Geographies of the Popular (Part I)

In light of some private e-mails I’ve received responding to David’s popularity over in Southeast Asia, I’m ruminating on what this means for David’s career here and overseas.  But before I embark on such a post, I’d first like to run a poll on what our collective thoughts are on this subject.  So, please take the time and vote!  Many thanks! 🙂


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  1. Latin America, perhaps.

  2. Maybe he would have been in Europe if they had promoted him when he opened for McFly, what a missed opportunity !
    In Asia, they are fans of AI and his songs are played a lot on radio, so his popularity there is not a mystere lol.

    I’m wondering why they didn’t try more to market David in Latin America because his Contigo En La Distancia performance at the ALMA awards and his participation in Somos El Mundo were really well recieved !

    That said, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before David being recognized worldwide for his amazing talent. Maybe it’ll happen when he’ll be ready to release his new music. Look at Adele and her 21 album, with the right material, David can do it too. He already has everything else ! (well, except a label lol)

    I voted Latin America but I think he has a lot of Canadian fans too !

  3. Also about David’s popularity, I regularly read tweets of people saying that they are listening to David Archuleta CDs but they feel the need to add “I’m not gay” or “no shame” etc… It’s completely the opposite in Asia where David has a lot of assumed young male fans. So, IMO, David’s really popular in the USA but he needs to show people who he really is because it seems that it’s more an image issue than anything else …

  4. As soon as David puts out a Spanish album he will be a hit in the Latino countries. I hope that he does it soon.

  5. I voted for “probably in Latin America”. He has many fans who are still devoted there, despite the fact that he’s never shown his face. But like the US fans, I think they’ll start moving on if he doesn’t make an appearance there soon – or at least put some Spanish music out for them.

  6. With the right amount of promotion and preparation by fan sites such as there is in Asia, I think that David could be popular anywhere.
    He had many fans show @ MoTab, and more recently @ the MB fest. Many of us flew across country to enjoy the Voice.
    Some fans in Europe and latin America have followed David faithfuly even though he only made it once to tour with McFly. I’m really enjoying all the love in Asia and the amount of uus following on the Internet etc.

    • Forgot to mention the love in Canada too!!
      Snowanglez is waiting patiently too!
      Hope David starts his Christmas tour early and has appearance ie; Arizona before that.

      I expect David to go back to Nashville in August to reconnect with songwriters/producers like he was doing before SOF and Asia.

      • All so true Heidijoy! Snowangelz have been there patiently waiting and supporting David for a very long time. and the site has been always ambitious. and he sees them in many of the places that he performs in. Not certain why I chose that word, ambitious, but I like it. He knows who they are and who they represent and yeah, he loves Canada as he said.

        I found it interesting to go on to YouTube and type in such singers as JBieber and watch the videos from the same locations that David has been in and will be in. They love their western stars and definately show their excitement with exuberance both at the airports and at the venues. JBieber also sent his love back to them with decent pronounciation.. I can only criticize him so far as we share the same nationality and he has definately carved out a career for himself. I now can see why the singers go to Asia to tour.


  7. raelovingangels

    I voted for Latin America. I have noticed many more Spanish tweets and comments on his you tube videos. They really need to cultivate that market. I agree with Suze Q on the release of at least a Spanish EP. I think Latinos would fall head over heals for soulful David.

    • TropicalAngel

      I so agree with you rae, David has the voice and passion that latinos love and he has a lot of fans in latin america considering that american Idol is not even popular among latinos in US and its not even shown in any of our countries that i know of.

      • raelovingangels

        yep, D has the passion. 🙂 I hate to say it but I even think Europe may be a better market than the US. For some reason I think they will appreciate his remarkable talent and be less judgmental than the US markets.

  8. hell0g0rge0us

    Ugh, so did anyone else watch So You Think You Can Dance this evening?

    What was that thing that was called a “musical guest”? That group – “Blush,” is that what they’re called? – was the worst sounding and worst-dressed girl group I’ve ever seen on TV!

    I cannot believe a music exec SIGNED that monstrosity (and has the nerve to get them a guest spot on a national TV show with the promise of “15,000 free downloads” – who would seriously pay for that ish?) while our beloved Voice is still wandering around Asia without a new label!

    The inhumanity, the unfairness, the horror of it all!

    It’s like our universe has seriously IMPLODED because the planet is so off kilter!

    It’s the END OF THE WORLD (musically speaking) as we know it…

    Bring on the Apocalypse if this is what we’ve got to deal with. I cannot believe Snoop signed on to do a “hook” with that group – things must really be hard up for him – just sad, sad, SAD state of affairs!!

    Enough of my rant, but I just had to get it off my chest (and listen to some David music to rinse that awful noise out of my head).

    Ugh! 😦

    • Yes I was watching but it was so bad I couldn’t focus,so read more about David’s viet nam arrival etc.

      i keep thinking why can’t they have David on.
      Nigel has asked David to do several charity events. Why not DWTS or American Idol

      Wish David fans would tweet Nigel. He is @dizzyfeet

  9. Maybe I’m late but I just discovered that the ORLY site is accessible again. There are no new posts but it’s been fun reading thru the old ones. I sure wish they’d consider starting the site back up again.

  10. I don’t think that it is about one country being more musically aware than the other and if we are saying that he is better off in another country to gain success then we are saying that there really aren’t enough people in the US who can identify and appreciate a refined and brilliant musician.

    It is the music industry and their quest for financial gain that is determining the fate of such a musician as David. They don’t have brilliance in their field of work, they only posses greed and until someone approaches David on his level of musicality then we may as well carry on as usual. We have sold ourselves out in the business world so here we are doing it again with one of the greatest singers to come our way in a very long time. It is simple, we are messing up, just keep watching. But the good news is that there is someone out there who can support David and be the right person to promote him in the best way possible. I hope that the tour has caught this person’s eye.


    • I agree with you, especially the first part of your comment. For me, the music industry is not the main problem. There’s a place for David in it and there’s a public for him. The main thing, IMO, is the total lack of promotion and marketing of David the artist. I’m waiting for the person or the team who will come with a real plan, a real vision of how to present his remarkable talent to the world. I too hope that he’ll find that person who will help him expand his music and make his voice heard worldwide. Maybe David will find more than a manager and that he’ll find a mentor with whom he’ll be on the same lenght wave, that’s my wish for him.

      There’s a google translated article at Snowangelz, it’s cool to see that the press in Vietnam calls David “the little Prince” lol

      • SB and Cmoi I agree with both of you. I would love to see David have a mentor with some deep connections in the music industry that he would trust. A real plan and a real vision for David sounds great.

  11. When you look at the distribution for views based on geography on his youtube videos (SBL and crush), the most views come from southeast Asia and the US and Canada. Interestingly Peru also seems to have a high number of views. But there also seems to be a modest amount of views from almost everywhere, indicating that David does indeed have fans all over the world.

  12. David’s appearing at Quan Khu 7 Stadium. It has a seating capacity of 25,000 and someone tweeted that it’s nearly full!

  13. Thanks for that picture! It looks packed!

  14. apparently, 35000 persons attended the concert in Jakarta !
    @FanScene heyyy we just found out that 35.000 people attending david’s show here in Jakarta :O @PONDSTeens just tweeted it

    David’s press conference in Vietnam

    • 35,000 – wow! When he first said he was going to tour Asia, I assumed he would draw 5,000 – 10,000 fans per show. Fortunately, my estimate was way off. 🙂

      • 35,000 is a big wow. That is great. I voted Latin America. I always thought David should do that Spanish album.

  15. Come next year, I will be in the same timezone as David is right now. Just found out that I am moving to New Zealand for 1-6 months next year. Very excited! Maybe if he comes back to Asia when I am there I might even be able to fly and see him.

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