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A bit off-topic but seeing that this “Debt Ceiling Crisis” continues to play out, and whatever new deal has been reached, it looks like our president and Dems caved in not seeking out new taxes – especially from the richest 2% and from corporations – I just thought some of us might appreciate this “letter” posted over at the New York Times comments section:

Letter to the Peasants of America from the Top 2%,

You asked, Where did all the money and jobs go?
We took the money. We can never have enough. We shipped the jobs overseas. We started international corporations where we seek out the cheapest labor and the least stringent regulations. We Invested in scams which produced nothing but debt for you.

We crashed the economy. Now Americans are just as desperate to have a low paying job as anywhere else in the world. We arranged the largest theft in history and stuck you with the bill.

We set up offshore businesses and accounts. We deposited our money in Swiss and Cayman Island banks. We bought enough politicians and judges to write the laws. We implemented free trade, free markets, low taxes for us, and no taxes for our corporations.

We used the military (you pay for) to take over any competition that can’t be stolen or bought. We will destroy anyone in our way.

We bought TV networks, radio stations, newspapers, and Internet providers.
We propagandized our point of view to convince enough of you to vote against your own interest. We will go after civil rights, education, environmental laws, unions, Healthcare, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare …any group or law that stands in the way of us controlling the economy and government. This allows us to profit as much as possible. That’s our goal. That is all that matters.

Looking down on you.
The Top 2%

Now, ain’t that the truth! And with this continued meltdown, will we even have access to great music to calm our souls and soothe our hearts, much less the Voice to help us rise above the fray? I need my David fix today!

Update: Happy 3rd Anniversary for David’s “Crush” premiere! (Thanks for reminding me!!) 🙂


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  1. Amen. This is the most disgusting display of hostage-taking I’ve ever witnessed in Washington. How much more we need the soothing sounds of David’s voice after this debacle!

  2. Amen! Everybody Wants to Rule The World! Great message.

    Japan concert is cancelled due to Typhoon prediction. Glad David will be safe over here. Working on rescheduling which would be announced later.

    Crush Third Anniversary. Can we get it to trend Worldwide?

  3. Hopefully the concert can be rescheduled soon!

    On the museum video in the last thread, I never saw what the fuss was about. David seemed to just be acting normal, going through a museum and taking in the information. I stopped watching the video after about 20 seconds because I felt odd watching him during an off-stage moment. TMI for me.

  4. Off Topic……Gladys posted this over at The Voice & she is right on the $$

    Look closely at this video at the 2:39 mark……..awesome….David is completely in sync with his band especially the drums. Complete command of the music & vocals!

    Something Bout Love, video by rusharr:

    • Burkey, love you Avatar! yeah for Crush!
      Thanks for the Video-love that moment!! hope he can keep this band.

    • thanks burkey to mention, I like to watch videos of David, I always find amazing things about David, I did not search, just come to me.
      Always remember the last three songs on the final night of American Idol. Signs, signs, star on the chest and over his head, the anchor on his back, and when David sings imagine, a peace so tangible in his face.
      And the musicians, behind David, clapping stopped, an ovation.
      For a while I began to see stripes, many stripes, ¿¿a shield maybe?
      And the stripes on their clothes, presentations or interviews, but never in a concert.
      They are just things I see and interpret, but I wrote too much.
      thanks burkey.

  5. Great Post hg. I totally agree with that letter that was posted in the comments section in the NY Times. Thanks for pointing it out as I had not seen it. What really frustrates me in all this mess is that the focus should be on job creation programs. We need decent jobs for so many in this country. On a more positive note: Yeah for Crush! Hope that David still gets to go to Japan somehow.

  6. Uh oh… what’s Charice going to think?! 😉

    • It’s been awhile since I’ve seen them together and wondered if they were still in touch. I wonder how old this photo is? I also wonder how Jennette’s mother is doing? She has had a lot on her plate dealing with that.

    • Oh no !! You gonna kill idolfan dreams? what kind of people are you? LOL 😉

      Last time the rumor was Jeannette was dating another guy Max Ehrich btw, extremely cute too, so the girl has taste lol ……just a rumor i read , non confirmed like most of the rumor in the business 🙂

      • tibitibi, you are so funny! that is his name! i heard that they are still together, i don’t know. i never saw the pic of her boyfriend thought.

  7. david and jeanette are really good friends and she already has a boyfriend, i heard about jeanette’s mom is still battleing with cancer, i hope she fight this, my thought and prayers go out to her mom. david and charice spend the whole weekend together!. charice and jeanette are friends too!!.

    • I believe David and Jennette are just good friends, although I suspect that she may have liked to have taken it to the next level. Total speculation on my part — keep in mind. Yes, Jennette’s mother is very ill and I have not heard how she is doing within the past few weeks. I’m sure David is very concerned about her and has been a good support for her.

      • i feel so bad what jeanette mom is going through right now and glad to see that david is there for jeanette and her family dealing with the tough times. david is such a wonderful friend!.

      • Maybe someone has the link of the open letter she wrote about how the celebrities are not smiley all the time, pretty touching letter about her life dealing with his mother illness since she was two year old. 😦

  8. and… in the pic, david was visiting jeanette on the set of icarly. from what i heard charice flew to new york this morning to do more recording on her new album.

    david and charice are still much together!!.

    • raelovingangelsa

      lol, we posted at the same time. I knew that pix would bring you out.

      • haha! david and charice just want to keep thier relationship very private as they can but i don’t know they are trying too because it not working!!!!.

        i think obama should STOP the war and worry about the economy, i think that is the main important right now.

      • Idolfan, I think it’s working because you seem to be the only one who knows about this relationship. lol

  9. raelovingangelsa

    Great little post. Kinda says it all. At times like this I wish I could give all the politicians that Donald Trump line… So many special interest groups controlling this country. Gets tiresome.

    Oh and hide that pix ( assume it is real) from Idol Fan….She will have nightmares lol.

    • raelovingangelas your last post haha funny!. i don’t know why david fans don’t believe that david and charice are not dating, but they are!!. i guess because david keep saying in interviews that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, not true!!!!!!. well i hope the economy get fixed and people will be happy about it! well i am done here for now. have a goodnite everybody.

  10. the only nice thing about being imperfect is the joy it brings to others.

  11. “Oh my God, I’m crippled by fear. I have awful stage fright. I don’t know what possesses me to do it. I think I’m going to die young from having so much stress all the time.” — Adele

    Kings of Leon Cancel Entire U.S – “We are so sorry to say Kings of Leon are canceling their entire US tour due to Caleb Followill suffering from vocal issues and exhaustion,” “The band is devastated, but in order to give their fans the shows they deserve, they need to take this break.”

    Link –

    The pressure of the business, sad 😦

  12. And idolfan never give up to her dissolutional dream and she’s going too far spreading rumors,too anoying………….

    • LOL, is funny, and other people don’t give up the Jeannette ones and in the past someones dreamed about Selena G and David …. anyway i think is just funny 😉

    • sofia,i don’t think i am dissolutional and i have heard from a lot of very realible sources that david is dating charice, if his fans don’t want to believe that they are not dating, that is the fans choice to believe what they want too and i hope one day that david will admit that he is offically dating her, i am done what i have to say about david and charice for now on.

  13. So, David had a dream about performing before a small audience of 30 people?

    I wonder what that means…

  14. Thanks for posting that letter, HG. This whole situation is very frustrating. Our days are now fraught with worries about the future. Most people now believe they are just lucky to have a job whether they are abused, overworked and underpaid.

    I’m reminded of a scene in Michael Moore’s, Sicko. He was talking to a group of Americans who had moved to France. They told him they were struck by the fact that the government in France is afraid of the people, whereas, we in America are afraid of our government. If this doesn’t change, we’ll be over a barrel for a very long time.

    Happy #3rdCrushiversary. I missed the livestream that day because we had driven from Newark to MA after the Idols show the night before. I remember being so afraid to push the play button thinking how devastated I would be if I didn’t like the song. lol

  15. There are some great recaps on Archuleta Ave Malaysia w/lots of interesting tidbits —


    the order in which the band became ill: Steven, then Mark, then Ben

    re. sony malaysia: this was the first time Sony as a music label doubled up as an organizer for a concert. “They really had a lot of faith in David.”

    a paraphrased quote by #mic: “Mike is the one who usually takes care of all our schedules. He is so good that I don’t need to worry about stuff like that so I can concentrate on the creativity part…You know how some people are born to be a good manager and I’m just not that kind, I’m more of an entrepreneur or a creative director, coming up with ideas and brainstorming with people.”

    My comment: “Mike” is mentioned twice in the blog. Who is Mike??

    • That is a very good question. Who is “Mike”? At least mic realizes that he is not a good manager but it is nice to know he is “creative”. Whatever that means. LOL Sony did a wonderful job as as the label and organizer for the Asian concert. David should stay with Sony. They have many different labels. It just does not seem like Gina Orr is very involved with David’s management at this point which is too bad.

      • The big handsome guy can be a tour manager i agree, maybe provided for Sony since they were the ones making this deal a reality, i really hope Gina or someone professional is doing the real management work, he need a lot in the US/Canada.

        And i like David , but i hope he knows and realize that be in control doesn’t mean to do all with amateur resources or that cutting costs doesn’t mean zero investment on important things like the distribution of his music , people really need to see him in at least one popular music store :/

    • One of the gals said that the tall guy with the Pony tail that was protecting David was a tour manager. It could be like the role Ray had in the past.

  16. Another question is will @Kariontour be involved with any tour David has. Kari seemed like a very good tour manager. They are a music tour agency and are not affiliated with WEG. They are a separate company from WEG. So many questions and no apparent answers. lol

    • MIC and “brainstorming” and “creativity” doesn’t sound good. Not good at all…

      I fear the day they decide to make David’s music available exclusively through a website and resort to online marketing. Who needs promotion and distribution when you can reach millions of people cost-effectively through the Internet!!!!!!!!

      • “MIC and “brainstorming” and “creativity” doesn’t sound good. Not good at all…”

        My opinion also 🙂

      • I agree 100%

        I am not impressed with any of the creativity (?) or ideas (what ideas?) in the past year. Same o, same o to me. Same songs, same sounds, same stage movements, just the clothing has stepped down to Members Only pleather jacket on stage (!) and no ideas whatsoever to make David look current or attractive. I love him but he looks like a dork. Unbelievable with a young man as attractive as David.

  17. IMO, David needs a better management if he is going on tour. He apparently had some trouble/problem with the Hanoi tour and was troubled. He should be concentraing on singing and not worry about stuff like that.

    There are lessons learnt from this tour.

    From my observation from my two recent concert.
    – David is a extremely private person. He only loves to eat.
    – He really cares and appreciates the fans and wants the best for his fans
    – Jeff, on the other hand, is an extrovert and likes to talk to fans. However, he does care a lot for David and wants the best for him despite his whatever shortcomings.

    • from the blog i referenced on the arch ave malaysia site, steven (drummer) told a fan that there was a language barrier in some of the countries making it difficult to work thru the technical issues that came up , e.g. soundchecks.

    • What is that video from? Why is David just standing there?

      • if you watch it in full screen, you will see that he’s smiling and chatting with fans. this is posted under the video on youtube:

        “he had some problems with the show at that time. He also talked about it on the video. he was so nervous.”

    • Let me say that is good always that parents care for their childs and want the best for them , is a normal behavior i think ? …..that include be prudent about any kind of information his son want or not to share. evidently he’s very extrovert and ‘Unintentional’ want the attention of the fans’ that for sure doesn’t change.

    • junnie: I think you raised some very good points. I agree with your comments.

    • I would not read too much into that video. We had an unusual insight- but even with perfectly planned and executed events- Murphy’s law will govern and things can & will go wrong.

  18. This is VERY off topic but just wanted you all to know so you can take advantage of this if you like these singers:

    Michael Bublé & Tony Bennett – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (In Studio Version) – FREE DOWNLOAD TODAY!!

  19. At least he recognized he’s not a manager and about ‘Creative Director’ , I’m sorry but this time for first time in all this years not only i want to believe , but I Believe that David has total control of what he’s doing with his music and on stage so all the credit is to him …. And yes, i think sometimes David consult him, along with his mother and other people in the business , would be crazy if his reduce his possibilities to just one person that not have too much experience in the business, however i think he (Jeff) can send his input like in the Daniel B cover ( speculation of my part ) and do good job …… so this ‘Creative Director ‘ is another nice try to take the credit for what David is doing now …… my two cents 😐 . but more than this what worries me the most is his self definition of ”Entrepreneur” .

  20. thanks burkey to mention, I like to watch videos of David, I always find amazing things about David, I did not search, just come to me.
    Always remember the last three songs on the final night of American Idol. Signs, signs, star on the chest and over his head, the anchor on his back, and when David sings imagine, a peace so tangible in his face.
    And the musicians, behind David, clapping stopped, an ovation.
    For a while I began to see stripes, many stripes, ¿¿a shield maybe?
    And the stripes on their clothes, presentations or interviews, but never in a concert.
    They are just things I see and interpret, but I wrote too much.
    thanks burke.

  21. So, even David’s “manager” admits he’s not a good manager. Why in the heck is he his manager then??? Oh…he’s good at “coming up with ideas and brainstorming with people”.

    “Vision without effort is daydreaming.” –Thomas S. Monson

    I so want to feel positive about mic being a manager, but his statement (unless there was a complete translation problem–which doesn’t seem likely) is worrisome on so many levels. I agree with Tibi, I also worry about his self description of being an “entrepreneur”. There’s so much more I’d like to say, but I’ll leave it at this.

    • I agree with you Utahmom. I also don’t think David should ever have to worry about things like technical issues or his tour wardrobe on a tour. That should be up to his management team to worry about and take care of for him. Also the reason I am so confused about @Gina Orr’s involvement is that she never mentions David on twitter. It just seems to me that if Gina were on his team she would at least tweet about David once in awhile. Who knows what the deal is with his management.

  22. I don’t have a problem with Jeff helping out and being there to bounce ideas off of. I think he truly enjoys doing that and helping behind the scenes. He clearly stated that he’s not a manager. I think he gets David musically and that David values his input.

    I would like to know who *is* David’s manager if his father is not. Gina Orr? Is Mike the booking agent?

    • But I believe he was listed in the SOF program as David’s manager, along with Gina, who’s been invisible. Plus, in a recent interview David said he’s his manager, so that sounds like he is. Jeff just said he’s not a good manager, not that he isn’t one. Maybe there’s several managers; one for bookings, one for pr, one for tours, one for negotiations, and one for ideas.

      Bleh, it’s too confusing. My vote is for Claudia as his manager.

    • As much as I’ve had “issues” with mic in the past, I do believe he has been David’s sounding board for musical interpretation and “creativity”. If that works for David, then so be it. I do hope David gets some professional management in the near future, though. He needs someone who has a good sense of what the contracts should include, etc., and who has the right contacts in the industry.

      As for the idea of “distribution” vs. “the internet”. You should read the postings of this guy Amazing insight into the industry at present, and if you look at what David is doing, it seems he’s doing it all quite right. Dumping the label, focusing on his fans and his music…it will all add up in the future.

      • I’m with you on this one Marlie. David has said he will not be signing with a label or new management until he spends more time writing with producer,song writers that he started in Nashville. He said that when he knows what sound he wants and feels satisfied with his writing he will meet with labels to see if there is a fit. This will take some time this year.
        His concerts were fabulous @ MB and Asia. He currently has a Creative Agency that gets him bookings, and he has a new band and tour manager. He likes his Dad involved because David is calling the shots, not some label or management that he doesn’t agree with. He is free and it shows in his performances etc. Give it Time and enjoy the journey.

    • Interesting. I sort have also seen Jeff as more as the creative manager myself- as well as a catch all advisor. All along I have felt some type of independent label was the way to go.
      However for getting high profile appearances and mapping out a long term strategy? I feel a strong, experienced professonal manager with well established ties is the way to go for D.

      I have to compliment the new webste. Amazing! Updated regularly- Funny how Jive never was able to accomplish that. Makes me feel D was not a priority to them.

  23. i think moms and dads shouldn’t invloved with theirs kids careers because sometimes it can get ruined theirs relationship with theirs kids and moms and dads should get a jobs and make theirs own money, that just my opinion.

  24. don’t get me wrong here but i think david is one of the best singers out there and proud to be a fan of his of music but i feel that david’s singing career is starting to fade away and he is losing fans?

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