longterm future. He can SING, he’s attractive, he’s becoming relaxed on stage, and comfortable in his own skin. Hate me, but I loved the campy short red jacket and abundance of sweat. My current wish is that he would take this show on the road in the US. I think it would do more for his career than a Christmas tour.

      Of course, an experienced manager wouldn’t hurt. Bet he would have one if he could afford it.

  14. It’s none of my business but personally I want David to be successful. I want him to sing and perform for many years to come. It would be a very sad loss to the world if David wasn’t part of it through his music. A performer and a manager is a partnership. The manager has to be there for the performer 100% and the performer in turn gives his audience 100%. One can not be successful without the other. A good manager has to know everything about the intertainment industry in order to make the right connections and suggestions. A performer has to listen and trust his manager. Without trust there is no team. I am proud of what David has accomplished in his career. Especially when you consider where he has come from and his young age.

  15. I have to make a confession. I don’t know about idolfan but I really don’t know how to do the “links’. Maybe idolfan knows how to. I have tried but it does not work for me. I guess I am not very tech savvy. lol I really do enjoy everyone who does the links and the videos. So thanks to all who do them here.

    • Just copy the entire URL (including the “http”) and then paste it into your comment. When it posts, it should show as a link. I remember I had to ask my son how to do this, so don’t feel bad.

  16. I guess we will see if there is a Christmas tour or not in a couple months. David had talked about a Christmas tour several times, and his OS it has “winter tour 2011 TBA” so that leads me to believe there will be a Christmas tour.

    I still consider the Asian tour a success for David even if the venues were not a sell-out. He has no label in the U.S. but still has many fans in Asia show up on a week night for his concerts. Yes, he could use more publicity for his shows. I hope they do a better job publicizing upcoming shows when he has them.

    • maybe david is doing the chirstmas tour this year but if it doesn’t sell out than david might just cancel the whole tour and a lot of singers right now are cancelling theirs tour because the tickets isnt selling well. maybe david is still decideing to do a tour or not?. the only singer is doing well on the tours is britney spears.

  17. i think he did one radio interview in asia that i remember, i am so sorry marie. i only remember hearing the chirstmas tour mentioned once after that david himself had not mentioned it again ever since now, it sound to me that the chirstmas tour might not be happening, i don’t know. well have a goodnite.

  18. The Asia Tour is a SUCCESS , without doubt, but not a “Big” success. Many of the fans, especially for ardent fans like us in Asia, we are always very grateful cause otherwise we would not have been able to watch his full concert. David knew and I believed its always at the back of his mind to come back to perform for his fans cause he knew how how supportive the Asian fans have been.

    Especially for the Jakarta gig, it was a sponsored event and it was one of the show with the most fans, 35K+ I think. The Manila and Malaysia shows had the support of Sony Asia, so there were great too ! Except for the Vietnam shows, they were having some trouble, even his official OS had to put out a notice for some miss-understanding/ mis-communication with fans. He could have hired a translator if language is a problem !


    Things are definitely gonner get better, I am sure. There will be a Christmas tour, this was announced on his OS ! Don’t recall David saying anything of not touring in any interview.

    • David would be concerned caused fans bought tickets with promise that there will be M&G but nothing was arranged. This kind of publicity is not good for his image. The tickets were not cheap for his tour. The VVIP for the Malaysia concerts were US$270 with soundcheck+concert+album+Tshirts. I heard the VIP for the Vietnam show were US$300 !

      • I don’t think anyone is trying to say that the Asian tour was not a success but I agree that that the tour could have been “managed’ better for more tour stops and M&G’s. David was just outstanding in his performances and the love for him by his Asian fans is wonderful. I think part of the problem is he has switched managements recently and that can’t always be a smooth transition. If things don’t work out with mic then he should get another management team. For me it is a simple as that. I just think family management is not a smart move for any artist IMO. It is not just David. As a fan to me management and a clear plan is extremely relevant and important. IMO It is more important than a Christmas tour this year. Don’t throw tomatoes. lol I am looking at the long-term plan not the short-term plan for David’s career in music.

    • I also felt it was a success! wish I could have gone. Glad you got to.

    • I’m sure Viet Nam will have learned from this first time there.
      Manila for example were disappointed the first tour there that there wasn’t a M&G. JR and some of the others have helped Manila get more and more organized at each visit. I suspect Viet Nam organizers will too.

  19. DavidArchuleta.com still has the Christmas tour dates and places to be announced. This has not changed and DavidArchuleta.com said at one point they would be surveying what places would be best.
    I consider the Asia tour quite successful. Ponds documented 35,000 in attendance. Manila had 14,000 according to JR of the David Chronicles. Both Viet Nam concerts had thousand and I read one review that said Malyasia had at least 5,000 Every review in the papers there were positive. Asia fan sites are still planning meetings to review how things went. Every interview I heard was postive. Every video I saw showed David and the Band doing well.
    I already listed the team David has for now and his plans.

  20. Viet Nam had thousands in attendance also. I think the fact that stadiums had a capacity of 25,000 made a few of the later concerts done on weeknights look small.

  21. a SUGGESTION: If you have questions re: tour and suggestions for management-Leave a note on Contact page.
    I have done that on a few things and gotten a response on all but one time.

  22. I’m kind of confident about the winter tour in medium venues, i wish they put a more mature merchandise along with the teen one for the adults fans though and i still thinking he can still doing some radio jingle shows,, he can still promoting SBL or FS or put one new song out there idk, i just think all is possible, remember that ‘I’m yours’ became a hit one year after the release like bonus track on Jason Mraz Album 😉 , so we never know what surprises we can find in the way .

    My pick to single : http://youtu.be/lXg6kePxLSo – Wait 🙂 I’m in love with this song lol. seriously .

  23. i hope that there will be a chirstmas tour this year but my concern is the tickets sales and he had lost lot of fans since the TOSOD cd didn’t sell but he is doing well overseas but not in the US??

  24. IMO… David doing a Christmas tour would be successful, and a good draw. There appears to be demand across many sites for a tour, the desire to see and hear him sing songs from CFTH again, or for the 1st time is there – many unable to see the 1st Christmas tour want NOT to miss it this time if it happens. I think we have a pretty good idea about his drawing power – I’d think small to medium size venues would be in his wheelhouse. It also gives his booking team and mgmt an opportunity to show what they can do vis a vis taking the bull by the horns and promoting/marketing or securing some kind of sponsorship to perhaps defray or offset the costs associated with a tour. It can be done, we will just have to see how it all plays out. I know this fan is going to move heaven and hell to see him if he does another Christmas tour. I saw the CFTH 2009 tour – the impression he left, aurally and visually, hearing him sing those songs live, less than 6ft away from me (VIP package, front row seat, WORTH EVERY PENNY WHICH I’D GLADLY DO AGAIN)… all I know is his folks or team best get on the ball, and begin doing some serious planning to pull this, and other touring /exposure ventures off, lololol

    • Many of us are so hungry for a tour and were so inspired by the Motab concert and his last Christmas tour with the combination of songs that we will go to more than one concert.
      Still hoping they can work out something for Japan.

  25. Since David wants to take time out to write music and find his sound, I think it’s fine that he doesn’t have any real management right now. He has enough help in place to do a few shows and a small Christmas tour. However, I really hope that once he’s ready with new music he actively seeks out the right label and management to properly promote him. I hope he realizes how important that is, and that ‘creative’ people on his team don’t encourage him to take less professional options.

  26. I have to add that my other big concern is that when and if David is interested in a label and professional management will they still be interested in him at that point? The music industry is not always nice.

  27. Is this the interview where David talks about a Christmas tour? The sound is quite poor so I didn’t have the patience to listen to it 😛

    • Thanks Embe! I just listened to it and I didn’t detect anything out of the ordinary. No, he doesn’t mention the tour. However, I personally didn’t hear anything that would cause me to conclude that there will be no Christmas tour.

  28. based on this video taken by Ben, it looks like Mike is the big guy with the ponytail and that Ben refers to him as the tour manager. I’m not sure if that was just for the Asian tour or if it’s ongoing.

    • LOL at Ben at the end. To me, Steven looks even younger than David. Watching David autograph paraphernalia on the way to the hotel while others enjoy the ride, I can imagine by the end of the tour he may have been mentally fatigued.

  29. This Vietnamese article obviously went thru Google translator but it appears that there were over 10,000!! in attendance at the Military Zone 7 Stadium. Prior to the show, there was skepticism that he would draw that large of a crowd because he’s not as hot of an item as he was 3 yrs ago. He conquered the naysayers. Lots of references to him as “son”, “little Prince”, friendly, sincere, etc.


  30. ”CAS – My current wish is that he would take this show on the road in the US. I think it would do more for his career than a Christmas tour.”

    I guess he’s trying to cover all the bases , a Christmas tour to target his already fans in US that really want to see him is the most immediate and easy to do at this time , and i guess would be successful if they put the dates with time and with the right publicity. 🙂
    However i agree about the need for him that his pop work should be listened live, people need to see him on stage now, so because that i said that i hope some radio shows and/or jinglejam concert will be on his agenda, just to warm with his music new audiences and the fans who are not into the Christmas concerts for different reasons.
    Now i wish he could add some classic Christmas Songs not too religious oriented to bring back others fans …..oh! and something is spanish. 😉

    • Ditto- For something in Spanish. Eh, I am sure he will record something or do a cover of one when the time is right. Por favor, lay it on us David. ,)

  31. That was easy. I did not know you had to post it in order for the link to work. lol Thanks again Utahmom. I just learned how to do links . Yes. lol

  32. ‘K. My computer’s been wonky, so haven’t been able to post. Which means I’m late to this topic, & no one will probably see this, lol.

    There’s something I’ve been REALLY concerned about regarding this. For a long time, actually. I love David to bits, & will be his fan for life. But…I don’t think that he or Jeff understand what it takes to keep a fanbase interested or growing. As a newbie with one hit, you can’t just disappear from the radio & music scene for 2 + yrs., and expect to have much of a fanbase left…

    I realize that David is a very private person & needs this time to strategize. But meanwhile, & over the last 2 yrs., he needs/needed someone professional on his team to aggressively & creatively keep his name out there. He never had that, and he doesn’t have it now. And I think that’s a critical piece of the puzzle that’s missing. David can strategize & build & be introspective all he wants, but if his team doesn’t realize the importance of keeping fans interested- or if they don’t know how- then I feel like he’s basically wasting his time…unfortunately.

    Sorry if that sounds a little bit harsh. But yeah. I think David’s career does depend on good mgmt at this point.

  33. VJ: You made some very valid points. I share your concerns. I just keep hoping that David makes some changes in his career if he wants a music career. That is all a fan can do at this point. Change is good. lol

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