Thriller in Manila!

New Vlog!


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  1. Yes, this vlog WAS fun enough for me to watch at 4a.m., when I got up to let the whiny dogs outside. I went back to sleep with a grin on my face.

    • Kathy, you weren’t alone in the middle of the night. I heard a stray cat, brought her some milk, then let out a dog (other dogs slept) at 4 in the morning even though it was atlantic time. I tuned in to David as well. So really when you get down to it, how crazy is that? Or like David says…You are crazy, just like me!


  2. Hey all, just killing time here before leaving for the hospital. My water broke at 9.30am (it’s 5.30pm now) and they told me over the phone to hang around for about 12 hours ’till I can go to the hospital, since I don’t have any contractions or anything (sorry for the TMI). So HG, to answer your question, yes, the baby seems to be on her way 😛

    I’ve really been enjoying the hype regarding David’s Asian tour. He sounds better than ever, but what I like most is the fact that the Asian media seems to appreciate interviewing David, because they always ask such insightful questions and really make David come out of his “shell”, which isn’t even that thick anymore but still.

    He so deserves the adoration and all the hysteria ❤

    • Thanks so much for the update! Since I’ll be at work when the baby arrives, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS in advance!

    • Wow!!!!!!

      Thanks for the update, and we can’t wait to see your pics of the little one. 🙂

      God Bless!

    • So excited for the upate Embe! Congratulations.
      You sound so calm. Must be David’s music.
      Agree about the Interviewers.

    • All the best Embe! Have you left yet? Is this the first baby to be born from David’s fansites…while we watch and listen to him sing?
      His Christmas carols are good lullabys…


    • Embe, so glad to hear the sweet one is on her way! Congrats and do please post pics. I bet she is already a David fan from hearing you play his music.

      Like HG said, God Bless you both!

    • raelovingangels

      check in Embe when you can!!

  3. I was also up in the middle of the night due to a headache. I watched the video and then visited the fansites.

    I like what poster 100 on “The Voice” said:
    “I had no idea David knew KARATE’ !!! That bug had no chance!”

  4. SB, we are crazy, indeed. Never knew when I heard David sing that piece of song of Idol that he was predicting my future. LOL.

    Embe!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait to hear details and see pictures of the lil darlin’!!

    Desertrat, that bug chop had me chortling in the quiet house. Along with the expression in talking about the “special soup.” David is SO entertaining.

  5. Bringing over the link Cmoi posted on the previous thread. It looks like the Vietnam fans may be planning a motorcade greeting. That would be so cool!

  6. They posted behind the scenes videos of David’s visit to Jakarta on the OS

    There are also 2 vids of David’s last rehearsal in LA before he left for Indonesia.

    Also, David sang EAM a capella during his last CD signing in Manila : I really love the live version of this song ! (he sang SBL too I think).

    • Thanks for the links! In the LA rehearsal video, I believe those are some of his siblings watching the performance.

  7. only positive reviews so far for David’s Asian performances, like this one for example :

    “David’s serene voice, beyond the powerful falsettos and ballads relayed sincerity and depth. Beyond being a pop crooner, he’s a total performer. His most uploaded performance attests to this – his rendition, for instance, of Ben E. King’s Stand By Me.”

    I hope that there will be surprises for his next shows (like he did with Heaven).
    Also, I can’t stop listening to GGTT from Manila , the end of the song is amazing and his band is really great. They really add to his performances by doing the BGV and they give him a kind of “credibility” (it’s not exactly the word I’m looking for) as a real artist/performer (and they let him finish talking before starting to play the next song, and they seem to enjoy being there lol).

    Congratulations Embe, I wish you all the best for you and your baby !

    • “and they let him finish talking before starting to play the next song”

      I know what you mean, cmoi. While David does tend to ramble, it always bugged me that the old band would cut him off. Sometimes he wouldn’t even get a chance to drink his water. I like that this band follows Boss Man’s lead. 🙂 And, they DO seem to be enjoying themselves! I wish poor Steven didn’t have his camera stolen though. That stinks.

      Embe, congratulations! I hope by now you’re a proud mom!

  8. raelovingangels

    Another really clear Heaven-

  9. raelovingangels

    And a clear Love Don’t Hate… 🙂 What a great song,

  10. Can we please give the “David’s dating Charice” rumors a rest now? Or I suppose Charice’s mother could be covering their secret love, haha.

    • I honestly believe that David’s relationship is with music right now. I would not be surprised if it’s a long time before we see him in a relationship with someone.

      • I am loving all these videos. They are all great. I think it’s nice that David and Charice are good friends. They have a lot in common as far as being young music artists with great voices. I think they both started in the music business when they were very young. It is a good thing if they are supportive of each other. I think that David probably wants to keep some things private and I don’t blame him.

      • raelovingangels

        IMO David will be cautious in matters of the heart.

    • There used to be a poster on Snarky’s named “babyphat” who used to periodically make comments re. David’s whereabouts and his supposed relationships (ie, w/Charice, Jennette, etc.) as if they were fact.

  11. raelovingangels

    All I can say is thank God for those amazing Asian fans- or these great songs may not have seen the light of day. What a crying shame that would have been! And secondly is when is my ATE going to arrive? Ok done now.

  12. raelovingangels

    ok, call me weird but did D say “ya’ll” at the end of this interview? lol- us Southerners us that term all the time- but never heard him say ya’ll before

    • EVerything And More has officially sneaked up on me and taken me hostage. Yikes! I love it ya’ll. I’m done for.

      Embe, may you have an easy time of this birth and sending love and support your way. Dios te bendiga. Xoxoxo

      • Sorry, posted in the wrong place above.

        desertrat- That flash mob was so cute. Needed a little more fleshing out. Lol but still cute. This Asian tour is awesome!

  13. After all of your lovely comments (thank you <3) it disappoints me so much to come here and tell you that it was a false alarm 😦 They don't know what the water was, but it wasn't the real thing so here I am, sitting at home feeling stooooopid. What a mean baby I have, tricking me like that.

    Still, it's only a matter of days before she actually will have to come out of there, so I'll remember your words when it happens lol. Thanks.

  14. sonymusicphil SonyMusicPhilippines
    Wandering what @DavidArchie did at SonyMusicPh ofc yesterday? He chatted w/ Thai fans via Skype! He also sang…

  15. tweets from fans in Vietnam :

    PinoyArchie Pinoy Archies
    VIETNAM TWEET: fans are now singing while waiting for David Archuleta to come out.
    Il y a 1 heure

    Pinoy Archies
    VIETNAM TWEET: David has touched down HCM City. We’re just waiting for him to come out of the arrival gate.

    @PinoyArchie: VIETNAM TWEET: it’s official…David is now in HCM, City, Vietnam. Soo many fans. Wooohhhoo!

    @RachB_Official: Awww @DavidArchie is soo cute! Kept his smile all the way back to the bus! Eventhough his VietNamese fans were pretty scary!

    @PinoyArchie: VIETNAM TWEET: heading to David’s sound check. More updates later.

    @PeGlad: Check out this cool photo. via @Lockerz OMG, i’m dying huhu @DavidArchie is very very cute

    @Huong_DAVN: 1st picture of David Archuleta in Vietnam

  16. One last tweet, I promise !

    Pinoy Archies
    Marami pa kaming pics dito sa Vietnam…mamaya na lang upload kasi we’re heading to an exclusive welcome party for David.

    An exclusive welcome party for David, I’d love to be there ! They are giving to david the treatment he deserves, the one of a real star.
    (apparently, they’ll upload pics later. Thanks Google Translator lol)

  17. sorry for spamming but I had to post this video of David’s arrival. It’s really great for his first time in Vietnam !

  18. i had to come back here about me here, FYI who is the heck is babyphat and idolfan you got the wrong person. who is the heck is snarky??? anyway, not coming here this site again, not mad or anything. bye all.

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