So, David Spoke to Michael Jackson on the Phone!

See his most recent interview in Indonesia (thanks for the link, Desertrat!).

What else has he been keeping from us?

*As an Aside* Still putting together my “David the Soul Singer” post – stay tuned!


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  1. raelovingangels

    haha, I knew you would jump all over that. Wonder how that came about? What a rush that must have been for D 🙂
    So, waiting for spancake’s u stream- what a lovely and talented young lady- and so kind to us fans!

    • I’ve been trying to put the phone call on a timeline. Any guesses when this took place? Dang but David is private as heck!

  2. Re. the MJ phone call, I jokingly asked TDC’s JackRyan to please please ask D what he and MJ discussed over the phone . JR said that another fan, naree, has won an opportunity to interview D and that she will pass the question on to her. 🙂

    Just read that the band is setting up on stage. Yippee!

  3. I hope David does well today at his concert. If I had to guess about the MJ phone call I would say there might be an AI connection to it. David was on AI in 2008 but that is just a guess.

  4. Concert was great !! David sounded great !!!

    just finished the ustream broadcasted by scpancake !!! She rawks and so does the Indonesian fans !!!!

    David did 2 new songs from the ATE – Love don’t hate and Everything and more.

    Can’t wait for my concert ! Hope I don’t pass out lol

  5. re. the concert, this tweet made me laugh:

    “i couldnt touch your hand, im not that tall lol but at least i touched your left leg xD @davidarchie”

  6. Posted on TDC, but saw you didn’t have it yet

  7. And another Love Don’t Hate

  8. It might have been after Star Search !

  9. Oops that was a reply to your question HG.

  10. David is a star in Indonesia. Wow, fireworks, back-up singers – the works. The audience knew all the words to his songs. It was an epic concert from the reports that I’ve heard.

  11. It was fantastic! Excited for you Junnie! Don’t pass out! We need you and your reports1 ha! ha!

    • Wow. David looked and sounded great in those videos. Great to see the love for him in Indonesia.

  12. raelovingangels

    nice! a closer EAM

  13. I have so many mixed emotions about this show. I’m sooo happy that they show David the respect and love he deserves, and that they appreciate his talent. On the other hand, it’s incredibly frustrating that he doesn’t get that same respect here in the US! I’m just going to appreciate THIS for now. Asians fans sure have great taste.

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