So, David’s now back on this side of the Pacific and trying out an “alligator” hot dog (huh?). #WelcomeHomeDavidArchuleta. Indeed! 🙂

In the mean time, how ’bout a quick poll: what was your favorite song performed during his Asian tour?

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  1. .I loved all of David’s songs, but Heaven was my favorite it was so over the top gorgeous and emotional.

  2. I loved David’s cover of Heaven but I picked Everything and More because it is an original song of his. I thought Everything and More should have been on the US TOSOD album. Loved the song. I wish David would do some current covers of songs from artists like Adele. Although I think the older cover songs he does are great I would also like to see him sing updated covers.

  3. Heaven was “Heavenly”

  4. Everything and More. I couldn’t get enough videos of that song.

  5. Just a little info for you all………I have never heard of this group but they are called Big Time Crush & apparently they have a new album in the works:

    EXCLUSIVE: “Anything Goes” has two more tracks in a negotiation and written by David Archueta

    The song is called Story Of My Life, written by Kevin Rudolf and Jacob Kasher, and Heya – also called the Speed ​​of Light – written by Victoria Horn, Matthew Squire, and David Archuleta, the winner of American Idol.


    • This is a teen band boy from Nickelodeon , i remember the buzz on twitter with some fans telling them to tour with David not long time ago, Carlos Pena family are Latino too, so they are popular in Latinoamerica. Looks like David song make their album what is good 🙂

    • The group is called Big Time Rush. I think they have some kind of tv program on Nickelodeon. Very popular. And WOW! to David going to Japan.

  6. David is going to Japan??

    Saturday, 6 August 2011 / 2 – 10 p.m.
    3 p.m. Welcome MC and Giveaway
    4 p.m. Arm Wrestling
    5:45 p.m. Chijinsyu Wakatida(Eisa & Shi-shi dogs Show)
    6:45 p.m. Homeland Okinawa (Rock, Popping & Hip-Hop Dance)
    8:15 p.m. David Archuleta with Band
    (American Idol 7th Season Runner-Up Pop Singer)


    • Uh? But this is next week? and who is the sponsor? .

      Oh and the next thing David should demand to the promoters is to put aside the ‘American Idol runner up’, is getting old, and is real world the ‘Runner Up’ thing doesn’t work anymore :/ he is just an ex- contestant from AI, or and ‘American Idol Star’ or just David Archuleta the ‘New little Prince of Pop’ (taking the Vietnam press adjective) ….just a suggestion 😉

  7. that is a little odd that he is going to japan wiithout no promoters and such a short notice uless he is doing for someone who cannot make it at that event, make sense?

  8. i think one of the amercian idol stars couldnt able to attend at the event than maybe david step in. i heard david cook was supposed go to japan this summer to promote his new album, idk i might be wrong or could be someone not from amercian idol, again i just found that fishy that he going to japan on a very short notice, usaully it take two or three months to put theses trips together like that, like david did with the aisa trips. i hope he take his sister there!!. i hope i am making sense here.

  9. The MCCS is Marine Corps Community Services, maybe military sponsorship???

  10. HaHa……..everyone on twitter is all excited about David going to Japan & see what he tweets:

    DavidArchie Learning how to change the oil and spark plugs on the car. Taking a break eating some really good enchiladas though.
    20 minutes ago via txt

  11. is david still in califorina or in utah now?

  12. i know this is off topic here but i don’t know if he is in utah or not but if he isnt, why he isnt spending time with his family on his days off, but i know he loves his family thought.

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