An Artist’s Agency: Do Fans Recognize This?

We invited by the organizer / committe & promotor of David’s concert in Jakarta 16 Juli 2011,to follow him during his trip inside Museum Gajah. Very limited, only 6 persons representatives from DavidArchieindo allowed. We not stalk / disturb him & got permission too. He very enjoy & interested about culture,histories, and stories behind it & very serious listening to the docent,watching some ancient stuff. This is for documentation.

So says the descriptor of the You Tube video documenting David’s visit to a museum in Jakarta, Indonesia, which I posted yesterday.  I must say, however, how surprising it was for me to read so many comments expressing their discomfort in seeing a fan’s video “stalking” David.

Now, I’m going to say from the onset that I saw nothing wrong with the video because:

1. I was too busy enjoying the very studious look of our Beloved.

2. I was enjoying his “posture” as he stood so straight looking at different art works.

3. I had a few spasms over his walk – his WALK!!! – y’all know how I go weak in the knees over his walk. *Fans self.*

4. David was touring the museum in what looked to be a guided group tour (these things are public, whether or not the camera folks had permission to film David or not).

5. It never dawned on me that David, a public figure who is in the midst of an Asian tour, would not have given his consent to be filmed like that.  It just never dawned on me that the camera folks would not have secured permission to film him and then broadcast it to You Tube.

And so, point #5 needs elaboration.  Seriously, folks, how passive do you think David must be to be touring a museum with a camera following him and not having the courage to say that he did not want to be filmed if he didn’t?

We talk about David’s public image and how non-fans see him as not being in control of his career or music or image, but what does it say when his own fans think he has so little control that he couldn’t simply tell a camera person (or get one of his peeps to if he didn’t want the confrontation): “Hey guys, this is my private time, so could you please put the cameras away?”

If we didn’t want to be filmed, that’s what we would say, so why not give David the agency in doing this himself?  Or (here’s a thought) perhaps this is part of David’s own publicity campaign, in which he shows himself to be an open-minded learner of culture, taking down time from his concert to learn something new! That’s what I got from it, and why I thought David is the coolest, and since I like museums too, we need to hang out together! 😛

Folks, David is his own person and is very much aware of his public persona.  Let’s give him credit where it’s due and assume that what he wants filmed of himself will be filmed.  At what point did this museum video come off as the work of paparazzi?

For me, it didn’t, and if David comes off looking pretty good in a video, I certainly don’t see the harm.  That, of course, is JMVHO! 🙂

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. David is a big boy – he has certainly shown he can take care of himself. And #manincap was there looking right at the camera several times. I’m sure they were aware of it.

    And like you, HG, I love museums and would have loved to do a walking tour like that with David (be still my heart!)

  2. You make some valid points. It would have been nice to see both parts from the get go but like you think David and or his manager could have spoken up if they were not satisfied. Many thought the first part was creepy but once it was made clear that it was a M&G and the second part was shown,it made more sense.

  3. okay but here what i dont understand is david was okay by it(filming) than why he seems piss in the video, i think that he wasnt to happy with the idea but he was being a good sport go along with it, that what i am just saying here?.

  4. off topic here: just saw a tweet that david and charice were spotted at the movie watching the smurfs 3D last nite in los angeles!!!.

  5. A FREAKI’N MEN! Major lurker who loves your site. You wrote my thoughts exactly! Sometimes I want to pull my hair out..DAVID IS NOT A PUSHOVER, HE IS A GROWN MAN! He doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to, I have believed that for a while now. He has said before he once worried too much about hurting other’s feelings and used to just go with the flow, but he no longer does this. He is his own man and i love watching his independence. Thanks again.

  6. Dangit! video was removed. Wanted to watch serious David again.

  7. Yes, some fans forget that David is almost 21, and is no longer a kid. He can stick up for himself now, and has a mind of his own. if the video was removed it was probably because of all the flack from fans which is a shame.

  8. On another note, Pamela Pike wrote a book about David per her tweet:

    My New Book on David Through Our Eyes is out on Friday, August 5th on E-store has is now

  9. How many times we the fans , not only here but in all the fan-sites and forums make comments about how he looks in a video : «he looks happy, sad, confused. frustrated or mad ……the comments made here about this video in particular were not that dramatic for the girl to remove it. Yeah some of us make a comment about and move on, we even agree with Daisi about ‘that maybe iit was just a serious and focus side of David’ we don’t see often, so if the owner of the video decided to took it down from YTB was maybe more because someone make a request (and i don’t think it was from here) and/or many more people had the same impression it was something not right idk ? In any case i’m surprised to see this situation today. :/

  10. The Asian fans had done a great job of posting many wonderful vids of David in concert in Asia. I have enjoyed them all. Everyone has different opinions on things. That is never going to change. I sure don’t think it is a big deal. lol

  11. why was the video removed because his fans were not happy because the side of david that we don’t see?!

  12. Couldn’t agree more with you HG! i’ve watched the video again, and i don’t get any impression that the videotaping is a harm. i get an impression that he is just a naturally good learner and listener. And it’s a good thing! It’s what happened if we see him sitting in college classes listening to the lecturer explaining things. I seriously don’t expect him to be all smiley! lol. someone who was there (i happened to know some) said that it even brought up the charm within him or something like that. Haha

    • we all so used to see david happy and smiley all the time like vblog and invterviews stuffs like that and i just think a lot of his fans were so shocked to see him in a different way that we dont see him like that?

      • I hope most fans realize David is a “real” person, with many aspects of his personality that we have never, and most likely will never see. I’m sure he has his ‘moments’ like we all do, and if we are lucky, every now and then we get a peek behind the curtain, behind the smiles to see more of the ‘real’ David – as much as he is willing to share. Doesn’t make him anything other than human, and the more human and relatable he is to us as fans, I think the healthier and better for all 🙂

  13. you know guys, i was just wondering if david got any twitter tweets from the fans about museum taping issue? the video was removed than it was not a good thing for david image and could hurt his singing career, just my opinion. i hope i am wrong.

  14. I don’t think it’s that dramatic or drastic careerwise for him idolfan, lol. Just another day in the fandom when speculation about what David may be thinking/acting/feeling gets blown a little out of proportion and people react based on that… David has to be very aware by now of the tradeoffs he will have to make regarding the public vs privacy issues, and the scrutiny he will be under when he is out in public. Idol is known for generating some pretty rabid fandoms, all who are aware of and seemingly in tune and step with the technologies available to give them 24×7 news, info, pix of their fave, in real time.

    It’s kind of a Catch-22 deal – if the demand for this kind of data wasn’t there from the rabid fans, would we have access to the kind of videos and pictures, tweets and streams from appearances and concerts, stateside and international,we have grown accustomed to…. opens the door for further exploration, and some great future discussions… 🙂

  15. I think it’s just natural maturation. He’s no longer the kid from AI. I also think that his tweets about learning how to change oil and spark plugs, sports and such could be a part of “growing up” his public image. I think at this point, David’s fans are primarily perpetuating the Little Archie image. I cringe that I still see comments and tweets about wanting to pinch his cheeks, or referring to him as a little guy as in young, not short. There are comments that he’s changed and wanting the old Archie back. Then the belief that he’s some little helpless, voiceless person subjected to the dictate of others. I say enough already. Allow the man to be a man.

    • “Allow the man to be a man.”

      Says the person whose username has the word “boy” in it. 😆 I’ve change tweet name, will get around to changing all.

    • “He’s no longer the kid from AI.”

      So true! Some of the naysayers/pot-stirrers at MJs blog need to think about that. When they criticize him (and his family, his religion, etc.), they bring up things/rumors from 2-3 yrs ago and cite it as if it’s the current state of affairs. And unlike David, they haven’t changed. They’ve been saying the exact same thing since his AI days. It drives me nuts.

      • “It drives me nuts.”

        You and me both. And most continue citing these things/rumors no matter how many times they’ve been corrected/refuted . My thinking on the naysayers/pot-stirrers on Mj’s is that they really know what’s what about David but refuse to acknowledge it. Maybe they feel it will take away something from their “fave”. A lot of that same-o, same-o I won’t give them the pleasure of responding. They do that simply to get a rise out of David’s fans, try to make their fave look better, or deflect from some negative aspect of their fave. For much of it I just roll my eyes and move on. I think it’s more important for David’s fans to move past the stuff from 2-3 yrs ago.

      • Oh, times are tough for them. David Cook’s album flopped in spite of considerable promotion. He was supposed to be invincible and untouchable and whatnot.

      • Cook’s album not selling well has not gotten the criticism yet as David’s sales did. Cook’s sales are actually more surprising because he was the winner and because of the amount of promo he had. The comments at mjs no longer bother me as you have to look at the sources of some of the comments. Who cares what they think. lol Also the albums sales of most of the idols are not going to be that great anymore.

  16. To me, David didn’t appear upset or disturbed in the video. He appeared to be serious and engaged with what he was hearing. However, I can see how others may have a different interpretation.

    From reading all the international fan sites and blogs, the fans have been VERY supportive and welcoming of David and his entourage. I just assumed that someone granted them permission to film him in the museum and that he was aware.

    daisi, perhaps you can encourage them to put the video back up. Like HG, I enjoy watching David walk. 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      I agree. A museum is not the place to be talkative and laughing especially on a guided tour. ( unless it is Night at the Museum that is lol- love that movie) The thing about it that gave me “pause” wondering if it was covert or overt- is the camera seemed to be hidden- due to the half screen and the way it was filmed. I felt it would have been better done if it was not a bit of an undercover thing. The feeling to me was invasive- but I could have been wrong of course.

      • raelovingangels, I agree with you about the way it was filmed. It did seem like it was taken by someone who was trying to hide the camera.

      • I didn’t think they were hiding the camera, just keeping other peoples faces out of it… maybe other people didn’t want to be filmed. David showed respect and consideration as he listened and learned about the country he was going to be performing in. That is one thing I really appreciate about David, he immerses himself in the culture so he can relate and understand the people more. David’s not a kid anymore. I like seeing serious David.

  17. Out of topic here, but it warms my heart that i just saw one of the Urbanite peeps who took care of David while he was here tweeted that she already missed her son (re: David).
    I remember she told a story of how David innocently asked for suggestion for his Jakarta outfit and came out with that pink top and boxer-like shorts when he was about to perform, he forgot to wear his pants. lol

  18. well that good news that the his fans are okay not very upset by the musuem taping issue. as for me i went to a museum before nobody was smiley at all, serious and quiet just like david acted so i can understand that, well i am done here have a goodnite everyone.

  19. David is at a Museum people, get real. Who laughs and talks on a guided tour. He would look silly laughing and talking, he seems to be really interested in what he is hearing and seeing. He was not on a stage preforming.


  20. We occasionally get a glimpse of David acting like a normal person and not all “on” for the camera, and it seems odd.

    One time after a previous Asian trip, a fan filmed him talking about how they put makeup on him and he was a little p.o.’d about it–I think it was when he did a fundraiser cooking at a Japanese restaurant.

    Another time previous to a Fox News interview in Salt Lake City, when he was swinging his hands, he seemed tired and a little bratty, asking why they needed to to a particular shot and answering questions just yes or no–not really rude, just like my son of the same age would act.

    • raelovingangels

      The fox interview, if I recall was after he was leaving a small MS event organized by Brett- where he accepted a check at a bank.
      I feel pretty sure he did not expect press to be hanging around at the door when he went to leave. If I recall he was surprised- and yet hung around to accomodate. I did not think he was even the least bit rude.

      • Yes, I did say NOT really rude, just tired and low energy until the camera came on. Then he was pretty chipper.

      • raelovingangels

        well- sorry I guess I should say not bratty. He was perplexed as to why they would be filming him and the reporter – and not doing the interview. Legitimate question to wonder what the point was lol. I would agree there are unguarded moments… just as anyone would have when the camera is not rolling. I can’t even imagine how it must be to have everyone scrutinze every thing you do. However, that is the life he has chosen & is called to- fortunately for us. I would have alot less patience if t was me & I am a heck of alot older with more life experience to draw from.

      • I meant bratty in the most affectionate way :).

  21. cchalo, wow really!? it seems david isnt nice anymore as he used to be now, perhaps the fame and music business starting stressing him out lately, maybe david should take a couple years off from the music scene, i don’t know just saying….

  22. cont. And then when the camera came on, he transformed into smiley cooperative David.

    • I remember that interview. David said that he was very tired because he had just flown into Salt Lake from somewhere he had been. I can’t remember where.

  23. cchale, oh ok. at the cont comment, yeah that true. i saw a video of david talking on the phone with his dad when he was rolling his eyes, a fan was fliming it but david didn’t care about it, well least david is not a fake. some people claims that he is.

  24. David should not always feel that he has to be “on.” He should be able to act “normal.” He should be able to hang with his friends and have fun. David is nicer to his fans than most entertainers in the music industry. I think the Biebs acts like a spoiled brat at times and it has not effected his career at all. lol

  25. i dom’t know if this is true or no but i read one of david fan tweet that the japan event might be cancelled, still no yet?

  26. okay just read that the event is postponed on a later date. no japan for david this week.

    • Wait postponed ? why? it is official or just a rumor? 😦

      • it was tweets by some fans and it says it will canceled than postponed than resheduled it because of the Typhoon? it just says that they make decison in a couples of days if david preformed or not? thoses fans must have just found out about it?

      • Nothing Official yet and the entertainment site still shows it is on. There may however be a change to be decided in the next few days due to Hurricane/storm possibility. 7 day weather reports not looking good with storms,wind and rain.

      • if japan get bad weather, i hope everyone there will be safe. if david doesnt go, i think it will be resheduled. i feel for japan people may not get to see him preformed this week?

  27. LOL at this museumgate drama, but anyway just happens that we the fans make different interpretation s about a same situation, nothing terrible or new there ha, ha 🙂

    And i agree with Goboywonder is natural maturation, some days take us by surprise when our own kids in family start to act in a more confident and deep way we are like :o, so i guess is the same with David … like i said yesterday ”Looks to me that David is a LOT more involved and vocal about where he want to go and want to do and more controller of his own business, and conscious of what he need to do to stay alive in the industry , (something he need to works a little more too) , this new Era is more that the result of parting ways with his label or changing his management one more time, is all about him growing like person and artist, giving the welcome to the maturity and the responsibilities that coming with it.”

    Yeah, i guess this new era is more that a kid pushed for his entourage to do some things he don’t want, but a growing young man learning how to take decisions and responsibilities on his own like a boss.

    Now about the comment in non fansites sites, what i can say, what i learn is that David Fans can be equally mean and prejudiced that the ones in that site with David …. yes some people are just haters and some just have the perception about him, having his relative back in the management doesn’t help either , so is up to David with his talent and confident attitude to change their minds with the time…at the end i expect we all giving total credit for the vision he had to reorient his career.


  28. LOL. That MS video y’all are talking about is one of my favorite videos of David. I thought he was completely adorable there…I dunno. I actually like seeing the different sides of him. (A) It shows that he’s human; (B) It adds to the mysteriousness/intrigue of his character. It’s like watching the difference between his personality on and off-stage- I just can’t seem to get enough of that. lol…

    And re: the “brattiness”, I don’t think that’s anything new, lol. I recall when Simon didn’t like that he chose “You’re the Voice”, During the backstage interview afterwards, David put his nose in the air & said “I don’t know why everyone thinks I didn’t choose that song. I chose it by myself, because I like it.” And my first thought: “Ooh. We’ve got a little divo on our hands.” lol…

    I’ve seen several times since where he’s been a little curt or blunt, & if you didn’t know him, you might think it was somewhat rude. But I think that’s just his confidence showing. From what I’ve seen of him, I believe that he probably thinks in exact, black-&-white terms (like me). And when he knows something, he just knows it, & there are no gray areas in between.

    So, that was my way of saying that although David is a wonderful person inside & out….he’s far from being an angel, & I am perfectly fine with that. 🙂

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