Next Stop, Japan?

I mean, don’t you just love how David never gives us the heads up first? I mean, we’re learning this from an Idol blogger?

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  1. Someone found it on his facebook page earlier today

  2. raelovingangels

    Well maybe this will be performed by live 3-D David instead of flat computer David- A girl can hope…..

  3. from the previous thread, it was asked: where is david? is he spending time with family?

    per twitter: “OMG OMG! My cousin’s friend saw @DavidArchie in Corona, CA @ Silver Dollar Pancakes & took a picture!!!!! *MELTS* <3333"

    perhaps his family is with him. or, they could have summer travel plans of their own. my guess is that it could be difficult for his family to plan their summer around his schedule.

    and yay! for japan!!

  4. i hope david have a good time in japan and hope bring his family along too!.

    just as you know, charice’s mother was at the david’s philippines concert!!!!!!!.

  5. charice live in los angeles, it wouldnt surpised me if she was with him at the sliver dollar pancakes, they are always hanging out together in los angeles, people have seen them together acting like a couple!!!!!!!

  6. when charice mom was at the concert, they interviewd her about her and david’s relationship and denied it and they are close friends and like to hanging out and she said that david’s aunt told her about david gonna have the concert in manlia and she went there to support him, david seem very close with charice family!!!!!

    david and charice are dating!!!!!. david just said in a interview in asia tha he is still single yeah right!!. goodnite guys.

  7. Japan gig announced on David’s facebook earlier today as well as MCCS entertainment. It is now on David’s official page and Steve tweeted he would be going with Archieman when asked. Exciting times!
    David meanwhile is learning how to change oil and his spark plugs!! ha! Oh and he also ate.

    • Knowing David maybe he don’t know yet he’s going to Japan lol 🙂 , better for him to go rehearse some new original tunes i want to hear ( selfish wish i know lol 😉 )

      BTW this definitely look like a last minute deal?, maybe his success on this little Asia tour is making echoes in the rest of the countries eh? . In any case i’m happy he finally take the opportunities his already works a popularity give to him……. next step : I hope for a short promotional tour in Europe, nothing fancy , simple but well planned with some media buzz, maybe a little EP or re-release of TOSOD adapted to European crowd , or In Latinoamerica starting for Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Argentina or Chile (i want to see him in Vina del mar next year btw, is not impossible).

      • Maybe other Military bases will be interested. A good way to make it around Europe etc.

      • IDK about the military thing, i’m sure he has more possibilities, back in the 2010 Bruno Mars went to Europe and he did small concerts there just to warm people with his music, we need to keep in mind that he is building new markets, so if his ‘Management” can make plans for a promo tour or small concert will be fine ,if he’s not convinced to invests more in publicity and professional help that is the way to go ….. now if some good promoter want to booking him to do some shows there will be better, clearly is working for Asia, i’m sure Sony don’t gonna be indifferent to an opportunity to sell some extra albums. 🙂

  8. SQUEEE for Japan! i’m kinda excited… haha
    btw, just watched a video of David in the museum. i had never seen him look more serious and calm than that. haha

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Link to video, please!

      • do you have something to say, HG?
        while people here assuming that he wasn’t happy being filmed, i get a feeling that maybe it’s just another side of David that we don’t see quite often. i don’t know why for some reason, if it’s true then i kinda like this whole mannerism and side of David. once again, i don’t know whyyy. lol

  9. i saw the museum video thing too, it like a totally different david there and also it look like to me that he wasnt too happy that he was being filmed at the museum, what you all think? i guess he maybe he wanted to be a private thing, idk.

    • No he don’t look happy , but his manager looks stoked to be in the video so not problem lol 😉

      G’night Idolfan, have sweet dreams with Dave and Charice lol 🙂

      • A little too much of MIC in the video for me but he has always loved the spotlight. MIC was in many of the pics and vids from Asia. I would rather see Charice in the video with David at the museum, idolfan. lol

    • I think you are right. Turned it off after less than a minute. I felt it was an invasion of his privacy.

  10. Off topic , how Adam Lambert can make a concert at 30 minutes from my house and David can’t make even Montreal???

    Oh well …frustration :/ Bye .

    • tibi: Adam has singles that did very well on itunes and pop top 40 radio so I think he will get a lot of promo and appearances for his next album. He has a label and management that will really back him. I just wish David had that for his next album. Maybe he will.

  11. haha very funny tibitbi!, you guys here are really cool! you know what ,charice mom should have not gave out private information about them and david’s aunt as well. goodnite and have a great weekend everyone and try to come back here on next week.

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  13. i just saw the video of d in the museum. i’m surprised the person filming wasn’t stopped; usually it’s forbidden to take pics or shoot film in a museum.

    random comments —
    initially i thought david got his “arm folding” mannerism from his mom; after seeing this video, it’s definitely his dad. also, david walks like denzel washington; it’s in the shoulders.

  14. I was going to link the museum video, but desertrat beat me to it. It’s also on the front page of FOD. I was hoping for more David appearances to pop up, but I didn’t dream the next one would be in about a week in Japan! I like Tibi’s ideas for promo/touring and agree that it would be great if he’d do some performances in Europe. I’d also love some additional performances in the U.S!

  15. I don’t know what else to say about his dad. David apparently wants him there, and I believe that he will continue to be his manager for the foreseeable future. Family first….

    • Freo: Exactly. He is now David’s music manager once again not just his dad. Time will tell how it all works out.

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