Somebody Was Feeling It!

What a great video find, D-rat! 😀


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  1. OMG, just an AWSOME Drum solo at the end of CRUSH!
    Just awesome!!!

    • well, not really a drum solo, but a stunning drum performance!!!

    • hell0g0rge0us

      It’s good to hear from you, Burkey. 🙂

      • thank you

        July is a very busy month for me. We live in NYS near Lake Ontario & the St. Lawrence River. All our southern relatives & friends come north in July. Busy, but fun too.

  2. Nice finale to allow the band to shine. Loved that David surprised everyone and came out blowing kisses and Joined Steve on drums. Steve says that part was totally unplanned spontaneous.
    I’m in withdrawal already.

  3. Nice to see this on twitter from a male fan ….Eric Marquez …….

    #ThankYouDavidArchuleta for being a GREAT ROLE MODEL TO US.
    about 1 hour ago via web

    When i get old, I’ll share @DavidArchie’s music to my sons and daughters for them to learn the true meaning of Love, Life and Music.
    about 1 hour ago via web

  4. Great performance. Loved the drum solo at the end. I like the drummer, Steve. The Asian fans have just been so supportive of David. I think Sony Asia did a good job with the tour.

  5. Is there a way to create a little buzz about these concerts here in the U.S.? Like via twitter or contacting blogs, etc? I don’t have twitter, but have emailed as many sites as I know of…

    • IDK, fans can still trying to do some work creating buzz around this tour, for sure he deserved, but then again is to his management team (whoever they are, because is not clear how this is working) to take this opportunity and sell this image in US, if they can’t, i’m not sure the fans will.
      David.needs.professional. support 😉 , is clear that was a key on this Asia tour success with Sony Asia behind, Promoters, TV, Radio, Hotels, CDstores/Bookstores …… just my opinion btw.

      • I thought that his team was Jeff with some help from Gina Orr. And he’s still with CAA.

      • Yeah i know, and still not clear how this is working to me ,but my guess is that this tour was in progress way before this new ”team”, Asia people was really interested on him and with the help of CAA and Sony Asia they booking him , nothing like a Label support, but for sure he needs a professional help like in Asia to make it in US ….or maybe is not his time to shine there yet IDK 😐

      • raelovingangels

        Since we are just speculating- I think that likely has been interest but this tour was put together with the new team. I think D has been wanting to return to Asia, (as well as tour in the US) and neither his label or management group made that happen. Can only speculate on what lead to separation from both- but I would imagine the inability to get a tour in place in a place where D is very popular was frustrating.

      • I don’t think tour was responsibility of Jive, they took different ways to soon after the album drop and don’t forget that the artist need to agree with the expenses too in terms of invests in publicity, distribution and production since they were not arriving to a deal why to wait for their support? and I remember seeing WEG tweets about the organization of this tour Mel and Kary, clearly they were not able to finish their plans ….since David left them ?, and obviously all the work was finish for the current ”team”, my guess the costs with a BIG management group was the principal concerns for him,specially when i just part ways with my label , so why not to cut that part of the budget if i have a booking company , a promoter and a Label making the work? ( is almost obvious to me) and What a work they did !! 😉 oh and the most important part , a Market who Love him there, the success is specially because the fans were dying to have a Live Show !! ….

        Just speculation btw.

        Anyway the point is that is to his current team and specially to him to take the advantage from this and use it to built new markets in the world and rebuild his image in US/Can.

      • It really is up to his current “team” to create a buzz around this tour and sell his image in the US. The fans can’t do it. I have no confidence in this “management and PR ? team ” so my expectations are very low. It seems like they really cut costs in every area which is not always good. I hope that changes will be made in the future if David really wants a career in the US. His success in Asia on this tour is due to his popularity from AI, his Asian fans, Sony Asia, and of course David himself. His current management has nothing to do with it IMO. Also Adele has a label and professional management. She is not cutting any costs to be successful.

      • Also his success in Asia is due to radio play on their stations and the Asian promoters. He does not have that here in the US so better PR is needed here,

  6. hey all i have not been able to follow the Asian tour much how were the crowds? venues full? I know they were big arenas and he had great support, but did he fill the arenas? I saw that TOSOD was # 1 for the week in the PI ……SWEET.

  7. I just saw this video in MJ’s site and wow David was really feeling good , happy to see this big improvement on his performances skills, he is on his way to create a very unique and polish final product, this is already good btw.

    BTW i just notice that the guitar player is not the original one he had in the debut of this band ? What happen with the other guy? anyway this new one is amazing, i feeling better now with this band going from jazzy sound to rockish/pop vibe .

  8. David, this band is a keeper! Now that’s how you finish. Incredible.

  9. I read on another fan-site that, Brian, David’s original guitarist couldn’t come on the Asian trip because of other obligations. I really like this Dave, but Brian is really good too. I don’t know if Brian will be in the band going forward or Dave.

  10. Ponds Teen Stated 35,000 attendance for Indonesia.
    JR says almost 14,000 Phillipines.
    Not sure about the two concerts in viet Nam and heard at least 5,000 Malaysia.
    thousand more made it to signings etc.
    Hopefully we’ll hear more definitively. But all audiences were on fire as of course David and his band were.

  11. The totals were a reply to Lisa.

  12. Malaysia concert was great!! Glad that I got to go
    Someone was definitely feeling it ! Lol

    Video: David Archuleta Band Intro with a little bit of Salsa/Bachata – Malaysia… via @youtube

    • So glad you got to go Junnie!! Love that intro with the Salsa/Bachata!! We knew he had it in him.

  13. Thanks heidijoy, those are good numbers!!! Really loud crowds from watching the vids so glad to hear good attendance. thanks for the reply.

  14. From the previous thread, Lani said: “The majority of Filipinos (as I’ve observed and feel IMO of course) are more of the Ballad,” I suspected that that may be the case. With Adele’s popularity on the rise, maybe the ballad will regain popularity in the states.

    Re. the band, David seems very comfortable with them and they’re all fairly close in age. I like them and I hope they stay together for a while.

    Guess the OS will keep fans occupied by leaking new photos until the September show, lol.

    • LOL . not comments in that picture !! He looks ….. :/
      I agree with the Adele case, new soul style is in raise , maybe even new old sounds if that makes sens ? 😉

  15. raelovingangels

    Good grief Charlie Brown this is amazing 🙂
    credit rusharr

  16. Get your votes in!
    David Archuleta- Touch My Hand 34%
    Adam Lambert- Whataya Want From Me 25%
    Clay Aiken- Invisible 24%
    Crystal Bowersox- Farmer’s Daughter 9%
    Blake Lewis- Break Anotha 8%

  17. Hello everyone! can you help trend on twiiter to welcome David home? Pls tweet #WelcomeHome@davidarchie&band Thanks!

  18. Sorry can’t use symbols! Let’s try #WelcomeHomeDavidArchuleta

  19. Hey FG, you have joined the go-getters, love it! It is time to perhaps stop sitting on our hands and advance more into the artistry of his music with him.

    It is not David who needs re-building but ourselves, the fans of music in NA who have forgotten to acknowledge the super stars of music, real music, refined musicians who are the greatest of artists. The public responds to the hype of outrageous singers so they get more of it and the real musicians are lost in the shuffle.

    I have mentioned my guess is that since he was wearing the same attire for all but one concert that perhaps we will be seeing a tour tribute DVD…the energy was perfect. The fans who sang with David seemed like they even rehearsed with him. They were that musical and almost spot on in unison, with exact pitch (not saying perfect). He couldn’t have asked for more…oh and the beautiful stages, the acknowledgements with bouquets of flowers and interviews with cameras flashing continuously. The hype was enourmous. The city streets were decorated with murals and posters of David.

    Yes, management is needed but are there any management companys in the US who will assist him with what he wants to do? If so then they need to step forward in a hurry because he is not waiting in the wings…


    • raelovingangels

      good point. If they were smart they would be pounding on his door and offering reduced rates.

    • Just speculating, but I think his management team will continue to consist of Jeff and some help from a partner for the foreseeable future.

      I can say that if Jeff largely put together this tour, he did a great job!

      • I don’t think that all credit goes to him, this was most David’s himself and foreigner work and is pretty evident. Very difficult to put together a tour like this alone in two months without a big amount of support. The works was in the way by the time he left Jive…. so i will say this was more a group job that works very well, we can’t give the credit just to one part. 😉

    • ”but are there any management companys in the US who will assist him with what he wants to do? If so then they need to step forward in a hurry because he is not waiting in the wings…”

      Yes. the open mind concept need to work from both sides in my opinion.

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