Waking Up to This Gives Me Hope (for David’s Career)

From his final performance in Malaysia (thanks, Rae!):

Also, from what I understand, is there a #WelcomeHomeDavid twitter party planned? What time?


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  1. I hear it’s #WelcomeHomeDavidArchuleta. Dont’ know the time.

  2. raelovingangels

    So sweet- David so kind to the fans- and such lovely Vietnamese fans from Hanoi credit Datvientan

  3. I think the twitter party is all day with every twitter message you enter, but we are supposed to step it up around 3:00 PM ET as that is the time that his plane is due to land.

    This is the tweet to be added to all your tweets:


    • The twitter party may be at 3:00 pm California time,,,,,,I am not sure


      • You may be right, burkey. I missed the trending party earlier, but I just saw that D’s plane lands in about 5 hours. I’m guessing in LA also. Maybe it would be best to wait until he’s on terra firma.

  4. Best video ever! The clarity in both the sound and picture is phemomenal. The performance was over the top! They are all having such a great time ..jamming.. and believing ….. David came alive in Asia! So exciting to see that he is relaxed, confident and I believe very hopeful for his future. He is in control and loving every minute of it! I’m loving it too!

  5. I am back !!! Another awesome concert…just posted some videos if you guys are interested. Only some of my favourites asI just wanted to enjoy his singing.

    this song is growing on me, lol, at his sweat at 1:59



    • Junnie, welcome back! Thanks for the videos! I am really digging LDH now. How are you feeling? Still on a high or has a little bit of D concert withdrawal set in yet?

    • WOW! You were so close! I think I heard people scream @ that 1:59 mark. lol

    • raelovingangels

      nice!. I love that song. Way to go- right up front! Are you in withdrawal- wanting another concert?

  6. The twitter party started this morning, and is going on all day long, from what I understand.

  7. “We came across this video of David Archuleta singing the Gnarls Barley hit “Crazy” in Kuala Lumpur and knew we had to post about it. Listen to the vocals!! There’s no doubt this guy can sing. Watch the performance (and his adorable moment at 0:22) below:”


    This article needs comments! Gotta keep the buzz going….! 🙂

  8. Happy that David did my two favorites covers from him back in Idols days Heaven ( the one who make me a fan) and Crazy , and that crazy was really crazy gooooood !! 🙂
    I always loved the medley he did on his first solo tour too and will love to hear ‘One’ complete version in a live show , obviously along with his originals songs , the ones he ‘s not yet performed.

    I’m still confident David will make it in US , is about the time to find the right song to put him in the spotlight again, the lack of interest on him will be a memory at the moment he arrive to connect with his lyrics with a more amount of listeners, but he need to go out of his friendly geographic zone and conquer new territories , Show his improvement to the skeptics ……i”m talking strictly of his talent the logistic behind him is another story, he really needs a label to at least make the distribution of his material, if people don’t see his face in the music stores very difficult to pick their attention.


    • Tibi: I agree with you about the need for a label. David did have Jive and then Sony behind him in Asia. He did not have the success in Asia without a label being in place. He has the talent but we all know that it takes more than that.

    • Tibi~ Yep, I agree, too. I remember that way back when, a DJ said that no matter how talented someone from AI is, it’s all about song choice as to whether they succeed or not. He said that most alum don’t make it afterwards, because they don’t know how to make radio hits. Unfortunately, it sounds like David still thinks he doesn’t need radio….

      Plus, he’s not in any hurry to find a label or professional mgmt. Without their support, he can’t get the promotion that he needs, so…at this time, I don’t have alot of confidence about things. If he makes different decisions in the near future, maybe that’ll change my mind a bit.

  9. David was a powerhouse of talented performances in Asia. He has stepped up his command of the stage and he did some really fun interview

    Was pleased to see David sharing some of the focus with the band. The talent he surrounds himself with in the musicians he has selected to work with speaks to me in a way
    I have not felt before. I will hope that it will be mutually beneficial for all. David is The Voice make no mistake about that but with the arrangements and collaborations he choses to do, he I believe, will soar to new heights. I like what he is doing very much. Hope the music and production on his future studio work matches the level of his live shows.

    Squeeing as I watched David do his bachata/salsa moves. More of that would only be fitting. Doesn’t he also have some Cuban blood coursing through those veins?

    Astrid- you said it “me muero”. 😉

  10. Did you want to see David do a little dance move?
    Saw this over at The Voice. Thanks to Andrekvr1991.

  11. Hey Archie fans! Mark Sept 16 on your calendar – the ALMA awards are back and perhaps we can request for David to come back to perform after last year’s incredible performance!


    He’s not nominated for any category, but we can write them and request that he come back to sing – in Spanish of course!


  12. from an interview. how did david hang with the likes of ringo starr and bono without us knowing about it? 🙂

    Have there been any celebs that have left you starstruck?
    I was starstruck by Ringo Starr. I was so starstruck that I couldn’t even go up to him. I was pretty starstruck with Bono too.

    full interview here:

  13. Bono was at the American Idol finale, and Dave Felice played bass guitar for him so that is when David probably met him. I have no idea when David would have seen Ringo Starr.

    I liked this part of that interview:
    With so much going on right now, do you still have plans to go back to school?
    “Yeah, I don’t think that there’s ever a time when it is too late to go back to school. I would love to take music classes. I love the heart of music and the emotion but I never really got to understand the musical theory and the more technical side of music. That’s something I’d love to learn more about. Performing and putting out music is my No. 1 priority right now so that’s what I’m focusing most on. I’m a very spontaneous person unfortunately. A lot of times that can be a bad thing but I try to be sensitive to whatever I feel and whatever changes in what I feel I should do. And keeping in tune with whatever your instincts kind of say.”

    The part I like the best is “performing and putting out music is my No.1 priority right now.” Please keep it that way David!

  14. Would be nice to see David in the ALMA awards again, at least presenting a award, i really don’t think performing will be possible ; but who knows? he still the more recognizable young male with latino ties in US and looks like the organizer of the event having him in high reference . BTW one more time he’s late to take advantage of this latino part, look Selena and now Demi releasing their singles both in english and spanish at same time 😐

    Not saying is a fact he will be successful in the latino market, but he has many factors in his favor to do very well there, then he just need the good contacts to do the crossover.

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