David in Vietnam!

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  1. Dear David, I am speechless. Your stage persona in Vietnam is incredible. What happened in Viet Nam?

    • Awesome performance !!! I don’t think we ever saw David moving like this on stage ! And his voice is so great ! I’m waiting for the other videos, especially GGTT(don’t know if he sang it). I hope that he’ll consider releasing a live album/DVD in the future, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat !

      I want to know too what happened in Viet Nam lol

      (and when you think that he was sick when he arrived at the airport yesterday, he’s unbelievable !)

      • I don’t know why my comment was posted under my wordpress username lol. I need to change it …

      • Yes, I think I read that in one of the comments or articles. Probably too much of everything. Time change, awesome but different foods and who knows maybe some nerves too. But you would not know it from his performance. What a trooper!

  2. David turned it on full blast and I got whacked with a full dose of pheromones through my computer screen. !Hijole!

  3. Those who only know David from AI should watch this video to see what an amazing performer David is (and he gave to his fans a great show without the help of dancers or hiding behind a guitar !).

    From all the tweets of those who attended, David was fabulous !

  4. Awesome, awesome performance!!!! In good voice and some moves!
    He was really into it. Good to see.

    Gosh wont SOMEONE help with his wardrobe? Leather jacket w gray T shirt. man. He had to have been burning up.

    • I don’t understand why David has an outfit on that would be so hot on stage. I like what he wore for his first concert in Indonesia. He needs a stylist/wardrobe assistant with him for his concerts. He sounds amazing, of course.

  5. He used to wear the coolest graphic tees. But I think the fans were sending those.

    • I love his outfit ! The leather jacket is really cool. I know it was hot on stage but he knew it, so he probably didn’t mind wearing it …

  6. I just got home from having my nails done. The young man who worked on me is from Vietnam. I was listening to my MP3 Player and he asked me who I was listening to. I told him David Archuleta and to my surprise he told me that a friend of his, in Vietnam, had just got back from David’s concert. The friend text him that it was really great!
    Is the red jacket really leather or more of a polished cotten?

  7. Saw some pics and it looks like the jacket was like a polished cotton and I also wouldn’t doubt that David likes to stay warm as sometimes when we perspire we can actually get chilled.

  8. Anybody remember those Members Only jackets? Could this be one of those? Lol I don’t know why I find that so funny.? But I do. It is so David.

    • Yes, I remember those jackets and it might be one. lol David is very practical and this is why he needs some help.

  9. Remember when everyone was so perplexed as to why David wore scarves in the summer though the sweat poured off him, and he said it was coz it kept the sweat off his shirt? How cute can you get? He’s a practical, funny guy. I was wondering if he might have decided on the jacket so as to conceal the armpit area. lol

    I too think he needs a stylist. Like yesterday. Even with sweating heavily, he could make it hard to see by wearing a black or dark colored graphic tee-shirt which seems as though it would be far more comfortable for a show. The jacket is cotton, I think, but it still has to be realllly hot to wear. As much energy as he pours into a concert, you really wish he could be more comfy doing it.

    I don’t know if David has ever sounded better than his shows in Asia. His voice is just so strong and beautiful, soaring, great tone. On the vids you can even hear him clearly over all the screaming. Of which there is LOTS. Which has to be music to his ears. Makes me happy for him.

  10. Nice to see you Book. David is practical to a fault sometimes and stubborn to boot. Gotta love him. Lol. 😉

  11. raelovingangels

    This is so great! David is really relaxing on stage and letting the music flow through his body…. And we knew he could dance..

    I think the jacket is light weight- I think he looks good. There is nothing he could wear up there that he would not sweat. However maybe a white tee shirt would not show it so much.

    Does anyone know the size of the audience?

    • That is a good question rae. I read initially the audience would be 25K but recently someone reported 10k so I am not sure. Maybe somewhere in the middle. lol I huge crowd no matter what.

      • And no matter what he was fearless up there. Can’t help but wonder how or what had him ramp it up that way. Could it be the super fine classy VIP welcome, those beautiful young girls (his handler was especially beautiful I thought), his seemingly distracted rehearsal and Papa Jeff bothered about something) or who knows what? I am thrilled.

        Anybody hear from Embe? Hope all is well with Mother and child. Hope she gets to see the video up above.

  12. Re. D’s jacket, I like the color and it stands out against the background. I’m w/ Comolaflor in that I find it funny he’s wearing a retro member’s only jacket. I mean, where can you even find one today? My fav tour outfit has to be the blowing, berry colored shirt that he wore in Indonesia.

    From the previous thread, Freo, will you be teaching in New Zealand?

    • raelovingangels

      Yes that white tee and fuschia ( or what ever color it was) cotton shirt was amazing and perfect- billowing around the stage. I am glad he is not wearing jeans- gotta think those would be hot.

    • I will be teaching there. Can’t wait! I will be in Wellington, the same city where Ben Shepherd is from!

      • Plus, can’t wait to go back to Fremantle in Western Australia. Hence, where my “Freo” moniker comes from. The best place I’ve ever lived. Hands down.

      • Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I’ve never traveled to that part of the world but I would like to some day.

      • Wow, super, congratulations, Freo! One of Swiss Mr. A’s best friends from his homeland speaks Swiss German of course but also English with a New Zealand accent! She lived there for a few years and goes back on holiday nearly every year. On my bucket list of course! I guess your trip to AVL will be postponed, eh, ha ha!

  13. Well, as I did bring up the Members Only jacket I feel that I have to say that I like it if only because David chose to wear it and it serves to remind me of the the eighties,Michael Jackson and David’s moving to the beat of a different drum. It also reminds me of my daughter and her friends. I have been making comments about certain attire before as I see David as such a handsome young man whose looks are enhanced by certain colors and styles but as I said earlier he is very practical and he obviously has his own priorities. And when he puts on a show like he did in Vietnam, I am just not sayin’ anymore. 😉 lol

  14. If you watch the last video on this page (the 29 sec video), #mic looks a little stressed as he calls for “Clarissa?”. Looks like he was left on his own to make his way to the shuttle. Also, he’s starting to look a little like Al Pacino.


  15. crowd waiting at airport


    • Great welcome for David and his band members !

      @StevenJRob: In other news, the welcome at the Hanoi airport was BONKERS!!!! The most insane yet!


  17. Someone on TDC pointed out that David scats Ella Fitzgerald style at the end of the band introductions via “Elevator”! Check it out 5:38-5:55:

  18. It has been confirmed that Amy Winehouse is dead. 😦

  19. I have been enjoying all the love shown to David on his Asian tour. David may never be popular like this in the U.S., but I’m glad that he is doing things his way now. Too many pop stars end us with serious drug trouble like Amy Winehouse or other emotional problems like Demi Lovato. David seems to have his head on straight. He may be too “clean” for great pop success, but I hope he can keep on with him music for many years to come.

    • I’m sad for Amy W case, what a difficult live and what a great talent wasted !! 😦 who knows what really happen to her? , and just for you information Demi emotional problems are not just the result of ‘don’t have a head on straight” she is handling her problems about her self-esteem since she was a little kid, she is fragile and that doesn’t make her less smart than David , (Btw her last single is really beautiful 😉 ) what i can say , artist are humans and for once will be nice that David fan-base stop this annoying arrogance, after all David is human and young, emotional problems are not link all the time to the lack of maturity or intelligence or values , drugs problems or emotional crisis don’t make any kind of discrimination , even the best ones can be victim of that so I’m sorry to come back to say this, but is kind of sad to see his fansites picking constantly with the tragedy and style of other singers and artist to show David superiority. Just enjoy David and if you really think the other are ‘Poor souls ‘ then pray for them…. just saying.

      Sorry HG, again if you think this post is unappropiated then you can erase, i will not have hard feelings. 😉

    • RT @thecheckoutgirl: ”’When other people’s problems serve only to make you feel superior, you’re missing the point of being human”

  20. raelovingangels

    This SBL is so great. from Saigon… For you cchalo. David really pulls in the audience even more than normal IMO.
    Can’t get over how he owned the stage in HCMC.

    • I’m soo HAPPY so see David reconciliation with this song lol, he sound GREAT!!! like a poprock Star!!, Jive was right deciding this song like single to me. 🙂

    • SBL should have been a big hit. I always really liked the song. Just like I think Everything & More is a great song.

    • Yeah, I wonder if he really had an attitude about the song as rumored a while back, and he’s just catering to his Asian audience, because it was a hit there, or if it’s just our imagination and he never had a problem at all?

      I think he does seem to favor certain songs that he may have been more involved in writing, like “Elevator” (obviously) and ALTNOY. On the other hand, it sounded like he had very little to do with writing “Stomping the Roses”, yet he seems to sing that a lot, so maybe my theory is wrong.

    • Thanks for posting that, rae, I never get tired of it.

  21. Tibitibi, what’s up. Were your ears ringing. when David did Stadium of Fire performance of Stompin the Roses ,he had background dancers.
    So what do you think of David’s Asia tour?

    I didn’t perceive anyone trying to be superior to Demi or Amy. I feel sad for Demi and very sad for Amy’s family.
    We are happy David is doing well.

  22. I’m glad I got you to post again Tibitibi. I thought maybe you weren’t going to post any more. I didn’t mean that David is superior to other pop stars. We are all human. And I am trying to just enjoy the music. My point was just that fame can take a huge toll on a person, so our desire to have David be a super star may not be what would be best for him as a person.

  23. it is much easier to be critical than to be correct

  24. I also wasn’t trying to be critical of Amy. I feel bad that she met an untimely death. I am glad that Demi is getting the help she needs. My niece has an eating disorder so I know how hard it is to overcome it.

  25. Very sorry to hear about the death of Amy Winehouse. We will never get to hear the extent of her talent and she was so young. And more than that a loss I am sure her family and friends are now struggling with. What a very sad thing to happen.

  26. RIP Amy Whinehouse. So talented. Her death is so sad. On a more positive note glad to see you back posting Tibi.

  27. So sad to hear about Amy Winehouse….

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